Rumor Patrol: Details of Catwoman’s ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Costume

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catwoman costume in the dark knight rises Rumor Patrol: Details of Catwomans Dark Knight Rises Costume

The Dark Knight Rises is probably the most highly-anticipated comic book film of next two years, thanks to the successes of Batman Begins and The Dark Knight (courtesy of director Christopher Nolan and star Christian Bale).

Yesterday, the second sequel was filming in England, and our own Niall Browne snapped some set photos of the newly-rebuilt Wayne Manor. Today, we have new information regarding the design of Catwoman’s costume – that is, if it turns out to be true. As ever, take every Batman rumor with a grain of salt.

According a Hollywood Life source close to the costume design:

“Anne’s outfit is more tactical, like the comic book, than the previous Batman movies. She will definitely be wearing the goggles and it’s going to be less sexy than Halle Berry and Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman costumes. She’s going to look more like a robber.”

This news isn’t going to surprise anyone even remotely familiar with Nolan’s version of Batman, which has always been geared toward a more “realistic” aesthetic – as superhero films go. And as far as superhero costumes go, Catwoman’s is probably the best equipped to be adapted realistically. Leather jumpsuit. Goggles. Maybe a couple of nondescript cat ears. Done and done!

The source continues:

“But fanboys shouldn’t be worried. This costume is going to be form-fitting enough to make Anne look smoking hot.”

Ah, yes. Because that’s certainly what all fanboys everywhere are most concerned with regarding The Dark Knight Rises: How smoking hot Anne Hathaway is in her Catwoman costume!

As for Hathaway’s portrayal of the cat-like anti-hero, the source says:

“Everything from the looks in her eyes, her head movements, her body–everything is so feline. The role is taking her to new places.”

Really? Now this we find hard to believe. Based entirely on Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, it seems unlikely that Christopher Nolan will go with a full-blown, over-the-top depiction of Catwoman (a la Batman Returns) to the point that she actually talks, moves, and acts like a kitty-cat. If Anne Hathaway literally pretends to be a cat in The Dark Knight Rises, as the source says, then the role will indeed be taking her to new places. (At least she won’t be affecting an English accent…)

Anne Hathaway isn’t the most obvious choice to play Selina Kyle or her alter ego Catwoman. Attractive though she is, in a lot of her roles, she plays goofy – in a drama geek sort of way. But then again, neither was Heath Ledger. When it was announced way back when that the “pretty boy from 10 Things I Hate About You” would be playing Batman’s most fearsome villain, everybody and their grandmother cried foul. Now it’s impossible to imagine anybody but Ledger as Nolan’s Joker.

What are your thoughts on these Catwoman costume details? Let us know in the comments.

The Dark Knight Rises is filming now and hits theaters July 20th, 2012.

Source: Hollywood Life

Header Image drawn by Adam Hughes. Second image drawn by Darwyn Cooke.

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  1. blaah Anne Hathaway? B.O.R.I.N.G. They couldnt think outside the box and use someone more exotic looking? Its like Hollywood just picked the first chic that came to mind because she is popular. Atleast its not Angelina Jolie or that F’n stick figure from Resident Evil movies. Well I guess I will have to rely on being surprised when the movie comes out. I dont see why people hate on Heath Ledger before his debut as Joker. I told everyone he was gonna be awsome. I knew from seeing some of his old work that he had the acting skills to conform. Alright lets see what this catwoman brings to the table.

  2. Blaah Anne Hathaway? BORING!

  3. I love how everyone is saying that knew that Ledger was going to be awesome as The Joker. LMAO. It was almost as bad as the outcry against Michael Keaton as Batman in ’89.

    • While I will admit to not feeling supportive of Keaton as Batman in ’89 (then saw the movie and ate my words) – I always felt Ledger was a good choice, despite my own brothers’ reluctance about him when he was cast. He was a good dramatic actor – much more than just a pretty boy (heck, I’ve never even seen that darn “10 Things” movie). That’s why I had faith in him, even when others might not have. Sure, there was outcry against him back in the day, but there was also a lot of people who were confident about the choice from the get-go. I remember that too.

  4. I’m just happy they decided to go against the usual formula for a blockbuster movie and put a women with a kick ass body in a form fitting costume. I am excited to hear more about Catwoman, and am very interested to see how Nolan fits her into his Batman universe.

    • Well, if there’s a “form” you’re going to go against,…

    • Just watched the “Batman:Year one” Trailer and it rocked, however, as dope as the artistry looks(exactly like it was drawn in Frank Miller’s, “Batman:Year One”) Why is Catwoman white in this movie when she was clearly black in the graphic novel?

  5. I just find the TDK boring compared to BB. I hope DKR is as good as i like BB. CynDaVaz what do you expect after Mr. Mom? Plus he was known as a comedic actor in the 80s. I prefer his Batman to Christian Bale.

    • @Pawn65 – perhaps that’s why I didn’t take him seriously for Batman at the time. And I did enjoy the film a lot.

      But in all honesty, after I watched Batman Begins in ’05, I re-watched Burton’s Batman (the very same day) and was horrified at how campy and ridiculous it was compared to BB. And TDK improved on the BB formula, so I’ve got high hopes for the next one. Nolan is brilliant, imo.

      • @ CynDaVaz

        Imo, while i enjoy Batman Begins more than TDK, still i liked Burton’s 89 Batman film little more than Batman Begins. Till this day i don’t find it campy as i find people use that word because Schumacher’s films are connected to Burton’s. Imo Burton’s films were dark & gothic, even Gotham looked darker than whats seen in Nolan’s films. But it’s easy to say to say that a film is campy when its over a decade old before the franchise gets rebooted.

        • I don’t use campy because of the Schumacher connection, or because it’s ‘easy to say’ the film is campy. In fact, Schumacher never entered my mind when I was talking about the ’89 Batman. I used campy, because that’s the exact word that comes to mind when I see the Burton’s Batman nowadays. BB & TDK is so far above it in quality now that Burton’s work reminds me more of the old TV show than anything else. Except maybe a bit darker.

          • @ CynDaVaz

            Still Burton’s 89 Batman film was made years ago. Back then, it was as popular as TDK is now aswell being dark. Im not insulting Reeve’s Superman films but Burton’s 89 Batman was the first DC film that was brought into darkness compared to the Superman films. I don’t see how Burton’s films are in anyway like the 60′s show honestly. Even TDK had a scene i found camp similiar to what i what id expect from the 60′s show aswell. In time, perhaps Nolan’s films will run their course as their films in the previous franchise have as the years go by. I still liked Burton’s 89 Batman film, with Batman Begins coming in 2nd.

            • TV show = campy
              1989 Batman = campy

              They are both campy to me; that’s why I find them similar, except that ’89 Batman is darker, of course. And better than the Superman films. But then, I’ve never been a huge SM fan

              • @ CynDaVaz

                Well i guess we have to agree to disagree as i respect your opinion, i still don’t see how Burton’s film is campy as the 60′s show. I agree with pawn65′s statement about having the advertising being different back then than it is when Batman Begins came out. It was the first Batman film to win a award with TDK afterwards winning 3 if i remmember right. As pawn65 mentioned as of now, its the 2nd hightest grossing Batman film I know people who still love it till this day.

            • By the way the 1989 Batman is the second highest grossing Batman and i cant believe only had a production budgest of $35 million. And the fact it only had a 25% drop the second week. I think alot of it is back then you didnt have the internet back then and the only way you could follow movie productions was in magazines. I remember when the first commercial came out for that movie my jaw dropped. They gave the Batmobile away the only day i wasnt watching MTV that summer. And you have to remember it was a CBM.

        • The Burton Batman has camp in it. I mean, Joker destroys two televisions with a gun and an extendo glove. Then he uses an oversized pistol to shoot down the batwing. Not to mention the burning of the entire guy at the crime boss meeting. It has a lot of campy qualities. But still a good movie just the same.

          • @ decaprise

            yes the Burton’s film had campy scenes but thats what Joker been like over the years when that film was made. Worse thing he did that may seem campy near the climax was makin people die with a smile during that parade unlike Ledger’s Joker of giving people a choice to blow one or the other’s boat. Imo TDK had it’s moments of campy stuff such as Joker dressed up like a nurse, some of Joker’s goons wearing clown masks.

  6. Anne Hathaway is gonna be awesome as cat woman

  7. Let me whisper those 3 little words I’ve been longing to say: “Ooo-La-La”!

  8. I hope Catwoman’s costume looks great in the film. I don’t mind it having goggles aslong as they make them look good w/ the costume & of-course it needs the ears on the costume cause why bother refering her as Catwoman? In the animation picture above, it looks like Vixen if Nolan made a film of that character. Some people might disagree, but i loved Michelle Phieffer as Catwoman. Her costume was great imo, and im sayin that because it looked sexual but because it looked bad$$,lol.

  9. i rlly hope that in only a couple of years, the nolan bros (everybody seems to forget about jonathan) decide to come back to the batman story. i’m not saying to just come back with robin, but possibly a new triology with him (dick grayson) tho. intro (boy wonder). mid (robin). end (nightwing). and i think a perfect villain would be riddler played by michael sheen (leader of the werewolves in underworld). pls refer to his character in tron: legacy and disagree with me that u didn’t see a little riddler in his portrayal.

  10. I’m more or less concerned with the Ras Al Ghul aspect of this movie, & also a little bit with Bane. First off Chris is probably going to have to a bit out of his relm with Ras since he is the character that steps into the pool that makes him younger I’m somewhat curious as to how he’s going to portray this & also I’m pretty eager to see how he explains how Al Ghul escaped that train from “Begins”. As for Bane I’m really hoping that Nolan doesn’t just have it where he just injects it like steroids & just gets stronger. I mean Bane is supposed to start off about average size & then bulk up bigger, I’m not saying he needs to be crazy super huge like in the Hulk movies,but a fairly descent size so that he’s a bit taller with larger muscles. It’d also be nice to keep to the back story instead of making him a Frankistein Moster type character (yea I’m talkin to you Batman & Robin Movie so just keep steppin >:[)

  11. Bane deserves a full thought out and well written background story in this film giving him a more believable and logic reason or explanation for his monstrous figure. I was thinking, that no cgi for bane just keep his mask change the man in it to a bigger man use Tom Hardy’s voice over!!!
    just a thought any ways,…GO NOLAN!!!

  12. In an interview Ann Hathaway or rather Ms. Kyle said that she had to tone down for the part and I’m thinking wtf, she already ways about 108 lbs why do that?

    In my opinion, Halle Berry would’ve done great with Chris Nolan behind her. “Catwoman” the movie, wasn’t her fault it was the directors fault using it as an excuse not to ever take Catwoman serious as a black woman. Think about it in the “Catwoman” movie, “Catwoman” was produced with no Batman, no characters from the DC universe(outside of Catwoman, whom wasn’t even given the proper respect of being named Salina Kyle), not even a Gotham city.It was made to give DC an excuse to say once asked by fans for a serious take on Catwoman as a African american woman(like in the Batman:Year one Graphic Novel)that they tried that and it didn’t work.(In my opinion, because if your gonna make a movie that has nothing to do with Catwoman and call it “Catwoman” don’t expect return for your investment because you’re false advertising your product, the movie “Catwoman”.

  13. I’m pretty excited to see that. I hope it doesn’t let me down! :) I really loved batman returns (i saw the whole movie yesterday). I think michelle pfeiffer did an amazing job <3 (kudos to tim burton and danny devito btw!) That's all I gotta say.

  14. I saw this film yesterday and I think Anne Hathaway was brilliant as Selina Kyle/Catwoman. Everything about her was feline… Even her everyday attitude. If you haven’t yet seen this film, I recommend it strongly. Be warned that when you come out of the theater room, you may not be able to hear a lot. There are a lot of twists and you are best watching this if you have seen batman begins and the dark knight because it mentions Harvey Dent and Ra`s Al Ghul a lot.