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Castle Season 6 episode 7 Alexis Castle Feature Castle : Family Ties

[This is a review of Castle Season 6, Episode 6. There will be SPOILERS.]


It’s a fine balance to walk between allowing your child the freedom to make their own choices and recognizing that some things they will have to learn on their own. In the same way, it’s difficult to portray tension between a parent and grown child onscreen without one or the other looking foolish.

If last week’s Castle was a clumsy attempt at the first principle, “Like Father, Like Daughter” is an attempt at the second. But does it do a better job?

One tool the writers pull out of their box of tricks is the ever helpful time jump. Where for the viewer the fight between Alexis (Molly Quinn) and Castle (Nathan Fillion) was only last week, for the characters a bit more time has passed and a thin layer of ice has built between father and daughter. Though it’s probably to the episode’s advantage that Pi (Myko Olivier) is more heard of than seen this time around.

Castle Season 6 episode 7 Alexis Castle Interrogation Room Castle : Family Ties

The next tactic employed is to create a scenario that forces the two opposing forces to work together toward a common goal. In this instance, Alexis has only a short window of opportunity to clear Frank Henson (James Carpinello) of murder before his execution on death row and Castle is the only one who can help.

Some unique camera and editing techniques are used to show the murder, first of what may have happened, then what Frank tells everyone happens, and finally what he saw happen. The twist is that none of those stories reveals Kim’s killer.

As an added bonus, fans also get a quality scene between Lanie (Tamala Jones) and Beckett (Stana Katic). It helps cement their friendship while giving Beckett some clear direction as she and Castle move closer and closer to the altar. All along, she’s been supportive of Castle, but here we get a glimpse of how truly invested in the relationship she is as she forges her own bonds with the feisty young ginger.

Castle Season 6 episode 7 Alexis Castle Maggie Castle : Family Ties

On top of solid character development, the case is also quite compelling. It’s got a time component to keep the stakes high, and a series of tight twists and turns before the end. The killer himself is somewhat two-dimensional, but that’s all right because the audience has the Henson brothers to invest in and the emotional payoff there is a strong one.

One of the coolest case-related details is the binary clock the victim had on her wall that proved to be an important key in absolving Frank.

Even though they are apart this episode, the ensemble cast works well as a whole to deliver the results. Obviously, Castle and Alexis are given time to work through their issues, but Beckett and Lanie also do some of the heavy-lifting, giving the episode a well-rounded shape. The closing scene between Alexis and Beckett is touching, especially as viewed through Castle’s eyes.


Castle returns next Monday with, “Murder is Forever” @10pm on ABC.

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  1. I liked this episode much more than last weeks. i’m glad that Beckett and Alexis actually had a scene together. I think a little more time needs to be devoted to their relationship and how they are going to get along.

  2. Seriously, Alexis needs to go.
    She is dragging this series and making her scenes hard to watch.

    It would be huge thing for the series to kill her off. Maybe too huge. But still, something needs to be done.

    • Honestly, Alexis is fine. What needs to happen is her relationship with that looser of life Pi needs to end. I hate that idiot so much I wish he burn in a fire lol.

      Great episode though, that makes me like Alexis a little more cause lately I have been hating how stupid she has been acting with that annoying Pi.

  3. I’m to the point where I seriously have to wonder if the actress’ agents are pressuring the producers to give her more screen time or lose her. Her storyline continuously brings down the flow of the show. She has become Kim Bauer 2.0 in my opinion. Let her move to Europe to study abroad.

    • I should mention how nice it was seeing the core of the ensemble working together again, though Espo had little to do. It was good seeing Beckett confiding in Lanie. That hasn’t happened much since the Jerry Tyson/3XK framed Castle for murder. Come to think of it, there hasn’t been a worthy adversary for about that long either. 3XK and Senator Bracken both seem to have dissolved. Surely Kate did some digging on her mother’s murderer while she worked in D.C.

  4. think the point is the road blocks are falling away to a happy marriage but they will be bumps till she becomes a senator they have 3 kids and castle write serious books and one of the big things is Alexis need to learn to trust beckett and share her dad.
    but loved the ending

  5. This was a brilliant played episode in many ways, but it missed its bench mark in revealing the conversation between Alexis and Kate. Alexis is growing up and while she has moved in with Pi, she is still emotionally… daddy’s little girl. The relationship with Castle and Kate is now official! That means that there will be other little Castle’s. Remember she has been daddy’s little diamond, and we didn’t need Doyle to tell us that much, but it was funny watching Kate’s melt down at having three babies with Castle. Marlowe said something in an interview that I found a bit offensive… women are not always at odds with one another and many of us do hold honest conversation with one another. It is sad that many men still believe that women live their lives as enemies of one another. A golden moment was missed – because of this attitude, and that is sad. I have been told that there will be a conversation between the two of them in the next episode… oh well.

    • It’s a bit of a spin on the fairy tale: The princess is replaced by a new queen. In this case, the new queen happens to be truly amazing. And armed. At times it feels like the writers flirt with the idea of a class war, with Martha & Alexis looking down their noses at Kate. She’s a blue collar woman who’s worked for everything in her life. The other ladies in Castle’s life cannot say that.

      • Jason~

        I think your statement has a great deal of merit when we focus on Alexis, the spoil Castle princess. Martha however, came from poor carny folks. The problem with Alexis has more to do with having an absentee mother, and the second mother Gena excluded from Alexis life by Castle in many ways. Kate and Alexis have had a very healthy relationship, until now, and it is due to opening herself up to be loved, by a mother figure that has always left her, other than crazy grand. They have been talking about Alexis blowing up the wedding, I sure hope not, this is what every show does to the new step-mother it would be nice to see them expand the characters space of trust, instead of blowing it up. We have more than enough brats on TV… already. Castle has stay above this type of stuff and it has remain a quality piece of TV because of it, to do otherwise would turn Castle into cheap TV, and I can promise they will lose me as a viewer. Kate’s parent are both lawyers, and she graduated from Stanford, so she comes from money also, just not Castle money, its more academic money. I hope that she and Alexis grow together.

        • You make some interesting points. It’s been my concern that we’ll indeed witness more Alexis-centric tantrums if/when Kate asks Laney to be the Maid of Honor over her new stepdaughter. Mind you, I can’t think of anyone Castle could ask to be his Best Man. Maybe they scrap the big wedding plans and just go intimate with friends and family in the audience.

  6. Based on an Interview with Marlowe Recently:

    What makes the show Castle interesting and a class act – is the back drop … the relationship between Castle and Kate. Their struggles acknowledging their love for one another, to break them up, will break the rhythm of them as both a couple, and a crime fighting dual; there would be no question that this would end the show we love. If you are tried Marlowe then hire writers who value the quality of what you and Terri have birth and finish with class. They should be married it’s the 6th season, there maybe a hiccup to their marriage, but there are not two many seasons left. We fans are hoping for 10 Seasons, but we may get Season 8 if we’re lucky 9, and I think while most of us would be sad, we could live with that TV reality if the integrity and quality of the show is maintained. I see the series at an important crossroad (1.) Will Castle continue his Nikki Heat series, (2.) When will we see Beckett move into the role of Lt. Beckett, which matches up better with Doyle’s Senatorial prediction, (3.)When will the romantic chemistry return, its been absent for a while; I am sure I am not the only one whose notice, (4.)Blending the backdrop of Washington and the international into the series works well, especially with Castle’s dad soon to meet Beckett – in a case that has not be announced yet! There is still lots to do with this TV cinematic piece of brilliance. Please don’t Let Your Loyal Fan’s Down


    While the Doyle piece was a cutie, why not do a marital dream sequence of their life together (A kind Tracy and Heburn in reverse).

  7. I am really enjoying season 6 – it has been filled with complication and that is needed to transition the characters and the 12th into a new period of growth, for each of its characters, especially Stana (Kate becomes Lt. Beckett) and Nathan’s (Castle becomes a a much, much better shot, it will be needed) characters. Relationships as couples transition into commitment can become very interesting, including the piece that Stana jokes about… Kate being pregnant or at least faced with a false alarm. How would she handle it? We all know that Kate is good for secrets, even though she and castle are more then together; and how would Castle handle her hiding the possibility of pregnancy? This would be a memorable as season episodes – trust me! I have to wonder way Marlowe and Terri are playing it so safe – its real life and it happens. Episode 6 x 8 shows them melting into one household and Caskett becoming a marital unit which starts long before couples get married.

    I have a wish list for this season 6…

    1. To seeing 3XK meet his end, once and for all, but that doesn’t end the story… yet, because there is a plot twist – 3XK has a female partner, remember someone helps him change his identity.
    2. To see Alexis and Kate in an honest conversation about the forth coming Castle union.
    3. I believe someone will get married this season, it would be great if it was Castle and Kate… they are ready come on now 6 seasons. But it won’t be! It could be Alexis and Pi (God help us if it is!!!!!)
    4. Martha and Castle’s dad meet again.
    5. Kate has a false pregnancy a different type of couple conversation
    6. If they marry them this season then Kate’s gets cold feet. Opening up a difference type of relationship in season 7, how do they go forward as partner and can they move forward to be married by mid-season 7 (I know most fan’s who read this one… they will be unhappy with me – for even going there!) Sorry!

    See You In Castleland