‘Castle’ Season 5 Finale Review: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

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Castle season 5 episode 24 Finale Crime scene Castle Season 5 Finale Review: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

After 24 hours of screen time,  Castle season 5 comes to a close with an aptly titled finale, “Watershed,” paving the way for whatever lies ahead for Castle (Nathan Fillion) and Beckett (Stana Katic) in season 6.

For a season finale, the episode spends more time on the case aspects of the show than it does dragging out the characters’ drama – then again, maybe that’s the point.

Either way, the finale opens with an anxious Kate Beckett awaiting her interview with Anthony Freedman (Kyle Secor), the Deputy Director of the FBI and the man in charge of her interview for the special task force job she was offered last week.

Sensing her hesitation, he gives her the opportunity to end the interview, but she sees it through, leaving her fate in his hands. Jet-setting back and forth to DC makes her late to the crime scene, but when Castle asks where she was, she blows him off and focuses on the case.

Castle season 5 episode 24 Finale Beckett Castle Season 5 Finale Review: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

For his part, no alarm bells are going off in Castle’s head yet, mostly because he’s dealing with his own anxiety about an upcoming school trip to Costa Rica that Alexis (Molly C. Quinn) is planning to take. He’s hesitant because of what happened in Paris, whereas Alexis wants to go in order to help herself move past Paris and not live in fear. It will take him almost the entire episode to write the check for her, but by then, he’s got a much bigger issue on his mind.

At around the halfway mark, Beckett’s boarding pass slips from her jacket to the floor in front of Castle, and from that point on, she’s got some ‘splaining to do. According to him, he’s more upset by the fact that she lied than that she’s thinking about moving up in the law enforcement world, but clearly he’s not too keen on her taking the job either.

As far as Kate is concerned, this is a job she’s always wanted and it has no bearing on their relationship status. There’s no explosion of emotions on either side, but Castle does put some space between them and they remain on shaky ground from there on out.

Amidst all the emotional turmoil is the case of a murdered Harvard honors student, Erika Albrook, a young woman found dead in the water tank of the seedy motel she was staying in. It takes a little bit of sifting since Erika had decided to invent a false persona at the hotel while letting her parents think she was backpacking in Europe, but the team eventually reveals that Erika was looking into the death of a friend by hacking into the files of a local law firm.

Castle season 5 episode 24 Finale Castle Beckett Castle Season 5 Finale Review: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Banks & Bauer has a number of upscale clients, all of whom make them less than helpful when it comes to divulging information that could lead to a murder suspect. Still, Beckett and Castle are relentless, hitting the case from all angles until finally a name emerges.

Unfortunately, someone gets to former Banks & Bauer lawyer, Ian Blaylock, before they do, but the clues point to one of his clients. When Beckett has a chat with him, she’s certain of his guilt. All it takes is locating the wealthy man’s sleazy half-brother – along with a nice speech from Beckett about not lying to her – and his fate is sealed and the case is closed.

The entire episode builds up nicely to the final scene. There are meaningful conversations between Kate and her father as well as Castle and his mother. Castle and Kate’s relationship is explored from both characters’ point of view, as is the importance of this job opportunity for Kate. Both of them have been stalling on the issue of the ultimate trajectory of their relationship; both have to decide whether it is fear or prudence that is holding them back. So by the time the call comes confirming that the job is hers if she wants it, they are both ready for a serious chat.

Ironic that the fate of their relationship is decided on a swing-set at the park. Kate issues an apology; Castle, a ring and a question. Will she say ‘yes’? Should she? Can she have the dream job and Castle, too? Is Castle willing to take whatever answer she gives? How ready are they for this next step?

Only time will tell and fans will have an entire summer to speculate.


Castle returns for season 6 in the Fall on ABC.

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  1. “In the scene with the swings Castle said regardless he wanted more out of this relationship…” I do disagree with some viewers/fans saying he “just proposed to keep her there. Him saying that quote that I mentioned, meant to me as a die hard Castle fan that in DC or NY he just wants himself in her life as her partner.

    Most of the articles leading up to the finale have said fans may have to watch this episode over again to have it make sense….NO I do not feel as though the show “WENT DOWN HILL” this season at all. And I think what Mr. Marlowe wrote in the season finale was BRILLIANT.

    The past 3 years Beckett has repeatedly told Castle she needs to be in a forever relationship with a man who can break down her walls. Castle has done that each season. I know a lot of viewers mentioned the way she looked when Castle proposed meant that she would say no. I disagree….Her eyes throughout the whole episode through her last look at the precinct, her talk with her dad, to the swingset scene makes me feel as though she knows that working in the FBI has been her dream job BUT WILL SHE BE HAPPY? I’m guessing probably not because that wall of hers is down now, and she is actually showing her emotion….If Kate Beckett from Season 1 or 2 got the FBI job offer she would have taken it in a heartbeat, and showed a little more HAPPINESS when Gates gave her that FANTASTIC recommendation.

    But as we saw when Gates gave her the great review, and when she heard she got the job offer she wasn’t exactly jumping for joy….

    So what I feel this whole season was about from last season’s finale was more a Beckett and Castle individual growth leading up to this point of….

    Beckett: “I know that I want the job in the FBI, but also you”
    Castle: “I know I want Beckett regardless of whether she goes to DC…”



    • I don’t see her going to D.C., but she did say to her dad that the job is what she wanted. I find it hard to believe she would say yes to the FBI job, when her whole life has been about avenging her moms murder! She still has to get Senator Brackett. She never once acted like she wanted a different job! It doesn’t add up. It will be interesting to see how they turn things around. I doubt very much she will be working in D.C. The Castle fans will be stir crazy! Hmmm.. Maybe Castles’ dad has something to do with the job offer! There’s an idea! Lots of things COULD happen. We’ll just have to wait and see! Fantastic job Marlowe, that proposal I certainly did NOT expect!

    • You bring up a valid point that has merit! Kate is not the Kate of season 1 and 2, or for that matter season 4. This Kate still has secrets, but she’s opened up to other possibilities. I would welcome seeing her in Castle in D.C. and in New York for certain cases. This would bring a new depth to the characters, and open up the story lines a bit more. Characters have to breathe or we stop watching them. I think Kate will say, yes, but with conditions. Remember Kate has to have her conditions, she not quite the characters will see at the end, the finally of the Castle series; she still opening up her heart and the possibilities of her new world that definitely includes Castle, marriage, and maybe a baby or two. I think Marlowe will in time bring her back to the 12th, but as a Captain, and/or the head of detectives, or maybe even New York Police Commissioner – the options for Kate’s character are vast (thank God), and so is the love relationship between her and Castle, he will grow and change, as all the characters will.

      Come on Season 6!

      For my wife the first Castle fan in our household Castanati 1954 – 2013.

  2. A brilliantly written finale. All power again to Andrew Marlowe. Very mixed feelings about the end though. Time will tell. The proposal seemed rushed and a little desperate.

    She told her father that the job,if she took it, would leave no room in her life for anything else and she also told him that it was the job that she really wanted. Castle and her now have to talk, really talk! Well they have 4 months in which to do that. Lets hope they choose each other and that having each other becomes more important than any job offers.

  3. I think Beckett changed her mind about the job when she had her suspect in the interrogation room. When she told him her life was in that room and it was her home, THAT was a turning point. I may be the only one that sees it, but to me that says she may have thought about it, but she wont leave. Everything she’s worked for is right where she is. Besides, she still hasn’t put Senator Brackett away. Whatever the case, I know things will come together the right way. It has been the best season! Loved every episode, Marlow, wife and writers should be very proud! Have a great summer!

  4. Nicki Heat becomes the go to FBI terrorist fighter.. Major opportunity for castle butting heads with federal power brokers. Maybe almost as good as Amos Burke secret agent.

  5. I re-watched the episode with an emphasis on keeping an eye on Kate’s facial expressions. I kept seeing sadness, contemplation of losing what she has now, and doubt. In the episodes where Kate is on the edge of death (Always and Still), it’s not her job that she thinks about, it’s Castle. It will be interesting to see if AWM has Kate ask Rick for time to think. It will be interesting to see if the foreshadowing of 5 seasons plays out. All those moments over the years that point to Rick and Kate being fated to be together: Royce’s letter, the psychic episode predictions, Kyra throwing Kate the bouquet, Montgomery telling her that they don’t owe the victims their lives……. Jim Beckett asked Kate if the job decision had to be an either/or for her relationship with Castle. I think AWM wanted that on the table before the proposal. And to those fans who think it’s too soon for a proposal…many people in the real world get married after short courtships. I’ve been married 28 yrs to a man I dated 2 months before we were engaged. When it’s the right guy, it works.

  6. this was a great ending castle has faced down bombs/death put himself on the line so many times and beckett has said I love you once only when she thought she was going to die.castle has gone through hell and now has 2 choices flight and to regreat all his life about what could be or take a risk and fight for wife number 3

  7. An excellent episode for Kate but Castle got on my nerves. He was a bit controlling and selfish, making the finale scene feel forced and insincere. The entire argument that he wouldn’t lie to her contradicts his behavior on numerous occasions. It seemed more like he didn’t want to lose control over the relationship. Plus, marriage between the two leads tends to mean the show’s lost its edge.

    As for season five, I felt like the entire season was off in comparison to the first four seasons but I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next year. The move to DC sounds exciting. I’d be stoked to see Kyle Secor on weekly television again but I’d prefer they not get rid of Ryan & Espo. Also, Espo’s inability to take his eyes off the I.T. hottie (Does she have a name?) was funny. I imagine she prompted the necktie he wore in the final scenes?

    • Playing devil’s advocate to my own opinion: The name ‘Kate Castle’ does sound much cooler than ‘Nikki Heat’ and, given what he’s gone through in terms of loss and near loss, Castle’s (over)reaction isn’t wholly inappropriate. Agree or disagree, like or dislike, I’ll continue to watch until the final episode.

      • What if she decides she wants to be Kate Rogers’ instead, the birth name of our Castle? Richard Alexander Rogers… it sounds even better!

    • You have two only children trying to navigate a space and share, that takes time even among us none TV characters. When its only be you … you have to learn to make space for someone else, that takes time.

  8. I watch re-runs of CASTLE over and over. I love the show, the stories, the cast. I do not want to lose any one of them and I think they are really painted into a corner on this one! If Kate goes to D.C.–and we all want her to take her expertise where it is needed and get the recognition she deserves for her work–where does that leave everyone else? I do not want to lose Ryan or Esposito or Gates or the snappy little girl in the morgue and certainly not “Mom” or Alexis!! And New York has enough crime to last forever. And Kate has to stay a top investigator–or Castle loses his muse!! End of Castle! What to do! What to do!

  9. Castle has loved Beckett almost from day one, and Kate, well… we know that Castle’s books got her through her mother’s death. Kate fears commitment and we have never heard what that is about (no back story for it- has ever been provided). The offer that Castle has placed on the table leaves her (Kate) no way out of the relationship, other then ending it; and Kate really doesn’t want that. Castle and Kate moving to D.C. would as we all know, would “blow up the basic concept” of show. The show is formulated, centered around the 12th and its members. Gates earlier on mention Kate’s ablities, when she first came to the 12th, Kate will ebcome her Lt. Kate Beckett. I can see Beckett moving up in rank there, but D.C. would be a hard one to sell to the audiences – worldwide.

    She will say yes, with conditions, because Kate always has to have her conditions, to feel safe. This girl is not going to really realize or value the realtionship with Castle until sometime serious happen to Castle. I am not the only fan who has stated this truth about Kate, with regards to Castle.

    See you in Season 6…
    Re-runs start June 1, 2013

  10. Kate and Castle in D.C. what about the rest of the show, the team? This show was built around 12th and its members and the interplay between them.

    Kate wants a life with Castle, and castle wants a life with Kate; it has just taken this event to move the character into a new space with new possiblities. Kate will move up at the 12th, and Castle will be Mr. Mom, and all will be well!

  11. I don’t see Beckett leaving. Although she tells her boys she has something to tell them but has to tell someone else first could lead one to to think she is ready to tell them goodbye, but I don’t think so. Marlowe brought up something in an interview not too long ago about Beckett’s biological clock is ticking. If she takes the job in Washington she will probably have to kiss having children goodbye, even if Castle moved to DC with her. She has to choose between two dreams, and I believe she will choose love over career.

    • Why does it have to be one over the other? Kate can have her career, babies and Castle… she does not have to chose just one path. We don’t want to tell young girls that they can’t be corporate heads, only if they give up love and a family. This is 2013, not the 1940′s. I would welcome seeing Kate in D.C for a while, and them get married, with all the craziness that ensues with that – there is lots of good material for this show to make the TV records books.

      Kate say, yes! Put Castle out of his misery, marry him in season 7, and we all will be glad to see the sparks and fire works that will ensue, and the romantic moments as well. I look forward to the birth of Ryan and Jenny’s baby, which will push Kate to reflect on her own biological clock. Nevertheless, she should take the job, and she and Castle can wipe out 3XK together.

  12. It will be interesting to see what happens, but judging by Beckett’s quivering chin during Castle’s speech on the swings, when he said he wanted mired, it looked like she thought he was ending their relationship, and she looked upset. Maybe she will realise all she is giving up and stay. Can’t see Mr M moving the show’s setting to DC, as what will they do with the rest of the cast? It will probably be status quo, with more commitment from Beckett and Castle.

  13. If Beckett took the job in DC the cases would be a lot more interesting but it wouldn’t be the same without out Castles input. Espisito and Ryan need to be there too. Going to DC would bring a huge change in the show and make it more exciting I’m just sick of the filler episodes.

    • Amen!

  14. REMEMBER fans it’s a show on television some of the comments have been very derogatory about Beckett she only plays a part it’s make believe Beckett will say yes to Castle’s proposal with the condition before they get married they talk about their relationship and all their fears and work things out together no holding back anything .In the last few episodes when she tried to get Castle to talk you could see she w!anted him to ask her to marry him but he never took the hint .The show wouldn’t be the same if they moved to DC she wants a family not another job in a unfamiliar place that was just her exploring her options because Castle never talks about where their going also this is AWM’s way of moving them forward in their relationship .SAY YES KATE !

  15. Kate, I am sure will say – yes to Castle. Come on now, where is she going to find a man who will put up with all of her emotional indecision and holding back (secrets) – like Castle has. Of course we will watch her push Castle away, and then pull Castle close throughout the season as she tries to figure out her new job. My question is… how or will we get an honest view of how the birth of Jenny and Ryan’s child affects Kate? She can’t ignore her clock too much longer… so there will be questions on her part, if only to herself and/ or to Lanie about choices. I hope Marlowe lets us in … to see this side of Kate, a side of Kate that Marlowe has held back except for a few odd statements here and there to Castle over the last 5 seasons.

    See you all in September for what will be a Great Season 6

    • Well, I spent my summer evening revisiting all the Castle episodes, and we are in for a big “Oh, No!” I believe, with the start of Season 6. Women are great secret keepers and Kate is about to share the biggest secret of her life, and she’s hoping that after Castle hears it, he won’t walk away. There were two things I took from Kate’s expression at the end of Season 5, one she thought Castle was ending the relationship [which she would have been heartbroken over], but that was cancel with “paraphrasing” “whether you stay or go… marry me from Castle. So, what she has to tell him is not about the job. Second, the department she’s working for is the Attorney General – that means she could end up back with the 12th on cases yet to be revealed. No, this secret could be a game changer – like she married Josh [running from what Castle said to her and her own feelings] and then realized that she made a big mistake, and Josh hasn’t signed the annulment papers – yet. Of course if this is the case – Castle is going to stop and ask why.

      The long and short of all of our speculations is that Kate will say, yes! Nevertheless, we all know our Kate… and lady Kate will have present conditions that Castle wasn’t expecting! Dear sweet Kate, she has to have her conditions – always.

      This will be the best season yet! Come on Season 6

  16. Well…. We all seem to make it through the summer! Next Monday answers all of our questions. I think Kate will return to the 12th maybe the middle of season 6. She has some choices to make, and I am wondering if Castle’s dad – doesn’t help point her in the right direction. I have no questions about the quality of Season 6, or its surprises… so round up all your friends for Monday and the new season!
    See You In Castle Land :-)

  17. Kate wants to be….Kate Rogers! Many have heard the name used “my given name is Richard Alexander Rogers.” This major because he does. Plural referral to the “Rogers women knowing their hearts.” Kate structures even her yes answ
    er to both Richard Rogers and Richard Castle, this is significant… she going to be LT. Katherine Beckett Rogers!

  18. I didn’t read all the comments but I thought it was interesting that nobody seems to have made the connection in this episode between this and the LA Cecil Hotel story. It’s worth googling… there are lots of versions, but for sure check out the Vigilant Citizen’s version with all their research into the connections. It’s just weird upon weird. Not the same story of course, but I was pretty sure that the name of the hotel in this episode was the Cecil… and the fact that they used the watertank was a bit odd.