Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman Costume in ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Revealed! [Updated]

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Now that the summer of superhero movies is nearing its end, with all four of 2011′s comic book movie tentpoles having been released, three of which were Marvel films and the one Warner Bros./DC Entertainment flick not meeting expectations, DC is attempting to take some of that spotlight. At Comic-Con two weeks ago, Warner Bros. had nothing to show audiences, while Marvel was releasing Captain America: The First Avenger alongside a first look at The Avengers.

With that out of the way, Warner Bros. is now dominating the headlines with casting news, a change in date for Man of Steel, the first look at Henry Cavill in his Superman costume and now, our very first official look at Anne Hathaway as Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises.

Since filming of The Dark Knight Rises moved over to Pittsburgh, we’ve seen plenty of set photos and videos that reveal not only some of the vehicles and characters of the film, but plenty of potential plot spoilers. Such images gave us a better look at Tom Hardy in his Bane outfit and what may be the lowdown on Talia al Ghul.

This new photo however, wasn’t snapped by onlookers watching the crew shoot the film from a distance, and instead was released by Warner Bros. officially. It presents Selina Kyle in what appears to be her Catwoman outfit, or at least part of it, while riding the Batpod, putting to rest any speculation that Hathaway Selina Kyle character may not become Catwoman in the film.

Take a look:

Anne Hathaway Catwoman Costume 570x379 Anne Hathaways Catwoman Costume in Dark Knight Rises Revealed! [Updated]


She’s got the leather outfit on, so cross that off the list. Not too surprisingly, the outfit worn by Hathaway here is spot-on the rumored Catwoman costume description we reported on in June, which hinted at a less sexy, but more tactical form-fitting outfit with goggles – something a world class thief may actually wear.

[Update: Just Jared snapped a few photos of Anne Hathaway’s stunt double using the Batpod during filming, offering a good side-angle shot of the Catwoman costume in action – see below!]

The tech-heavy glasses (look for them in Target and Walmart next summer) shouldn’t be too surprising, considering what we’ve seen from Batman’s vehicles and gadgets in Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. From the Tumbler and the Batpod, to the 3D sonar glasses Batman used through a cellphone network – as illogical as that may have been – director Christopher Nolan isn’t shy about introducing a little science fiction in his films about the caped crusader, which is especially true if the Lazarus Pits we’ve seen photos of play into the story of The Dark Knight Rises the way we think they might.

Looking past the surface details of this Catwoman photo, there are greater implications to be discussed. Firstly, Hathaway is riding the Batpod. Why? Did she steal it or at this point in the film, can we assume she’s working alongside Batman to fight what may be multiple villains in the story?

The Dark Knight Rises cast sees the return of Christian Bale, Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman, Nestor Carbonell and Michael Caine along with franchise newcomers Anne Hathaway, Tom Hardy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Marion Cotillard, Juno Temple, Josh Pence, Daniel Sunjata, Burn Gorman, Diego Klattenhoff and Alon Aboutboul.

The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters July 20, 2012.


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Source: Warner Bros.

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  1. P.s 400+ comments surely that’s a record :) hence the reason for asking on this site

    • Evergreen if only 400 was a record lol. We have some that i believe are over 1K in comments. Check out the Inception discussion or any other Batman one for that matter. This one is far from over sadly. We will continue to argue for weeks or until the next small detail of the movie comes out and then it will start all over again. I highly recomend not subscribing with your email to any Batman posts lol. It’s mostly the same comments over and over again.

      “Nolan sucks” “Nolan is God” ” Nolan is over rated”

      No matter the post. You would think the movie is about Chris Nolan almost makes you forget it’s a Batman film with all the haters and zealots lol.

    • Out of the 59 Trillion people on the internet, that’s quite the number.

      • Seeing how there is only 6 billion some Odd people on the planet, how is there 59 trillion people on the Internet?

        • Seth that 6 billion number is so outdated it doesn’t include the people who live with in the tron universe.

          • Lmao

  2. Actually Daniel F’s list is a great introductory list for someone whos not read alot of Batman.

  3. @Mongoose

    Bane being MK reject comment, very funny and quite true. I would’ve picked one of the Klitschko brothers as Bane for sure.

    I still think Katherine Heigl should’ve been picked for Catwoman, but just my own opinion.

  4. Some people enjoy these films, some dont, just because you would rather see batman and robin because of the bat nipples and ild rather see a more realistic version, doesnt mean that you can call us a cult…

    not all of us are fanboys, just regular fans…

    with that in mind, everyone that goes to comic con and dresses like some star wars character is participating in cult activities…

    dont need to like what i like, but you dont need to be annoying and troll…

    • Brandon it’s important to use the reply button so people know who you are talking to. If you can’t for some reason please include the name of the person at the beginning so that we know that way.

  5. If this is the “Catwoman” suit then Nolan has shown no respect for the character at all. Hathaway was already a crap choice and now he’s shown he has no respect for the characters even further. If Batman can dress like a giant bat – why can’t Catwoman have the same respect – she’s been around as long as him.
    Nolan doesn’t give a rats about these characters, his Batman films are gigantic bores. I can’t wait for the series to be rebooted when this crap trilogy is over with. We might actually see the characters we know and love then.

    • @ Steve

      I can’t wait for another reboot of Batman myself, only for the next franchise being expanded with more characters from the comics. All with supporting characters, allies, & villains, especially ones not been seen on film yet. Imo, id like to see Robin again & have his origins done right more proper just as they’ve done with Batman’s. I know my opinion will get critized because people always think about the character from the 60′s show & Schumacher’s films which is sad. Hopfully it won’t be taken as serious again.

      • I’m also looking forward to the reboot. Nolan’s films really do limit what you can do with Batman, especially his villains. Mr. Freeze is great character (disregard what Schumacher did), but wouldn’t fit in the Nolanverse. Also, I think CBM shouldn’t be realistic. Like I said, I love Nolan’s Batman films, but I like them being more non-realistic than realistic.

      • i think ya right mate personaly i thought chris o’donnell was a great robin in the tim burton movies i was so disapointed with the new reboots and i know there gona leave it open and never make a 4th film in the nolan remakes theyve tottally killed off all the original comicbook storylines aswell

    • i doubt this is the full costume no way nolan would do that

  6. I been lookin thro catwoman thro the ages and tbh she hasnt always donned the cat mask or even covered her face, so all this bitching is pointless as if Nolan is taking it from the comics hes 100% right also heres a new over looked twist as everyone seems obsessed with Al ghul girl

    Batman: Dark Victory, the sequel to The Long Halloween, implies that Catwoman suspects she is the illegitimate daughter of mafia boss Carmine Falcone, although she finds no definitive proof. Selina’s connection to the Falcone family is further explored in the miniseries Catwoman: When in Rome. Though the story adds more circumstantial evidence to the theory of Selina’s Falcone heritage, it also supplies no definitive proof

    • Chris Nolan? Going by the comics material? HAHA!! Good one!

      • Dude seriously, get a life. You are a Marvel Comics troll, and all you do is bash Nolan. There are tons of films our side of comics that dont follow the source material. Grow up. Its childish and its annoying.

        Its called making a new experience so the viewer wont know everything thats going to happen, and everything doesnt translate to film believably.

        • Jesus Christ, bro, it was a joke. I know you can’t go EXACTLY by source material, but at least a little bit (like the marvel films) but Nolan almost never does, that’s why I never really liked these movies, he makes everything too real. “Everything doesn’t translate to film believably” So a guy dressed like a bat does is believable, but not a woman dressed like a cat? And people know these are based off COMIC characters, so who cares?

          • I can agree with Harvey’s tone.

  7. Quick question fellow screenranter’s. I am brand new to graphic novels as in never read any :( and would really welcome any suggestion as to where to start. P.s I’m a big fan of film noir if that helps. Thanks:) p.p.s surely 450+ plus comments is some kind of a record hence me asking on this page

    • Maus and Sandman are always good choices. And if you are looking for a superhero based one, Kingdom Come is my absolute favorite.

      • Much appreciated. Excuse the lack of knowledge but what is maus?

        • It’s a graphic novel by Art Spiegelman about his father’s time in Aushwitz. It’s told with all the characters being animals, those held withing the camps being mice.

  8. Quick question fellow screenranter’s. I am brand new to comic novels as in never read any :( and would really welcome any suggestion as to where to start. P.s I’m a big fan of film noir if that helps. Thanks:) p.p.s surely 450+ plus comments is some kind of a record hence me asking on this page

    • Batman: Hush, Batman: The Long Halloween, Watchmen, Green Lantern: Rebirth

      Comic Series that are completed: Y:The Last Man(8 Trades I think), 100 Bullets

      Ongoing Comic Series collected in TPB: The Walking Dead(14 volumes out), American Vampire

      Marvel(depending how far back you want to go) Avengers: Disassembled(and it’s Tie-Ins like Thor: Disassembled, which would allow you to then read JMS’s great revamp of Thor).

      • Thanks fella. Just to pick your brain a little bit more would you recommend a comic staple or something a bit more off track?

        • Comic staple?

          • Batman/mainstream superhero etc I’m hearing good things when it comes to tdk but know there is a whole plethora of hidden gems out there to discover. I’m going put you on the spot here and ask what would be your number1 recommendation? Feel free to pass on this your previous suggestions where more than helpful squire

  9. I have just watched the original terminator movie and was shocked at how little I actualy remember of it. Bear with me people it got me thinking are the films we all love and call great a mixed bag of set pieces or a well told story? I ask you what are the lasting memories (“are you Sarah conner”) where as a film like green mile is just well remembered as being a good story. The point is a good story will stick and I believe this trilogy will stand the test of time and no I not on nolans P R team aha! But seriously watch a so called classic (bloodsport,godfather,superman etc) right now and be amazed :)

    • Basically the perception of a movie and the actual reality of movie can differ a lot. (please don’t kill me) terminator with a clear mind is not that great but has some memorable scene’s

  10. As long as non-campiness and realism is concerned, this Catwoman is PURRRRRR-FECT !!!

  11. I like the outfit, the mask is a bit weird though.
    I think the next movie should be ditected by Troy Duffy (Boondock Saints), great young director and I think he could make it awesome.

    • There is a reason it took Troy Duffy 10 years to make a sequel to “Boondock Saints”. Watch the documentary “Overnight” and you might not be a fan of him afterwards.

  12. I think the next movie should be ditected by Troy Duffy (Boondock Saints), great young director and I think he could make it awesome.

  13. I think the next movie should be directed by Troy Duffy (Boondock Saints), great young director and I think he could make it awesome.

  14. I think the next movie should be directed by Troy Duffy (Boondock Saints), great young director and I think he could make it awesome.

  15. I think the next movie should be directed by Troy Duffy (Boondock Saints), great young director.

  16. I think the next movie should be directed by Troy Duffy, great young director.

  17. I think the next movie should be directed by Troy Duffy, great young director.

  18. I think the next movie should be directed by Troy Duffy, great young director and writer.

  19. Man I have cramp in finger reading all these comments aha!

  20. Oops sorry, it would not send from my crappy Nokia. Guess it did.

  21. All guys who want to hate and judge ***so much*** on the basis of the Cat’s costume, can just miss this movie if they want. Nobody’s forcing you to (watch it). Please go and watch (again) Nicholson play Nicholson in that campy stuff of 1989 called ‘Batman’(LOL). That movie directed at children will be easier to understand for you guys.

    • I think a lot of us, including myself are just disappointing in the costume as a singular problem. Everything else that I have seen has blown me away from the teaser to the first picture of Bane. On a side note I don’t think is an actual official official photo. It doesn’t look staged enough and sort of amateur. Remember with Bane we got this super dark, gritty look at him? Well why wouldn’t they do the same thing with Catwoman? And if we are being completely honest I wouldn’t put it past Nolan to straight up lie to the outside world, so this could be a fake official photo.

    • @ Amol

      Batman (89) Campy? Lol hardly. If you think that way, just think how people will think the same way about Nolan’s Batman films years from now just aswell. Think about it.

      • Sorry Wally I have to agree with him Batman 89 is very very campy. I thought it was campy when I first saw it and I was only 6. though I will say it had less cheesy garbage and camp than Batman Returns

        • I think Gothic is the best word to describe Burton’s Batman.

          • Ignur Rant,

            If you want to understand the meaning of word ‘gothic’ I would suggest you to read the 5-part Batman story – Gothic (1990)- by Grant Morrison and Claus Janson. That’s what REAL ‘gothic’ is all about.

            Burton’s Batman is just a campy spoof of batman for me.

            • @Amol

              Nay, good Solonius. Adam West’ Batman is the definition of campy. Burton may have had camp-esque nods to the 60′s (as it was the first live action since then) but it was far from being overall considered campy. Schamauer(sp) with his neon lights, nipples and catch phrases is definately campy. Now your Batman: Gothic may in fact be the pinnacle of gothic but to say Burtons film’s are not in some regard more gothic than campy is wrong. From the architecture, costumes, characters to the overall atmosphere of the film is in fact gothic.

              There is a difference between gritty and gothic. Look at some Gothic Fiction and you will see that Burtons films are in fact gothic.
              ***You see how I put fiction and fact in the same sentence*** mmmwwwwhahahaha (gothic laugh)

              Good day to you fair Solonius.

              • @ Ignur rant

                Thank you! Glad someone else besides me sees the larger picture. Batman & Robin imo is what id consider the campy film outta the ones they made.

        • I agree with Daniel F’s comment.

          As a child I thought Burton’s Batman film was silly. Fun, but silly.
          I really did not enjoy a Batman movie until “Mask of the Phantasm”. Then “Batman Begins” came out which brought back my faith that a Batman movie could be good.

      • Wallywest,

        AS time travels, things evolve. And so do actors. There will always be an actor who will get into the character of The Joker and blend more than Ledger. For me it’s not about the actors. It’s about them just ‘Playing’ a role or them ‘BECOMING’ a character. For me, Nicholson did the former, Ledger did the latter. It will be true for me even if ten more actors get into the The Joker’s skin more efficiently than Ledger in the future. In fact, unfortunately, The Joker is the only role where Nicholson disappoints me of whatever stuff of him have I seen. And I have seen enough of Nicholson like most others. What I’m to say is that even if an ‘A+’ grade actor plays and executes all the gimmicks and behavior of the character exactly as it is in the original sources, still it won’t impress me if the character itself is not deeply evolved/developed in the script/characterization itself.

        …And may be I am forgetting one big aspect. The Burton series was first ever thing that defined the term ‘Summer Blockbluster’. SO I can understand that the light-hearted characters were written keeping

        children in mind. But then strangely this theory does not hold for the very next in the series: ‘Batman Returns’ which under the pretext of being made Dark was made ‘Horrifying’. Even the comics had

        depicted The Penguin sensibly as a drugslord and gangster. But Puhleeze! what was that ugly stuff from ‘Returns’???

        Or may be Tim Burton is only a one-dimensional director who knows how to direct Gothics and Fairy-tales **O-N-L-Y** (Read – The Sleepy Hollow, Edward Scissorhands, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Sweeney Todd, Corpse Bride – all SUPERB movies IMO). Unfortunately Batman is not any of the stuff from those two.

        Even the Comics/novels which were the basic sources, are mature. The Dark Knight Returns, Arkham Asylum, The Long Halloween, Dark Victory, Gotham By Gaslight, The Cult, Son of the Demon, Hush, Blind Justice, Black And white, Strange Apparitions,… you name it. I can’t even believe Burton based his 1989 stuff on the richly developed ‘The Killing Joke’. Where was the depth in the characters? And I’m not talking about the gimmicky stuff like falling in the chemicals pit and and all.

        Unfortunately THAT was the only stuff that Burton got right from that book. Whereas that was the ONLY thing that Nolan did not lift from the book. Thankfully, everything else that was worthy of being picked up was put into this series by Nolan, The Joker’s richly developed personality that is.

        Heck, if Burton did want to paint Batman as ‘gothic’, he should have waited only two more years to make a movie until Grant Morrison’/klaus Janson wrote the excellent 5-part story ‘Gothic’ in 1990. That’s what real ‘Gothic’ is about. Not the Campiness that Burton gave the name ‘Batman’ to.

  22. Concerning reboots/remakes/prequels. All is not lost films like true grit, rise of the pota, x men fc, and (surprisingly enjoyable) karate kid show that although these stories/Personas have been used before with time,care and little bit of knowledge of the root material there is no reason we can’t more of same with enough directors/actors vision to differentiate between the two. For instance how many times has romeo and Juliet been performed on stage or houdini’s tricks been recreated? So in closing rant I say let the song bird sing. To make it clear who is not even in some small way intrigued to see a new spin on old fodder? A team anyone :) ok waffle over

  23. Has anyone took into consideration that this might just be the first stage of Catwoman’s costume in the film? She’s only now being introduced in this film and so will probably go through different stages of evolving into the character. Remember in Batman Begins when Bruce Wayne wore a balaclava and an armoured suit with no cape? That was him evolving into the character and realising what he had to change about the suit.

    Also, why are some people on here having a go at Nolan’s Batman films? Nolan bought the Batman films back from the brink with his reboot. So what if he hasn’t stuck to to every single detail from the comic storyline? He’s trying to take a more darker, realistic and modernised approach at Batman, which means some details have to be altered, and has done a fantastic job. He turned the superhero genre into something to be reckoned with.

    Plus, people are having a go at the idea of Anne Hathaway playing Catwoman? I remember when Heath Ledger was cast for The Joker, I think most people thought that was bad casting, but then he ended up giving one of the greatest performances, not just of The Joker, but of all villains in cinematic history.

  24. I’m pretty sure the two side view pics are of Anne’s stunt double. Looking forward to the movie and to AH as CW!

  25. Just one comment (posted point earlier): Catwoman, Batgirl or Lola Lasagna (old Batman) Anne Hathaway has signed on for (all males that like) somebody who can achieve wearing THAT suit!

  26. I’m liking it. Whether it’s the full costume or not, I like Nolan’s more “realistic” approach to the Batman franchise, and I’m digging her on a bike…but then I dig just about any hot chick on a bike. I have faith in Nolan on this.