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Castle Season 6 Episode 12 Castle Beckett Hunt Top Castle: On Dads and Dates

[This is a review of Castle Season 6, Episode 12. There will be SPOILERS.]


It seems as if every other episode this season, Castle (Nathan Fillion) and Beckett (Stana Katic) stumble upon a web of intrigue that puts them way in over their heads and this week is no exception. The network marketed ‘Deep Cover’ as a sort of father-son piece; and to be fair, it is. Really, though, Castle fans will always remember this episode as the one where the dynamic duo finally set a date for their wedding.

There’s a tease at the beginning where Kate and Castle are bouncing wedding ideas off of one another and when they reach the inevitable impasse, Martha (Susan Sullivan) is there to suggest elopement as a viable alternative. But these two want a wedding, so that idea’s nixed quickly.

Next thing you know, a call comes in about a murder and then James Brolin flashes his charming smile for the next 30 minutes with varying degrees of success. Shortly before the end credits roll, Castle claims Kate as his family as opposed to dear ol’ Dad and decides that September is the perfect time to get hitched, book signings be damned.

Castle Season 6 Episode 12 Castle Beckett Castle: On Dads and Dates

Between the beginning and the end, however, it’s not all smooth sailing for the couple. You would think by now that Castle would realize how horrible he is at lying to Beckett. Any attempts on his part to be covert and sly are awkward and rushed, and he’s terrible at at keeping his lies straight. In fact, it’s almost like he wants to get caught so that he has a legitimate excuse to come clean without fully breaking his dad’s trust.

Trust is at the heart of this episode. As is family. Fillion does a good job here keeping the tension between a man who is building a life-long relationship with the woman he loves, and a little boy still desperate to please his father. While others around him are more cautious and careful, Castle wants to believe Jackson Hunt (James Brolin) is telling him the truth. Even when all of the evidence says he’s a CIA operative who’s gone off the reservation as an assassin.

In this way, Castle acts like you’d expect him to, so it’s interesting to see how others are processing this surprise visit. Martha is shocked at first but adapts accordingly – if not a bit warily – and in the end she gets what she’s always wanted from Hunt: closure.

Castle Season 6 Episode 12 Jackson Hunt Castle: On Dads and Dates

Meanwhile, Kate is understandably skeptical. She goes along with Hunt because he’s the only one who can procure justice for the victim, but things never get to a warm and fuzzy place between the two. And yet when all is said and done it is she who has the insight to see that Hunt purposefully brought the case in to their jurisdiction and it is she who suggests maybe it was his backwards way of wanting to spend time with his son.

The only thing missing here is Alexis’ (Molly Quinn) take. She knows nothing of Hunt’s involvement in Paris and is spoken of but not seen here, too, leaving her miles out of the family loop for the time being. Yes, she’s a big girl now, out on her own with her boyfriend, but it still would be nice to see how she reacts to the truth and how she gets along with gramps. Maybe next time.

How about you: Will you remember anything beyond the setting of the wedding date? Do you think this means a fall premiere wedding, or is it it TV-land time versus our time? How did you like James Brolin this time around? And most importantly, did you giggle when Kate asked Ryan (Seamus Dever) if he thought the baby looked like Esposito (Jon Huertas)?


Castle returns next Monday with ‘Limelight’ @10pm on ABC.

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  1. “The only thing missing here is Alexis’ (Molly Quinn) take. She knows nothing of Hunt’s involvement in Paris and is spoken of but not seen here, too, leaving her miles out of the family loop for the time being. Yes, she’s a big girl now, out on her own with her boyfriend, but it still would be nice to see how she reacts to the truth and how she gets along with gramps. Maybe next time.” She does know. She must. She heard at least part of what Volkov said in his first conversation with Castle and Jackson Hunt, she heard the entire climactic second conversation between Volkov, Castle, and Hunt, in which Volkov referred to Hunt as Castle’s father, and Hunt referred to Castle as his son, Hunt is shown explaining to Castle about the cover story Castle and Alexis will be given, and afterward, when they get back to New York: Alexis: “Do you think he (Hunt) made it out?” Castle: “I wish I knew.” She also says that “I know we’re not supposed to talk about what (really) happened,…”. Interestingly, Deep Cover seems to indicate that Martha and Beckett were NOT told what really happened in Paris, even though the final scene of Hunt implies they were.

    • Happy New Year – Joshua:

      Alexis does in fact, mention her grandfather near the end of the episode when she says, “I know we are not suppose to talk about what happen, but do you think he got out?” Castle reply is – “I wish I knew.”

    • The fact that Alexis does know who Hunt/Cross really is and the true nature of his role in the events in Paris is why I was looking forward to seeing her reaction to him inevitably showing up in New York. Alexis’s absence was the one disappointing aspect of this episode for me.

      • It looks like in the next episode she will have a big role, and hopefully the Pi storyline will FINALLY be fully explained and resolved, and maybe in another story down the road we can see how she reacts to Hunt/Cross, as well as, come to think of it, the fact that Castle has now not told her about THIS (Hunt/Cross’s return), just like when he previously made the mistake of leaving it to Martha to tell Alexis about the engagement over the summer.

  2. Brilliant, simply, brilliant! A well-executed episode, congrats on finding your “mojo” – please do not lose it again! :):):):):):):)
    Fantastic interplay between all of the characters in this episode, even Ryan showing little Sarah’s picture was smooth and not forced. It fit the theme, motif, and scene timing very well. The interaction with Castle and Beckett was wonderful, human, with just enough emotional engagement to make you feel that they are in fact in love. Really enjoyed seeing Martha the mother, the women, it was a nice change from the stage diva. I thought Castle resolution about his father was both timely and showed the adult Castle. Moreover, I cannot wait for the September – Season 7 “Wedding Event.” Kate is also due for a promotion at the 12th will it happen in season 6 or next season? Of course, this means senator Bracken has to fall this season, in order for Kate to have real closure. Furthermore, will Castle’s dad make reappearance, and be part of senator’ Bracken demise; I also thought the reflective piece on James Brolin’s characters face was priceless [Jackson Hunts, “what was given up for the job”] – but will he play a key role again in Bracken’ destruction in Season 6 is any ones guess? In addition, yes, we know 3XK and his crew is still out there, but maybe that final entanglement will come after they are married, and before Marlowe, introduces another great villain to this already wonderful cast of characters. We must remember that this will be the show down, or show downs between Sherlock Holmes (Caskett/ Castle) and Moriaty. I will have my popcorn ready for this one – will this also be our part 1 and part 2 episode, this has become a signature piece for Marlowe and Terri, as a cliff hunger to take us in to Season 8? We all will just have to watch, to find out – won’t we?

  3. Would be cool if Castle’s father shows up for the wedding, with a present for the bride, the evidence see needs to finally take out the Senator.

  4. Trent:

    That would be great!

  5. Marlowe might revere his creation that is Castle’s father but I personally find it to be the most absurd aspect of this series. The character’s introduction in an equally ridiculous knock-off of Taken was bad enough, but this episode took an already faltering season down and back a notch. They had been on a roll after stepping away from Alexis’ storyline, but this was one arc I genuinely hoped would stay in the past. It’s a shame that the writers have cold-storaged the resolution of Kate’s mother’s murder for 20+ episodes to dole out this kind of storytelling.

    Plus, the characters again illustrated that they are far less interesting as a couple and shouldn’t be making marriage plans. Fans like to pick at Kate’s secrecy, but Castle is hardly innocent. The takeaway from this episode, for me, was that after all that’s happened in these character’s lives, Castle never told Kate –or possibly Martha– about what really happened in France? I chalk this one up as a “Big Rick” episode, where he behaves like a fool instead of the more noble character he’s sometimes allowed to be before the writers rescind and back-peddle.

    I keep watching but I’m adding this to a list along with shows like CSI, The Mentalist, Vampire Diaries and Bones, where I don’t necessarily root for it to renewed for another season. The quality that ran high between seasons two and four has waned too long.

    • Jason:

      Here are some points that I agree with you own…. One thing is the show had during seasons 1 through 4 was some fantastic female writers, who understood the nuounces of the characters that Terri and Marlowe created. The current writers are good (not all), but Nathan’s character should grow, instead of returning him back to his “Peter Pan” image. Stana’s character evolves, but the Castle character is stalled in the place called “Never, Never Land,” which is not a pretty place for a forty-year-old man. Having him grow-up would not diminish, his whimsical side, or his active imagination. One great moment from the episode – which I loved, but still found some issues with was of course with was Castle’s lack of honesty with Kate. His revelation about “Jackson Hunt” aka whatever his father’s real name is – portrayed by James Brolin was insightful and yet it fail flat – as he tells Kate “She is his family.” The sad part about this meaningful moment is that Kate is more than his family, and we have never heard Castle express that emotion; if I were to coin how the scripting was handled by the writer(s) – I would say, emotionally constipated, so how can an open adult moment be written. I enjoy the show and it is still one of the best shows out there… it is TV cinema, it has just been off track, but it seems to be finding its “mojo” again. I would like to see an adult Castle preparing for the inevitable face off with 3XK and the doctor, by doing something unexpected – like taking his job as a crime consultant a lot more seriously – seeing him working on his marksmanship, doing other things to prepare for these face offs. This would be true even with senator Bracken, we know it is coming this season, but like you, it seems the conversation has been tabled – when we should hear it along with wedding plans, from both Kate and Castle. Castle is a “gem” and it has many options – so it is not a Bones, or any of the others shows, you want to put in the basket with Castle, it does not belong there. I not very crazy about the couple Marlowe brought in to write… I really do not think they get its quality, but I am hopeful it will go forward and be one of the best shows on TV for many seasons to come.

    • Now that she is breaking up with Pi! Thank God! We will se more of Alexis. am hoping the writers will take some serious time and devote an episode to Kate and Alexis before the season ends. One can DREAM!