Taylor Kitsch, Garrett Hedlund & Armie Hammer on ‘Catching Fire’ Shortlist

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Catching Fire Finnick Kitsch Hedlund Hammer Taylor Kitsch, Garrett Hedlund & Armie Hammer on Catching Fire Shortlist

After The Hunger Games was a box office success, the sequel – now officially titled The Hunger Games: Catching Fire – was a cinematic inevitability.  With a director (Francis Lawrence) and writers (Simon Beaufoy and Michael Arndt) officially onboard, the only big announcements left are those of casting.

Last week, the Catching Fire rumor mill indicated that Robert Pattinson was in talks to portray dreamboat veteran tribute Finnick Odair – a rumor that Pattinson has since denied. Now comes news that three actors are being sought for the role – Taylor Kitsch (Battleship), Garrett Hedlund (Tron: Legacy), and Armie Hammer (The Lone Ranger).

According to E! Online, one of these three actors is the most likely to be cast as Finnick, but Lionsgate has yet to rule out the possibility of going with an unknown, a la “Brad Pitt in Thelma & Louise” (a really odd reference – as if there hasn’t been an “unknown” male actor cast in a major motion picture since 1991). The studio could make its decision as soon as this week, if E! Online‘s source is right.

This isn’t the first time Kitsch and Hedlund’s names have been mentioned on the same shortlist for potentially taking on a sought-after role (e.g. The Bourne Legacy). In fact, pretty much every time a nondescript white guy needs casting, these guys are on the shortlist – along with Ian Somerhalder and Henry Cavill, among others. Are there really no other twenty-something actors who could play Finnick? Not that each of these fellows aren’t very capable actors, but surely there are hundreds of other equally capable actors out there who haven’t had the chances that Kitsch, Hedlund, and Hammer have each had. Frankly, it’s hard to believe that these guys would want to take part in this sort of sci-fi/genre affair and potentially typecast themselves in the process.

Kitsch, for example, has starred in both John Carter and Battleship in the last year alone. Garrett Hedlund starred in Tron: Legacy (2010) and will likely be in Tron 3, if that ever gets off the ground. And Armie Hammer, of course, is currently shooting The Lone Ranger as the titular Lone Ranger.

Catching Fire Revolution Taylor Kitsch, Garrett Hedlund & Armie Hammer on Catching Fire Shortlist

If I were a betting man, I’d say that the most likely outcome of all this is that the studio will end up going the unknown route – or, at the very least, they’ll cast some other less known actor who has yet to take on a number of blockbuster roles like these guys already have.

What do you think, Hunger Games fans? Do you want to see either Kitsch, Hedlund, or Hammer in the role of Finnick? And if not any of these three, is there another actor you’d like to see in the role? Let us know in the comments.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire is scheduled to hit theaters November 22nd, 2013.


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Source: E! Online

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  1. Out of those 3, if one of them were to be cast I’d want tit to be Armie Hammer. I’ve only seen him in The Social Network, but I thought he was really good in it. I could see him as Finnick too, unlike the others.

    • it* lolol

  2. they want Taylor Kitsch, maybe the poor guy can catch a break after all.

    • i wouldn’t mind if its him, i actually enjoyed john carter, thought the movie did justice to the book

  3. Chris Hemsworth would really fit the role.

    • Sadly they probably won’t cast him because his brother is playing Gale…

      • That and he will probably be too busy making Thor 2.

    • I agree, but I think we both know that’s not going to happen.

      • The proboblem is he looks exactly like his brother it would be creepy

        • lol aren’t brothers suppose to look alike…jk I was thinking it you just said it. Not to mention even if Liam was not in this movie Chris would be tied up with Thor 2. I think they are filming around the same time but I’m not 100% sure.

          Would you agree though he would have been a good Finnick?

  4. What about the guy from I am number 4 and beastly? I can’t remember his name, but he might be good as Finnick. Or maybe Chris Evans?

    • yeah they really need to use the guy from i am number four

    • Alex Pettyfer

    • Agreed. Alex Pettyfer is kinda perfect for the role. So is Zac Efron but I don’t think he’d go for such a role. None of the guys above looks like I imagined Finnick, sooo, I wouldn’t mind if they considered Alex Pettyfer or an unknown guy even …

  5. Anyone but Taylor Kitsch. I’m beginning to think that he is cursed because all of the movie he starred in that I know of sucked.

  6. It seems to me at least that the most popular actor put into fan casts is definitely Garrett Hedlund, so i am pleased that he’s on the short list and I can imagine a number of others would be too. I really don’t like the look of Taylor Kitsch

  7. Out of these three I can see Armie Hammer and possibly Garrett Hedlund as Finnick. I would prefer an unknown though. At least it’s not RPattz!

  8. I want them to go with an unknown. I’d be sad to see a fantastic, unique character like Finnick as the throwaway hot white guy role. Someone new and different would bring more to it.

    • Well that’s exactly who Finnick is in the Hunger Games, a throwaway hot white guy. At least that’s what he was to the Capitol.

  9. I want Garret Hedlund to be my baby daddy!!

  10. I dont know any of these guys, but after looking up their images on Google, I say Kitsch, Hedlund and Hammer. Hammer doesn’t seem to have a nice body, and he’s not that good looking. The actor that plays Finnick has to be someone most women and some men will drool over. I’m not drooling over Hammer, but the other two could work.

  11. SEBASTIAN. STAN. Just sayin…

  12. I vote for Garrett. I really want to like Taylor Kitsch, but he’s not “that great” of an actor. I’m not saying he’s bad. (He does better than I probably could).

  13. WOW!! Taylor Kitsch must have signed a deal with the Devil. How many chances is this guy going to get?

  14. I know he’s a bit too old, but I think Alexander Skarsgard would be an excellent Finnick.

  15. I like Jesse Williams from Cabin in the Woods.

    • Yep, that’s what I was sayin…Jesse Williams would be great.

      • I don’t think he fits the character description but he could be interesting.

  16. How about Ryan Reynolds LOL. He was great in Green Lantern, LOL. Yeah, they need to go with a no name actor, someone new rather than getting a big name guy although I wouldn’t mind Hedlund. He’s not bad but they need someone who is new, young, and fresh.

  17. Armie hammer is the best actor on the short list without a doubt. He is an up and coming talent. Taylor Kitch even seems to have some skill. Tron was bad IMO so ill pass on garret whatever his name is.

    Still wish heath ledger was alive i think he would be really great in the role of finnick.

  18. I like garrett for finn but would really like to see emma stone for johanna..

  19. Alex Pettyfer is finnick check out his profile.

  20. i really cant see any of these guys plying Finnik, they need someone who can do all the physical stuff from catching fire but they also need someone who is a good enough actor to pull off the mentally broken Finnik and i just cant see any of those 3 doing it

  21. I think either Justin Timberlake or Shia LaBeouf would be a good fit for the role, but out of the three, I would definitely pick Hammer based on his work in The Social Network.

  22. I think Matt O’Leary should play Finnick!! He is so hott and ridiculously talented. He’s in Lone Ranger with Armie Hammer … he’s amazing. That’s it.

  23. I think I like Garrett Hedlund for Finnick

  24. Taylor Kitsch is filming Lone Survivor in Sept with Mark Wahlburg so unless they are willing to wait…?

  25. I’m just throwing this out there and it might be ridiculous but does any else think Adrian Grenier would be a good cast? (Obvious they would dye his hair blonde like Josh Hutcherson)

    I know he is 35 but he looks young if he saves and its not like JL or Josh are 16 themselves.

    Like i said I”m just throwing it out there.

    • my bad Shaves*

  26. Hedlund up there (guy in the middle right?) looks exactly like i imagined Finnick. Same style, same facial expression, all that crap. Now just dress him up like Aquaman…or hell, cast him as that too.

  27. I know he doesnt fit the description but id like to see Jason Mamoa as Finnick. He was already a beach guy on baywatch plus honestly whos gunna weild a trident better than him?!

    • I’ve always picture Finnick with a swimmers body like Michael Phelps, not big and bulky like Chris Hemsworth or Jason Mamoa

      • He actually wasnt that bulky before conan, built yes but not too bulky. i just think he fits because hes hawaiian and has that natural tropical look to him ya know? Hes all i could picture when i read the books for some reason.

  28. When I read the books I pictured Alan Ritchson as Finnick. Kinda fits the part, plus he played Aquaman in Smallville haha. Used to playing a character that is a swimmer and uses a trident.