‘Castle’: Romance and a Stone

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Beckett and Ryan in Castle Castle: Romance and a Stone

[This is a review of Castle Season 6, Episode 8. There will be SPOILERS.]


Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Unless you are a girl who stumbles upon a secret about diamonds and takes it upon herself to track said diamonds down to their source. Said actions might put you on the radar of the keepers of that secret and you might end up dead as a result. In which case diamonds are a terrible friend and you’re better off leaving the detective work to the professionals.

Such is the sad saga of tonight’s Castle, though to be fair, the story goes a little bit deeper than that.

At the end of the day, ‘A Murder Is Forever’ could care less about diamonds and cartels and creepy, teflon-coated private eyes. It’s a case study on love. And the crazy, stupid things we do for it.

Castle Murder is Forever Castle: Romance and a Stone

Case Study # 1: The Warners. Husband Steve (Jason Antoon) gets the whole ball of wax rolling when his marriage goes sour. While most rich men would head to Tiffany’s, this one breaks out his chemistry set and just happens to have the mother of all breakthroughs in the diamond industry. It spirals out of hand as the greed takes over, but the starting point is love.

Meanwhile, wife Janet (Tina Morasco) loves her husband and their family’s reputation. Killing Alice is a byproduct of her desire to protect both of these things. As is the strike team hit she orders on Ryan (Seamus Dever) and Espo (Jon Huertas).

Case Study # 2: Alice and her boyfriend, Leo (David S. Lee). He might be on Interpol’s most wanted, but the story he spins for Beckett (Stana Katic) is one of young lovers and a shared hatred of the Cartel. They’re torn apart, yet time and distance don’t stop them from working together toward the same end.

It’s Leo who discovers the manmade diamonds and Alice who tips him off to the Warners as the source. Leo pulls off the snatch and grab, while Alice pays the ultimate price for trying to change the world and standing up for the cause of the man she loves.

Castle and Beckett in Castle Castle: Romance and a Stone

Case Study #3: Castle (Nathan Fillion) and Beckett. If you are going to throw hints of tension into a relationship, best to do it against the backdrop of a murdered relationship therapist for the rich and famous.

Not that there’s ever any real tension beyond the natural kind that comes when two disparate lives begin to blend into one. Makes for some snappy banter between the two of them, though, and in the end the world’s oldest boy-man grows up just a smidgen and lets his romantic flag fly high.

So how did you like it? Did you enjoy the reprieve from the father/daughter angst? Would you like to see Hawke (Anthony Ruivivar) return to clash wits with Kate in another case? How does Castle’s grand gesture measure up? And who does wear the pants in the Ryan/Espo ‘ship?


Castle returns next Monday with the all-new “Disciple” @10pm on ABC.

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  1. Someday, I’d like an episode where someone besides Castle himself had to grow up and develop. Good episode overall, but everybody watching knew he was going to be the one to yield and take the picture down (It was a sweet gesture in and of itself, but this is really getting repetitive).

    Also, can we toughen up Castle a little bit? He was so much cooler in the first season.

    • Amen!

    • That is not the problem in my view. We all have wanted Castle to grow-up, and keep his witty banter at the same time. Kate was always taking the pushes, when it came to a case… but we never get to see her secrets or Castle’s they are hidden – I think even from the writers. I wrote a response to “Jason” you might want to read it.

  2. problem is castle is already in fully and deeply as he was going to move to DC he asked the question and he is doing the running but he has been here before twice. beckett has never let it get this far ever but she is learning fast and their pad could do with more elephants less lions unless he wants the kitten jokes back.

  3. They should’ve used the title Romancing the Stone

  4. with the epic gun fight suggest bromancing the stone

    • +1

  5. I miss “somber” Kate, when she’s facing the ghosts of her past. There’s still such an unresolved storyline that’s been dangling ever since she and Castle got together. It’s a shame because her best moments as a character and as a cop tend to be rotted in her personal demons. Maybe they died with beloved Capt. Montgomery?

    Interesting mystery, but I disliked the casting choice for the fixer. The actor has done much more interesting work and the character was undeveloped enough to be as legendary as Gates/Castle made him out to be. The writers need to remember we live in a (TV) world where Olivia Pope dominates the world of problem solving.

    On the upside; no Alexis!

    • didn’t hit me till you said but didn’t remember Alexis if she was their but the last couple of castles have had a lot of her so a break makes sense. Really looking forward to next week it looks a good one and the cast could do with a heavy dark one as this season baring poisoning castle has been lighter than normal on tension

    • J~

      You have more then a point. I get the impression that some TV executive’s family members are now writing for the show and have no idea about the characters or the shows past brilliant quality.

      I was upset about the emotional sex-mail written into the scene as a response to Castle character speaking of his and Linus inviting Kate into their territory. Kate’s response was heavy handed. They are suppose to be in love, instead they are coming off like they are strangers who just happen to be in the same space. When Kate tried to be romantic in thanking Castle for sharing his space and making the space more comfortable for her… a romantic moment is turned into a joke, when Kate tries to kiss him he walks away. This is craziness! I want… like a lot of us loyal fans, who helped to build the viewership to 20 million – my Caskett back. Castle has wounds that are never really spoken of, and Kate has a secret that has never been talked about. It is as though Marlowe and Terri are afraid of sexuality and passion.

  6. watched the end again and kates face when castle says you can sleep on my side of the bed is just like when she got the book out of him or the draw at her place or the ice scenes it was kates I have won and I own you look so was this lion thing a bit staged too get the other side of the bed?

  7. Stana is Stunning Beautiful without Make-up

    I have notice that several of the last episodes, Stana even with no makeup, or very little she is still stunningly beautiful. I think that it is a refreshing change; most of my detective friends only wear makeup if they are going to court, they may wear eyeliner and lipstick, and that is it.

    You Go Girl!

  8. 1. There are many good observation that have been made… the sex-mail one in very interesting and most fans more than likely thought she was speaking of her place as a rebuttal to Castle’s stating, “That he and Linus, were inviting her into their space.” Kate, response was two edge. Great pick-up DRL! If you a guy you must be married, if you are a female then all men need to take notes.

    2. Yes, Stana is stunningly beautiful without makeup.

    3. There seems to be a tempo problem with some of the episodes, but I am sure they will fix things. I would agree on the lack of romance piece though… Castle may be a big kid at times (and that’s almost all the time), but he loves Kate and will I think do anything for her, and I think Kate would be the same. However, the romance seems to be forced for some reason, as though its an after thought. Engaged couples are usually all over one another; holding hands, kissing, joking, playing, we saw that in season 5, but there seems to be very little carry over to season 6 with us rolling into the mid-season point soon.

    4. I love this show and its quality in the pass, but even I have to admit – its singing
    some strange notes right now. And did we really, need someone from the future to tell us about their future… it did not fit the classiness of the history and past context and style of the show.

    5. I do love Castle and I will continue to be there on Monday Nights, with or without the chemistry, but it would be better if the chemistry was turned.

  9. Oh, for God sake – just marry them already!