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Castle Season 6 episode 5 Beckett Castle Interrogation Castle : All Out of Time?

[This is a review of Castle season 6, episode 5. There will be SPOILERS.]


Timing is everything. At least, it is here in the fifth episode of the Castle season 6, ‘Time Will Tell.’ The premise isn’t necessarily unique to television, but it is to the standard crime-drama procedural, which makes it all the more entertaining. The mystery within the mystery is whether or not eccentric Simon Doyle – portrayed by the delightful Chuck-alum, Joshua Gomez – is, in fact, a time-traveling, temporal anthropologist from the year 2035, sent to save the time stream from implosion.

Gomez plays the role to near perfection, spouting off a rapid stream of dialogue delivered in a way that could support Beckett (Stana Katic) and her theory that he’s a nut-job and possible killer, or his own claim to be a time traveler. Castle (Nathan Fillion) certainly wants to believe, and with former Vulcan Tim Russ also on the guest star credits, who wouldn’t? Special props to whomever gave Espo (Jon Huertas) the Doctor Who line!

At the same time, Castle is also worried about his daughter’s future. Alexis (Molly Quinn) has been exhibiting signs of adulthood since last season, but now she’s taking her first real flight outside the nest. Clearly, Castle’s rant wasn’t the impetus for the move since she and Pi (Myko Olivier) already have a place picked out, but it certainly gets the ball rolling in a direction dear ol’ dad did not want to go.

Castle Season 6 episode 5 Beckett Castle Time Traveler Castle : All Out of Time?

Things end with tensions still a bit high, but that should make for some good tales down the road. Here in the present, it’s nice to see Beckett giving her two cents on the matter as part of the family.

For as interesting as it’s been to watch the two couples and mama bear dance around each other these last few weeks, the flat was starting to feel a bit crowded, so this move is a good thing. It forces both Castle and Alexis to mature, while providing a source of tension for the show that doesn’t come from the Castle/Beckett angle. A very nice diversion from the norm in TV land. And it looks like this will get further attention next week as well.

Meanwhile, the question still lingers in the air as to whether or not there was a time traveler in their midst. Though Doyle claims he’s never met killer Garett Ward (Jess Allen), Ryan (Seamus Dever) finds a file proving the two were next-door neighbors in the psych ward.

Castle Season 6 episode 5 Castle Ryan Espo Castle : All Out of Time?

Then again, Doyle disappears several times in the episode only to reappear later when he is most needed. Either way, Castle’s timeline theory drawn on the suspect board is all kinds of sci-fi, geeky goodness.

All in all there is a cleverness to the writing that allows it to be fun whether Doyle is telling the truth or not. Hearty belly laughs come alongside heart-pounding chase scenes and near misses. On the one hand, you’ve got Castle wrestling with the reality that his little girl is growing up alongside a story based on a fictional premise that he’s all too eager to embrace. Still, this fits the lighthearted approach to reality that’s always been a part of the show, while providing an ending worthy of Christopher Nolan.

What’s your verdict: was the time stream actually in jeopardy or is Simon Doyle, temporal anthropologist, just a legend in his own mind? Is this the right move for Alexis or is it too soon? Did anyone else think that Paul Deschile (John R. Colley) could have been Paul Pfeiffer (Josh Saviano) in a different life?


Castle airs Mondays @10pm on ABC.

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  1. Always nice to see Joshua Gomez.

    • The spilled coffee and the stain matching the one from the photo pretty much confirms that tonight’s Castle crossed the line from police comedy/drama squarely into Sci-Fi territory.

      • Well obviously you didn’t get that the ending was left open for interpretation. You can believe it was real or not. Doesn’t mean its a sci-fi show now.

        • It may have been “left open for interpretation”, but she is holding the original letter, with no coffee stain on it. She then accidentally knocks over her coffee, creating a stain on the previously pristine paper, a stain that now perfectly matches a photo that was in her possession as evidence.

          It may not be “science fiction”, but it has veered quite clearly out of the comedy/police procedural into territory that defies logic.

          The only way to explain the event is to apply some element that is either fantastical, or science-fiction. There is no normal, “realistic”, logical, way of explaining away the event. It is more than a “is it or isn’t it?” ambiguous ending. There is a clear non-logical event in the storyline, not explainable by any means within the reality parameters of the series until now.

          • As if the show wasn’t fantastical to begin with. I definitely believe time travel will happen before some random guy is allowed to turn the new york city police force into his own personal jungle gym. Anyway, tonight’s episode was really great and next weeks looks just as good.

        • Obviously you didn’t get that photographs of objects that don’t exist until days or even weeks after the photographs are first seen are a paradox which cannot be resolved unless all of the time travel elements discussed in the show actually happened. Beckett literally creates the object which has been seen in the photo which clearly had not been taken until sometime after the moment that she spills the coffee.

          The plot wasn’t “left open”. The writers clearly answered the question as to whether time travel shenanigans happened during the episode.

          Also note, the precinct house that Beckett works at has security cameras which have in fact been used to determine what has happened before when prisoners have mysteriously vanished out of their lock up and yet no such evidence was found in this episode to explain what happened.

        • Agree and agree.

      • yes it’s out of place for castle premise i know that don’t say didn’t love every bit of it because this is the most ground breaking episode of the series which again showed this not an ordinary procedural

  2. I just hope this isn’t the last we see of our time traveling friend.

  3. I Just wish it was the LAST of “Pi” I have “disliked” the Character from the Get go. ( No offense to the actor portaying “Pi” though.) I Turn the channel Everytime the character is on air. Oddly enough that is my ONLY Gripe of Castle Season 6. :D

    • His character is under developed and he comes off… as though he’s the “court jester.” I think his character has merit… else Alexis won’t be with him – they just need to give the character some legs!

  4. The fact that they left this one open to possibility made it my favorite Castle episode yet.

  5. seeing Joshua Gomez again was great He needs his own show, of course it made me really miss chuck, but i loved his character on Castle. I actually really love that they went there in terms of leaving the possibility open. Pi really does need to go. and Alexis needs a stern talking to she is acting like a brat, and clearly from the last scene is hurting Castle.

  6. 1. Joshua Gomez was totally kickass awesome
    2. You mentioned Christopher Nolan? One of MANY reasons that you and I are friends.
    3. Terri Edda Miller, Andrew Marlowe’s wife is the Whovian of which you speak.
    4. As much of the dialogue ALWAYS makes me laugh in Castle, MUCH of the humor was in the looks that the characters give one another. Castle to Espo, Beckett to Castle… And the dialogue was TOP notch Castle dialogue.
    5. Love the ‘future’ references. All of them. Castle and Beckett (along with MilMar, are the only people that TRULY know the future of the couple, but it is ALWAYS great to see.
    6. I think this move with Alexis is great. Gives her an opportunity to live out there in the real world a bit. Though I can’t help but think that she wouldn’t be so ‘brave’ if she didn’t know that not far away, her father will always be there…willing to look for the monsters under her bed. If she didn’t have Castle’s undying support… would she be willing to go against his wishes like this? Probably not. He’s the one that allowed her to be a strong, self assured woman… and that’s why, when she pointed out that he moved in with his girlfriend when he was 19… he didn’t go the “It’s different because I am a guy” thing… he knows that won’t fly. Not for Alexis, and not for any of the women in his life.

    Castle is a big softy.

    Except when he’s wrestling with killers who knock out his girl.

    • I like your style PJ!

  7. For what it’s worth, Mr. Gomez was doing solid, more serious, work years before Chuck when he played the tech expert on the CBS series Without A Trace. He’s harder to recognize as he didn’t have a beard in those episodes. Still, top notch performance from him and the use of a Star Trek alum as a victim was an extra nice touch.

    Hopefully the subplot means we’ll be seeing less of Alexis, who has become an irrelevant and, frankly–obnoxious, character over the past few seasons. Adorable child actors don’t always make adorable adult actors.

    There also seems to be a chill in the air this season. Lanie only has had 2 scenes and both times there’s been a noticeable distance between her and Beckett whereas Espo has been more serious than previous years. I’m starting to wonder if this will be the series’ final season.

  8. While a friend [thanks-bl castanati] of mine posted on his page, what I think is going to happen… with the wedding. Therefore, before anyone sends me nasty note, it is just an idea! Okay!
    They will live “happily ever after!” I would be very sad if they didn’t. :))
    Doyle started to tell Castle what Kate did… and it is associated with their forthcoming nuptials: “Castle still marrying her.”
    1. Did she sleep with someone else? I doubt it!
    2. Did Kate tell Castle that he needs to focus on their life together? I don’t think so…
    3. Here’s what I think the writers may have as a possible scenario on their vast storyboard:
    Run Away Kate…

    Doyle (Anthropologist from the future) hinted in episode 6 x 5, that there was something Kate did that was obviously pretty bad, and yet Castle still marries Kate. Here is one possible scenario… Kate after all of this time may still not be clear about where she is emotionally. Oh, there’s no doubt that she loves Castle, but Kate’s still afraid. We occasional catch Kate’s looks of fear and emotional uncertainty in some episodes… so, this could happen indeed, and appear as a possible brief hiccup.

    It’s the night before the biggest day of Kate’s life. This is the day Kate becomes, Kate Beckett Castle. (The telephone rings, it’s Castle calling…) Hey, Kate – want some company? {Kate} No… Castle, you know it’s bad luck to see the bride before the wedding. {Castle} Okay, okay, Kate (Castle is laughing) – see you at the altar! {Kate} How is the hotel, are you and Javier… behaving yourselves? I do have a gun, you know! (Kate…laughs) I love you. {Castle} I love you too. Kate ends the call… but instead of Kate getting ready for her big day. Kate is questioning everything that she has said at the 9th hour, not her love for Castle, but marrying Castle. (Kate speaking a loud…) Am I really marrying Richard Castle? Oh, my God! I am marrying Castle! Certainly not the words of confidence one would expect from the blushing bride to be! Kate finally settles downs and gets into bed, still wondering if what she’s doing is going to lead to happiness or disaster, as she closes her eyes?

    The next morning: (Lanie) knocks at the door. {Lanie} Hey, girl… you ready to become Mrs. Rick Castle! (Kate nods cautiously…) {Lanie} Kate what’s wrong you should be crazy happy, this is what you have always wanted. Castle’s the man of your dreams. So, why are you questioning things now, especially after all of this time? {Kate} Lanie… suppose it doesn’t work out. {Lanie} Kate, what is this really about, after all this time, it can’t be about Castle. This is about you… come on what’s up! (Kate… nervously replies) it is just wedding jitters – I am okay Lanie. {Lanie} Then let’s head to the church and get you ready girl. (Kate) smiles back at Lanie, as they both head for the door. It is now just minutes before Kate makes her debut, as the blissful bride on her way to her love… Castle. {Alexis} Kate are you ready. {Kate} I think so… give me a minute alone… okay. {Alexis smiles…} Okay, Kate. {Lanie} (Enters the room to find Kate gone) {Lanie} Alexis where is Kate? I don’t know she said she needed a minute alone! {Lanie} Kate has flown the coup and she is not answering her phone! {Alexis} What! {Lanie} Where’s your dad? {Alexis} This is going to break his heart! {Lanie} Javier you need to get Castle… now, it’s important. {Javier} I’ll get him. (Javier walks to the waiting area where Ryan and Castle are waiting) {Javier} Castle, I need to speak to you, now. {Castle} What’s up Javier? Kate left this for you…. (As Javier, hand him the note from Kate) {Castle} She did what! (Castle slowly sits down and reads the note): Ryan to Castle – {Ryan} Castle are you okay? {Castle} No. Excuse me, I have to tell our guess, that there will be no wedding today. {Javier} No! Castle, let me take care of it. [Lanie, Maratha, Alexis come into the room with Ryan and Castle]: {Alexis} Dad are you okay. {Castle} No. I am not Alexis (In the background, you can hear the guess leaving the church). (Castle to Lanie) {Castle} If Kate wasn’t ready, why won’t she tell me Lanie? {Lanie} Castle… I don’t know. Castle have you tried to call her. {Castle} No. {Lanie} Castle call her, if you can. I know you are hurt, but she does love you Castle. I’m sure of that! {Castle} It seems her love doesn’t include marriage.

    It is later that same night… Castle phone rings – it is Kate! {Kate} Castle it’s me, please don’t hung-up, please. {Castle} Kate, why would you do this, why? {Kate} I don’t know all the people, the planning was just too much, and I panic … Castle. {Castle} Kate do you love me at all? Why couldn’t you talk with me about how you felt? {Kate} I don’t know Castle. I want to marry you and spend the rest of my life with you. {Castle} Okay, Kate…what do you want? How do we fix this? {Kate} You still want to marry me Castle, even after what I did. {Castle} Yes, Kate I do! When I told you that I couldn’t see my life without you… Kate, it hasn’t changed, it won’t change. {Kate} Can we meet? {Castle} Yes… How about our favorite place? {Kate} Yes, I’ll see you there. (Castle arrives and finds Kate sitting in the swing where he proposed to her): {Castle} Hi, Kate. {Kate} Hi, Castle. I‘m sorry. It seems I am always saying that to you. For this or that – because of my insecurities, my fears. {Castle} Kate just talk to me, I’ll listen, – I’m here Kate. I will always be here Kate. Always! [Now, let’s go and get married as Castle smiles softly at Kate.]

  9. There for me have been two very notable episodes… episode 6 x 5 “All Out Of Time,” and episode 6 x 7 “Like Father, Like Daughter”. I do however, take issue with the last few minutes of this episode – the conversation between Alexis and Kate. Marlowe and the gang keep throwing out these vague conceptualizations and then want the audience to fill-in the blanks… come on guys. I know that there is a scene with the two of them in episode 6 x 8, but you missed an important moment in the evolution of their relationship as daughter and soon to be step-mom. Granted Kate will be more of the best friend, but still! Next what’s with the sexless relationship between Castle and Kate? For two people who are suppose to be crazy about each other, they are coming off as boring,and lack luster – they had more passion, more fire works in Seasons 1 through 4. There is nothing wrong with a little healthy romance under the sheets… what’s all the avoidance about, there is more romance, heat, and passion on “Once Upon A Time,” then with my two favorite people on Castle. Can I please have my Caskett [Kate and Castle] back, please?!!!!!