‘Castle’ Season 5 Teaser Trailer: Did Castle & Beckett Make a Mistake?

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For creator Andrew Marlowe, the events that occurred during the season 4 finale ofCastle were inevitable. Both he and the fans knew that if the will-they-won’t-they relationship between Castle and Beckett didn’t progress to its next logical step soon, viewers might get frustrated and stop watching.

And so, Beckett and Castle took the big leap in last season’s finale, forever changing the dynamic of their relationship.

Now the romantically-linked pair must deal with the repercussions of their new status, which a teaser for season 5 suggests may not have been the right decision. The teaser implies that the season 5 premiere‘s mystery might force them apart, but after four seasons of waiting…we certainly hope not.

Marlowe had already addressed whether Beckett and Castle getting together was merely a dream sequence, but somehow this trailer once again lodges that thought back into our minds. Castle waking up alone in a bed, however, could be a sign of the rift that will potentially form between the two now that their feelings have been acted upon.

As far as the immediate morning after scene, Castle (Nathan Fillion) and Beckett (Stana Katic) appear resolute in their decision to take the next step, almost as resolute as Marlowe was about writing it. One important byproduct of Beckett and Castle finally sealing the deal is a return to the series’ more comedic roots.

Castle Season 5 Teaser Castle Season 5 Teaser Trailer: Did Castle & Beckett Make a Mistake?

In an interview earlier this year, Marlowe acknowledged that the two keeping secrets from one another sucked a lot of the humor out of their interactions. Which isn’t to say that the humor was gone completely, there was just more “angst” than ever before.

Thankfully, now that we’ve crossed the romantic threshold, there’s a chance that the verbal back-and-forth and the physical comedy that got Castle to five seasons will return. Of course, as with any good relationship, especially one set amidst a procedural, we don’t expect the show to be devoid of drama either, and that teaser reinforces that it won’t.

There’s no mention of Tahmoh Penikett‘s character Cole Maddox, though, whom last we saw was preparing to make good on his promise to kill Beckett. Marlowe has already said we won’t have to wait long to see how the Maddox storyline develops, but the teaser doesn’t address whether that will be in the first episode or not.

Where exactly Beckett and Castle will take their relationship in the season 5 premiere of Castle is unclear, but we’ll know for sure when the series returns September 24th @10pm on ABC.

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  1. It’s hard to watch this trailer and think what it might mean for the characters in the show. I’m just glad I get to see something new. It’s been so long! I’m so happy, I’m giddy.

  2. That’s it, I’m done. I waited 4 seasons of excruciating flip flopping, missed communications and just plain old poor ass attempts at keeping them apart. We finally get what we want and in order to keep the fans from leaving after the orgasm, they want to play this stupid card.

    f*** this show’s writers.

    • What are you talking about? What “stupid” card? What show do you think didn’t have poor ass attempts at keeping them apart?

      Four seasons!? The first season is ten episodes and they used that time to set up the story and characters. So you’re really talking about three seasons. And I know shows that took a lot longer to bring their two main together.

      I’ll give you missed communication but that’s only because every show has that. It’s a part of life. Get used to it.

      And so I don’t leave your flip flopping comment out, throughout the course of the show, Beckett was in two serious relationships whereas Castle was only in one. It doesn’t seem like excruciating flip flopping to me.

      PS. what the writers do with what they have is pretty impressive. This show steadily gets better. Check the ratings if you doubt me. And season five is like we’re entering an entirely new show. So, buck up, home-slice. It’s going to be a fun season.

      • Hi, Abby,

        The show is going to get better (I agree), but I just saw the greatest twist ever created for Castle. I hope Marlowe saw it on YouTube, it was put together by some Castle fan’s and it had me on the edge of my chair and I shared it with my husband – he noted the high quality of “Ultimatum” that Marlowe may need to look at it as a lead in to Season 6. Castle and Beckett have been married a year when she is kidnapped and Castle has 12 hours to find her before it is too late – the “Dragon” has taken her. They need to seriously consider this one as a possible plot line, for down the road.

        As for Castle and Beckett – Marlowe promised that he would honor what the fans wanted (in the opening season episode – season 5: After the Storm), if he goes against what he promised fans – then his is going to lose the truth and support of loyal fan’s everywhere. They will not take kindly to being double crossed, and the rating will reflect their displeasure, at least for a time!

        See You In – Castle Land 09/24/2012

        • Hey Castanati,

          I saw that trailer. It was well made. I liked it. I had a different idea for a Castle movie. It was about 3XK. After years, he becomes increasingly fixated on Castle’s words in their last meeting. Words like, “undone by a duffle bag,” and, “you’re not so hard to figure out.” So 3XK decides to punish Castle further and targets Gina(Castle’s second wife), since she’s his type. He has Ryans old badge so it wouldn’t be hard to get in her buillding either. Anyway, I thought that would be a pretty good detective movie or to-be-continued episode. Though, I don’t think I’d want to wait a whole freakin week for the following episode.

          See you in Castle Land

    • do not write such bulls**t comments.

  3. This really is going to be a great season of Castle, I’m sure! I can’t wait the few more weeks it’s going to take before it starts again, but I guess I’ll have to. I didn’t even start watching Castle until a coworker at Dish told me about it, but I am completely hooked now. The best part is that my Hopper will record it with the PrimeTime Anytime feature so that I don’t have to pick between my other shows to record. This is going to be such an exciting season of Castle; I can’t wait for the premiere to finally be here!

  4. Hi, Abby,

    I agree that would be a fantastic story motif that would keep people on the edge of their seats. Especially watching Kate interact with Castle during the case – as the clock runs out on Gina’s life. With Kate & Castle now in a relationship, the tension would bring the “house down!”

    Question _ I have gone back and forth with all the Castle episodes this summer with husband and friends and no where does it give Kate’s ranking as a detective. The 5th Season rolling in, in just two short weeks, and it has never, ever been mentioned, not in one episode, what Kate Beckett’s detective ranking is…. it’s kind of offensive to some of us professional women out here, who are big fans of the show. That it has never once been mentioned. A friend of ours a former military investigator and retired detective said, “That based on the “eagle badge” that she is now – ranked just below a Lt. as a Detective.” Her explanation would explained why so many detectives defer to her on cases especially over the course of time of the show.

    See You In – Castle Land

    • Greeting Castanati & Abby:

      You are right Castanati! I have been wondering if it was just a bad over-sight on the part of Marlowe and team. It needs to be fixed!

      See you in Castle Land

  5. Abby (here’s a thought):

    I just read a piece about whether Kate will finally tell Castle that she loves him? While Kate is more emotionally available then she has been in the past – she still harbors a deep seeded fear that Castle, or at least play boy Castle – just may have a hit it or quit It revisit now that he has had a taste of the honey – so to speak! So, she’s not going to say those words just yet, in my opinion – and that is going to create some relationship tension, between the two of them. I would like to see them hold the “I love you, Castle” to the end of scene 5. This scene has to have a climatic ending that we be resolved in season 6 – it just makes sense. Something needs to happen to Castle for (1) and (2) a brief reappearance of Josh (marry me Kate) would be a great tension piece to push Castle towards at least the first real long-term step of commitment, but things go a rye with Cole, the Senator, Castle father, and the Vice President, and Castle ends up wounded – but have no fear Kate finds the ring, amidst all the other drama and tension in the last episode (the honeymoon is over).

    • Hey Castanati.

      I think something does need to happen to Castle, cuz I agree with you. We all want Kate to say the words but it has to be meaningful and from the heart. Something should happen to Castle that possibly puts him in the hospital. At this juncture(between season 5 and 6) I’d like to see a rookie detective assigned to Beckett in the interum. The rookie is eager and not bad but Beckett misses Castle. Now, on the flip side, Castle has a little post traumtic stress from his wound and he’s not sure he wants to go back. And each episode opens up with Beckett coaxing Castle with interesting cases just to get him to come along. That’d be pretty funny, I think.

      Castle Land rules all other lands.

  6. Hey~ Castle Fans,

    It is almost that time. I just read through an article done with the sexy Castle “song bird” – Tamala Jones. She commented on Kate’s/ Stana’s sexy legs and her butt for this season – I can’t wait!

    See You In Castle Land:

  7. Wow! Kate is showing a new side and if what I have seen thus far is any indication of the character growth and self assuredness it is also a reflect of Stana’s growth. Sexy, smart, and exciting – will Castle fan survive the first season episodes? As for Castle – Castle isn’t as much of a “playboy” as we think, Castle has been wounded by bad relationship choices. The question for Castle is whether he can match the new Kate, there’s a lot of “Nikki Heat” in this lady! The worst thing that can happen is to have romantic Castle be less than up to the task… his charm won’t help him here, this is about real passion and murder, as the season progresses. To quote one of my friends…”I’d sleep with her, if I was married and straight.”

    Castle! See You There…

  8. BIG Smiles For The Season 5 of Castle :) :) :) :) :)

    What a great way to start my fall line up, Monday with Castle. We know that the Senator will return and Kate will be in for a ruff ride, she and Castle. However,I keep thinking about that story the Senator told… and it lines up with pathological behavior, it would have too, this is a man who has ordered the deaths of eight people and he’s not going to rest until Kate puts him away, because one thing is for sure – he’s coming back to put her away and Castle – or anyone else that he sees standing in his way. I still think there is something in the childhood story about the friend, the friends mother and sister’s death(how would he have known that the mother used “hot chocolate with poison?” Something smells, and it should end the good senator’s reign of terror, once and for all. Moreover, I hope we get to see Kate and Castle and the team, team up over the old case of the childhood friend and find “murder” which has no statue of limitations to put the good senator away… for good, or maybe he will save them the trouble and jump out of the nearest window to his death! After all there is DNA testing which would not have been around when he committed the murders.

    Poor Kate even though she’s in a relationship with Castle, still fears that the “playboy” will come out – while Castle is committed to being a real boy scout, because he has the woman he wants to go all the way with, now that does not mean that Castle still won’t get in trouble over not thinking about what he’s doing, but it does mean I hope we will see Kate become as the season goes forward – become more trusting, more relaxed in the relationship. After all she, “threaten to shoot him,” so whether she’s said it or not – she loves Castle! I look forward to all the fun, murder, Gates, and the family, as Kate and Castle navigate their relationship and murder!

    See You All In _ Castle Land

  9. DRL,

    You brought out some really good points about Castle and what we may see as this season 5 – heads towards its conclusion, or maybe before then. I think you’re right a show down is coming and its going to be major, and there maybe a casualty… maybe Castle gets shot? Kate was funny, as the trusting, mis-trusting girl-friend. Talk about mixed messages – the piece about the “gun” was great, and Castle responded with the right reaction after Kate walked away! If he had any doubts about whether Kate loves him or no not, the piece about the gun – made her real emotions very clear! Great fun! This season is fantastic and it just started! Of-course, Lanie and Kate have to have the girl friend talk about Castle, and it should be juicy – I hope Marlowe honors the gender piece with such a conversation and doesn’t rush through it. If it’s anything like what I’ve heard my girl friend share with her BGF, when she didn’t know I could hear – means it will be spicy at best and funny!

    Castle… Always! : )

  10. Hey, Castle Crew,

    I love Kate/ Stana new hair color – it definitely brighten up her face, while adding a hint of sexy to one hot
    detective. Kate is going to be challenged soon by episode 5×3, but have no fear this all part of getting to know the person you’re in a relationship with… Kate still has trust issues related to Castle, which would explain – why we haven’t heard the three little words return that Castle shared at the end of Season 4 – twice. I think everyone close to them already knows that they’re together – maybe even Gates.

    Castle Land, See You There

  11. Okay, the Hamptons was nice! :) :) :)

    It seems as though there was too much for one episode though… it seemed rushed, but still great! Yes? No?

    I am wondering when the girl friend talk between Lanie and/ or even Martha [a bounding piece] and Beckett will happen… this is a conversation (view) into the multiple layers of Kate as a woman and Marlowe can’t rush through it as in season 4. The talk is also important because you can’t just glebb over the 10/29 episode which is pretty serious – and its a big episode about trust and truth… more importantly how Kate handles Castle’s unknowns, and a honest assessment of her heart and love, yes – love for Castle. In addition, how that piece will define or will not define the next several episodes as we roll towards episode 100! I like the idea of the “Christmas Romance” episode, there should be one! :) :) Marlowe has been thoughtful – indeed, and kept his promise about the commitment to the quality of these two characters… but there somethings you just have to spend some time with to provide sound context for the rest of the season and this episode coming up could continue to be the other elephant in the room along with the dear senator that we all know… will be back and counting the days to Kate’s end. So, there needs to be a conversation with another woman that Kate considers important and trustworthy. I applaud the writing and the continue investment of all of the skillful actors, that make this show #1 on my list and most of my friends list for Monday night! A Big Thanks!!!!!!

    As We All Say…
    See You In CASTLE LAND

  12. Hi, Abby and Crew:

    A romantic weekend in the Hamptons, with Caskett… is more then about the number of women Castle has bedded at his Hamptons estate. It’s about Kate facing the reality that Castle’s world is filled with opulence (this is the world of the wealthy); and Kate is briefly overwhelmed until Castle assures her – of her specialness to him (you/ we are different, you – Kate are different (I love you) (subtext)). “Murder He Wrote” ending was brilliant! “The star” – was a nice touch for the end of “Murder He Wrote” – Kate’s desire (a wish) comes true at least if it is made on a falling star – it may be a while before we all discover what that wish really is… but most of us have a pretty good idea! :) :) :) :) :)

    In the next episode (airing date: 10/29) “Probable Cause” Kate’s insecurities and her feelings for Rick will really raise its ugly head – as Kate questions everything about Castle – who he is to her, and who she is to him, along with their 4 year relationship in the 12th as partners. Loyalties will be tested, but the rubber kinds of hit the road, because this episode is more about “truth and trust,” and Castle trusting Kate with his deepest secrets!” Kate trusting Castle past the evidence and her fears: can she, will she trust her heart? This is something Kate hasn’t been good at – who will she trust to help her navigate her way safely to the truth of what’s before her – this will be more interesting, and I wager more important – as dear Kate really comes face to face with her real feelings for Castle. Castle maybe buying roses for some time after this one! :) :) :)

    Rebuttal On: Christmas Episode (Airing date: 12/3rd?) – The answer to the question is “yes”… Castle may give Kate, “Tiffany,” but what Kate gives Castle may make this an even more interesting prelude to the episode closer to Christmas, if the writers thought in this direction. Personally – I want to know what’s up for Valentines Day! : )

    Castle Land….

    • Hey Peeps,

      Glad to read all the comments. I love it when others love Castle just as much as I do. As you may have guessed, I love season 5. It’s so funny, and exciting to watch.

      Murder He Wrote was so delicious to watch: Castle and Beckett’s back and forth was great, Lanie telling Ryan and Javie off, Ryan hounding the suspect in interrogation when he found out who Castle brought into the interogation room. I laughed a lot that night.

      I love the way Probable Cause looks. It’s like a serious version of how they first met. What’s really interesting is it seems like Castle is being framed, which means someone is out to get Castle, or remove him from the picture. It makes me wonder who could want Castle gone. Maybe a certain senator who wants Beckett out of the way–It should be easy to fire her if she didn’t notice a “murderer” right underneath her nose, easily embaressing not only the department but the whole of the NYPD.

      Anyway, I like that phrase you said RoseDL, Trust and Truth. Kate always approaches her investigations by the evidence available in lieu of what Castle does, which is make stuff up… fairly accuratly. Then relentlessly attacks when she’s found her perp, but now, all the evidence points to her partner, Castle(allegedly) as the suspect. I hope Kate talks to Javi about how he dealt with having a partner that’s being suspected of a crime. I think that could help her.

      I know how I’d want this episode to end. Castle is cleared of all charges, but Beckett had mistakenly acted on her doubt and the evidence instead of her heart and gut. I’d like this to happen for two reasons. 1, I want Castle to be a little more domineering with her, cuz I mean, to me, it seems like she takes the lead a lot between them. I remember in the beginning, he was so humorously cocky, and rightly so. I wouldn’t mind if they went back to that a little. 2, I want Beckett to realize just how much she cares about Castle, and to me, for that to happen, she needs to be the one to mess up. And not trusting your partner is a pretty big doozy.

      See you around Castle land.

  13. Great Episode 5×4!

    I like the ending – I’m kind of a romantic guy, a bit of a metro-sexual male, the falling star was “really cool,” pure magic! I notice that Feb. 11th 2013, will either be the 100 episode or the 101 episode! Congratulations in advance Castle, Marlowe, Stana, Nathan, and Crew! It’s already been a great season and we are only 4 episodes into season 5 – can’t wait to see what’s next. I do agree with “RDL’s assessment about Kate in this episode. I think she’s dead on with her assessment of Kate and Kate’s emotions, but (RDL)… seems to be really good at that! I have no doubt that her assessment of 5×5 is also on target, like I said – (RDL) she really gets these characters and seems to have an unusual insight into them. [You’re not an ABC ringer are you – RDL?]

    Anyway, back to episode 100 or 101 which will be the Monday before “Valentines Day.” Shouldn’t Castle give Kate something really special? Hint, Hint! Maybe, Castle should be shopping for that commitment piece that Kate needs to know that Castle is fully invested in her and a future with her. Just and idea – maybe Castle sets up a romantic dinner and has three different plans to give Kate, a ring, but every-time… he thinks that they can be alone, they’re called away to another murder, but all ends well (RDL’s -idea not mine). Still some of us romantic guys left on the planet! :)


  14. Castanati is brilliant, just brilliant!

    Great Episode: 5 x 5…. but as always Castanati nailed it! She wrote a comment on another site which the sight took down on tonight’s episode and Castanati was dead on. She said, 3XK and it was 3XK, she said Beckett would turn to someone for emotional support and Lanie was on her short list. She even stated, that Marlowe was developing a kind of Moriaty/ Sherlock Holmes relationship between 3XK and Castle, and that is how the episode ended. “Fantastic” writing in this episode I loved Kate’s emotional strength and direct confrontation with 3XK, and I was in complete ah of Castle’s tenacity, valor, and lethalness when indirect confrontation with 3XK, and even Gates support of Castle’s innocence. My hats off to the acting crew and the writers (Marlowe- you’re great!) this is turning out to be one hell of a season! Can’t wait to see what’s next! Stana and Nathan are marvelous, simply marvelous!

    Go! Castle Land!