Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman Costume in ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Revealed! [Updated]

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Now that the summer of superhero movies is nearing its end, with all four of 2011’s comic book movie tentpoles having been released, three of which were Marvel films and the one Warner Bros./DC Entertainment flick not meeting expectations, DC is attempting to take some of that spotlight. At Comic-Con two weeks ago, Warner Bros. had nothing to show audiences, while Marvel was releasing Captain America: The First Avenger alongside a first look at The Avengers.

With that out of the way, Warner Bros. is now dominating the headlines with casting news, a change in date for Man of Steel, the first look at Henry Cavill in his Superman costume and now, our very first official look at Anne Hathaway as Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises.

Since filming of The Dark Knight Rises moved over to Pittsburgh, we’ve seen plenty of set photos and videos that reveal not only some of the vehicles and characters of the film, but plenty of potential plot spoilers. Such images gave us a better look at Tom Hardy in his Bane outfit and what may be the lowdown on Talia al Ghul.

This new photo however, wasn’t snapped by onlookers watching the crew shoot the film from a distance, and instead was released by Warner Bros. officially. It presents Selina Kyle in what appears to be her Catwoman outfit, or at least part of it, while riding the Batpod, putting to rest any speculation that Hathaway Selina Kyle character may not become Catwoman in the film.

Take a look:

Anne Hathaway Catwoman Costume 570x379 Anne Hathaways Catwoman Costume in Dark Knight Rises Revealed! [Updated]


She’s got the leather outfit on, so cross that off the list. Not too surprisingly, the outfit worn by Hathaway here is spot-on the rumored Catwoman costume description we reported on in June, which hinted at a less sexy, but more tactical form-fitting outfit with goggles – something a world class thief may actually wear.

[Update: Just Jared snapped a few photos of Anne Hathaway’s stunt double using the Batpod during filming, offering a good side-angle shot of the Catwoman costume in action – see below!]

The tech-heavy glasses (look for them in Target and Walmart next summer) shouldn’t be too surprising, considering what we’ve seen from Batman’s vehicles and gadgets in Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. From the Tumbler and the Batpod, to the 3D sonar glasses Batman used through a cellphone network – as illogical as that may have been – director Christopher Nolan isn’t shy about introducing a little science fiction in his films about the caped crusader, which is especially true if the Lazarus Pits we’ve seen photos of play into the story of The Dark Knight Rises the way we think they might.

Looking past the surface details of this Catwoman photo, there are greater implications to be discussed. Firstly, Hathaway is riding the Batpod. Why? Did she steal it or at this point in the film, can we assume she’s working alongside Batman to fight what may be multiple villains in the story?

The Dark Knight Rises cast sees the return of Christian Bale, Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman, Nestor Carbonell and Michael Caine along with franchise newcomers Anne Hathaway, Tom Hardy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Marion Cotillard, Juno Temple, Josh Pence, Daniel Sunjata, Burn Gorman, Diego Klattenhoff and Alon Aboutboul.

The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters July 20, 2012.

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Source: Warner Bros.

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  1. Wow! She looks exactly like Catwoman!

    • ARe you surprised?

      • Not really. But I thought since Bane has this ridiculous mask, why not Catwoman? If I was a burglar, I´d hide my face.

        • Ding! DIng! You win.

          It’s starting to look like Nolan isn’t taking this as seriously as the last two movies.

          • Maybe he´s sick of the C.O.N. just like the rest of us.

            • Maybe Nolan is just messing with the two of you.

    • Maybe she’s not Catwoman at all, and is Batgirl instead. I can’t see Batman sharing his secrets with someone thats not in his inner circle, also if he is going to use the Knightfall story line, which every picture we’ve seen so far indicates, I hope they use the Jean Paul character. It would be kind of disapointing if he didn’t.

      • Catwoman is a thief, so she can steal the batcicle from the batcave for whatever purpose she wants or need, so…

        • she’s known for stealing money and jewels not vehicles. but you never know.

          • a theft is a theft so stealing vehicles should stop catwoman

            • so she’ll steal the Batpod and not stand out in Gotham, ok…

              • Maybe she just want to show off herself, that’s something she can do, she love to use her abilities. maybe she just want batman´s attention for something. Maybe… i don´t know i havent seen the movie yet. But there´s so many posibilities for catwoman to use the “Batpod”

  2. Looks great, i like that she looks more like a burglar rather than a cat. Its a very real take and I think that ultimately everyone will come to love this version f catwoman.

    • Yeah not really

    • Yea. I dont really like it

    • They should have asked Michell Pfeiffer for her suit.


    • That is my thought as well – Be ready for Batwoman (not girl) here – and not Catwoman – we shall see?? If Nolan goes by the source material – it would make sense since Bane will break Batman’s back or well hurt him really bad – LOL I have heard more about people complaining that Hardy’s Bane is not tall enough – I have to say I am on that page as well – He should almost tower over Batman in some regard or it would not be very creditable that he defeats him in the same manner as in the source material. I guess we will have to see if Nolan CGI’s his size.

      • There is absolutely no need for him to do that.
        And nolan is sort of reluctant to CG stuff in the first place

        • Look at the pictures of Bane, then watch the last clip of the teaser, that Bane is hulking over Batman, he was massive. That was most likley done with CGI.

          • I heard it was mostly camera trickery with only a dash of CGI to help sell it visually.

            • But the question remains, how does he go from normal to massive? Will it be venom? Isnt that too silly for Nolan?

              • They wont tell us untill we see the film next year

      • “If Nolan goes by the source material”

        Yeah, right.

        • And the Long Halloween for TDK.

  4. Nice! Anne Hathaway is hot.

  5. You know what im glad that you guys are already hating I swear I consider my self a fanboy but some of you really just cannot be pleased, so in saying that I say this. this is nolans catwoman did anyone have a problem his version of scarecrow? The Joker? Shes gonna rock and I feel as if this is a training session she will have the ears and goggles watch!

    • “did anyone have a problem his version of scarecrow? The Joker?”

      Not after I SAW them. I had no problems with Anne being catwoman BEFORE I saw the pics. She, her outfit and “mask” do not look like catwoman, she just looks like another “bad guy”.

    • Yes because Nolan never makes mistakes. Rachel Dawes was such a great character and portrayed by 2 great actresses. Oh wait… That’s not right at all.

      • It’s not his fault that there were two actresses

        • I think you missed the point. Rachel was a terrible character, people cheered when she got blown up.

          • yeah l cheered too, that’s true

            • Not only that she was a totally boring, uninteresting character, if Nolan would have picked better actresses (or at least someone who isn´t dictated by her husband), there wouldn´t have been two actresses.

              • also he makes bruce wayne wanna quit being batman in the dark knight, because he doesnt wanna kill the joker, instead he wants to sttle down w/ Rachel dawes, he takes away batman’s dark side!!

            • I think you’re hurting Batman’s feelings.

              • Oh no, maybe he will come and growl incomprehensively at us.

    • Just b/c we don’t like the way it looks doesn’t make us “haters”. We are allowed to have a negative opinion about something…just saying.

    • Damn straight I hate it. I have a small handful of comic book characters I am picky about in how they’re presented. It’s essentially limited to Batman characters, with the occasional tip toward other properties.

      This is not Catwoman. This is some broad in leather stealing Batman’s bike. She blends in with the neo-noir wallpaper that is Gotham.

      Meh upon you, and this picture, and everything the two stand for.

  6. Wow- Anne Hathaway’s costume is a pair of sunglasses. Can’t wait to rent this someday.

    • Ha!!!!

      Love it! Best comment yet!

    • Comment of the day!

      Congratulations M. Curci!

      It’s a big honor.

    • Hahaha…

  7. So no pointy ears or any feline quality to her outfit???

    Hathaway better bring and awesome feline attitude and manners! Otherwise this will be a complete failure!

    Though who am I kidding she is more than a capable actress 😉


  8. Idk about the costume but it’s just one shot so I won’t judge it too much.

    • Isn´t it funny that when the one pic of the new Spider-Man outfit was released, everyone went crazy like “Booh! That´s not Spider-Man!”, but all of a sudden picuters of Nolan´s new movie come up, the same people say “It´s just one shot, I won´t judge it too much”?

      • People saying don’t judge it so much said the same with the spiderman costume. l know l did. Though l don’t mind spidey’s suit they got the webshooters back that’s enough to please me

      • Go take a look at the comments again. Not “everyone,” as you state it, is saying, “Oh, I won’t judge it too much.”

        I find it funny that you ignore the reality just so you can make your grand generalization.

  9. Ok, now let me get the rules straight here.

    If you say anything negative, all the Nolan Cultists will tear into you as per usual.

    In that case, it looks awful, the film is shaping up horribly. Looks terrible.

    BRING IT! You CON people dont frighten me!

    • LOL.

    • Generally, I am one of those Nolan cultists. I love his stuff and eat it up time and time again. Viva la Memento!

      But no, this costume’s s***.

      • There is still hope for you young one.

        • My disappointment in the casting of Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle continues to grow.

          There were any number of actresses who would be better suited for this role, including Marion Cotillard and Eva Green, but Hathaway gets the role. Strike Three, Nolan and WB.

  10. I can’t tell you how much I laughed my arse off.

    Looks like a high tech thief? Possibly. Look like Catwoman? Maybe if I had a few beers.

    And seriously if people want to say me and others are haters cause she doesn’t look like Catwoman, your gonna waste your time.

  11. We seem to forget nolan’s doing a realistic batman. which is why bane doesn’t look like a huge action figure. And Catwoman looks like this. l don’t mind it l completely trust what Chris will do with the movie and the characters

    • Yeah realistic movies about a man who dresses up as a big bat are just swell.

      • At least it looks like it belongs in the real world not some phony cartooney parody of it

      • Fighting guys that wear Scarecrow masks and joker paint, riding in a tank, talking like he has laryngitis, and using phones as a sonar device. Highly realistic.

        • Not to mention the absolutely ridiculous ballistics/fingerprint test in TDK. That made me laugh!

          • SHHH we do not speak of that. might get thrown out of the cult

              • You shall never manage!!!

                • Yes, he shall. There´s a lot of people backing him. There´s word on the street that even some C.O.N. members are switching to our side. Muahahahahaha! (<- switching side laugh)

                  • No this can’t be

                    • @DSB, I usually agree with your point of view on alot of things. But for you to say this movie is looking like crap even though its not finished and to praise Green Lantern like it was a good movie, im starting to question your views!

                      We have to see what the final outcome is to officially declare it a FAIL. Please don’t bash me buddy, its all in fun. :) BUT YOURE WRONG! LOL

                      I guess well agree to disagree!

        • (“Fighting guys that wear Scarecrow masks and joker paint, riding in a tank, talking like he has laryngitis, and using phones as a sonar device. Highly realistic.”)

          All these events are REAL-world events and are perfectly POSSIBLE. Only that they are IMPROBABLE i.e. the probability of them occurring all at the same time and for a long duration is RARE but not IMPOSSIBLE. NOT IMPOSSIBLE because there is no supernatural factor involved in the character of Batman or at least the Joker or Scarecrow…UNlike for instance flying like Superman or throwing web like Spiderman.

          • “All these events are REAL-world events and are perfectly POSSIBLE.”

            What about a guy with the half of his face burnt off, walking around with no pain at all. And how does he speak so clearly when half of his lips are gone? Perfectly Possible? I don´t think so.

            • A man running around with a huge cavity on half his face is perfectly possible for AS LONG AS A DAY before sepsis/necrosis set in. Especially a guy as mad and obsessive as Two-Face who cares NONE about his physical pain in his quest for revenge of Rachel’s murder.

              *** SPOILERS ***

              And that was roughly the duration for which Nolan showed Two-Face moving around before he supposedly gets killed by falling from a height in TDK.

            • I hope you understand that by the word ‘real’ I mean the ‘reality’ of comics that stays back after Nolan removed the sh*tty camp that was introduced by Mr. Burton. The ‘reality’ that is compatible with some of the great critically-acclaimed story-lines of Batman, some titles of which have been mentioned in this posts somewhere along the line…

      • (“Yeah realistic movies about a man who dresses up as a big bat are just swell.”)

        What matters is NOT ‘Who dresses up as Who’ but how much realistic the psychological/physical interaction between the characters is. The Set-up could be Gothic, real, or just Fantasy. Environment doesn’t matter. Great examples could be Spielberg/Kubrick’s ‘Artificial Intelligence’…or ‘The Lord of the Rings’…or Aronofsky’s ‘The Fountain’ … or Del Toro’s ‘Pan’s Labyrinth’…or Christopher Nolan’s Batman series.

        All you people trying to pan Nolan’s Batman are just finding peripheral Technical faults in the environment of Nolaniverse which do NOT matter at all. When the real thing that matters …the characters…are as believable as possible. What is most important is ‘How to tell an Engaging Story’ and NOT how realistic the bat-pod was. Nolan did the story-telling perfectly maintaining the interaction between the characters as real as possible in our world…irrespective of whether the Bat-pod can exist for real or not.


        1. How many of the Nolan-Haters can guarantee that a Bat-pod like that can NOT be invented in the future ??? If they can guarantee that then I can guarantee that Burton’s ‘Batman’ IS the ***CAMPIEST*** thing ever created in the world. Nolan’s Batman/Joker comes the closest to ‘Year One(1986)’/’The Killing Joke(1988)’/’The Long Halloween (1996-97)’…as far as the realism in the nature of the characters is concerned and which is what matters the most.

        2. How many of the Nolan-Haters can name a FAVORITE movie of theirs which is as H-U-G-E as the Nolan’s Batman series and which cannot be shredded by me on just the basis of technical faults ??? If so please name …JUST ONE.

        • Finally, someone with a brain.

    • Semi-realism does not equate to sucking the soul out of the characters we love.

      • What you didn’t like what he did to the joker

        • He didnt do anything to The Joker. He just took what was on the page and put it on screen. Nolan didnt create any of these characters, he just made a comic book into a movie.

          • What about Tim Burton’s joker then? l’ve seen him like that in comics
            not all dark and genius

            • Tim Burton’s Joker was taken from a different era, plus, it was Jack Nicholson playing Jack Nicholson, and it doesnt get much better that that.

              • That’s really the only thing that sort of made it watchable for me the “It’s jack nickolson” thought. l mean l even enjoy Tim Burton’s remakes but they should never give his a superhero film

              • OK that’s a fair point but Chris Nolan also wrote the screenplay for the Joker in TDK … half the genius of what made that character great was Heath Ledger’s performance and the other was how well written the character was. That’s not what you call taking what’s on the page and simply putting it on the screen (as long as if by “page” you mean the source material)

                • Nolan didnt really write TDK. His brother and David Goyer did. And I understand what you mean about it being Ledgers performance that brought it too life, thats true of course, but the character of The Joker was not Nolan’s. The character has existed for decades. Nolan just took various bits of various versions to make him.

                  • and chris nolan and david goyer wrote TKDR also 😀

                  • *TDKR

        • No, I loved the Joker. He hit that on the head. He also did… tolerably with Scarecrow. That was a bit of a stretch.

          This is just s***.

          • The costume? l wouldn’t really judge on that.
            l mean it’s ann hathaway.

          • can we wait for the movie? I mean, not to be a fanboy [which I am not], but what if this isn’t the finally version, I mean, in Batman Begins, Batman had two outfits. Some people drive me crazy

        • @ Nichtus, it depends. The Joker, Scarecrow and it looks like Bane where done pretty good with Nolans “realism”. They cept the core look and feel of the characters, now noticed how I said core look. Catwoman does not retain her core look. You put a picture of the other 3, people will know what it is. Put a picture of her out there and they could be seeing The Matrix 4, Mission Impossible, anything.

          • That’s my point. He did well with the others. Damn well. You get a good idea of who they are pretty easily. Even Bane, who seems the oddest of the lot. Catwoman, though? He didn’t even TRY….

    • She’s not actually listed as “Catwoman”

      • Ah I see. So she’s listed as Selina Kyle? But if Selina Kyle’s not going to be Catwoman might as well give her a different name. If you give her the name and she doesn’t become Catwoman, won’t some ppl get pissed off? :s

        • Yeah that is a good point.
          My guess is they’ll loose the pointy ears but will still make her cat like in some way. probably won’t be directly refered to as Catwoman as was the case with Harvey Dent.

          • Even Dent was refered as Two-Face at least one time in the TDK.

            • But the joker was only referred to as “The Clown”!

              • Um, there’s several times in the movie where The Joker was named.

        • No, because they all trust in Nolan.

  12. I really don’t care about costume or hair color, I’ll still see it.

    • SOme haters of GL would tell you that is the reason bad movies keep being made … because you will see it anyway despite what you see, read and hear that tells you to otherwise avoid it.

      • People didn’t actually “see” Green Lantern.

        • Yes they did. I did, in a cinema full of people.

          • Good for you, kid. the movie was still terrible.

            • Kid? That’s condescending, considering I’m 27.

            • I don’t “see” what you mean

            • “Good for you, kid. the movie was still terrible.”

              Nice try. All Dr Sam said was he saw it in a theater with a bunch of people. So switching the subject to if it is terrible or not makes no sense and shows a lack of maturity on your part to participate in a live discussion, kid.

              • Or as Ricky would say:

                “Young sir.”

      • So according to you if someone tells us something is horrible, we shouldn’t see it and develop our own opinion of said thing?

        • Crazy as it sounds, yes. But, it is still everyone’s choice to do what he or she wishes.

  13. If she looks fine. Not especially feline, but I hardly think going light on the costume angle is necessarily bad. Scarecrow was a dude with a sack over his head. the joker was wearing make-up. When other superheroes (CGI Ryan Reynolds, scaly superman) are going a bit overboard on the costumes, Nolan keeps the costume-y angle to a minimum.

  14. wait…no tails…come on people it just 1 picture,what could we expect just wait until the finishing product..

  15. i really think there’s a good chance were not looking at a full on “catwoman” outfit. There may have been a transition period for her, its not like Bruce just woke up one day and was like “yeah, ill start putting on a bat-man costume” he trained, and went through his period of growth. Maybe this is Selina Kyle becoming the catwoman character.

    • Your comment is too intelligent and plausible to be taken seriously. Please remove.

      • LOL, Someone who can think! I love it! First comment ive read on the thread that makes sense!

        You cant judge this picture and say its a crappy catwoman, why? BECAUSE WE DONT KNOW IF THIS IS HER FINAL SUIT! BATMAN WORE A SKI MASK IN THE BEGINNING OF BB, THIS COULD BE THE SAME CONCEPT!

        If not and it is final, well then watch the movie and see if its good. Cmon the filming just started. GL effects looked like crap and they spruced it up.

      • @Ignur Rant LOL

    • yeah that seems like the best reason…it’s simplicity IS similar to the prototype pre cape batsuit…

  16. Maybe this isn’t her finished costume, just like in BB when Batman went out dressed like kind of a burglar and talked to Gordon. We may se a more catlike costume later in the movie.. I hope at least!

    • Lots of people have been saying this. I think that is just wishful thinking because they don’t like the costume. Selina Kyle is a cat-burgler in this film, and her costume seems pretty suited to the task.

      The scene with the Batpod seems like it may be the climax, or at least pretty far into the plot of the movie. I doubt we’ll see Selina Kyle don kitty ears and a tail for no apparent reason later on.

  17. I think she looks like a shark with lipstick.

    • LOL!

  18. How is it when the Spider-Man pic came out, everyone bashed it but this comes out and some are saying, “This is only one picture, give it a chance, trust in Nolan.”?

    • Well because Nolan has proven himself extremely capable time and time again. Marc Webb who directed spidey only has one film under his belt. granted 500 days of summer was a quality movie, but that’s far from what you can say about nolan

      • Time and time again huh?

        That is clearly a matter of personal opinion. He has undeniably made 2 great films, The Prestige and Inception, and 2 very good films, Batman Begins and Memento, and 1 mediocre film, The Dark Knight, and 1 terrible film, Insomnia.

        Good films, as is beauty, are in the eye of the beholder.

        • Yeah but that’s a better track record than most any director out there. I realize my opinion on certain films may differ from those of others but you can’t deny that he knows how to write and/or direct a quality movie

        • Oh my god ! Surely you did not intend to call TDK a mediocre film… that is the mos ridiculous statement i’ve ever heard of. It was the best received film of all the ones you mentioned

          • Yes, I did and I stand by it. I do not care for that film, and a lot of people just think it’s ok. And The Prestige and Inception got much better reviews than TDK.

            • The Dark Knight was mediocre? Really? Aren’t you the guy who gave a 9/10 to Green Lantern?

              • Yeah. I don’t stand by that. I bumped it down to a 7. But I would only give TDK 5/10

                • Do you really hate the Nolan fan-base that much that you would say that Green Lantern was a better film than The Dark Knight?

                  • I know which film I enjoyed more.

        • “That is clearly a matter of personal opinion. He has undeniably made 2 great films, The Prestige and Inception, and 2 very good films, Batman Begins and Memento, and 1 mediocre film, The Dark Knight, and 1 terrible film, Insomnia.” -DSB

          Sounds contradictory to me. If by “undeniably” you mean “in my opinion,” then your argument would’ve made a bit more sense. In my opinion, he’s made 5 good-to-great films (Memento, Inception, Prestige, Batman Begins and The Dark Knight) and 2 mediocre movies (Insomnia and Following). Just thought I’d point that out.

          As far as the Catwoman costume is concerned. I honestly can’t tell whether or not I like it. Granted, if I can’t decide that should be indicative that I’m leaning towards not liking it, but I really am undecided. If it’s revealed at some point that she does have a full on mask, it’ll definitely swing everyone’s opinions in a more favorable direction. One thing I’ll say is that we really don’t get a good look at the whole thing. I mean, it’s a front-angled shot of her riding the Bat-pod. We can see her arms and face. Yeah, I’m definitely going to form an opinion on that.

          That said, I can definitely understand the disappointment. I was expecting the modern, Jim Lee-inspired costume from Hush. And we may still get something like that. Batman upgraded his suit in The Dark Knight, and used a balaclava in Begins. So for now I’ll pass judgment (for reference, I have a favorable opinion of the new Superman and Spidey costumes, as well Green Lantern when that was first revealed on the EW cover).

          • Not contradictory at all, I was refering that The Prestige and Inception are undeniably great films.

            • I can deny it.

              The Prestige was terrible.


              • But you don’t mean it. You’re just being argumentative and pedantic.

                • You’re being hypocritical though, you said that TDK was a mediocre film in your opinion, and I am sure that there are plenty of people who immensely enjoyed that film. But you are saying that Inception and The Prestige are “undeniably great films” which sound like you are telling people what they think, rather then them telling you what they think.

                  • So saying that TDK is the best comic book film that’s ok, but if someone says Inception and Prestige are great(undeniably) that’s wrong? How is that not hypocritical?

                    • WHen I saw TDK in theaters, I loved it and thought it was a great movie. But it is so dang depressing, I can’t sit all the way through and watch it anymore.

          • Okay, I am not a big spidey fan, but what is with all of the hate on the new costume? It isn’t exactly great, but it is way better than that Spider Man Beyond [or whatever it was called] cartoon’s suit. I have neither hated on the Green Lantern Outfit either, I thought that suit was pretty cool.

  19. I am not a hater. I am eagerly awaiting this movie and I have liked everything I have seen so far. And that is why this is so incredibly disappointing. She looks like she has on her “silly girl” face on, the “goggles” look like something out of Spy Kids. I don’t give a flip how much she looks like Catwoman. But NOT looking ridiculously cheesy would have been nice.

    I have faith in Nolan, mostly. But it seems like he struggles to cast and direct actresses. Both Rachels were terrible. “If you aren’t getting shot at you aren’t doing your job…” UGH. Wince every time I watch that scene. Mal in Inception was played as “bug eyed creepy b****” which made it hard to get behind Leo’s emotional distress. You just wanted her to go away, just like both Rachels.

    The only thing I sort of like about this picture, is the possibility that she is stealing the batpod instead of having consent to ride it.

    • Haha it is reminiscent of spy kids I must admit, but I’m sure it’ll look better and make sense in the end.

      Oh and I thought maggie gyllenhaal was a good rachel. If anything let down the rachel dawes character it’s how much of a b**** she was… Still being a bastard to Brucy even after she found out he was batman, what a c*nt.

      • And her obsession with sexin’ District Attorney’s. Not bring home to meet Alfred material.

  20. “Faith in Nolan”

    Trust in Nolan”

    And people wonder we call it a cult?

    • Thats interesting, never once did I hear anyone call it a cult…

      And more importantly, why didnt I get an invitation to join it?

      • “Thats interesting, never once did I hear anyone call it a cult…”

        You´re not here very often, are you?

        “And more importantly, why didnt I get an invitation to join it?”

        You´re probably a member already. That´s the catch with brainwashing. You don´t know about it until it´s too late.

        • Then answer this, why is it a cult? Because you should really read up on what the word actually means…

          • Go and read some of the comments on here. You should realize why we call it a cult.

            • That’s the amusing part about this whole stupid back-and-forth. Yes, some of the Nolan fans can be quite extreme in their support of him. There are, however, just as many of you who criticize Nolan to JUST as ridiculous a degree.

              YOU, scapegoat, are as much a cultist as ANY of the people you constantly criticize.

              Too funny…


              • Archaeon I agree if the people who say In Nolan we trust are in a cult aren’t the people who insult him in every single article just because one person mentions his name in a cult as well?

                • I never insulted Nolan. I like his films. I just say they´re over-rated. Nothing more, nothing less.

                  • In every single article his name is only briefly mentioned in.

                  • (“over-rated”)???
                    Just like somebody else said before me: How can there be over-rating when there is NO under-performing ???

              • @ Archaeon, one of the few people on here with a brain.

            • You still didnt answer me what a CULT is…

              • cult
                   [kuhlt] Show IPA
                a particular system of religious worship, especially with reference to its rites and ceremonies.
                an instance of great veneration of a person, ideal, or thing, especially as manifested by a body of admirers: the physical fitness cult.
                the object of such devotion.
                a group or sect bound together by veneration of the same thing, person, ideal, etc.
                Sociology . a group having a sacred ideology and a set of rites centering around their sacred symbols.

              • You didn´t ask me what a cult is, you asked why we call it a cult.

    • Lol.

    • @ Dr. SamBeckett

      You forgot ” In Nolan We Trust” as Amol liked to say,lol.

      • They’re all familiar variations on the same creepy theme.

      • @Wallywest

        I used to say that just because it was a similar to ‘We believe in Harvey Dent’ type of statement from TDK. Yeah and judging from ‘The Following’, ‘Memento’, ‘Insomnia’, ‘Batman Begins’, ‘The Prestige’, TDK, ‘Inception’ which ALL are good-to-great movies for me…Nolan, like Kubrick, has yet to disappoint me.

        But then I’m a fan not only Nolan but any other great directors out there, from Hollywood or Bollywood. It’s just that through the prism of Cult-of-Nolan-Haters (CNH) who hate almost EVERY mention of Nolan, I may appear a fan-boy. Can’t help it. Just like someday they are gonna call me a Kubrick fan-boy, Cameron fan-boy, Spielberg Fan-boy, Chaplin fan-boy., etc. Can’t help it, you know. That’s life. )

  21. Personally, I will be glad if this movie flops. This trend of taking too many liberties with the soruce material is ebcoming annoying.

    Batman’s costume now looks nothing like the original costume, apart from two pointy ears. Bane looks like Hannibal Lecter, and now Catwoman looks nothing like a cat.

    If you don’t want to make a movie about Batman, then don’t call it a Batman movie.

    • You can defintely be my friend. Couldnt agree more. The Dark Knight barely even featured Batman. And he’s bound to get lost amongst Bane, Catwoman, Talia Al Ghul, Ra’s Al Ghul, this time around.

      • Kind of agree, but that’s what Batman Begins was for. Once the character is firmly established, it’s time for a wider story.

    • Yea, bring back the purple gloves and pistol!!! Either you do it exactly like they did in 1939 or don’t do it all!

    • I’d rather see this spy kids looking stuff than some broad in a cat styled suit

    • @ Motmaitre

      Lol. She looks like shes ready to jump into another Tron film. What’s the point of having her Catwoman if she doesn’t even wear a costume of a cat? I hope for Nolan’s sake this ain’t the whole Catwoman costume because right now id like to call her CINO just as i did with Halle Berry in her film.

    • Really? You just made the OPPOSITE of your point with those pictures:

      1st Pic – looks like a Scarecrow mask

      2nd Pic – looks like he has the traditional Two-Face look

      3rd Pic – looks like the Joker

      Now let’s look at the above picture, who is it?

      Anne Hathaway, in some cheesy goggles.

  22. I would laugh at this pic, but hey it’s Nolan. It Will most likely be great!

    • Would you laugh at a pic that has Bale dressed up like Adam West? Of course not, because hey, it´s Nolan! It will most likely be great!

  23. WOW. Just WOW.

    Nolan has never had stages of a custome during one of his films, there is no way this a stage of Selina Kyle becoming Catwoman.

    This is just trash.

    oh wait, Sorta like Bruce in BB with only a ski mask. It maybe just a phase, the pic is in fact just Selina Kyle.

  24. first off Spiderman’s costume still sucks, Andrew Garfield looks like he needs a hair cut and How do you expect Nolan to respect the characters when even Dc doesn’t, lol. I haven’t been commenting on here for awhile and I remember why, you guys kill me, really who give a crap, its a movie, and I don’t want hear about you guys forsaking it, you will see it and you know it, lie to all the chat mates but your really not fooling anyone. What I really love is that all you purist folded when you saw First ass and the same will be said here , the only difference is that this movie more then likely wont suck half as bad as First Ass.

      • LOL. To be clear I’m laughing at your choice of a live action rendition bane should look like not you specifically.

        • I think that if Hardy put on 500 lbs of muscles, then yes, absolutly, he should look that that…

          Or were you thinking of a CGI Bane? If so, thats about the worst idea ever…

          • Eventually CGI will be indistinguishable from real film and then we can all finally see our comics on the big screen.

            Imagine a real 4 1/2 foot stocky Wolverine
            Or this crazy huge Bane (Not to mention a 12 foot Killer Croc)

            and just about any ridiculous costume, power, or proportion…I hope I live to see those movies.

    • ROFL@ First A…!!

      I’d much rather them do a functional suit for Hathaway then try to get her to look sexy in a skin tight outfit. That would be an epic fail.

    • “first off Spiderman’s costume still sucks”

      Really, who gives a crap, it´s a movie? Right?

      “What I really love is that all you purist folded when you saw First ass and the same will be said here , the only difference is that this movie more then likely wont suck half as bad as First Ass.”

      Fist Class was a very good movie, have you even seen it? You disappoint me, Mike. For real.

      • Do you copy and paste due to the fact that it takes up space and so we actually thing that you have something interesting to say? seriously, you copied and pasted 75% that last comment…

        • Yes, I did copy and paste most of Loco´s comment. And I commented certain things. You can clearly see that. And I did that because I knew that my comments would be totally out of context since my comment appeared about ten comments below the actual comment I replied to.

  25. The thing that really bothers me is: what’s the point of releasing this catwoman pic???

    The suit is barely noticed! All we get are futuristic goggles! Either Warner thought this would be awesome! Which is not! Or Nolan already decided this is the only costume and wants to get all fanboy slaughter out of the way sooner than later.

    If there’s a better more feline costume in the works they should have waited! This will cause so much bad press! Fanboyism slaughter is a force of great magnitude 😉

    Look at XFC!

    • Ummm…unless people pay attention to the fact that she’s riding the Batpod.

      Might be important, don’t you think?




    • In development means principal photography hasn’t begun yet. Once you start shooting there are things that can’t be changed after like actors and costumes. Didn’t you see Green Lantern?

      Brace yourself. This looks to be a turkey.

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