‘Castle’ Season 5 Details Revealed – Relationships, Assassins & More

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Castle Season 4 Premiere Review Castle Season 5 Details Revealed   Relationships, Assassins & More

For fans of Castle, the season 4 finale saw the long-awaited (and highly-anticipated) coupling of Rick Castle (Nathan Fillion) and Kate Beckett (Stana Katic). But what exactly is going to happen next year? And should fans be worried about their favorite series taking on television’s dreaded relationship challenge?

Speaking with TV Guide and E! Online, series creator Andrew W. Marlowe discusses the difficulty of bringing two main characters together; the hit Castle took in order for that relationship to occur; how they’re going to make sure that Castle and Beckett’s relationship doesn’t become another television cliché; how long we’ll have to wait to see Cole Maddox (Tahmoh Penikett) again, and so much more.

Touching upon Castle and Beckett’s relationship, Marlowe admits that there really wasn’t any other option but to bring them together:

If we kept them apart any longer, say another season — after what Castle had put on the table at the end of last season — in my mind, that would have been the death of the series. Then, we would have just been being artificial. They would have become brother and sister, and then we’re just ignoring everything that had happened. There comes a point where you have to confront it.

And for those fans who worry that it could all be a dream – or that what you “thought happened” didn’t actually happen – Marlow puts all questions to rest:

I think that when that scene ends, everybody is clear on what’s about to happen. We don’t need to see it, but we know it’s going to happen.

castle season 4 finale priest Castle Season 5 Details Revealed   Relationships, Assassins & More

Of course, dealing with the coupling of main characters is never easy in television. Character couplings can often be cited as the point in which a series takes a turn for the worse, never to recover. Fortunately, Marlow not only has a plan, but also a frame of reference for the long-awaited Beckett and Castle coupling:

Relationships are tough, especially when the two people are fundamentally different people, but I think it’s going to be fun tough – like when Sam and Diane got together on Cheers.

Figuring out their rhythms with one another is going to be fun for the audience to watch. In no way do we think this is going to end the fun and the tension between Castle and Beckett because the question is now going to become: Where does this relationship go and how does it affect their ability to work together?

We do put the relationship under threat right away with Maddox’s threat at the end of the episode. I have a good ballpark sense of where we’re going. And I’m not going to advertise it too much because that’s the fun of the ride. You don’t want to show everybody exactly what the rises and falls of the roller coaster are when they get on it. You want them to be surprised at the twists and turns. Sleeping together is a great hallmark, but to get to the promised land of a happy ending, there’s a long way for these guys to go.

Speaking of Maddox:  it appears that we won’t have to wait long for a resolution to that storyline, in order for Beckett to move on and focus on more important things:

I don’t want to go into in too much detail because we still have some moving pieces on the board on that one, and I’m not going to commit myself to anything one way or another. But it is something we plan to pick up on when we get back, but it’s not somewhere we’re looking for the series to dwell. We’re looking to get Beckett beyond some of that stuff to the point where she can rediscover who she is and [she and Castle] can deal with this decision they have made.

castle season 4 finale beckett ryan1 Castle Season 5 Details Revealed   Relationships, Assassins & More

Looking back at Castle season 4, Marlow wasn’t exactly thrilled with what was required from the series in order to finally bring the two characters together. Thankfully, now that it has occurred, the series can return to normal in season 5.

We had a lot of fun this season, but Castle and Beckett were each keeping secrets from one another and weren’t dealing with each other completely honestly. I think some of the angst of this season — we paid for some of that with some element of fun. That by no means is me saying the fun left the show, but we had to spend a little bit of that capital in a different place.

Getting to the other side of this allows us to bring … [back] the back-and-forth between them and the physical comedy. It allows us to recommit to the fundamental values of what the show is.

While Castle and Beckett’s relationship may have finally flourished in the season 4 finale, many of the other character relationships have taken a hit. Moving into season 5, everyone is going to have a make a decision regarding their future. But what does that mean for everyone’s favorite team of detectives?

…we felt it was time to challenge some of the other relationships so we’d have somewhere to go with the storytelling. Ryan has to make a choice that ends up with Esposito feeling like he’s been betrayed. The two of them are definitely on the outs.
Beckett and Esposito (Jon Huertas) have crossed a line. So, what does that mean for them as cops? Gates (Penny Johnson Jerald) ends up being much more of a significant obstacle in the first couple of episodes next season.

With Castle heading into its fifth year on the air, it certainly appears that Marlowe has not only given a lot of thought to Castle and Beckett’s coupling, but he has also given a lot of thought to what happens following their coupling.

While a clandestine “pairing” at the end of the Castle season 4 finale is certainly enough to have fan anticipation at an all-time high, it won’t be until the first few episodes of Castle season 5 that we see the true test of whether or not Castle and Beckett’s (CasBeck?) coupling is being handled correctly.

And in case you haven’t had enough of the scene that started it all:

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Expect to hear news of Castle’s season 5 renewal next week.

Castle season 5 will premiere in September 2012 on ABC

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Source: TV Guide; E! Online

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  1. Hi guys,

    I feel the same. Can`t wait for season 5 to finally start.
    Totally agree that we should see more of Kate`s sessions with her shrink.

    I really hope that we will get to some steamy scenes between the main characters and not just the suggestion of their bedroom escapades.

    Love, love, love the humor in this series. The little gesture Castle made after their very first kiss in season 3, episode 13 had me laughing out loud!

    Hopefully it won`t take long before we can see season 5 in the Netherlands too.

    I wish all of you a very spicy, exiting, steamy, funny new season!

    • Hi, Abby & The Castle Gang:

      My biggest problem right now is poor promotion of ABC’s – Castle. They changed the promo from the original, but it’s still lacking in substance. “19 days” to the start of season 5 and this is the best that ABC can do? Come on guys! I did read as I said during the summer, “that Martha will be the one to walk in on Kate and Castle, and it seems from what the critics who have seen the first 3 episodes that I was correct in my early summer summation. This does make for an interesting dynamic – “kind of like mom walking in on your first serious kiss.” It should be quite humorous.

      As for Kate and her Psychiatrist – she still has PTSD, which could add to her emotional distance at times. So, how Castle comes to understand and supports her in that journey will be interesting. I look forward to their conflict and the tension, along with the romance and secrets, good and bad. I would like to see a reappearance of Josh, just to keep Castle on his toes, not long term, but just to stir up a little dust, it would be fun! We know Kate has made her choice, but will we hear her – proclaim her love for Castle? Alexis is not going to be happy when she does realize that Kate and her dad are in fact the real deal- it will interesting to see how the writers normalize their relationship; and I still think that there will be a cautionary conversation between Kate and Martha, about Castle.

      We also know that danger is never far behind these two, and I am sure these challenges along with Gates will make for an interesting season 5. H. and Ryan will seem I am sure like we have watched a great marriage end for a time, so it will be interesting to see just how these fences are mended, and then there is our favorite Medical examiner will she a H. find each other again. So, let see we have betrayal conflict, romance, crime, and intrigue, along with Gates. We also have Castle and Kate working out boundary issues at the 12th and as a couple.

      We have a powerful Senator and a Vice President committed to silencing Kate once and for all… Castle’s father who will I believe save both their hides, and Castle relationship with the father he has never known until now. If this is Season 5 – Oh yes, Alexis possible romance with a professor!

      Sounds like a major home run season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      See you all soon…

      In Castle Land_

      • You know i’m so pleased castle is coming back. It wasn’t untill i discovered this website i realised it was! I heard there was no more. Great series. Love it! fan from the uk :)

        • Hello,

          Yes, Castle is back! Welcome back to the Castle Land!

  2. Hey, Castle Buddies:

    Like everyone else I’m holding my breath for the start of Castle Season 5 – WOW! While, I have read that many of the critics reviews cite how the relationship changes Beckett; most folks seem to feel or dismiss that they/ we already know who Castle is, because how Castle feels about Beckett. I think these persons are being just a little short sighted… yes, we know that Castle loves Beckett, but we still have to see how now having his lady love transforms him as a man. Will it make him braver, bolder, more heroic, and maybe the return of that crack shot we saw in Season 1. How will Marlowe and his gifted team of writers reformulated Castle role in the 12th, and how will that new interplay affect/ effect Beckett’s relationship to Gates, or for that matter how Gates views Castle (as an outsider right now!), will that change. I believe that there are multiple developments of characters and plot lines for us to chew on in season 5.

    Possible scenarios: I hope will include Castle taking one for the team, so to speak – which will bring us back to Alexis’ concern for her father’s safety around Beckett. If Castle is wounded in some way this opens the door for some really juicy conflict between Alexis and Kate as Martha referees the tension. Castle’s father and mother come together in someway around Castle and Beckett. We have heard that Alexis may be come involved with one of her professors, which means that may be Kate has to help pull her out of the “Fat and Fire” so to speak when things become too – intense.

    I am looking forward to the great character development this season for all of the characters, but like most Castle fans – I’d like to see season 5 end with some small shinny token of commitment from Castle to Kate, after that I can wait for the wedding, at least another season and a half, but with a twist! There could even be some mental and emotional strain created a round that “shiny thing” that many want Castle to give to Kate, such as Kate finding it (the ring) while Castle is in a coma – lots to play with here (just and idea). Moreover, this could act as the resolution piece that resolves the conflict between Kate and Alexis – when Alexis hears Kate telling her father all that he means to her, including the earlier confession from season 1, about how Castle’s books helped Kate deal with her mother’s death – this is an emotionally available Kate [some therapeutic dialogue would be great for this type of scene].

    Anyway… I’m excited and like all of you two weeks won’t go by soon enough – Thanks Marlowe and the Castle Family, Stana and Nathan for what I already know will be a mind-blowing season 5!

    See You All In: Castle Land

    • Hey DustyRL,

      I had such a delicious thought play in my mind when you said Kate accidentally finding a diamond ring in Castle’s things. In my mind, excluding the coma thing, this would lead her to jump to the conclusion that Castle wants to propose to her, but what she doesn’t know is that the ring doesn’t even belong to him. Castle’s just holding on to it for Martha or someone. So the whole episode she kind of freaks out and avoids him and gets pissed at him for thinking further ahead than she’s ready for and hits him because of it. All the while Castle has no idea why she’s freaking out and hitting him and giving him weird looks along with the cold shoulder. Lol. That would be such a funny episode. Mix that with a high profile murder she needs to present a very professional front for and I’d die of laughter.

      11 days, 7 hours, 29 minutes.
      See you in Castle Land.

      • Hey, Abby,

        I like that mixture of comic/ and serious Beckett with Castle trying to figure out… What he did wrong to get her sooooooooooooooo up-set along with her behaving strangely. It’s a “golden idea” – my friend I hope they pick up on it!

        See You In Castle Land!

  3. “Wet paint” ask he following question: Should Michael Dorn return as Dr. Burke in Season 5?

    Here’s what I think… Yes! And here’s why… Kate still has PTSD, there is no magic bullet for it. She has learned to function past it, but then Kate is still discovering who she is as a person. So, a few more episodes with e good doctor I think would be warranted. There could even be a secret that Kate is struggling with wether she should tell Castle or not. At least a few more appearances are valid and fit in with the current story-line.

    Blame My Wife for making me a Castle Fan!

  4. It’s CASKETT

    • Hi,

      It does not matter what a fan calls the show, but it is titled: “Castle,” and we know that Castle and Kate are together, but everyone has the right to call them what and how they identify with them. I assure you that I am one of those people – who see Kate Beckett and Richard (Rogers) Castle, as two individual who have embarked on a journey, that has now included there finally having a romantic life together. Until they are married – they will still be Kate and Castle. So, Caskett is all fine and good for you, but I like individuality: it makes things in a relationship more interesting to watch two individuals navigate becoming a real unit – now that’s fun!

  5. Hi Gang (Hey, Abby),

    It is my understanding that Castle will take serious heat and possible lock up for a murder in episode 5 X 6. If the critics have reported factually, this will turn up the temperature on the Castle/ Beckett relationship in ways we can only imagine. Great! Castle down the road or near the end of the season still needs to take one for the home team, the Castle role over-all has been great, but a little to safe for me. His character needs to grow along with Kate’s character, physically and emotionally. For instance, I can see Martha, telling Kate, that Castle really is not the “playboy” he seems to be, or that she thinks he is – and that he is really guarded because of his bad marital choice, but now he sees Kate as the one for “now and always.” This just opens things open it doesn’t change who these two people are as evolving individuals in a relationship. We all know Castle loves Kate that is not what I am saying here… what I am saying is there needs to be several emotionally heighten pieces this season. Romantic conflict is good only for a brief period (like a reappearance of Josh – who is now ready to marry Kate) and we know Marlowe is going to keep Kate and Castle together, and we all want that as fans, but let’s have a little more fun along the way, along with some hard life choices. Something happen to Kate which was touched on in Season 1 – the Nanny episode, this could be a secret yet to be shared with Castle, he just assumed she had her heart broken. We know that Kate was a mess after her mother’s death – you can’t tell me that she didn’t do some real emotional acting out when she took that badge off! In other words fill-in some of the missing pieces, such as her detective rank, who Kate has been and what happen to cause her to hide out in her work, until Castle came along and challenged everything about how she was living her life, and more.

    I look forward to the chase, murder, mayhem (it hasn’t gone away – her mother’s case), the romance, some great passion, risk, challenges, danger, and just plain old Kate and Castle being who they are – along the way!

    Until September 24th…

    See You All In… Castle Land

    • Hey Castanati,

      I’m trying to refrain from reading or learning anything new about the up coming season because I like to be surprised when I see it. But I agree with you on how safe and easy Castle’s had it. Not only that, but I also feel his publisher and manager don’t pop there head in often enough to make sure their little goldmine is still in one piece. I thought, between season 3 and 4, the precinct would’ve taken serious heat from Black Ponds lawyers threaten to sue them if anything happened to Castle, despite the waiver he signed.

      Castle’s had it pretty easy – not that it’s ever bothered me but I think the time is right to challenge that a little in a way only Marlowe and Co. can. Out of all the possiblities I’ve thought of, I think the most interesting daydream I entertained myself with was one where Iron Gates doesn’t like Castle and Beckett back at the precinct(after she learns about them being an item) so she transfers in someone she knew, whom she’s always like because that person is soo by the book. To Iron Gates, that person is what a real detective should be… and it’s what Kate could’ve been had she not met Castle. To Gates, this is like showing Beckett what she could have been had she not met Castle. Gates doesn’t want Castle there and she’s willing to do what she has to(within her power) to get him out. Anyway, I thought that was an interesting idea.

      Castle Land, Cant wait.

      • Hey, Abby,

        That is a very interesting thought. Interesting indeed – but don’t you think it focuses more on Beckett then Castle? They are still in danger and its coming back, again, and maybe again before it is over for good. Marlowe is building a real relationship this season for the two characters and rightly so – there have been some great cinematic relationships, and I have no doubt that young film makers and future film makers will study these Castle episodes. Castle needs to get shot or some other very serious event needs to happen to create an additional level of emotional tension between Kate and Castle. As for Gates, I am not worried me when it comes to Castle and Kate at the 12th. Kate will become Gates, Lieutenant, and Beckett and Castle will still be part of the mix in the 12th in multiple ways as the serious goes forward. The question becomes how Marlowe will reformulate Castle to make his role stronger, different, and yet keep those same quacky, wacky things that make Castle – Castle. Marlowe has every tool and resource on his team that a great writer and executive producer could ask for – along with some of the “best acting talent” in the industry at his finger tips. Season 5 will be one of the great ones, a “home run” with more to come – so see you there my friend.

        As “Always” to coin Castle…
        See You In – Castle Land

        • Hey, Castanati.

          You know, it’s really hard not to focus on Beckett because without her there is no show. But I’m certain without him, I wouldn’t watch it to begin with. It’s interesting because the show is called Castle and he’s the abnormality that makes it all worth watching, but, everything is really happening to her.

          You’re right though. I think something does need to happen to Castle but I think it’s safe to say that when Andrew does something, he really follows through. How many shows have you seen where a relevent character gets shot but by next episode or so, they’re completely fine? Kate actually had a PTSD episode and has been going to counseling all season. I thought that showed depth on Marlowe and Co ability to deepen a character.

          So if Castle does get shot, I’d imagine it would have totally different ramification to the shows status quo. I mean he would be like Icarus, who flew to close to the sun. Will he drown, metaphorically speaking? Will his arrogance, dare I say hubris, cause him to reevaluate what it really means to be Beckett’s partner? Or will it only increase his fascination to the macabre? Will it bring up the real reason he started writing about murder? I think that would be a really interesting story to tell.

          Oh, and I don’t think I’d shoot Castle. It’s too impersonal plus, Beckett’s already been shot. I’d either poison him, or stab him – as long as it’s not too morbid. I’m not trying to have nightmares about it.

          I can’t wait.

    • Hey Castanati,

      I’m trying to refrain from reading or learning anything new about the up coming season because I like to be surprised when I see it. But I agree with you on how safe and easy Castle’s had it. Not only that, but I also feel his publisher and manager don’t pop there head in often enough to make sure their little goldmine is still in one piece. I thought, between season 3 and 4, the precinct would’ve taken serious heat from Black Pond’s lawyers, threaten to sue them if anything happened to Castle, despite the waiver he signed. Castle’s had it pretty easy – not that it’s ever bothered me but I think the time is right to challenge that a little in a way only Marlowe and Co. can.

      Out of all the possiblities I’ve thought of, I think the most interesting daydream I entertained myself with was one where Iron Gates doesn’t like Castle and Beckett back at the precinct(after she learns about them being an item) so she transfers in someone she knew, whom she’s always like because that person is soo by the book. To Iron Gates, that person is what a real detective should be… and it’s what Kate could’ve been had she not met Castle. To Gates, this is like showing Beckett what she could have been had she not met Castle. Gates doesn’t want Castle there because he’s not there under her puriew and she’s willing to do what she has to(within her power or maybe not) to get him out. Anyway, I thought that was an interesting idea.

      Castle Land. Cant wait.

      • I don’t like posting doubles. Sorry, web page froze in the middle. The one above this post in the real one.

        • Abby Girl…

          Forget the double posting! Castle back!!!!!! It’s going to be a “HOT” Season 5.

          See You There….

          • Hey, Castanati.

            It’s funny – I’m soo excited to watch After The Storm, but I know it won’t be all hype. It feels like confidence, in Marlowe, his writing team, the actors, and crew. There’s talent in abundance here and very few shows give me that feelng.

            Castle isn’t in the Emmy’s(when is it ever, right?), so I’m not watching the Emmys. It’s not a strong Award ceremony for dual genre shows. I don’t know why they can’t/won’t fix that but there are a lot of really good shows that don’t get proper recognition because they’re not specific enough for the awards available. Castle is a Dramedy. There is no Best in Dramedy, so it just falls through the cracks. Why isn’t Stana getting Best Actress for the PTSD episode, Kill Shot? Or Nathan, for that heartfelt monologue in Always? It just boggles the mind.

            Oh, I know my name is Abby, but I’m actually a boy :)

            Castle Premieres. Can’t wait.

            • That’s okay… Abby,

              You’re still cool !!!!! :)

              I agree with your assessment of how “Castle” is passed over. The PTSD episode was a major piece and for those of us who have lived through PTSD and many of the military coming home it matters, a great deal. I have come to the conclusion that there is a great deal of jealousy connected with the Emmy Awards. I will not be watching either and I don’t think any Castle fans should watch it globally until it gets a nomination. I go through a lot of shows because of my profession and the people I deal with on a daily bases. This is one of the finest shows written for television, and yet the new season was poorly promoted, and in my opinion a “little lack luster” on the part of ABC executives, with regards to the promoting that was done. This is brilliant TV cinema, its too bad that only the fans appreciate the quality and effort that continues to go into producing such a high quality product, with a team of top shelf actors and writers – Thanks Marlowe and Crew!

              • Unfortunately this is not the first time that an incredibly well written program with top shelf actors has been ignored by the powers that be. There has been a consistent trend for years to dumb down what we watch and read. Castle – like a small handful of well done shows manage in spite of it all to be successful, Law and Order SVU is one of them, inspite the sometimes heavy handed violence and the previously mentiond Murder She Wrote of which Castle is a noble successor. Whateve the plot twists, I just hope it continues on for many, many more seasons. I won’t, as has been suggested, boycott the Emmys because Castle wasn’t nominated for best drama (didn’t it and Fallon get a People’s Choice award was it last year?) but there’s a good football game on so I’ll switch back and forth.

  6. Yeh can’t wait for season 5 gona be brilliant just don’t av loads of sappy romantic scenes keep it really funny and clever it will be great bring on September 27

    • Its the 24th for are area… sorry you have to wait. :) Romance can be fun too – as long as its not the only dance and it isn’t!


  7. Urgh, everything I read about Castle now has spoilers in the title. Staying away from spoilers means staying away from the fan sites. It’s killing me!

    I can wait, but only because I have to.

  8. 2 days people. I just want to fall asleep until an hour before Castle starts. It’s almost here and suddenly, I find out that even though I’ve never worked monday closing, by some unforgivable miracle, I am scheduled to close this monday. How does that happen? You think you’re safe to enjoy what you’ve been longing for all summer and two days before, you find out your family is going to see it before you do. This sucks major testicles.


    • Breathe Abby, Breathe!

      It is almost here, the wait will be over soon!

      See You In – Castle Land

    • Good Morning – Abby,

      We had 50 people at the house for the Season 5, episode 1 opener, by the end – there were “slacked jaws” everywhere! :) All I can say, is Wow, Fantastic, Awesome!

      Stana took Kate to a whole new level of confidence and bad girl all in one episode. That closing scene gave new meaning to sexy and “fuhsin” “renarde” female fox for those who don’t speak German or French. And we can’t say, that Kate did take matters into her own hand! Maybe Castle should have thought twice before asking Kate, “what she was going to do with the rest of her suspension time (paraphrased).” I am sure Castle after the closing shock look on his face had an even bigger smile. I love the acknowledgment from Kate when Castle mentioned that, “they should have done the deed four years ago.” Great start to an even greater, incandescent, empyrean, and well thought out Season. Here’s a big thanks to Marlowe and Crew for a “hell of a” Season 5 starter! A real home run, and I can’t wait to see what’s next!

      See You My Friend_
      In Castle Land!

      • Hey Castanati.

        Agreed… Agreed, agreed, agreed. It’s everything I wanted and more, AND it’s only the beginning.

        Wow, 50 people! Glad to know there is no such thing as overboard when you’re talking about Castle support.

        See you around Castle Land.

        • Hey Abby,

          Well… My hometown has 2,707,120 million people. It’s easy to collect 50 folks, especially if they are old friends. We are loyal Castle fans and some of us know one the shows stars’, hint! hint!:) We decided that every “new season” of Castle that we will gather at a friends home for a “season premiere.” No, Abby~ overboard would be “200 people” like a friend of mine had at they’re home for the Castle Season Premiere in Aurora! Now, that’s overboard! :)

          Episode 5 X 2 looks like Kate should think before – she sets up new rules for Castle to follow, Ha-Ha!

          See You My Friend – In “Castle Land”

  9. Good Day…

    … and now that Castle’s back, I see many more good days to come. What can I say? I saw it three times back to back and once more this morning. I loved it. It was funny, dramatic, intriguing – a fantastic start by all accounts. Marlowe and crew are definitly firing on all cylinders.

    I loved the morning after. I loved the “hide in the closet” stuff – Kate was so sweet and innocent here, its cute. Nathan was so funny, and charmingly childish, as so many of us guys are in those situations, it’s impossible not to laugh. Stana was positively sexy and I’m sure we only got a small taste of how seductive she can really be. The music totally fit the scenes – bravo Robert Duncan. Jack Coleman had me hating him and liking it at the same time. I was a little sad to see Tahmoh Penikett go so fast but he still did great. He will be missed. I guess my only complaint is that it ended so fast.

    I can’t wait for next week’s episode. It looks drool worthy. I saw the trailer on youtube like ten times – I think I have a problem ;)

    See you around in Castle Land.

  10. Hey, Castle Fans,

    Wow! Fantastic start to what I am sure will be a great season 5! There’s one thing we know for sure that we know about the senator is a psychopath – I replayed the childhood story several times and the details are too, perfect, which means he killed his childhood friend, the friends little sister, and the mother. It would be interesting if Kate and Castle go back and look the case up and find irregularities that they use to stop the senator once and for all… not my theory! My wife came up with it.

    See You In Castleland

  11. Hey~ Abby and Castle Crew.

    This will be the best season yet for Castle, it has everything. Although, I would like to see more girl friend talk between Lanie and Kate, it was handled last season in a kind of – Oh, by the way manner. You female writers on Castle know that Kate and Lanie have to have the talk, which will give us an even more interesting view into the secret world of Kate Beckett. You know she wants to dish on the the sex with Castle… and who do you do that with? Why, your BGF-Lanie! Great season 5 starter, and compliments to the writers, the Stana for one hot Kate, who is self assured, and lethal, on all fronts! :)

    Simply Wonder, Marvelous, and HOT!

    Meet You In Castle Land

  12. OMG: Season 5- Is A Real Block Buster!

    Lethal Kate! I would have to agree! Moreover, I would go one step further and say lethal Stana! – Girl what happen to you this summer? Stana looks rested, fit, and better than she looked even in the first season. To coin a phrase from Lanie, “girl who is he!?!” :) Great – job opening the door on Kate’s emotions, this Kate is going to be a hand full, wonderful! This is the best new season I’ve observed of seven new season show starters, and it looks as though its only going to get better and better.

    Affascinare erotico, caldo, intelligente, spiritoso, buffo, la grande sincronizzazione comica (Stana e Nathan), e sessualmente addebitato, e questo era appena l’episodio una della nuova stagione. Ottimo – Bravo!!!!

    Castle Land

  13. Last Night in Castle Land: A Huge Thumbs Up!!!!!!

    Vulnerability is one of the authentic pieces that are hard for many actors to carry off! Stana killed it! The vulnerability that Kate displayed shows us Kate’s fears and concern, along with her desire for normalcy of course with Castle. Castle wants Kate to know that he’s in it for the long haul, and made it pretty clear with the statement,” even if we aren’t partners at work (paraphrase); we’re partners in this relationship.” The fun – Kate’s revisiting a certain entertainment anchors breast in Castle face was just too much, for her to make up with Castle just yet! Great fun! Loved it! It’s my hope that Kate, will see more of Castle’s resolve towards her, and that while he is still Castle, there’s only one person that he wants… and that’s Kate. Great episode… Marlowe and Crew! :) :)

    • Dusty Rose,

      I agree! Great episode… and Kate made some rules that she seemed to regret making, but then Castle finds it awkward because he wants to be public with their relationship, but he wants to make Kate happy and comfortable with the choices that they’ve made. Quite a complex problem… this episodes was lots of fun, the old Castle rhythm and banter. Moreover, those looks on Kate’s face are just priceless. I’ve heard episode-3 gets even better. Monday won’t come soon enough!

  14. Great Night In Castle Land: :) :) :) :) :)

    Last night I saw one of the most erotic things that I have been party to observing in quite sometime, the human touch of sensuality – something that I think many of us have for gotten with our technology and texting – just being present in the space of another that we care for…. wow!

    Marlowe & Crew – pulled off a great scene with two marvelous actors. Kate look like she would melt, and maybe she did, a little from the look on her face. Great scene and a wonderful season starter… Alexis is at college with a little freshman blues – it was touching how she and Castle connected, one more time as daddy’s little girl, who now stands at the precipice to adulthood. Many memorable moments in 5×3, even with gates the iron lady, who liquefied over a Gemini doll. Castle would be wise to replace them both the one he broke and the one she had search for!

    Next Stop: Castle Land

  15. Probable Cause – Rocked!

    I think it gave us the clearest view we as viewers have had into Kate’s real emotional space – and how she really feels about Castle. When Javier stated, the obvious…. when he said, “I love him too,” to Kate -that statement from Javier spoke volumes. My wife said, “that Kate in her distress would turn to – Lanie (she did).” In defending Castle – we saw Kate come near to the those “three little words to Castle.” Not quite! I thought the jewelry piece about her birthday coming up was cute and warm hearted. Does this mean that Kate has really settled into the relationship?

    The piece I enjoyed was the challenged at the end of the episode – we know 3XK will be back, the question becomes will Castle get 3XK in a show down of some kind? We already know that Marlowe could make this a cliff hanger, of cliff hungers. Who will be – 3XK’s next pawn (Kate, Alexis, or Martha)? This could get interesting maybe Castle’s daughter? Then again, we do have the dear senator still waiting in the wings (both 3XK and the Senator are great villains). We also know that Castle’s father will appear this season, when and where we have no idea.

    Why I think fans keep searching out the engagement piece: I think fans keep searching out the engagement piece between Kate and Castle, because they’re curious about what Kate’s reaction would be… to such an early proposal. I also think people are tired of shows where people are just sleeping around too, which might be adding fuel to wanting them to at least have that commitment. It will be interesting to see what the writers do around episode 19 or 20, one of these will be the “100th episode (maybe a special 2-hour episode)?”


  16. It’s “Cascett” ;)

    • Some folks see them as Caskett, some as Kate and Castle. What matters is that we are all great fans of the show.

  17. I really think that this is the most intelegent plot in the Tvseries history, they mix suspense, romance, friendship and a lot of laughs, but if they insiste in keeping away from each other, it would feel really unnatural, its impossible this situation, they cannot hide the feeling that have for each other hiden, besides with the twist of the beginning of their relation, there is a million of new possibilities for the plot… so, i cant wait to the new seris start.

  18. best series i ever seen honestly, theres a few good ones out there but none have made me so interested in whats next. some series last a little bit, but hopefully castle last awhile. great series,just hate waiting so long for another episode. lol. keep up the good work………..

  19. bout time Beckett and castle hooked up too lol… but for real over a month for episode 10, come on already were dying for more, at least i am… anticipating episode 10…

  20. I realy love Castle. Castle and Beckett are together now, FINALLY!!! In the last episode of Castle (fouth season) I said: No,it cannot be over ’cause they KISSED.
    I realy didn’t see that coming. I wanted to watch the fifth season so badly… But I’ve waited and last friday in the second episode they were kissing each other so passionately! I can´t belive that in the end she didn´t kiss him. She couldn’t kiss him ’cause she didn’t stop seeing the bikini woman stuffing her boobs on his face – LOL. I think that Castle and Beckett will continue dating secretly but someday somebody will find out!
    Continue to be great Csstle’s fans and

  21. constantly i used to read smaller content that as well clear their motive, and that is also happening with this piece of writing
    which I am reading at this time.

  22. So they are together rick and kate. Really you would not know it. Season five epsopde 1 was fun and expected more form that point forward. Two has some promise for 30 seconds the went flat. So what have we got. Nothing by 15 to 30 second fluff stuff.
    Murder he wrote was rushed right at the end. What the problem with the writers???.
    No real relationship background comments or discussion on where we (rick and kate are going) or any quality bedroom time. What up with the writers you have it ready to explode on the screen but no you drift on to a phone call or murder. It it keeps going like this ratings will drop and castle will be killed off by ABC.
    Get with the fans and give some sugar lots more now.

  23. Love the characters, love the show, love the stories, love the actors!! Good work. Please keep me posted

    • Last two were classics. Nice to see the supporting cast in the limelight and the birthday surprise, so many obvious clues. Wonder why the critics don’t catch on. This may be the most critically under rated show on TV

  24. love all the cast of Castle What a Fabulous
    Show it’s the best Thankyou x

  25. I hope they get married, great move putting them together, I love it. Now we can see them fight the challenge of marriage. Don’t disappoint. This keeps you entertained. I don’t watch a lot of television, however, I make it my duty to watch castle. Love it. Cannot wait to see the wedding. Maybe they should elope.

  26. When is season 5 coming to India? Can’t wait

  27. Castle is an important jewel in the ABC line. It continuing to gain viewers, and has one of the best writing teams along with some of the finest actors in the business

    The question is will ABC let it run its 10 seasons or more, we fans are’nt going any whr

  28. Do you think Castle and Beck get engaged?