‘Castle’ Season 5 Details Revealed – Relationships, Assassins & More

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Castle Season 4 Premiere Review Castle Season 5 Details Revealed   Relationships, Assassins & More

For fans of Castle, the season 4 finale saw the long-awaited (and highly-anticipated) coupling of Rick Castle (Nathan Fillion) and Kate Beckett (Stana Katic). But what exactly is going to happen next year? And should fans be worried about their favorite series taking on television’s dreaded relationship challenge?

Speaking with TV Guide and E! Online, series creator Andrew W. Marlowe discusses the difficulty of bringing two main characters together; the hit Castle took in order for that relationship to occur; how they’re going to make sure that Castle and Beckett’s relationship doesn’t become another television cliché; how long we’ll have to wait to see Cole Maddox (Tahmoh Penikett) again, and so much more.

Touching upon Castle and Beckett’s relationship, Marlowe admits that there really wasn’t any other option but to bring them together:

If we kept them apart any longer, say another season — after what Castle had put on the table at the end of last season — in my mind, that would have been the death of the series. Then, we would have just been being artificial. They would have become brother and sister, and then we’re just ignoring everything that had happened. There comes a point where you have to confront it.

And for those fans who worry that it could all be a dream – or that what you “thought happened” didn’t actually happen – Marlow puts all questions to rest:

I think that when that scene ends, everybody is clear on what’s about to happen. We don’t need to see it, but we know it’s going to happen.

castle season 4 finale priest Castle Season 5 Details Revealed   Relationships, Assassins & More

Of course, dealing with the coupling of main characters is never easy in television. Character couplings can often be cited as the point in which a series takes a turn for the worse, never to recover. Fortunately, Marlow not only has a plan, but also a frame of reference for the long-awaited Beckett and Castle coupling:

Relationships are tough, especially when the two people are fundamentally different people, but I think it’s going to be fun tough – like when Sam and Diane got together on Cheers.

Figuring out their rhythms with one another is going to be fun for the audience to watch. In no way do we think this is going to end the fun and the tension between Castle and Beckett because the question is now going to become: Where does this relationship go and how does it affect their ability to work together?

We do put the relationship under threat right away with Maddox’s threat at the end of the episode. I have a good ballpark sense of where we’re going. And I’m not going to advertise it too much because that’s the fun of the ride. You don’t want to show everybody exactly what the rises and falls of the roller coaster are when they get on it. You want them to be surprised at the twists and turns. Sleeping together is a great hallmark, but to get to the promised land of a happy ending, there’s a long way for these guys to go.

Speaking of Maddox:  it appears that we won’t have to wait long for a resolution to that storyline, in order for Beckett to move on and focus on more important things:

I don’t want to go into in too much detail because we still have some moving pieces on the board on that one, and I’m not going to commit myself to anything one way or another. But it is something we plan to pick up on when we get back, but it’s not somewhere we’re looking for the series to dwell. We’re looking to get Beckett beyond some of that stuff to the point where she can rediscover who she is and [she and Castle] can deal with this decision they have made.

castle season 4 finale beckett ryan1 Castle Season 5 Details Revealed   Relationships, Assassins & More

Looking back at Castle season 4, Marlow wasn’t exactly thrilled with what was required from the series in order to finally bring the two characters together. Thankfully, now that it has occurred, the series can return to normal in season 5.

We had a lot of fun this season, but Castle and Beckett were each keeping secrets from one another and weren’t dealing with each other completely honestly. I think some of the angst of this season — we paid for some of that with some element of fun. That by no means is me saying the fun left the show, but we had to spend a little bit of that capital in a different place.

Getting to the other side of this allows us to bring … [back] the back-and-forth between them and the physical comedy. It allows us to recommit to the fundamental values of what the show is.

While Castle and Beckett’s relationship may have finally flourished in the season 4 finale, many of the other character relationships have taken a hit. Moving into season 5, everyone is going to have a make a decision regarding their future. But what does that mean for everyone’s favorite team of detectives?

…we felt it was time to challenge some of the other relationships so we’d have somewhere to go with the storytelling. Ryan has to make a choice that ends up with Esposito feeling like he’s been betrayed. The two of them are definitely on the outs.
Beckett and Esposito (Jon Huertas) have crossed a line. So, what does that mean for them as cops? Gates (Penny Johnson Jerald) ends up being much more of a significant obstacle in the first couple of episodes next season.

With Castle heading into its fifth year on the air, it certainly appears that Marlowe has not only given a lot of thought to Castle and Beckett’s coupling, but he has also given a lot of thought to what happens following their coupling.

While a clandestine “pairing” at the end of the Castle season 4 finale is certainly enough to have fan anticipation at an all-time high, it won’t be until the first few episodes of Castle season 5 that we see the true test of whether or not Castle and Beckett’s (CasBeck?) coupling is being handled correctly.

And in case you haven’t had enough of the scene that started it all:

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Expect to hear news of Castle’s season 5 renewal next week.

Castle season 5 will premiere in September 2012 on ABC

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Source: TV Guide; E! Online

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  1. if anyone is bored cuz castle isnt on then watch all the episodes from the beginning.lol.thats what i do.

    • I’m doing the same thing. I’ve even added a little twist. I’m watching them all over with someone who’s never seen them before.

    • Done … still bored

  2. Seriously? CasBeck? What is wrong with you?! :P I’ve been calling them Caskett since the first hints of their love. <3

    • In other words, since the very first episode :)

      • Revisiting Seasons 1 thru 3 this summer, picked up on some interesting solitaries in these seasons. We all know Kate has taken Castle for granted, but have we really paid attention to the degree of her madness? I know their a couple now, but is Kate really done with going rogue, or is Castle just and emotional hiatus? Next is it just emotional sex – related to almost dying (again) or is she ready for a committed relationship, “I just want you,” comes with some interesting psychological under tones. Don’t get me wrong, I am a big fan of their relationship, I am just wondering if Kate, has turned as much of a corner as we think she has. Nevertheless, it will be fun watching who finds out, and whose outside of the loop (Captain Gates of course – that’s a given). It will also be interesting to hear what secrets they do share about themselves as individuals, now that they are a couple; there is no doubt that it will be funny, sexy, dangerous, and interesting to watch Castle and Kate navigate who they are to be in a relationship of permanence, while solving mysteries, including their own.

        Signed: See You, In Castle Land

        • You intrigue me Castanati :)

          Castle Land… I can’t wait.

    • Yeah I know it’s always been Caskett to me idk what made him say CasBeck haha

    • I wonder….what would happen to Beckett if she can’t go back to work? I mean that’s what the show is mostly about, Castle and Beckett solving crimes together. Emphasis on the word CRIMES. And if she gets back on the team, what will happen between her and castle? Anyways….please answer or maybe reply please I’m dying to know what you guys think :)

      • i only hope that the diractor will not stop castle series on seasson 5 and dame bro its all the fun castle is a total idiot and she need to get life as castle said ying and yang the girl actually go to her friand lenni to get a date the girl work with corps XD :D

      • http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1219024/episodes?season=5 so that means she back to work… :)

  3. Will true love conquer all? Will Kate and her prince Castle find happiness at the 12th and outside of the 12th? There’s no question that the answer will be “yes,” watching them get there – will be loads of fun and frustrating!

    Kate has a lot more Nikki Heat in her then Castle may have thought, the hands on, hands off moments are going to be very interesting, if not down right provocative at times _ so, get your ice water ready! What will the more inclusive Kate be like, for herself and for Castle? Will Castle’s character now become more man up (manly)? Will Gates open up beyond the story of her family of police officers, and what does she really think of Castle, and why? Will Kate move in this season with Castle or Kate just spend most of her time at Castle’s? Will there be an engagement surprise, or hint at one – as a forth coming event for the audiences, say around Valentine’s Day. Will Kate finally let Castle drive?!! What will be their first social event as a couple – will they land in the 12th decked out at the same time? What will be the first blended family event for them as a couple? How will Alexis react when she finally figures out – in between chemistry and physics classes, that Kate and her dad are a real item?

    Will Kate meet Alexis’s new boyfriend before dad, and if so how will Castle react; he has been pretty selfish with his sharing of Alexis – remember Alexis has always sought Kate out, for advise. Martha has been in Kate’s corner from the beginning, and her “fairy god-mother” on one occasion, but she may tell Kate, “That her son is a good man, and that if she’s not serious to let him go!” Lots and lots of interesting events will happen this season, including maybe who Mr. X is, as Castle solves the mysteries behind Kate’s mom’s – Johanna’s filing system – revealing Mr. X, and the introduction of the relationship between Mr. Smith and Castle’s dad, I think is more of possibility then we all may realize!!!!

    Lots of questions…. 12.5 weeks and counting, come on Season 5!

  4. Now, that Kate and Castle by our summation are officially a couple, what’s really next? Considering that Marlowe has done a brilliant job, along with his team to channel several of the film greats – well into the central characters of Kate and Castle, this a film for tv – it can hardly be compared to Bones, and/ or Grays Anatomy; it’s in a class by it’s self and ABC would be wise to pay attention to that fact. It’s pass time for us to return to quality tv, and insightful roles, with fantastic writers – ABC should count it’s “lucky stars” that it has landed, such a wonderful film show!!!!

    Wet Paint asked: The question about the number of series episodes (seasons) for Castle? If Stana doesn’t jump ship; I will give the show 10 “great and memorable” seasons without question and 15 if everyone stays the course!

    As for Season 5, there I think will be lots of romance, humor, mystery. In addition, what will Kate do in the immediate future outside of the 12th? What will the morning after conversation say, about the level of emotional commitment – Kate’s weak spot in the past. Will she or won’t she greet Castle the morning after with an “I love you” -Castle? Who will find out first, about their relationship? We know that the investigation of her mother’s death will take center stage – again, becoming the the hurricane in both their lives – by mid season, as Castle figures outs Kate’s mother’s system, and who the real players are and Mr. X. The moments between them as they both step back into the 12th will be interesting as well… since Castle now becomes a real partner for Kate, in and out of the 12th. Lastly, Castle’s role will have to become more committed as part of the team, does this mean that Castle will train to become a real “police consultant,” (Nathan’s body could use the workout!!!!) especially with Gates as captain, if he plans to stay close to Kate… Remember, the mayor’s term will be coming to a close soon, so Castle has to change his tactic, if he is going to continue to watch Kate’s back!

  5. I notice something as my wife and I, go back through old episodes of Castle season’s 1 thru 4 (clips): Kate’s rank as a Detective changed. According to New York rankings, Kate was a grade 2-Detective three numbers on badge, and now she’s a Detective 3rd grade, 4 numbers on her badge, the first number is suppose to represent the grade (making it 5 total)… will Kate move up on her return to the 12th? I think Gates has her eye on Kate to make her, her Lieutenant, therefore she – being Gates sees Castle as a detraction. Everyone seems to think that kate will stay a Detective, but I think for the personal growth of her character she has to move up, or into another capacity.

    As for her relationship with Castle, I am an old movie buff fan like my wife, and I get the reversal of roles – say… Kate is Tracy, and Castle is Hepburn, but would you please man up Castle he’s more like a twinkly (Definition for: weak kneed male) then a metro sexual male.

  6. The Moonlighting Curse. I was reading a forum about the idea that it’s because a show’s lead stars get together, thereby losing it’s sexual tension, is the very moment a show’s popularity declines. Back in the 80′s there was this fun and quirky show called Moonlighting. It was before me, but apparently it was very popular, or at least up until the moment the lead characters got together, then it all jumped the shark. After this, there’s been great concern in bringing the main leads together for fear the show’s quality and of course the ratings, will suffer a substantial hit. This is known as the Moonlighting Curse.

    I wonder if it’s possible for Castle to avoid the curse. I mean, some of the big names in dramedy romance didn’t fare too well with their leads. Bones: It was a long wait before they get together (5 seasons), and when they do, we find out that it happened off screen and results with her pregnancy. Next season they’re suddenly together and I’m at a loss as to how little things between them has actually changed.
    Roswell: I’m sure anyone who’s seen this show can attest to the phenomenal chemistry between the leads, but the Moonlighting Curse strikes again. The leads get together and another girl gets in the way to keep them apart (to build tension, I guess), and if that wasn’t bad enough, the girl who gets in the way gets preggo with the guys baby. If this show had better writers, it could have gone much further, but they do eventually get together, like two episodes before it ends.
    Friends: Ross and Rachel get together, break up in one season, followed by off and on, off and on again, break it off, wait 5 seasons, and get back together in the last episode. Even the baby couldn’t keep these two together when she had her, but suddenly at the end, Ross sees the light? Oh well.
    X-Files: Whatever they have here is all off screen. I think they kiss once… in the movie. This union just seems neutral to me, like they only bring Mulder and Scully together just to bring them together. There was also a baby here that Mulder couldn’t be around for.
    House M.D.: House has liked Cuddy since his college years. There’s plenty of build and when they finally get together, they last no more than two seasons, though I’m inclined to say only one. Although House did try his hardest Cuddy ultimately decided he’s not the best thing for her, or her adopted baby’s life. I’m sure there are more shows, but you get what I mean. I should mention that I do like or love these shows.

    I have faith in Marlowe and Co. and their ability to tell a story, and I know it looks bleak, but is it too naive to think Castle will be the exception to this curse? Are there other shows that do it right? I’m literally asking here, because I can’t think of one show that I like more than Castle, that’s done or is doing it right.

    • Answered Abby’s Question:

      One the lead actors on the show you mentioned hated each other, and there were major cast conflicts as well, as quiet as it has been kept the same is true with Bones; not so with Castle – these actors and writers are really more like a “good family,” (2.) they didn’t have the writing team that Marlowe has so carefully put together, and (3.) they did have actors of the caliber of Castle, very few shows have mastered putting together such a well crafted group of actors. There have been many TV shows where the characters have married and added even more drama to the show – Abby: have faith and don’t believe everything you read. There are sources who would like to see the show fail, I am not one of them. The quality of “Castle” cannot be matched, in less you go to a PBS series. I look forward to all the tension and fun to come. I was old enough for “Moonlighting and Dallas,” and several others, before them. The one’s who have what Castle has – brought glamour, intelligence, heart, passion, intrigue, and major drama to TV, were around for years because of their quality; not gimmicks, and/ or poor scripting like much of what I won’t watch on TV.

    • The Moonlighting Curse has been mentioned in conjunction very often when talking about the Caskett relationship- by fans and even Andrew Marlowe and Nathan Fillion themselves. Nathan has a reputation for being the “Debbie Downer” of the Castle world. Prior to the Season 4 finale, he always said that he fully believed in the Curse, and he didn’t want it to happen to Castle. He has since changed his tune a bit after the finale, though he isn’t a whole lot more optimistic about the Caskett relationship. (Look up some of his recent interviews to see what I mean).

      Andrew Marlowe, on the other hand, has always dismissed the Moonlighting Curse as just a myth. He has a good point, and there are several factors that people overlook when mentioning the Curse. It’s true that Moonlighting lost it’s charm and spark after the leads hooked up, but the reason the show failed was not just the fact that the leads got together. A writer’s strike occurred right after this happened, the show was moved around to a different timeslot, and the show was notorious for missing production deadlines, meaning that there were several 2+ week long gaps with no new episodes. There was also a lot of friction between both producers and actors on the show.

      Castle has none of these issues, so there is no reason o suppose that it will fall victim to the Moonlighting Curse. Marlowe is also very aware of the critical problems the Moonlighting suffered from, and how to avoid them with Castle, and after the S4 finale, I think we can trust him!

      • I have seen Nathan’s recent change of heart. He must’ve read something good or talked about Castle’s future with the writers and realized, “hey, these guys know what they’re doing.” If Marlowe and co. can convince Nathan there is no such thing as a curse, than I refuse to believe it too. As long as they keep up the hard work, I won’t ever leave them.

        Castle Land… Can’t Wait.

  7. Well…

    Moving beyond the next morning with Castle and Beckett, through to who will really be the first to find out about their relationship. I went back and looked at all the psychological tension with Beckett over her mother’s death, and the PTSD therapy scenes, as she shares, – “It drove, me, defined me, made me who I am… but now I want more.” That more is Castle, and I think Castle will go with Kate to her mother’s grave… I think there’s a deep story line here – that will convey her love for Castle, along with the possibility of an “I love you – Castle.” Words that most of us have been waiting for Kate to return emotionally. I maybe wrong, but I really think this is a strong possibility, passed all of our hypothesizing. If it does play out like this, it is because they – Marlowe and crew – realize that this could quickly become “the search for the one armed man!” It needs to be resolved [the piece over who killed Kate's mother?] – so, new challenges, struggles, heartaches, disappointments, and risk can emerge – beyond their relationship .

    I don’t believe in curses or that romance a marriage and child are death nails for great TV shows. When they historically have proven to do the opposite; but then I … haven’t grown up looking for the quick fix, instead I embrace complexities, romance, the mess that love creates, the intrigue of a great mystery, and the “happy ending” or “tearful ending” when it’s time for it; not when TV executive’s put out stuff, to create viewer panic – pushing the conclusion of great shows, before their time.

    I am grateful for the episode(s) on PTSD… THANK YOU, SO MUCH – MARLOWE, Javi and Stana

    Signed: Cinematic/ Music Historian

    • There was a thought that popped into my head when I rewatched “Always.” Why did they- Marlowe and co.- show Beckett sitting on a swing in the rain. I don’t have a problem with the rain or her emotional state, just the swing. And it’s not really a problem to see, it’s more like a curious scratch of your head, like when you tilt your head to the side and sort of wonder to yourself. She could have been walking the gritty streets of the city, or kneeled in front of her mother’s grave. I think the grave or the dirty streets might’ve said more or maybe have more meaning for Beckett. Why swings? The only other time we saw her on the swings was when she was talking with Castle on “Rise.” I mean to have the presence of mind to look for swings to sit on after just resigning your badge and almost losng your life in the span of a few hours seems a little tough to swallow, BUT, it didn’t take anything away when I saw it. I still loved the shot and the episode.

      Castle Land… Waiting is Torture.

      • Rain represents cleansing, renewal, change (transformation)… What better place then the place where she and Castle reconnected, after the shooting. This is a place of meaning… for what she has said, she’s wanted more – then what she has been.

  8. I think she went to the swings because it was the first place that she told Castle that she was close to being ready for that kinda relationship. It made nice symmetry for me. It think that its where it finally sunk in what/who she wanted cause she looked at the swing he was it. I’d even bet it was the same set that they were sitting in for Rise.

    Waiting is Torture, but was great torture it is for an awsome show!

    • I agree! Great call!

  9. I am a true crazy Caskett fan and the one thing thats truely worrying isnow that Castle and Beckett are together are they going to stay together. to think of them breaking up actually is quite frightening. We have waited all this time for them to get together it would be truely devestating if the relationship doesnt last. as much I love Casrle i am actually quite fearful of season 5. Like all Caskett shippers the last thing I want to see is the two of them split up and has this awkward tension that ends up being boring. I hope that people are right and theur relationship will last.

  10. when will season 5 start on star world india??????????????????

  11. when will season 5 start on star world INDIA???????????????

  12. Cas-kett. Get it straight! ;D


  14. I just finished rewatching all four seasons of Castle with someone whose never seen it before(my mom), and she is hooked. She’s also angry with me because now she has to wait almost two months for the season premiere with absolutely no regard to how long I’ve already waited.

    I read they’re casting a villian in the next season. Jack Coleman, previously from Heroes.

    • Hi, Abby…

      That is correct, along with them revealing the person who ordered Kate’s mom’s murder.

      • Hey Castanati,

        You know what would be terrible for Beckett? If she figured out who ordered her mom’s murder, but she can’t legally go after them because he’s a political figure – which has been mentioned as new characters in the upcoming season – and there is not sufficient evidence to bring him up on charges. There is suspicious evidence on paper but no witnesses to corroberate because they’re all dead. So now, Beckett knows who the man behind her mother’s death is but she can’t do anything within the scope of the law about it. That would really suck.

        Of course it wouldn’t end there. If they come at him head on and fail, they’ll just come at him sideways. We all know Beckett doesn’t quit.

  15. Season 5 Opening Scene:
    Beckett and Castle… there is no doubt with those sexy long legs – Kate will appear in Castle shirt! The question is will it be in the bedroom or the kitchen, with Castle making breakfast and coffee for his lady love? There I think will be a conversation about what’s next for Kate… but I believe that we fans will get invited into their romantic space… and we may all need as my wife says, a large glass of ice water!

    Castle Season 5

    • I can’t wait for that morning scene: Beckett, content to only wear one of Castle’s shirts, Castle, happily making her pancakes for breakfast, and the morning kiss they greet eachother with. My DVR is going to get such a work out replaying that moment over and over. I’m affraid this whole episode is going to feel like substance abuse, and I’m no junky… even if it does feel like im going through Castle withdrawals.

      I don’t know if the ice water will be enough.

      Castle Land, I can’t wait.

      • Hi, Abby,

        How many promo’s have you seen so far for the new season of Castle? I have only seen 3 in my local to date. Has ABC lost its mind? Why aren’t they promoting the new season of Castle, with the rest of their shows?

        One of the best shows on TV and ABC id laying down on the new season promo’s of the show!

        Castle Land

        • Hey, Castanati.

          I’m sure you know this whole thing started because ABC had a deal with Nathan. He can pick a script he likes and they’ll roll with it. But even with Nathan on board, Castle was still only a midseason replacement for some beauty show by Tyra Banks and Ashton Kutcher. Castle didn’t have a lot of faith from its studio to begin with. If it did, I feel Castle would’ve gotten a full season. Now, a midseason replacement show(like Castle) could be the solution to testing the merits of a show in the nielsen pool, but I’m more inclined to think Castle just served a specific purpose for the studio. Cop show ratings.

          Currently, Castle is ABC’s most successful procedural show to date. Without it, I’m sure they’d take a substantial hit in the ratings. You’d think that would be enough to promote the hell out of Castle but I haven’t been able to find out why they don’t promote more. Maybe it’s still not close enough to the premiere date to see the real promos. Maybe Marlowe likes to advertise by word of mouth so he can keep more of his budget. Maybe they haven’t filmed enough of the season to make better promos yet. Or maybe the studio just doesn’t promote much when the show has reached maturity, with a growing fanbase. After all, I haven’t really seen Modern Family promos eaither and that’s their best comedy.

          I’ve only seen two short promos online. Soo short.

          Castle Land, I’m jonesing for it.

  16. IMDB says the second episode, “Secret’s Safe With Me,” airs Oct. 1st, which means the first episode of season 5, “After The Storm,” premieres Sept. 24. I really hope IMDB got it wrong – which has happened before – because that means it’ll practically be October until we get Castle back. Waiting sucks.

    • Hey… Abby,

      It is my understanding that 09/24/2012 is the start of Season 5! Breathe! I can’t wait either.

      See you in Castle Land

    • Hi, Abby (and Other Friends),

      Let’s face it – it has been a long wait! Nor does it help that ABC seems to be promoting all of it shows accept the start up of Castle; I’ve seen 2 promo’s in the last week – that’s it! Come on ABC – what’s your problem? Castle is a high quality show, with a brillant cast, and fantastic writers, and it has a gained a growing viewer ship internationally… so why won’t you get on board with your own show!!!??

      Now, back to Castle… I was wondering about the space too between episodes also, but considering that the show is treated like a step-child by ABC, I would not be surprised if the dates you’ve mentioned Abby – are infact correct.

      Take heart and I will see you in Castle land.

  17. Castle is a great programme that can be watched over and over, and you can still see something new every time. Just watch a different character in each scene.
    However, does anyone know how many episodes there will be in Season 5?

    • i am intrested about it to i hope alot i got into a website that show many movies and tv shoes and i saw there only 2 episodes its cant be only 2 right?

  18. Season 5, 6, 7. Heavens. I hope it continues forever. It’s the only thing on TV worth giving up Monday night football for. The key to the show, regardless where the plot line goes is a combination of intelligent writing and plots, creativity and a top notch cast that, to quote another Castlemaniac, “immediately makes you a part of their family.” Plus it is the only detective show since Murder She Wrote with a light and gentle touch.

    • me and you in the same mind bro dame i start to see from episode 16 seasson 2 and i juast said i gotta see it from the bigeanining 1 weakago i started the episode 1 and daaaame i cant stop i just rewatch it avry freaking minut!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and if alexis weill be the only 1 will know for this relation ship between tham i gonna cry from luaghe

  19. I don’t understand how you can manage to spell the showrunner’s name wrong THAT MANY TIMES. Especially when you got it right the first time.

  20. omg i hope this wont be the last seasson i was starting to see this sieris 1 weak ago and i couldent stop i was conected so dame much from the actors and actresses who made this idea i hope i wont stop this brriliant sieris ”castle”at seasson 5 :D

  21. pleas some 1 answer me i reallllllllllly under presure from many this first how many episodes and seassons will be (for the record i hope more than 13 seassons) secound:will the relation ship will surviv and freaking thired : whos the mother f***** who blacking mail mith in last episode!!!!! 4:whos the killer dame so many quastions

  22. Why is this the longest summer ever? Start already!

  23. ikr i want to know this seasson5 already!

  24. I am a huge fan of the Castle serie. I am from South Africa and they are currently only viewing Season 4 but I am enjoying every minute. The people are stunning, the storyline is totally believable and the humor is unbeatable.
    Thank you very much for bringing Kate and Castle together (I saw the clips on the internet) I think it was perfect just the way it was.
    Personally I think the writers will do another great job in season 5.
    Only wish I have is that I can see it as soon as you guys do in America.

  25. why are they torturing us like this i mean he’s already shot the episode why not show it to us anyway or maybe just a few sneak peaks what has he got to lose wow he is so lame you’re lame what stop doing this you are such a bomb you are lame lame lame lame lame why are we whispering like this get out of my place go get a chair stop pushing me you are really hurting my feelings go aww ehh ahhh aoxw garrr awch ieew blinking her eyes i dare you to send it

  26. some 1 can tell me a feaking good thing about next seasson like is it the last seasson(hope not) and fk it alexis will be the only 11 to know?

  27. 1th, 2th, 3th and 4th seasons was wonderful! We wait for 5th!
    Sincerly we hope the story of Kate’s mum will be solved in a few episode, two or three, in the beginnig of 5th!
    It seems to became a “Lost” or “Alias” plot style that, at the end, producing a disappointing final for the story;
    please don’t lug the story too much!

    … sorry for my English

  28. 30 days, 22 hours, and counting. I’m torturing myself.

  29. SEASON 5: Here Are Some Thoughts ….

    I think we are all in withdrawal mode waiting for Season 5 to begin! I look forward to the growth in the characters – all of them including, Alexis, and Martha – especially Martha doing the mothering thing with Kate. Castle taming his celebrity author ways (no more signing of breast and chest for Castle), and Kate’ emotional growth in and out of the relationship with Castle. Someone on “Youtube” did a brilliant piece called “Ultimatum.” Brilliant because it takes us to possibly the 7th season of Castle and Kate and Ricky’s first anniversary – when Kate is kidnapped. The editing is some of the best that I have seen and it presents a clear and affective story-line that Marlowe should check out. Castle has 12 hours in which to find Kate before she dies! The minute and something of the clip, had me glued from the start to the end.

    I think we’ll see a lot of growth as I mentioned earlier in the characters, but also experience Kate and Castle’s just being who they are as humans with all their own personal stuff, including secrets. There will even be challenges between Kate and Alexis, after all – Alexis… has been the leading lady in her Dad’s life, and she’s about to realize that there is another leading lady for her Dad’s heart. This will be a point of “salt and vinegar,” for a while between Alexis and Kate (if Marlowe plays out this idea); but it will end well – especially if they go with Alexis getting involved with one of her professor’s, she’ll seek Kate out for advice, when she realizes that she may be in over her head. Castle’s Dad [the CIA agent] is another piece that adds to the formulation of who Castle is and how meeting his father will affect him and his relationship with Kate, and his mother Martha. There is still the piece of Kate’s ability to be completely emotionally invested in Castle; I would like to see this piece come complex for a while with Josh’ coming back briefly wanting to marry Kate and how she makes her real choice. I would like to see more conversation with the Psychiatrist as she figures it out. There needs to be a sound emotional investment this season with regard to all of the characters, but especially Kate and Castle, along with the fun, humor, passion, and bedroom games. I am hoping Kate tells, “Castle that she love’s him;” along with them continuing to get on each others nerves from time to time!

    After 4 seasons, it’s getting to that point/ or crossroad where Castle needs to take one for the team – to push Kate towards a complete state of emotional investment in Castle. Either way I am excited about the new season and counting the days, 4 down and 20 to go, too Season 5.