CBS: ‘The Defenders’, ‘Mad Love’ & ‘$#*! My Dad Says’ Cancelled

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the defenders jim belushi jerry oconnell CBS: The Defenders, Mad Love & $#*! My Dad Says Cancelled

Amidst the flurry of announcements from all the major networks, CBS has finally let its cancellation plans be known. Comedies $#*! My Dad Says and Mad Love as well as courtroom drama The Defenders will not be returning in the fall.

So far in the 2011 pilot season, CBS has both added and subtracted the least amount of shows among the big four networks. This shouldn’t come as a surprise – CBS regularly leads the ratings race, and therefore has less reason to make the kind of sweeping changes that both Fox and NBC announced last week.

The Defenders is, or was, a courtroom comedy/drama starring comedy veteran Jim Belushi and Jerry O’Connell. The two are a pair of defense attorneys never lacking for clients in Sin City. The Defenders delivered a one-two punch of laughs and suspense that, apparently, viewers still managed to dodge. The last episode delivered just north of 8 million viewers (low by CBS’ standards), down 30% from the series premiere.

Mad Love featured  former Scrubs actress Sarah Chalke. Judy Greer (Archer‘s Cheryl), as well as Jason Biggs – and Tyler Labine rounded out a foursome of 30ish New York City chums looking for love in the Big Apple. Last week’s episode delivered 5.1 million viewers, a series low. The finale will air tonight at 8:30.

s my dad says 2010 fall television preview CBS: The Defenders, Mad Love & $#*! My Dad Says Cancelled

Easily the most puzzling of CBS’ cancelled shows is $#*! My Dad Says. While the William Shatner vehicle was no prize with the critics (and Screen Rant was no exception), it regularly scored high ratings to the tune of ten million viewers or more. Then again, the finale scored a mere 2.6 million in the 18-49 demo, oddly sliding away from the Twitter target audience.

To fill at least one empty spot in the lineup, CBS has ordered a new thriller from J.J. Abrams and Jonathan Nolan and a Whitney Cummings comedy. Person of Interest will star James Caviezel, while Broke Girls stars Kat Dennings. Expect at least a few more shows to be picked up in the next week or so.


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  1. I love Mad Love. It was cute and funny and I was just getting into it! It makes me mad that they decided to cancel it! Just because one episode was bad they shouldn’t cancel it. At least give the show a full season! Everyone was just getting into the characters! The season finale was so awesome but left such a big cliffhanger that it drives me nuts that they canceled the show. I just wish the network would have given it a another chance.

  2. I am very disappointed. I am not a regular cbs watcher but I really liked The Defenders. Other than Hawaii Five-0, that was the only show I watched on CBS. Now I guess they have lost another viewer.

  3. Bleep my Dad says is cancelled?!?!?!?! C’mon guys, how do you let this happen? We should all jam up CBS with emails demanding they reconsider! If enough people complain they could do it. It has happened in the past with Hillstreet Blues and St. Elsewhere.

    • That show went down the tube when they shifted focus on Sasso and his wifes characters too much. Glad it’s gone!!

      • I disagree and think the show was hilarious. Shatner was awesome. Iwill complain to CBS, I loved this show!

      • totally agree anthony. Shatner was a comedic genius in this, the younger son’s character was annoying and the dad issues old hat, Sasso and wife’s story was amusing occasionally, but not enough to focus the whole show on. That killed it. They should have just revamped instead of cancelled. Will miss the Shat.

  4. Moving the Defenders is what killed it.

    The show was good. Should have been renewed.


    • I completely agree. It was a great quality show and one of the few we could watch as a family (very few tv shows are even close to being family friendly). I had to watch The Defenders online so I could catch it. Wish they would not have moved it!

  5. I am so sad to hear that The Defenders was canceled! I had to watch it online but could not wait for it to be posted online. I am going to miss The Defenders! Wish it would be picked back up!

  6. Very disappointed that the Defenders was cancelled :( One of my favorite shows

  7. I was extremely disappointed to hear that Mad Love was cancelled. Should have at least ran a full season to give it a chance for a following. It was a smart and well acted comedy with appealing characters. I hope it gets picked up by another network.

  8. The Defenders was one of my favorite shows. I was looking forward to another season.Maybe some other network will pick it up. Well Blue Blood and Harry’s Law are back.

  9. I’m really sorry to see these shows cancelled, especiall “Mad Love,” which I thought was really well-written, well-acted and a lot of fun. I also enjoyed “The Defenders,” and thought it didn’t get a predictable enough viewing time. I could certainly suggest a number of shows for cancellation that I don’t bother to watch!

  10. OK it is not our place to decide, BUT we are the ones that decide to tune in.
    Defenders canceled- ” you heard it here first” WRONG choice!
    $#*! My dad says- OK maybe a good choice, watched it when there was nothing else to watch.
    Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior- Who ever decided to cancel that, that person must have had his brain removed the very day he came up with that stupid choice. Can only say WHAT A STUPID MONEY COSTING MOVE!
    You know by just me and some others not watching your channel on those nights will not put you out of business, but by watching another channel may cost you in paid advertisement.
    Critics 8 out of 10 times have been wrong, and to put all your eggs in their hands instead of the viewers opinion only cost your station money.
    But of course you learn by mistakes, oh well maybe not 8 out of 10 times and stations still believe the critics over those of us that set aside our evenings to watch..

  11. MAD LOVE wow canceled, you people just could not appreciate regular people having the ability to date and fall in love, you just could not appreciate that kind of show, now if they was barbie doll thin and unrealistically perfect this show never would have been canceled, it was so great to see what seemed like a real couple finally on the TV, shame on you CBS

  12. CBS has apparently decided it needed lower ratings like its competitors.

    The Defenders was the only new show last year that showed potential for a break-out.

    Before CBS strangely decided to move, it was the only new show this season that showed week-over-week improvements.

    But yeah, let’s renew the horrid Hawaii 5-0 and its plethora of bad actor since it is now garnering less than what The Defenders was getting…

    As for the idea of centering CBS’ new season around a J.J. Abrams show. Has no one at CBS noticed that his batting average is really close to zero as far as engineering breakout hits.

    The only thing he did that comes close was the first season of Lost, but then Lost’s rating steadily headed south and ABC had to re-launch it every year to try and get its money’s worth given the show would keep losing viewers and would not re-run.

    And that was J.J. Abrams biggest hit. Alias, Fringe etc failed to get any ratings traction as Abrams is King of Hype but not of ratings.

    And the less said about Jim Ceviezel’s “acting” the better…

    CBS doesn’t have a single show that looks like it could deliver what The Mentalist dies, let alone what CSI did.

    I predict a year of sagging ratings for CBS, as this is the worst development season they’ve had since the late 90s, unless they have something good for mid-season.

    Not that they’ll get much competition from NBC or FOX whose new shows all look DOA (but then again, they like to pretend Glee and its 8 million viewers is something we should be impressed with…) CW is of course a dead horse (especially with a show starring the always awful Sarah Michelle Gellar)

    Let’s hope ABC has something good or it will be another disaster year for the networks.

    • I agree with half of what you said but inthe end of your rant I realized……you just think everything sucks. So there really was no valid point in your argument

  13. The Defenders is a very entertaining show. Why would you cancel a show that over 8 million people watched? All that is on now is junk. I will not be watching your channel now. The Defenders was the only new show that my husband would watch. Your line up now is pretty sorry.

  14. Wow. 10 million viewers = not enough. Uh, OK. Screw off, CBS.

  15. Bummed The Defenders cancelled. Thought it was good show. I c other networks r airing knock offs of it such as Franklin and Bash. With knocks airing should show CBS to keep producing The Defenders.

  16. The Whitney Cummings show is on NBC.

  17. Absolutely unbelievable seeing “$#*! My Dad Says” being canceled. There’s gotta be a back story to this. So what if it was one of the best new comedies to come along? Some exec didn’t get along with Shatner? What better reason to quit watching the networks – they’re getting more and more incompetent with each coming season.

    Looks like we’ve got a whole new slew of time slots to fill with yet more idiotic “reality” shows …shouldn’t be too long before HBO, Cinemax and Showtime are the prime cable packages, with CBS, NBC, ABC being offered as low-cost “add-ons’ …lol.

    • I agree with you 100%. Everytime there is a decent comedy in this sucky world of constant tradegy, the networks take the show off the air…. I just don’t get it!!!

  18. “Nielsen ratings system ” with its Slaughterings and Murdering Bloodbath.
    Networks could do more of an accurate calculation with the DVR’S boxes because they are in more home than the small faction of the homes with the Nelsen Boxes. DVR would be a fair accurate account instead of the small faction account of “Nielsen ratings system Networks may need help on finding a fix with Advertisement and DVR where it cant be fast-forward.. Wouldn’t that be a better choice then the guess work of “Nielsen ratings system ”? I don’t even know, of any viewer with Nelsen’s box. DO YOU? For instant networks have smaller amount of viewers so when network put new show on Monday nights and it goes against older show like “Two and Half Men” and“House”. Guess who wins, while networks are hiding behind that, old faithful “Nielsen ratings system ” Networks haven’t realized they can’t compete with all those new forms of Entertainment in homes if they acting like the viewers are disposable. Networks should realized by butchering so many of their programs and again network repeat cancellation next season, The lost of more viewer should be what is the most important to the networks. The popularity of cell phone etc. have devastated “Nielsen ratings system ” yet system is taking it out on the viewers whom had tried hang on until they finally get it. That the system fail their viewers. Every year they push more of us off of networks..

  19. Well…. Occasionally you guys come up with a decent show that is not a reality show and this past season was one example. I really enjoyed $#*! My Dad Says and Mad Love. I was good seeing some light comedy without every show on TV being a reality show. I think that they/you should bring back at least these two. They were fun and light hearted. They were great, give them another chance….. please please please!!!! Thank you.

  20. Cancelling the Defenders SUCKS! It was the only good new show on CBS. It’s a good thing they are still showing NCIS (the original..the spin off sucks) Hawaii 5-0 is awful. Can the exec’s get their head out of their butts and put some decent programing on…Like renew The Defenderss?

  21. cannot believe they would cancel two good shows as the defenders and bleep my dad says….enough reality shows on and getting rid of these shows is just outright trajic

  22. I finally found a show that was entertaining with unique plot lines, excellent character development, strong acting, and just basically a cut above most programs available, namely The Defenders, and it’s canceled! The Defenders had charm and real potential!!! “Reality” TV leaves me cold, and I’m fed up with CSI-type shows — they all look the same with recycled shows and overused gore. So, exactly what is left? Not much! Luckily, I did discover both “Sherlock” and “Downton Abbey,” which were on Masterpiece Theater, and they were far and away better than anything on US TV, and they’re each coming out with another season due to popularity. At least, there are a couple of shows worth watching.

  23. What a shame these shows are cancelled. William Shatner was fantastic as usual. I wish we could get a break from mean spirited reality shows. This really sucks.

  24. As much as I love The Defenders I knew it was going to be cancelled the minute they switched the show from Wednesday night to Friday night. A lot of people go out on Friday nights and aren’t home to watch the show therefore, the ratings drop. I was an avid watcher when the show was on Wednesdays but once it went to Fridays, I was out with family and friends and always forgot to watch the show.

  25. The Defenders was one of the best shows on TV. The acting was phenomenal and we couldn’t wait for the next episode. Now it’s cancelled? CBS is plain stupid!

  26. This is what I want to know. Who are these people that have the Nielson rating boxes in their home????? I agree with the person that said the ratings should be based on all the people with DVR’s. Every time a good show like The Defenders and Bleep my Dad Says comes out, it is cancelled but yet the idiotic reality shows continue on. I am so sick of reality shows. I want to know how networks can classify such shows like Desperate Housewifes, Survivor, Jersey Shore, etc., as reality shows. That crap is not reality. It is crap!!!

  27. Why reality taking over TV
    Reality show were an accident, much like chocolate and peanut butter was.
    Based on a true story, the “REALITY” story;
    They were two twin brothers at the same Network. Brother Ned, (was the Network Executor). Brother Ted ( was the Executive Producer of prime time series show). Ned told Ted that the network was going to cancel Ted’s series show. Ted went home where his mom, dad and his crack head son, Ron all lived together in Ted’s mansion. Ted enter the room where his dad was watching his favorite show,” Wrestling”. Ted explain to his dad, that Ned was canceling his show because of the ratings. Next, Ted entered his 30 year old sons room. Ron the son was watching his Favorite show, “Jack Ass”. Ted explained to Ron his son, they were all going to have to cut back some. He informed Ron, that his Dad series show has failed the Nielsen rating’s system of age (18-49) live watchers . Ted eplained that this system is like holly ream of the networks ratings system. Now people have new technology in their home’s and it is reeking havoc in the networks rating’s system. The popularity of DVR’S cell phone etc. Ted tells his son, Ron: It has taken away our live watchers and networks can’t afford to pay writers and actors anymore. Ron the son asked; why can’t they just find another system that will work with the new technology and get rid of the live watchers system?. Ted told his son, Ron, they can’t change this rating system because this, rating system, was here before time itself. Ron the son, was trying help his dad, Ron stated: maybe the networks might bring in more live watchers by just filling up a house with people for 6 weeks and then have the “live people” vote two of these people off a week. Ted didn’t want to hurt his son’s feelings but Ted, thought it was dumbest thing he ever heard of. As the days went by, Ted was so worried. Ted thought about what his son and dad’s favorite shows were. Thinking how production of these type of entertainment were sooo cheap. Ted was thinking maybe his son Ron might have something. Ted present his brother Ned with his presentation of a brand new concept of a low budget shows. Ted told Ned his theory of combining Wrestling and Jack Ass shows together and see how many stupid things they could get these people to do. Then edit these shows for drama and have live watchers vote two irritating people off a week!!!Telling Ned, they could keep combining, the theory of Wrestling and Jack Ass then they could re-event many Reality show with keeping these two concept, in mind .By calling it reality it be easy to targeting those people whom don’t realize they are watching a scripted show. Then we could slowly wean off the higher price series show, by pitting a new series against one of the older popular series show like, “House” and Two and Half Men. He informed Ned let the Nielsen rating’s system do its work. Most of the new series want make it passed 20 episode. Ted assuring Ned the Nielsen rating’s system get rid of soaps and series.By 2012 they wouldn’t hardy be any kind of series left. Series show will be, pretty well wiped off the Networks.
    The Networks Happy Ending
    That is how Reality was born. The Networks saw how many people would succumb to dumb.
    chi ching. chi ching Now, Dad, Ted, Ned, Mom and Ron are living high on a hog.
    That’s how come dumb is coming to your set, soon.

    • This was by far the stupidest comment ever written in response to anything ever! Ted, Ned, Dad, Mom, and Ron? It all sounds very Seussian but, there was not one coherent thought made in this rediculouse diatribe! I can only quote “Billy Madison” in saying everyone who has read this verbal diarrhea is dumber having done so, and may God have mercy on your soul! You Moron!

      • I have to agree with the other commentor. That was a painful example of what our educational system is producing. I too have significant issues with how the rating system works. When CBS cancelled The Defenders, I believe it may have started a downward spiral that will bring it back to its pre-2000′s ‘bottom of the barrel’ overall network rating.

        But – and I say this with the utmost conviction – do not post something that poorly written where everyone can see it. I am still shuddering from the comma and semi-colon usage. Not to mention I’m not really sure what point you are trying to make….

  28. I can’t believe you cancelled the Denfenders. That show was very funny.

  29. The only Plausible conclusion I could come up with is, that a highly aggressive extraterrestrial creature Infiltrate the networks. Extraterrestrial technological superiority to ours and has Galactic transportation options and mind control that we couldn’t even fathom. Extraterrestrial technological advancement allow wormholes phenomena, of a temporary black hole in warp space. Some believe that upper management of the networks have been abducted an probe by Aliens. Extraterrestrial (Alien) Invasion Infiltrations of the Networks .
    With subliminal messages mostly coming from watching “live Reality shows” The Reality shows are Masquerading as entertainment. They are script authoritarian theatrical stage plays. Lot of Americans are hypnotizing mesmerizing and drawing influence from these Reality shows so much so they even watching watching these shows ‘live”…Warning these scripted shows have biology taken root. Extraterrestrial want to keep“Stupid Alive”. Stealing your power to think. .Reality shows” slowing down the neuron in your brain.. A method of psychology technological advancement of Extraterrestrial subliminal messages operating, below the threshold of consciousness; Watching “live’ is the most dangerous way of watching Reality. Exposing a treat to everyone’s mind. Symptoms: How to recognized: suspected of being under the influence of ET., if one cant follow the plots of a series. Under mind control of ET. Making it’s human subject to hatch a hostile scheme against the intelligent of the brilliant writers of series show. They think series or stupid because they can’t follow a series plot anymore. “Reality” lowers ones IQ which was sole purpose of extraterrestrial creature. We believe “Reality Shows” causing brain deliquesce.  Causing Idiocracy among its viewers and its replacing series with Idiocracy. Human’s brain fantastically complex organ is unique it has the power to think and store recall memories, walking upright, talking and multitasking. Don’t let Extraterrestrial s take your mind away and set back revolution. Don’t let them make joke out of us where the monkey superior and rule the earth.
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    Tell Scully or Mulder to proceed as planed. Oh yeah code word is” ET”.

    • You my friend need professional help!

    • You my friend need professional help! There is no alien conspiracy. Now eat your soilet green and watch HIMYM instead.