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Castle Season 6 Episode 10 Priest Baby Top Castle: Oh, Baby!

[This is a review of Castle Season 6, Episode 10. There will be SPOILERS.]


Taking a step back from your normal dose of fast-paced, white-knuckle tension, Castle delivers a big helping of warm, fuzzy goodness to kick off the holiday season in, “The Good, The Bad & The Baby.”

As far as “the good” goes, there are plenty of great moments to go around. Castle (Nathan Fillion) has his usual one-liners, like boasting about being a Baby Whisperer and an RHD [Ruggedly Handsome Dad]. There is also a very vulnerable moment where you can sense he wants kids with Beckett (Stana Katic), but he doesn’t want to have to go it alone like he did with Alexis (Molly Quinn). Meanwhile, Beckett predictably takes a bit to warm up to the little one but once she finally holds him, she melts just like all of the rest and takes on an almost domestic demeanor. The changing scene at Castle’s place followed by the two of them clutching their coffee cups the next morning is pure gold.

Castle Season 6 Episode 10 Castle Lanie Castle: Oh, Baby!

Castle and Beckett aren’t the only two brought under the spell of baby “Cosmo.” With only a month between him and impending fatherhood, poor Ryan (Seamus Deaver) is desperate to prove he’s ready to be a dad. Meanwhile, Espo (Jon Huertas) is less interested in the baby than Beckett is and more interested in giving Ryan a hard time about wasting money on the lotto tickets, but gives just the right encouragement needed when push comes to shove. Hands down the best expositional dialogue given while talking to the baby goes to Lanie (Tamala Jones), who is utterly enamored.

Meanwhile, the bad guys were out in full force too. Aside from the victim, Cameron, who used to be a getaway car driver before getting his life turned around, we also meet his ex-partner, Jimmy Wolfinsky (Matt Gerald); his boss, Roman Valanciaga (Anthony Mangalo) and dirty-cop-turned-security-chief, Walter Dennis (John Allen Nelson). As it turns out, Cameron is a hero who gives his life to save the baby. Wolfinsky is on the up and up to, while the others are responsible for Cam’s death and the baby’s kidnapping.

Castle Season 6 Episode 10 Castle Beckett Castle: Oh, Baby!

As expected, this episode also gives some great insights into what family life could look like in the future Castle-Beckett household. They have been and always shall be a very good team and while Beckett has a bit of a “deer in the headlights” moment she adapts and is quick to reassure Castle that when the time comes, she’s up for raising their kid together. They’ve also got a good support system in place with Alexis and Martha (Susan Sullivan). Though let’s wait until Ryan’s little one comes along to see how the show mixes domesticity with the mystery/drama procedural genre.

What do you think? Is it a nice break from the norm? How glad are we all that Alexis was a girl? Would you like to see Castle and Alexis raising kids at the same time? Do you think Beckett will make a good mom some day? And how much would you pay to see pictures of them together in their Thanksgiving costumes?


Castle airs Mondays @10pm on ABC.

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  1. No kids please! This show is my time to “get away from the kids and all”. So, no crying/screaming babies!

    • Oh, come on now! The Executive Producers/ writers have always planned to marry them and for them to have “pawns” at least. Marlowe and Terri put that in the universe early in their interviews. They always saw them that way, and Stana has been pushing for her character to become pregnant. They seem to be moving towards that – and I think its great! More complications, more craziness, more entanglements, more murder!

  2. this was fun and will do as their is a break till new year.

    • Hi, Toothillman:

      I am sad, but I am with you… It was a great episode! Sad that the play-off’s will move them to January 2014, but then we have the birth of Ryan and Jennie’s baby, the show down with 3XK (and we may all get a shocker)and we will hopefully hear the connection between the music and Kate’s past. A possible marriage between Castle and Kate, with Kate as a possible “run away bride”! Or Kate announcing that she’s pregnant (which I like a lot better – and stand with Stana on this one), trust me somethings in the wind. I would like to see her become a Lt. this season, it is past time for her to move up in rank [someone like Kate's character in the real world would have been a Lt. by the end of (Season 4)in the real world in their 10th year]they certainly wouldn’t still be a “Lead Detective”. Characters need to mature and evolve, – and unplanned events do that better than anything I know.

      See You In Castleland – 2014

      • look forward to it JDC the trailer for the next one looks good too have a great Christmas and holidays

        • You Too My Friend!

          May the Season fill your heart with Joy!

  3. Sometimes the fans do know what they are asking for….

    Over the course of the last several months and at least two seasons before Season 6, many fans have been throwing a normal and natural event out into the universe; one that even Stana Katic has endorsed, even if jokingly suggesting it as a possibility. So, what is it you might ask – that many fans (but not all) have been asking for…? They want Kate pregnant? If only a brief drama(a false pregnancy)is what some have even written about on “Fan Fiction”, while other have suggested that she discovers that she is pregnant near the eve of her and Castle’s wedding(talk about major drama), while still other have suggested that during the birth of Jenny and Ryan’s big event, that Kate is holding her own secret from Castle – that she maybe pregnant.

    What I think many fans are asking for is some reality and humanist in these characters, characters that they clearly have come to love, value, and embrace. If not so, then why are there over 20 million viewers of Castle. Life in relationships can be filled with surprises, and this one would test the metal of the Caskett relationship. It does happen – moreover, fans I think are asking for more human moments with all of the characters that they love. Yes, we all love the murders and craziness, the 1930′s, 40′s and 50′s nuounces, but we also miss the romance and passion between Kate and Castle, when it is absent too long from our view. They the fans want to know these characters better. I believe that in episode 6 x 9 we saw some of that with Kate’s response to the song. The question becomes, will we be invited into the conversation of more human moments and interaction and/ or left out of these moments human moment of left out, as with Kate and Alexis; yes, we know the moments as with the two most important women in Castle’s life… a moment about becoming family and the fan’s were left out completely.

    So, Marlowe and Terri, this may well be part of many fans New Year wish.

  4. To DRL: You make a valid point about more time with the characters human sides – that which we only get brief moments of, on this point I whole hardheartedly agree with you. On the pregnancy piece there is some truth to what you are stating, so maybe a false alarm would be warranted, but I don’t see, “and baby makes three or four yet,” close, but not quite… yet!

    A piece I found interesting from Castle 6 x 01 “Valkyrie” Sex-y Bathroom Scene Castle & Beckett Make Out | Engagement Ring: The ring shown, around Stana’s (Kate’s) neck is her mother’s ring, but the other ring…. is not the same ring that Castle presented to Beckett in the park; sometimes jewelry is switched out or misplace, but there is a twist here! The other ring shown, is actually a real engagement ring,someone messed up here, “big time.” Curious, to confirm what my eyes observed: I had a friend who teaches film deconstruct the footage and another friend whose family owns one of Chicago’s most trusted jewelry exchanges, confirm for good and/ or bad – what we were looking at… real or fake; well lets just say, interesting… very interesting indeed! Now, don’t go all
    wild and think Stana is engaged! This is not what I am stating!

    Now, back to basics. Most of my detective friends wear their rings. We as fans have only seen Kate in her ring once after the initial engagement scene, and briefly in another scene when she returns as a detective to the 12th. What is up with that?

    The last winter episode 6 x 10: We saw the Kate and Castle that we love, with faults, fears, and emotions – and let’s not forget the romance [the murder is a given]. Caskett to me was kind of moved from being engaged to the marriage, with very little few romantic connecting points in between. The sensual touching, the holding hands, and let’s have some John Coltrane, since this is music that turns Kate on.

    My Short Castle Wish List For Part II of Season 6 – 2014:

    1. Jenny and Ryan’s Baby!

    2. Alexis and Kate become closer (we get to see the bonding this time – right?!)

    3. The final show down, with major twist and a triple plot including 3XK, who was the homeless guy, I don’t know how many fans notice that or not. Kate’s mother may be alive… And a wedding date is set in between all the madness. Who knew that the song is tied to Beckett’s past, and how did they know?

    4. How Castle’s dad involved in the take down of 3XK? Or Bracken! It’s time for new villains!

    5. Kate may think she’s pregnant, but she’s not – yet major drama ensues.

    6. Lanie and Javier stop running from their feelings, or breakup for good.

  5. Since Castle is on Holiday… I thought it would be fun to list my “8″ Wishes for the Castle in the New Year!

    1. Kate… Shares the secret of the music, and reveals its tie to her mother – but how becomes the big question?

    2. Kate is a woman of many talent’s and I know Stana’s into music, why not do a Cabaret Episode where Stana sings to Castle (okay, I’m a romantic guy)

    3. Alexis has a serious choice to make that will affect everyone.

    4. The wedding date is set, but Kate has a secret that may come to light, before the I do’s… someone came up with her married to Josh very briefly (running from acknowledging Castle’s “I Love You_Kate”), but the marriage is still in the wind {not officially ended on paper). Come on now, it would not be the first time that Kate has lied to Castle. Kate’s known for her intentional omissions, especially when it comes to Castle, even at this juncture of their relationship.

    5. Since Kate loves John Coltrane, why is it we never hear any of his music?

    7. More time spent developing who they both are, beyond the brief 2:0:0 to 1:13:43 conclusions. Just them without a murder until the end would create new and interesting dimensions.

    and lastly…

    8. The take down of 3xk, he is alive and it seems someone other then me identified him in the opening scene of Deadly Ringers. Will we see Castle dad be part bringing him down, and could Kate’s mother actually be alive. Hmmmmmmmmmm, this would create all kinds of drama, for Kate and for Castle.


    As a guy: I just want to throw my 3 cents into the pregnancy pool as to whether Kate, should or should not be pregnant, or have a pregnancy oops, false alarm this season. I see nothing wrong with it, “things don’t always go as planned” (may be a future episode title)

  6. “Merry Christmas, Happy Season of Lights, and Happy Hanukkah to All The Castle Family”

    I thought since some are listing their New Year Wishes for Castle [Caskett], I would add my own.

    1. Since I am almost 100% sure that Beckett did not sale her apartment, Castle buy’s Kate old place for his mother, but not without separation issues that come to the surface with Kate.

    2. The end of 3xk and all of his related associations, it is time. We know there will be drama that will lead to the conclusion; will he kidnap Kate, or someone else like Martha, which would be a good reason for James Brolin (Castle’s Dad) to come back; and Kate finds out that all of Castle theorizing about the C.I.A., wasn’t so far off when she meets his dad.

    3. We get to see a real bonding moment in a story-line with Kate and Alexis, Castle feels a little left out, when he is not the center of attention.

    4. Girl Talk: Lanie, Martha, and Kate, do the girl friend thing, and we get to meet one of Kate’s family members, beyond her father (who knew) – crime at the end. Castle finds the prefect place for their honeymoon.

    5. A wedding date is set and we can wait! Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    6. Beckett is offered the opportunity to be second in command to Gates, as her Lt. this moves Beckett into the stream of new changes and challenges, along with marriage to Castle, [babies pawns surprise] which we all know will be filled with craziness.

    See You All Next Year – “CASTLE 2014″

  7. I just caught up on my episodes of the “Chew”. I love the short hair Stana, its sexy and fun, glad you are keeping the new color… to je vrlo seksi, duhovit, i vruće! Forgive my syntax haven’t spoken it much since childhood!

  8. Happy New Year – Very Special Thanks – To Castle’s Writers and Actors!

    Season 6 – will hold some very emotional moments, for both Kate and Castle, and their extended family at the 12th, along with being party to the birth of Ryan and Jenny’s baby; there will be wedding drama, it will be interesting to see how Marlowe/ Terri, and his writers handle this one. The fact that Kate will pick her dress means that there will be a date soon; but will everything go smoothly; the answer is NO! Even if the wedding is this season, which we all have our fingers crossed for… There will be a serious hiccup, logical choices 3XK, and/or our Kate becomes a “Run Away Bride.” I really see senator Bracken going down later after Castle and Kate are married, but before the first baby announcement (yes – pawns), but this will more than likely be a surprise for both Castle and Kate (remember Doyle said, “Three Children”). So, it’s just a matter of how things are written as to whether they will be first or second, first birth as twins would create a lot of comedic drama and physical comedy, while watching “Caskett” balance the demands of Kate’s new position as Lt. Kate Beckett, we will also see Kate’s team expand to include the I.T. Pro-filer that we have seen in several episodes. In addition, we’ll continue to celebrate the ongoing murders, drama, and mysteries, and our favorite bromance that we all love, along our epic “Caskett” romance.

    We also know that there will be new characters, some serious personal challenges for Kate and Castle… these could appear as accidents, Kate’s have’ in been shot affecting her pregnancy, misunderstanding such as Kate, not knowing that Castle is actually planning a big surprise for Kate. She – Kate thinks that he – Castle has returned to his old ways. We’ll get to see some national and maybe some international travel between for characters – makes sense, since the show has gained a large international following. Hey, Marlowe – how about letting “Castle” and crew do a Chicago episode, and yes, I’m bias. In addition, other character drama, more issues with Castle and his dad, and Martha. Alexis and Kate become closer – I agree with someone else about “Castle feeling more than a little left out.” This becomes an issue between Castle and Kate, causing hurt feeling for Kate, because he has problems sharing Alexis as the two women become closer.

    All and All Part 2 of Season 6 and Beyond – should be Great Fun!

  9. I am a big Castle fan and I follow from time to time some of the stuff that circulates, but every once an a while there seems to be a bit of truth that unknowing comes to the surface. I trained in Chicago at C.M.C. and DePaul, and like Ms. Katic – I value my privacy, and yet being in the public eye can make this one very tricky, if not sometimes an impossible piece to manage.

    Over the course of time there have been several photos with – Ms. Katic who has been spotted with a ring on a very important finger. The problem is there has been no formal announcement, but the ring was also been spotted around her neck in the D.C. apartment episode of Castle in season 6. Someone went through a great deal trouble and effort to detail the validity of said – the ring, real or not? The conclusion was that it was/ is in fact real. The problem is that Ms. Katic kind of open up this “can of worms up” so to speak. My concern is that eventually someone who only cares about money – is going to back door her life with no concern for her privacy and that won’t be pretty – because she does have a temper! An old professor of mine taught students who were going to be in the public eye… “That it is better to control the media, then have the media possibly control you and your life.” The truth has a way of coming out… so why not get ahead of the twisted stories that other will most certainly create?