Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman Costume in ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Revealed! [Updated]

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Now that the summer of superhero movies is nearing its end, with all four of 2011′s comic book movie tentpoles having been released, three of which were Marvel films and the one Warner Bros./DC Entertainment flick not meeting expectations, DC is attempting to take some of that spotlight. At Comic-Con two weeks ago, Warner Bros. had nothing to show audiences, while Marvel was releasing Captain America: The First Avenger alongside a first look at The Avengers.

With that out of the way, Warner Bros. is now dominating the headlines with casting news, a change in date for Man of Steel, the first look at Henry Cavill in his Superman costume and now, our very first official look at Anne Hathaway as Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises.

Since filming of The Dark Knight Rises moved over to Pittsburgh, we’ve seen plenty of set photos and videos that reveal not only some of the vehicles and characters of the film, but plenty of potential plot spoilers. Such images gave us a better look at Tom Hardy in his Bane outfit and what may be the lowdown on Talia al Ghul.

This new photo however, wasn’t snapped by onlookers watching the crew shoot the film from a distance, and instead was released by Warner Bros. officially. It presents Selina Kyle in what appears to be her Catwoman outfit, or at least part of it, while riding the Batpod, putting to rest any speculation that Hathaway Selina Kyle character may not become Catwoman in the film.

Take a look:

Anne Hathaway Catwoman Costume 570x379 Anne Hathaways Catwoman Costume in Dark Knight Rises Revealed! [Updated]


She’s got the leather outfit on, so cross that off the list. Not too surprisingly, the outfit worn by Hathaway here is spot-on the rumored Catwoman costume description we reported on in June, which hinted at a less sexy, but more tactical form-fitting outfit with goggles – something a world class thief may actually wear.

[Update: Just Jared snapped a few photos of Anne Hathaway’s stunt double using the Batpod during filming, offering a good side-angle shot of the Catwoman costume in action – see below!]

The tech-heavy glasses (look for them in Target and Walmart next summer) shouldn’t be too surprising, considering what we’ve seen from Batman’s vehicles and gadgets in Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. From the Tumbler and the Batpod, to the 3D sonar glasses Batman used through a cellphone network – as illogical as that may have been – director Christopher Nolan isn’t shy about introducing a little science fiction in his films about the caped crusader, which is especially true if the Lazarus Pits we’ve seen photos of play into the story of The Dark Knight Rises the way we think they might.

Looking past the surface details of this Catwoman photo, there are greater implications to be discussed. Firstly, Hathaway is riding the Batpod. Why? Did she steal it or at this point in the film, can we assume she’s working alongside Batman to fight what may be multiple villains in the story?

The Dark Knight Rises cast sees the return of Christian Bale, Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman, Nestor Carbonell and Michael Caine along with franchise newcomers Anne Hathaway, Tom Hardy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Marion Cotillard, Juno Temple, Josh Pence, Daniel Sunjata, Burn Gorman, Diego Klattenhoff and Alon Aboutboul.

The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters July 20, 2012.


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Source: Warner Bros.

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  1. It looks like The Black Cat from Spider-man, which is a coincidence because she was originally cast as Felicia Hardy in the cancelled “Spider-man 4″.

    • Why do guys always give Christopher Nolan the benefit of the doubt, even when you guys don’t like some the things he does?? You guys need to have the guts to criticize him at times.

    • I agree. Hathaway will not be a good Catwomen. That was really poor casting.

    • you should see when her googles open up her head… it looks like cats ear

  2. For Pete’s sake!

    Guys, Stop hating or criticizing on just about E-V-E-R-Y mention of Nolan !!!

    PUHLEEZE !!!

    This is a post about a Nolan’s movie, for crying out aloud, brothers !!!
    His name is gonna be mentioned every now or then.

    You ‘Cult-of-Nolan-Haters’ are unbearable sometimes !!! Ha Ha :)

    • Nolan sucks!

      Sorry, I couldn’t help it. :-)

      • Of course, it’s your opinion and you are entitled to it by all means, but see ? All I had to do was mention Nolan and you had your fuse blown off !! :)

  3. I seriously hope this is some early stage of Catwoman since she is without those pointy ears in that full-on costume or else Nolan put a pair of those RIGHT NOW. If Batman can look a Bat then Nolan should have no problem what-so-ever with Catwoman looking like a Cat.

  4. @ Amol

    Sorry to burst your bubble but both you & Daniel F would be in the minority or less if you think Burton’s films were campy back then. But they weren’t goin for as a realistic take as Nolan is now. Like the Superman, Supergirl films, they were just comic book films. People treated Burton’s films like they’re treating Nolan’s films now whether you deny it or not. Especially Nicolson’s & Keaton’s roles as the Joker & Batman since both were critized being casted before the film came out. Sound familiar to Ledger being the Joker before TDK came out? But both actors proved their critics wrong just as Ledger did. It’s for people, especially of this generation to see those films & think they’re campy because they were made over 20 years ago. As i said, i wouldn’t be surprised if people treat Nolan’s Batman films the same way. As for the Penguin from Batman Returns, even Nolan himself mentioned he’s complicated character to have in a film & goin by the plot of Batman Returns & all, i didn’t mind Burton’s version because people would probly still critize if the Penguin looked more like the 60′s version. Nolan had Ra’s Al Ghoul as Bruce’s mentor in Batman Begins which of-course that is not true in the comics, especially when Bruce had more than martial arts teacher when he traveled the globe for his training. I said it before,ALL directors change things from comics to make their movies. Even Burton & Nolan have. Anyways while you & Daniel F think Burton’s films are campy or chessy, alot of other people would disagree on that.

    • Wallywest,

      Hey brother,

      (“a realistic take as Nolan”)
      I don’t know about other fan-boys of Nolan, I can only speak for myself.
      My definition of the word ‘real’ for Nolan’s Bat-series is : The environment created and maintained in the story-lines of the following **critically-acclaimed** novels…

      Strange Apparitions (1977), The Dark Knight Returns (1986), Son Of The Demon (1987), The Cult (1988), A Lonely Place of Dying (1989), Blind Justice (1989), Gotham By Gaslight (1989), Gothic (1990), Vampire Trilogy – Part I – Red Rain (1991), Venom (1991) – (Legend Of The Dark Knight series), Arkham Asylum (1994), Mad Love (1994), Black and White Vol-1 (1996), ThrillKiller (1998), Tower of Babel (2000) – JLA, The Man Who Laughs (2005), Nine Lives (Year?), Tales Of The Demon (assembled), The Killing Joke (1988), The Long Halloween (1996-97), Batman – Year One (1987), Hush (2002), A Death in the Family (1988), Knightfall (1993), Dark Victory (2000).

      Personally for me, these are the stories whose characters/environment are/is non-campy AND Nolan’s bat conforms with this environment while Burton’s Bat just gets blown away by these novels.

      (“think they’re campy because they were made over 20 years ago”)
      Citizen Kane (1941) was made almost F-I-F-T-Y years before Burton’s Batman and still I swear by its standards. Even if they make a ‘Citizen Kane’ today equal to or better than the 1941 version, still the older version will NOT be outdated because…it’s NOT campy.

      Hitchcock’s Psycho (1960) was made 38 years BEFORE the newer version but still … the older version rules because…it’s NOT campy.
      See ? The quality of a movie has nothing to do with how long back it was made but only how it was made.

      (“…goin by the plot of Batman Returns…”)
      For me, BR is just another horror movie…unsuitable for children.

      (“Nolan had Ra’s Al Ghoul as Bruce’s mentor in Batman Begins which of course that is not true in the comics”)

      Back-stories/appearances can be bent by any director, Burton/Nolan/Schumacher and it doesn’t matter. What matters is that they maintain/preserve the NATURE of the character which was what Nolan did
      with The Joker as compared to the Gold Standard of the Joker: The Killing Joke (1988). Burton’s Joker was just Nicholson playing Nicholson and some Burton fans even acknowledge that and in fact admit that they loved Burton’s Joker just because Nicholson played it. See ? The Joker disappeared into Jack Nicholson while it was the vice-versa with Nolan’s Joker. Ledger disappeared into The Joker.

        • My main problem with Christian Bale’s Batman is that he sounds awful and talks a little too much. He is nowhere nearly as intimidating as Michael Keaton’s Batman, who could scare the hell out of you just by staring at you. As for Heath Ledger’s joker, why do they even call him the joker?? I didn’t laugh at any of his jokes (if there even was any). He was just a purely psychotic anarchist, unlike Jack Nicholson’s joker who managed to balance humor and schizophrenia. And the tumbler looks like crap compared to Tim Burton’s version of the Batmobile. Now that, was a classic vehicle.

          • well said

          • @ rene

            I think we have things in common. I agree with what you’ve said in your post.

          • Everything you said was crap, with the exception of Batman’s voice.. Tim Burton’s Batman Mobile looked utterly ridiculous… And Heath Ledger’s Joker is more spot on than Nicholson’s, while still being able to be creative.. Joker is supposed to be a random careless psychopath, not some idiot going around doing stupid crap

    • Wow wally that was the most long winded way of someone simply saying ‘I don’t agree with you’ that I have ever seen.

    • Well said.

  5. Maybe She is going to be bat girl , or bat woman instead of cat woman or not

  6. So, after looking at a few comments, I think there are some really crazy people out there. :\ Anyway, I think this is a early version of the suit, and if it isn’t, oh well, I won’t complain either because, honestly, Nolan has done every suit [or makeup] different form what we are used to [except Batman's of course] so we should have been expecting something like this. I think that it isn’t that bad, not extremely great, but still better than it could have been i.e. a woman with a big cat head on. [Yes, I know that was what Catwoman originally looked like, but it doesn't mean I have to like it.]

  7. I’m calling it now – Batman’s going to disassemble one of his spare cowls, giving the earpiece to Catwoman, giving her he ears she’s lacking.

  8. personal, that don’t look like a catwoman, more like a (batman and robin) batgirl.

  9. that look nothing like a cat – woman …?

  10. just a quick idea that might explain the costume, sorry if any of this has be discomfirmed but just saying it the way I see it…

    from what I know Hathaway has been cast as selina kyle and not been confirmed (officially) as playing catwoman yet, but this article states that the showing of the suit puts away that rumour.

    but how about if it’s a transitional period, she has the catsuit and goggles but as of yet has not taken on the persona of catwoman so doesn’t have the ears yet.

    anyway, just my speculation atm, what do you think?

  11. She looks more like a GI Joe outcast. Even Hale Berry “shudders” looks more like Catwoman than Hathaway does. The movie might be awesome but she will be the movie’s weakest point. Huh…I hate to say it but only Michelle Pfeiffer did it right :/

  12. I hate Anne Hathaway, she’s been unbearable (for me) in all of her films, constantly smiling whenever she talks and always having a sort of secret hipster persona. She will never top Michelle Pfeiffer, in fact, she can’t even beat Lee Meriwether (60′s show.) She’ll stick out like a sore thumb and will probably try and pull the; “Oh, I’m more than a character, I’m a human being!” and end up “Princess Diaring” the film.

    • The thing that annoys me about people like you is your ability to judge 1.) a character in a movie that has not come out yet; and 2.) an actress that Almighty Christopher Nolan has chosen.
      Have you not learned from your mistakes? Very few people thought Heath Ledger could pull of a Joker. And now they cry themselves to sleep every night wishing they had never made that terrible and dreadful mistake. Its Nolan. Not to sound cliche, but its pretty safe to say the man knows what he’s doing.
      Thank you and shut up.

      • I loved everything about BB and TDK, and agreed completely with the casting choices.

        But listen up C.O.N goblin, I love Nolan, but Anne Hathaway is and always has been cloying in her films. Honestly, why are you assuming I hate Nolan? All it proves is that you really are just a crazed Nolan fan to deny that Anne Hathaway is crap. Also, I’m not judging the character, I’m judging the actress, she is horrible, honestly, go watch Love and Other Drugs.

        • I was at first really skeptical as you are right now but after seeing bits of her and hearing how she speaks in the trailers, I am a bit less negative about her casting. That isn’t to say,I’d still rather would have liked to have seen Eva Green or Rachel Weisz as Catwoman.

        • If you think she’s going to be playing the same character as in Love and Other Drugs then you miss the point of acting. Heath Ledger was playing his character from Brokeback Mountain. Christian Bale wasn’t playing his character in The Fighter.
          The point of acting is to create a new character. So far Nolan is pretty damn good at collaborating with other actors and actresses to achieve his vision.
          I never said you hate Nolan. I said you’re judging way too soon.

  13. Anne Hathaway is a piece of meat (7 at best) with no acting skills and has been the pitfall of every project she has worked in. Anyone remember how terrible she was as the White Queen? Nothing in comparison to Helena Bonham Carter. The fact that she is going to once again be cast in a major role in foil to a true actor with some real chops dismays me to the core. Not to mention that the Catwoman outfit just isn’t Catwoman. This movie has been ruined for me before even going to the cinema.

  14. You guys. Seriously? Be completely realistic! This is the reason why Batman Begins got so much claim and the other Batman movies in the past were a bunch of flops. Batman has potential to be cheesy b/c these villans and superheros are ancient. This is 2012. At least I know I want something different. The Joker in Dark Knight had make-up tastefully done that was not too overload. Do you think they made Two-Face look like a half Oompa Loompa either? No! Anybody can get half of their face scalded off–and that’s why this movie got so far. And it will CONTINUE to get far. Besides, the goggles that Cat Women wears are also worn on top of her head and give off two sharp points. She looks like a cat. Point. Blank. Period. And then Batman (being theatrical as he is–he’s BATMAN for crying out loud) gives her the name Cat Women.

  15. and i thought i’m the only one who hates anne hathaway as catwoman… all of my friends think she did a great job. :/

    if there’s anything good or bad about her being catwoman, i’ll give the credit to nolan. for me, she’s just there to act. she didn’t do her part to make the character as her own.