‘Castle’ Season 5 Details Revealed – Relationships, Assassins & More

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Castle Season 4 Premiere Review Castle Season 5 Details Revealed   Relationships, Assassins & More

For fans of Castle, the season 4 finale saw the long-awaited (and highly-anticipated) coupling of Rick Castle (Nathan Fillion) and Kate Beckett (Stana Katic). But what exactly is going to happen next year? And should fans be worried about their favorite series taking on television’s dreaded relationship challenge?

Speaking with TV Guide and E! Online, series creator Andrew W. Marlowe discusses the difficulty of bringing two main characters together; the hit Castle took in order for that relationship to occur; how they’re going to make sure that Castle and Beckett’s relationship doesn’t become another television cliché; how long we’ll have to wait to see Cole Maddox (Tahmoh Penikett) again, and so much more.

Touching upon Castle and Beckett’s relationship, Marlowe admits that there really wasn’t any other option but to bring them together:

If we kept them apart any longer, say another season — after what Castle had put on the table at the end of last season — in my mind, that would have been the death of the series. Then, we would have just been being artificial. They would have become brother and sister, and then we’re just ignoring everything that had happened. There comes a point where you have to confront it.

And for those fans who worry that it could all be a dream – or that what you “thought happened” didn’t actually happen – Marlow puts all questions to rest:

I think that when that scene ends, everybody is clear on what’s about to happen. We don’t need to see it, but we know it’s going to happen.

castle season 4 finale priest Castle Season 5 Details Revealed   Relationships, Assassins & More

Of course, dealing with the coupling of main characters is never easy in television. Character couplings can often be cited as the point in which a series takes a turn for the worse, never to recover. Fortunately, Marlow not only has a plan, but also a frame of reference for the long-awaited Beckett and Castle coupling:

Relationships are tough, especially when the two people are fundamentally different people, but I think it’s going to be fun tough – like when Sam and Diane got together on Cheers.

Figuring out their rhythms with one another is going to be fun for the audience to watch. In no way do we think this is going to end the fun and the tension between Castle and Beckett because the question is now going to become: Where does this relationship go and how does it affect their ability to work together?

We do put the relationship under threat right away with Maddox’s threat at the end of the episode. I have a good ballpark sense of where we’re going. And I’m not going to advertise it too much because that’s the fun of the ride. You don’t want to show everybody exactly what the rises and falls of the roller coaster are when they get on it. You want them to be surprised at the twists and turns. Sleeping together is a great hallmark, but to get to the promised land of a happy ending, there’s a long way for these guys to go.

Speaking of Maddox:  it appears that we won’t have to wait long for a resolution to that storyline, in order for Beckett to move on and focus on more important things:

I don’t want to go into in too much detail because we still have some moving pieces on the board on that one, and I’m not going to commit myself to anything one way or another. But it is something we plan to pick up on when we get back, but it’s not somewhere we’re looking for the series to dwell. We’re looking to get Beckett beyond some of that stuff to the point where she can rediscover who she is and [she and Castle] can deal with this decision they have made.

castle season 4 finale beckett ryan1 Castle Season 5 Details Revealed   Relationships, Assassins & More

Looking back at Castle season 4, Marlow wasn’t exactly thrilled with what was required from the series in order to finally bring the two characters together. Thankfully, now that it has occurred, the series can return to normal in season 5.

We had a lot of fun this season, but Castle and Beckett were each keeping secrets from one another and weren’t dealing with each other completely honestly. I think some of the angst of this season — we paid for some of that with some element of fun. That by no means is me saying the fun left the show, but we had to spend a little bit of that capital in a different place.

Getting to the other side of this allows us to bring … [back] the back-and-forth between them and the physical comedy. It allows us to recommit to the fundamental values of what the show is.

While Castle and Beckett’s relationship may have finally flourished in the season 4 finale, many of the other character relationships have taken a hit. Moving into season 5, everyone is going to have a make a decision regarding their future. But what does that mean for everyone’s favorite team of detectives?

…we felt it was time to challenge some of the other relationships so we’d have somewhere to go with the storytelling. Ryan has to make a choice that ends up with Esposito feeling like he’s been betrayed. The two of them are definitely on the outs.
Beckett and Esposito (Jon Huertas) have crossed a line. So, what does that mean for them as cops? Gates (Penny Johnson Jerald) ends up being much more of a significant obstacle in the first couple of episodes next season.

With Castle heading into its fifth year on the air, it certainly appears that Marlowe has not only given a lot of thought to Castle and Beckett’s coupling, but he has also given a lot of thought to what happens following their coupling.

While a clandestine “pairing” at the end of the Castle season 4 finale is certainly enough to have fan anticipation at an all-time high, it won’t be until the first few episodes of Castle season 5 that we see the true test of whether or not Castle and Beckett’s (CasBeck?) coupling is being handled correctly.

And in case you haven’t had enough of the scene that started it all:

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Expect to hear news of Castle’s season 5 renewal next week.

Castle season 5 will premiere in September 2012 on ABC

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Source: TV Guide; E! Online

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  1. I’m a spanish addict to Castle, it’s a quite interesting serie. I’m really looking forward to see what happens in season 5. They also have to solve “XXA” case

    • you mean 3XK???

  2. Its not CasBeck, Its Casket ;)

    • Thank you! When I read it I was like ‘WTF! CasBeck doesn’t even sound good.’

    • It’s not Casket, it’s Caskett :)

    • You have right is CasKet,lifelong

  3. I really can’t wait, its going to be strange with castle and becket together….. But I loooove it!!!!! <3

  4. Thanks for the no-warning spoiler, I was just looking for when Season 5 would be aired and if I should slow down on the 4th season so it’d last longer.

  5. CasBeck??! It’s Caskett!! <33 Yeah .. :) <3

  6. love the show! rick and kate proves to be the most entertaining pair of detectives on screen! waiting to see more fun in season 5.

  7. Its not CasBeck it’s Caskett <3

  8. WTF!!! CasBeck?? Caskett !! I’ll realy have to see the season 5!

  9. I’m seeing a little of mcmillian and wife in reverse. Love it!

  10. There’s one thing that really upset me about the season finale, and that had to do with the casting. I loved Tahmoh in BSG and thought Helo to be one of the best characters on that show. When I saw his name in the credits, I was expecting a cop character that helps Beckett and Castle solve a crime. It was really painful to see him as the bad guy. He did it well, though.

  11. Kate has taken Castle for granted, and assumed that Castle would “always” be there no matter what! Even Castle couldn’t take the level of emotional rejection that Kate dished out – taking a knife to Castle’s heart would have been kinder. Even with the smoking hot season end – Kate still needs to find who she is (emotionally and personally), and what loving Castle really means; and that may take almost losing Castle to come into that emotional space. I hope Marlowe will take us there with Season 5, and maybe a hospital bed confession from Kate, about how Castle’s books helped her deal with her mother’s death. A brilliant end to Season 4, come on Season5!!!! I can hardly wait!

    • agree!!!

      • Here’s where I think things will go…

        I have no doubt that Stana’s latest assessment about where Beckett is… is in fact correct, but lets get real about these two characters. Kate is not letting Rick go… it has taken her too long to realize he is the one, for “always.” The problem is the level of commitment that Kate is ready for by Season 5 end – if the writers go there… There will be an engagement just the way Kate imagine it! No, ball parks, no posted bill board signs… but Castle going to Kate’s father, asking for her hand, ordering Chinese food from her favorite restaurant, and asking her by candle light. She wants an intimate experience and Castle (Rick) is ready to give her what she wants; the question becomes will she say “yes” or “I need more time to figure me out – Castle.” Nevertheless, it will happen and the sand dune of her transitioning into her true self will only postpone the “yes” not derail it! I think we can all count on the “I do’s.” This show will run at least to an 8 or 10th Season, it has luminous writers and talented actors to go the distance, and so does Castle and Kate’s love. I look forward to “Season 5, and beyond.”

    • Castanati:

      You bring up a very interesting point, that most fan’s haven’t commented on and that is Kate’s taking Castle for granted! I also agree with you when you stated that something has to really happen with Castle to bring her to that place of being fully committed, to her heart and the relationship with Castle, and all that it means for both of them. Kate role may change with time, we see her as just a detective, I’m sure before the show is done, we’ll see Kate in new roles, maybe even in Gates job!

  12. who wouldn’t b excited 4 castle season 5, i mean HELLLOOOOO, they did it, they have finally graduated from eye-sex and have FINALLY had real sex

  13. i would really love castle and kate’s relationship working in season 5.it was one of the most awaited relationship for most of us..
    they will make a nice couple with though times..

  14. What I hope for finally happened, the real thing, can wait for 5 to begin. Say what you want they are the couple….. But I still want to know who killed Becket’s mother?????


  15. m a huge fan of castle!! and i was waiting for the legendary kiss to happn ryt from the first season;-)
    m so exceited to c wats ganna happn in fifth season! how caskett or casbek are goin to pull it on togethr!!<3

  16. Castle is a group of great talent who work hard on their craft, and I more than appreciate it. While I am nervous about Castle and Beckette finally getting together, I’m also super excited because the show crossed that dangerously line that can make or break them… and it can’t ever go back. It’s daring but, it also feels right. They’re perfect for each other and I can’t wait to see them in action. If past is prologue, I’m expecting Castle to affectionatly embaress Beckette at the most innappropriate times. Season 5 is going to be so fun.

  17. I was reading an earlier comment by someone on this site, about a series of interviews with Stana and Nathan, and the person seemed upset. We need to remember that these are actors on screen and human beings off screen, with spots, warts, and imperfections. Stana is only 34 years old, Nathan is 40 – 41, they are in completely different places in their life cycles. Stana is working hard and having fun, while dating some of the worst guys in hollywood. Nathan is mature an laid back. Stana is bright, highly intelligent, and a gifted actor, who has a big heart, I only hope that she doesn’t let some jerk do a number on her before, she truly comes into her own.

    We all need to remember that they – like us… are only human.

    Signed: Grown-Up Castle Fan

  18. I wonder what will happen to Beckett’s carreer as a cop after giving up her batch at the end of season 4. I am soo excited for the S5 premieres and the wait is killing me

  19. I just read someone’s list of 46 things that will happen during season 5! They seem to agree with another writer to this site, that they will get engage before or by seasons end, but with lots of other drama around them – as part of the path to the engagement; including Castle being seriously wounded, and that causes Beckett to realize how much she loves Castle, for always!

    • It seems a little fast to me that they would be engaged so quickly, even if Marlowe did say he was going for a lighter tone this season. I think the natural progression here is, admit they’re head over heels for each other(check). Go public(which can have large ramifications since it’s Castle she’s with). Keep the relationship pretty steady-ish, then move in together. I’d be kind of funny if Beckett’s place blows up again, or better yet, blow up Castle’s place and have him stay with her. I wouldn’t want him to lose all his cool stuff but it’s the people he loves that matter most to him. THEN, I can expect an engagement because there is a baby on board(or something). Now, that’s got to be at least 3 seasons.

      • Hi, Abby:

        Engagement Response: I don’t think it will be an over-night event! Kate for one has not fully invested into Castle yet… remember “no” I love you; even though we know she does love him. I do believe that Marlowe needs to shift the tension to Beckett almost losing Castle, to get her to be fully invested in their relationship. I think they will get engaged, and Castle’s not going to give her a chance to back out, but then something could happen to him before he gets to ask her or give her a ring… What is coming this season and part of the next would certainly set up such an event in an episode or two. Marlowe indicated that he is going to keep things relatively light for a bit, the honeymoon phase of them being a couple, but there’s real danger coming both their ways!

        • DustyRL,

          Agreed. It did take Beckett getting shot so that Castle can tell her how he really feels. Beckett might need a similiar incentive to reciprocate. From there, I do hope Alexis responds to almost losing her father appropriately irrational. I have a someone I love in the force, and I told her partner if anything happened to her, I’m holding him personally responsible. It’s a hard thing to live with, especially so for Alexis, since her father doesn’t even have to be Beckett’s partner and by extension, put in harms way. It’ll be a very emotionally charged episode.

          But I also think this is going to be the honeymoon season. Marlowe did say that just because they’re together doesn’t mean they’re going to stop being who they are. Castle is still going to be Castle, and Beckett will still be Beckett, and they’re going to affectionatly annoy each other in that way we love to see. I can’t wait to see how it all plays out. I can’t wait!

          • Hi, Abby,

            Great assessment! Alexis has to re-engage the reality of what her father is doing and why; its certainly more than about the fact that he put Beckett in harms way through his initial dipping in where he shouldn’t have! Alexis in season for asked only part of the question when she asked her dad, “does she make you happy, and is it enough?” And Castle answered back, “for now”… well the for now has changed and you are right! It could not have been clearer then Castle, telling Kate… “For 4 years, I have been right, here! Waiting for you to see, I was right here!” Lanie got it! Kate gets in the way of her own heart, and I can see Alexis telling her, “to be all end with her dad or let him go!” Beckett is what we call emotionally stuck and in love (which is going to push and pull them, and their relationship, along with the audience)! Castle (invested his heart) made a choice to be with Beckett on cases, now Beckett has to make the choice to be 100% invested in Castle. Despite their own personal crazy behaviors, but then – that is what makes the journey worth while (to real commitment and happiness), with those we love (I will “pfyf safety”)! Season 5, can’t come soon enough for this Castle fan!!!!

            • DustyRL,

              There’s a part that you mentioned that gave me an idea. We know that initially, Beckett didn’t want anyone touching her mother’s file. She put that investigation behind her so she can move on(or hobble on, more like it). Here comes Castle, oblivious to the concept of personal boundries, and opens up old wounds for her. It might have sucked for Beckett but she’s better now because of what Castle did.

              She can do the same thing. What if Beckett found out about Castle’s father? What if he’s someone high up the food chain? You know, a very covert but powerful figure. Here’s another question, what if, due to Castle and Beckett’s relationship, Castle, Martha, and Alexis are now in danger of being harmed(maybe by the same influential people who murdered Beckett’s mom) and its this very real danger that draws out Castle’s father/Alexis’s grandfather to use his skills to protect them? It doesn’t have to be related to Beckett’s mom’s murder, just as long as he comes out, but only to Beckett. He tells her to stop being around Castle and family or the threat of death will find them. What would Kate do then? That, I think would be pretty cool.

              • Wow Abby, your ideas are awesome, even better than my daydreams.
                The bad part is that now I’m even more impatient for season 5!!!!!
                I love love castle, I literally tattoo my hands with the words castle (don’t wory I use pens)
                I’m betting that sophia’s hint of Rick’s father being CIA is true, and he hopefully will appear in season 5

                • I am curious as to why they dropped that hint about Castle’s father. I mean, if it didn’t matter to Castle who his dad really is than I guess we, as the audience, could’ve gone on watching the show, not really caring either. But then they mention it. And if that wasn’t enough, they also tie Castle’s father to the CIA. How can we live with that alone? I wish upon a star they give us more info in season 5 because it’s too juicy to keep unanswered.

                  On a totally separate note, it seems one of many highly anticipated Caskett moments is, Beckett in the kitchen making pancakes for Castle, loosely wearing one of Castle’s shirts which is too large for her, and a single sock. Castle peacefully walks up behind her, wraps his arms around her thin waist and holds her close. She giggles when he nuzzles the nape of her neck. It’s a gold Caskett moment I absolutely can’t wait to see over and over, but there is another moment I’m pining for. The first time they close a perplexing case, and they get that usual rush of satisfaction. Except this time, neither of them anticipate the rush to do more than it used to. One look to each other and they’re crashing into each others arms, looking for a janitor’s closet. End an episode like that and it’d find a permanent fixture on my DVR, laptop, Ipod, and Ipad.

                  • What’s Up – Abby,

                    It will be interesting, interesting indeed to watch Kate and Castle try to be professional… especially with the heat they give off for each other. The sexual tension [tension in over-drive] should be fun to watch, and I think there are a few closets that will become their “look over your shoulder meeting places.” My money’s on Kate breaking the rules first at the 12th – I wonder where? I think…. Castle’s about to see just how much Kate and “Nikki Heat” have in common! I already know that I will be replaying these episodes over and over again. Someone else presented a very interesting take on the subtext of the next morning (Kate and Castle) – I think that person hit the so call nail on the head!

                    Until our next chat!

                    Signed: Real Castle Fan-Castanati

              • Hi, Abby,

                Great thoughts!!!

                That’s interesting because I wrote that same hypothesis about a year ago, as we approached the start of season 4 (ABC didn’t post it, so I must be close to the truth). In season 5, Mr. Smith could be Castle’s father, had you thought about that piece, and that he is maybe second in command at the C.I.A. remember – it was stated that his father is with the CIA, this would certainly explain Mr. Smith’s check-in on Beckett (keeping watch). If that is the case then he already knows about Castle and Beckett, and their budding relationship. Mr. Smith like Montgomery, Kate’s dad, have all stated that he is the only one who can keep her safe! In addition, Martha and Alexis have always been in play, the writers just haven’t acted on it yet. We know there is a twist coming, but I think Gates, Mr. Smith, and Beckett/ Castle all have an inter-play. I still think Gates is there to keep and eye on Beckett (we just don’t know whether it’s pro or con yet!). “Always” – lets us know that know matter what… Kate and Castle, are going into this fight together!

                Let’s revisit the relationship between Martha and Kate…. Martha was the one who bought Kate the dress. Granted she had a hidden agenda, but this is the start of mom, acknowledging that Kate has been good for her son; which we know she didn’t really care for his first two wives. Martha, has encouraged her son to speak his true feeling to Kate… their dynamic is going to become very interesting… if the writers do not pass over the golden nuggets – in the relationship between these two. I am betting that Martha comes back from the Hamptons early and finds Kate and Castle together [Kate in Castle shirt, in the kitchen – cooking breakfast together (they have already done it individually). Now, that will make for an interesting interaction, between the three of them!

    • DustyRL,


      It looked so good, it almost brought a tear to my eye, like witnessing two of your best friends finally getting together.

      • Hey, Abby,

        Thanks for the treat! It has been a tough week, and it made me smile! You’re right! It’s like celebrating two old friends, who finally figured out that they belong together for…. “always”!

        Thanks Loads!

        • Bam said the lady!!

    • Where did you read that? I’d love to read that too *.*

  20. All talk over who can portray Castle’s father, is giving me a headache… there is only one actor sophisticated enough to take on the role, and it certainly is not William Shattner! However, my vote is to maintain the theatrical and a real cinematic quality of what Marlowe has envisage, along with the other gifted writers, and the brilliant actors have already established – in my mind there can be but one choice… Donald Sutherland, his acting skills are on par with the rest of the cast, and certainly the two lead characters (Kate and Castle/ Stana and Nathan). Shattner would change the whole fabric of what has been created, and not for the better! If Donald Sutherland were available, he would bring tension, compassion, intrigue, and humor that mirror Castle’s in many respects. Let us be honest he looks like; he could pull off the role of a high-powered C.I.A. director. Nevertheless, I also like the actor portraying Mr. Smith – how do we know that he is not Castle’s father?

    • Castanati,

      I was just reading about Dexter when I thought of Dexter’s adopted dad, Harry Morgan as Castle’s father. James Remar would look pretty good playing Castle’s dad. He’s got plenty of experience and he even similiar to Nathan. And this is going to be Dexter’s last season too(sadness).

      • Abby,

        I share your pain! James Remar would be a good choice, if Donald isn’t available! He great acting chops! They would have to age hime a little to be Castle’s father, but it would work!

        In Castle Land

  21. Hi, Abby,

    I see that morning after the same way, that you do! I like your sexual subtext to breakfast – about who is doing what where!

    I am just wondering who’s going to walk in on them? Remember Alexis isn’t suppose to be home until 12, the next day; and Martha is in the Hamptons. Alexis I don’t think would make such a big deal of it… but then again, she has never had her father bring his intimate relationships home, especially not over-night (not even ex-wives). The the other piece that comes into play is having to share her dad with Kate, if you remember the scene of “Jealous Beckett – from Linchpin.” Alexis… had that “what’s you’re problem look,” with folded arms, when Kate told Castle.. “The more the merrier!” She was clearly upset by Kate’s reaction. Now, if its Martha who comes back early, the scene will be filled with… “it’s about time!” As both Castle and Kate smile, but blush at the same time, at being that intimate in the presents of Martha.

    As for Castle and his father. There have been multiple inquires made with reference to his dad; and psychologically those inquires are about a space in Castle that wonders about his father, this was even heighten by Alexis question with her school project, “the family genogram.” Castle made light of it, but we have to see to the other side of the humor (“because I don’t know him – he can be whatever I want him to be”). This is a psychological tool that will be used to transform Castle, just as Kate is going to be transformed, this is character growth, and I wager, that it will be interesting to watch!

  22. I suppose it’s only natural in TV land to have someone walk in on them that exposes their freshly formed status. It could be Alexis, coming back from where ever she is, but all Castle really said in “Always” was he won’t worry about her until lunch time the next day. She could be gone for the whole day or even the weekend. Martha could return from the Hamptons but I doubt it for too lengthy of a reason to comment here. Plus, it’s too convenient for her to come back and find them due to some whimsical reason. There’s also a small possibility that Javi can walk in on them. He could be worried about Beckett’s safety since he can’t reach her over the phone and she isn’t at her apartment. So, he stops by Castle’s to inquire about her and instead finds them together, tired-eyed and overly happy. An even smaller possibility is Ryan wants to come by and tell Castle what happened with Beckett and Javi and try to convince him to return to the team. It would be funny to see him try and keep his mouth shut so no one else finds out. These are good possibilities but personally, I wouldn’t want anyone to find out in the first few episodes. Sure it would be delightfully funny to see but I think it’d also be a little cheap. I mean as the show moves on, there could be so many opportunities for the others to almost find out. I’d rather see Caskett drive themselves crazy trying to hide it, than let one of them in right away. They think they’re almost caught then they aren’t. They think it again with a different character, then they’re not again. When they think they’re safe, that’s when the others find out in the most unexpected way.

    I think the best person to drop by is Mr. Smith. Not that him finding Caskett like that matters to us, but he could be injured after just barely escaping the assassin. Mr. Smith would know where Castle lives and seek shelter there. This would also be a good way to start the case up again and move the episode along. Caskett would have a choice to make then. Continuing the investigation can now place Castle and maybe even his family directly in harms way. What do they do then?

    • Hey, Abby,

      I think they are all going to be in harms way regardless, the script has to go there… at least in some fashion. We may not like it, but it will happen. I think your ideas are good and could be formulated. I don’t think Javi or Ryan would show up at Castle’s in the first of the new seasons episodes… I do however think that maybe Alexis or Martha could, but they would both keep the secret. All and all it will be great fun! Especially watching the newly formed love birds, trying to figure out how to fly their relationship, under everyones radar! While also trying to contain their passions, and those hot looks from spilling over at the precinct and at crime scenes. Remember the Kitten statement! My money’s on Beckett will crossing the passion line first, at the 12th precinct! Smile

      See you in Castle Land!!!

      • DustyRL,

        I don’t know about “all” of them being in harms way. I might have understood you wrong but, do you also mean Martha and Alexis? Let’s say I want to cover up a crime and bury it, I wouldn’t take out a detective(murdered, but looks accidental or gang related, or something), her partner(a famous novelist), his daughter(a valedictorian), and his mother(a former broadway actor and founder of an acting school). That would only make it worse. To them(I can only imagine), the person to stop here is Beckett. Castle and family can only become collateral damage if they mean something to Beckett. They’re leverage to control Beckett, and of course, she can only be controlled if she stays with them.

        You’re right though. Before it all gets dramatic, it’s going to be so much fun to see them try and keep their relationship from the others. Just a hunch here, but Lanie is going to be the last one to find out. Also, I hope Beckett calls Castle, “Big Rick” again(from season 2). That was so funny when he thanked her for calling him Big Rick.

        Castle Land it is.

        • Hey, Abby,

          This person doesn’t want anyone else picking up the possible gauntlet, so they would/ could be accidents or whatever keeps anyone else from coming after him. I don’t think there is really at this point a right or wrong framing of story-lines that could work – it’s just looking at all the possibilities. Whether, they keep Beckett in line or not and Kate has stated,”That all she wants is Castle.” They are still coming after her… and that may mean everyone within that household is in-fact, in danger. Whenever, Marlowe and the crew puts this episode in…. its going to be a “monumental episode;” and everyone one including Gates could in up in the mix!

          Now, for the “Big Rick” in Season 2 _ have to go back and watch my Season 2 again! I don’t think Lanie will be the last to know, but considering she’s outside of the Castle house, she’ll know when she sees Kate… after all they are best friends and best friends see things, we don’t think they see! Of-course there will be the usual, denial from Kate… maybe with laughter this time, a sure give away! And, Lanie will then be like most best friends… details! girl friend! details…!!!!!! There could even be an inference about the “White Whale”even, (you remember that episode – right?).”

          As always… see you in Castle Land

  23. Blame My Wife: New Castle Fan
    One thing is clear – that it is an upper level official; the mayor is a good hypothesis! (1.) Because that would explain his insistence on keeping Castle close to Beckett – this was a strange piece from its inception, opening up discussions about events around Beckett’s life during the “weekly poker game!” (2.) (Clearing up someone’s question) The “panic room” was part of the episode where a dirty bomb was introduced, (3.) Alexis is going to have to adjust to the level of commitment that is and will develop between Kate and Castle; she (Alexis) will no longer have daddy all to herself, and (4.) Castle’s [he does have a criminal law degree] role will have to change at the 12th precinct if he hopes to stay close to Beckett, under Gates command. I would not be surprised if he doesn’t get a badge and a gun, and trains to become a real “police consultant” per a fixed order from the Mayor [and what conflicts will this new role create for Castle the writer?]. Which would make sense before the take down of who ever this mystery power broker is, and Castle’s father steps in… This would of-course validate Castle’s father being C.I.A., because it would take that level of power to bring down a person in such a position of power. To save Castle and Beckett, after Castle’s figures out Kate’s moms filing system and the clues she left as to who the person is; now, there needs to be a great hospital scene around Castle being in a coma – and we need to see just what the event means for Kate emotionally, psychologically; and (5.) Martha is proud of her son, and realized very early on – that Beckett was and will be good for her son – long term; Martha, has already stepped in an earlier episode as Kate’s “Fairy God Mother.” Lastly, the person after Beckett is at a much higher level then a Mayor, in order to engage Special Forces operations personnel, which means he is likely a Congressman, and sits on the military and pentagon committee, more than likely the committee chairman.

    Intrigue is the name of the game, and danger has to be part of the resolution pieces … we will all be on the edge of our seats, but it has to play out! That is why I watch, and will keep watching!

  24. Blame My Wife: Cause I Am Now A Castle Fan!!!!

    One thing is clear – that it is an upper level official; the mayor is a good hypothesis! (1.) Because that would explain his insistence on keeping Castle close to Beckett – this was a strange piece from its inception, opening up discussions about events around Beckett’s life during the “weekly poker game!” (2.) (Clearing up someone’s question) The “panic room” was part of the episode where a dirty bomb was introduced, (3.) Alexis is going to have to adjust to the level of commitment that is and will develop between Kate and Castle; she (Alexis) will no longer have daddy all to herself, and (4.) Castle’s [he does have a criminal law degree] role will have to change at the 12th precinct if he hopes to stay close to Beckett, under Gates command. I would not be surprised if he doesn’t get a badge and a gun, and trains to become a real “police consultant” per a fixed order from the Mayor [and what conflicts will this new role create for Castle the writer?]. Which would make sense before the take down of who ever this mystery power broker is, and Castle’s father steps in… This would of-course validate Castle’s father being C.I.A., because it would take that level of power to bring down a person in such a position of power. To save Castle and Beckett, after Castle’s figures out Kate’s moms filing system and the clues she left as to who the person is; now, there needs to be a great hospital scene around Castle being in a coma – and we need to see just what the event means for Kate emotionally, psychologically; and (5.) Martha is proud of her son, and realized very early on – that Beckett was and will be good for her son – long term; Martha, has already stepped in an earlier episode as Kate’s “Fairy God Mother.” Lastly, the person after Beckett is at a much higher level then a Mayor, in order to engage Special Forces operations personnel, which means he is likely a Congressman, and sits on the military and pentagon committee, more than likely the committee chairman.

    Intrigue is the name of the game, and danger has to be part of the resolution pieces … we will all be on the edge of our seats, but it has to play out!

    • Okay, there’s a little kicker though: CIA can’t do anything officially in the country, since it’s an intelligence agency. (a little flashback: That’s why they kidnapped Castle & Beckett @ Pandora.)

      So even if it were true, he would have to work under the radar, and this can definitely complicate the story.


  26. Thanks “Wet Paint Fan”:

    For spelling it out…. Most of us want to see them engaged, sooner then later! It would certainly add another layer of complexity to the drama, mayhem, love, friendship, mystery, and murder!!!! Kate said, back in I think Season 1- that marriage for her would be once and that’s it! Castle knows this … so why not have Castle take the leap of faith, and let us see what Beckett will or will not do! Or it could even be a scene tied to the final take down of Mr. X, where Castle is in the hospital and Kate finds the ring; I would wait until the next season (6) just to see what she does (it would be fun- to watch her go through the emotional paces)! It would also be fun to see Castle give her the romantically simple “will you marry me,” that let’s all be honest – she really wants from Castle. Ryan’s wedding episode… the “Castle, suppose we were married….!” An engagement verses them hopping in and out of bed between cases, would add a really interesting emotional layer to them as a couple, and how they both navigate commitment as individuals figuring out all their new spaces, they could even try to keep it secret for a while, under Gate’s radar, and their friends.

    Remember Season 3×3:1 – when Ryan shows Castle the ring, and all the discussion, and Castle tells Beckett so if I just ask, “Will you marry me, that’s it! Remember they both were briefly lost in the moment, to the point that Ryan had to pull the ring out of Castle’s hand. Come on Marlowe, let us poor fans (who still believe in love and romance) at least have another gift during Season 5.

  27. Here’s a small list of things I want to see in the upcoming season… in no particular order…
    -Castle, happily watching Beckett sleep next to him, peacefully.
    -Beckett, in the kitchen only wearing one of Castle’s shirts.
    -Beckett calling Castle, “Big Rick,” again.
    -Castle wallpaper on Beckett’s cellphone.
    -His and her toothbrushes.
    -Beckett refusing to use Castle’s no limit credit card because she doesn’t want to be one of “those” girls.
    -Caskett showing up to a crime scene in his Ferrari because they were out at a black tie event when they got the call of a dead body.
    -They’re still hiding the relationship. It’s a late night and they’re both asleep. Beckett’s phone rings and Castle accidentally picks it up. It’d be hilarious to see Castle explain his way out of that one.
    -I’m still on the fence about this one but… three way laser tag between Castle, Alexis, and Beckett.
    -Beckett, asleep on the bed with one of Castle’s unpublished works resting on her chest.
    -Beckett calling Castle to let him know she’s finished her paperwork and wondered if there’s anything she can bring on her way home. I can’t wait till she calls Castle’s place, home.
    -A picture of Beckett on Castle’s desk.
    -Castle dropping a hint about Beckett’s tattoo.
    -Lots of affectionate touching. A light caress. A sensual kiss. A firm embrace.
    -Castle getting to look through and poke fun at Beckett’s photo albums.
    -Beckett cooking for Alexis, Martha, and Castle, but it doesn’t taste good, so the Castles humor her.
    -Caskett’s photo in the papers, and Beckett’s attempt to hide it from her team.
    -Castle teasing Beckett in various ways, like watching her try to explain to the rest of her team why she received a large bouquet of roses at the precinct and from who.
    -Beckett and Alexis hanging out.
    -Beckett introducing Castle as her boyfriend.
    -Hidden make out sessions at the 12th.
    -Beckett, not bothered in the slightest when Castle comfortably takes something out of her hair, before they realize the boys are looking at them.
    -Castle, helping Beckett with the crossword puzzle.
    -Beckett drinking from a Nikki Heat mug.
    -Castle, unable to keep up with Beckett’s workout.
    -This one might not be for a few seasons but… the first time Beckett sends Castle to the couch(as a couple).
    -Beckett waking Castle up with kisses.
    -Castle asking Beckett to solve a problem in the chapter he’s writing as her alter ego, Nikki.
    -Castle buying a crater on the moon for Beckett not far from his own(this is just to be silly).
    -Caskett finally solving Beckett’s mom’s murder.
    -More mention about Castle’s father.
    -Lanie yelling, “It’s about time!”
    -Martha or Alexis, walking in on Caskett.
    -Beckett accidentally discovers Alexis has a new boyfriend that Castle doesn’t know about(awkward).
    -Beckett thanking Castle for being there and Castle replying with, “Always.”
    -Someone saying, “Katherine Castle,” either as a joke, in mocking, or out of jealousy. I don’t care which cause it just sounds too good.
    -Castle getting comically upset with Beckett because she didn’t like a favorite show of his about space cowboys.
    -Beckett confessing to Castle that she’s always wanted to be a Bond girl.
    -The boys telling Castle, “It’s about time.”
    -Beckett finally telling Castle, “I love you.”

    These are all I can think of for now.

    • Okay Abby,

      Talk about a “wish list,” wow! The only thing I want is for September to get here… and to see the day after, and who if anyone walks in on their romantic breakfast [of course Kate is in Castle shirt]. I know Castle will solved the mystery left by Kate’s mom and figure out her mom’s system and who Mr. X is. I know Castle’s dad will save both their rear ends, and I know something has to happen with Castle to bring a new type of emotional tension, that affects Kate, Alexis and Martha. I know their will be an engagement, and that Alexis [new boyfriend] and kate will hang-out; I like the laser tag idea (Abby) it fits the shows motif. Whatever, else happens… I’ll wait to see how creative the writers are. There are two new writers joining the team and they haven’t had great success with their own shows (both cancelled)…. I am a little worried about them coming to Castle. Beyond that – my calendar is counting the days to SEASON 5 !!!!!!!


  28. i was on this website and i read that Castle season 5 episode 1 comes on September 17.idk if it’s true,but if it is i can’t wait to watch it.just 2 more month and Castle is back on every Monday @ 10:00pm

  29. 2 months seems like forever! My mom and I have been addicted to Castle since it first premiered! I can’t wait!!!!