‘Castle’ Season 3 Finale Details Revealed

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castle beckett season 3 finale Castle Season 3 Finale Details Revealed

[Warning: mild Castle season 3 spoilers below]

Season 3 of well-read murder mystery show Castle is drawing to a close, and executive producer Andrew W. Marlowe is teasing fans with new info on the finale.

In an interview yesterday, Marlowe spoke on the various stories and arcs coming to a head in the final episodes of the season. Chief among them in the minds of fans is easily the relationship between playboy writer Castle (Nathan Fillion) and NYPD detective Beckett (Stana Katic).

But those waiting (and waiting, and waiting…) for the starring pair to couple-up will have to wait until next season – at least. Marlowe acknowledged that there’s very little stopping the characters from finally beginning an intimate relationship, but that the writers intend to throw up a roadblock:

I don’t think the audience is ready for [a Castle/Beckett romance] yet… but I do recognize that they have to move to a different level in their relationship and there has to be a significant obstacle to them getting together.

The other major dramatic point for Castle has been the death of Beckett’s mother, who was murdered when Beckett was growing up. The detective has been tracking her mother’s killer for decades, and even with Castle as her own personal Angela Lansbury, has only been able to track down an assassin – not the man who hired him.

Marlowe revealed that the case of Beckett’s mother’s murder will be further developed in the finale. And in the grand tradition of teasing fans, he let the interviewer know that someone wouldn’t be making it out of the episode alive:

I can confirm that [someone] we’ve seen many, many times before does die in the finale.

Aside from revealing that the finale will be “explosive” (more explosive than Beckett’s apartment actually exploding in season 2?), he confirmed that the episode would end in a cliffhanger. Castle was renewed for a fourth season in January.

abc castle beckett get together Castle Season 3 Finale Details Revealed

Castle has remained consistently compelling on the merits of Fillion’s charm and Katic’s tough-as-nails demeanor. The dynamic between the main characters has far outstripped the actual investigations for entertainment value. (See Bones for a similar phenomenon.)

That said, Castle and Beckett have been circling each other for three years now, and it’s clear that both want to move forward. The dialogue has progressed from suggestive to downright flirtatious, and you could cut the sexual tension with a wooden spoon.

The much-ballyhooed “first kiss” earlier this year turned out to be a fake-out, and all the love interests for both characters have been conveniently written away. Throwing up another artificial barrier to a relationship with so much momentum seems odd, and fans may become (more) frustrated if this dance keeps going on.

Castle airs Mondays @10pm on ABC. The season finale is currently scheduled May 16.

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  1. Really hope this doesn’t turn into Bones. I stopped watching that after episode one of the current season because I realised, with Bones’ and Booths relationship effectively going nowhere, I was getting really bored with the show. I don’t want the same to happen to Castle.

    • 1)io ho sempre guardato Bones e nonostante tra Brennan E Booth non succeda niente lo continuo a guardare perchè come è stato scritto in un bel blogger: ”Una lunga serie è come un libro. Se getti la spugna a causa di un capitolo che non ti piace, potresti magari perderti bellissimi capitoli a venire, non si sa mai” e appunto, nonostante non ci sia stato il fidanzamento ufficiale, ha un indice di ascolto altissimo.2)se non ci sarà il bacio tra castle e beckett nel finale di stagione, io lo guarderò, perchè ho imparato che solo perchè non c’è il fidanzamento, la serie non fa schifo. e poi solo per un mancato bacio voi vi perdereste tutti quei momenti comici di Castle e Beckett?

    • I agree, except I knew that Booth had a new gf in the 1st episode so I didn’t even watch that. I have recently started watching again (last 2 episodes), but at this point, if they are not together by the end (which it looks like that hope has gone down in flames), then I’m done. It has been too much waiting for them at this point, and at this point, how do you finally put them together? At least with Castle, there has been other people for Castle/Beckett, however brief they may have lasted, with Bones, not the case, except for once this season, so what propels them forward? It’s kinda awkward now. But really even House & Cuddy got together finally this season (and broke up, but still).

      I don’t want to get bored like I did with Bones! Three seasons is long enough to wait!

    • I agree Bones writers dragged it WAY TOO long , i think personally if they drag out Bones any longer the shower would suck more than it does curently and lost a lot of viewers, for castle they might get passed by putting off for a couple episodes in the new season but longer than that it will be bad


  2. I LOVE Castle.
    Keep the articles coming1

  3. Castle is probly my very favorite show on tv, so indeed keep the articles coming.

    I think they will of course finally confess their love to each other, sometime before the final end of the show, they damn well better. But I do think they are making the right decision making it a slow slow progression towards that. Fans think they want it and want it now, but it actually happening could change the show and the chemistry between them entirely.

    For example just look at House. Everyone knew they were in love with each other for years, but it actually happening and them entering a relationship, seemed great at first, but didn’t seem to actually be working all that well story wise.

    • Mike I disagree House and Cuddy together was a huge step forward in writing for the show. Ripping them apart was a huge step backward and has effectively killed my interest in the show. I may not even tune in next season since they ended the relationship. It wasn’t for a very good reason and it ended up leading to more of the same stripping away all character evolution for the past 7 years. Bringing them together was great breaking them up was horrible and has killed the show for me and my GF.

  4. I really don’t think it will turn into bones. It’s just the 3rd season and I agree with AWM… they aren’t ready to be a couple, at least not until mid season 4. If they wait much longer than that I’ll start getting mad. Just get the monkey, aka Josh, off our back and start season 4 off single and ready to grow even closer than they already are. I don’t even want them to have sex until they know it’s right.

  5. Oh great it’s gonna be Bones. I loved Bones at first, but it was one idiotic move after another. Turning Zach in to a different person over night and writing him off the show was the biggest. Not hooking Booth and Bones up was number 2 and the Brain Tumor was a major jump the shark moment especially when you add in Stewie.

    Castle had been handling the will they won’t they great until now but throwing up another random barrier sounds pretty forced and honestly it was time to bring them together. Show runners need to stop being so afraid and learn when it’s time to pull the trigger on the will they won’t they crap.

    • They don’t need to make them a couple but they do need to advance the relationship. JAG went for 10 years without the couple becoming official (although that was about 2 years too long).

      Castle’s biggest flaw, in my opinion, is the lack of story (and emotional) continuity; JAG excelled at that. In some episodes Castle and Beckett seem no closer than random office colleagues, which should not be the case in season 3 of a show.

      I do enjoy the show though, characters and actors are great and the stories usually clever.

  6. There’s no need for them not to be together… Bones and Booth had reasons to not be together. Becket and Castles long lovey looks are driving me nuts.

  7. I think they should developethe charters and their background stories a bit more especially castles. We really do not know much beyond the superficial with him like why his marriages ended etc… I think he does not have many friends that like him for him not fame and fortune and he has found that friend in beckett and a home at the station that he us afraid of loosing maybe explore that a bit show us castles vulnerable side.

    • Good call!

  8. All I can say is that i have a bad feeling about this cliffhanger!!!! Noooo, why a cliffhanger? I’ll have to wait ages till season 4 comes out!!

  9. If they would just get together they could become the new Nick & Nora of the Thin Man. So could Bones if the writers would leave them alone.

    • I think Beckett should admit to herself that there is chemistry. She should start asking the questions she wants the answers to. That in itself is great material to keep this sword play from losing it’s momentum. Also, there is a lack of continuity in their relationship. The tension is there but it’s not addressed or explored on a weekly basis. Now, Beckett kissing Castle dosen’t necessarily have to put them in bed. I love how their personal relationship was established in the book. I think more of it can be brought to the show.
      Also, What’s up Castle wearing a jacket throughout most of Live and Die in L.A.? Very awkward at the pool with all the swimsuits and at Santa Monica Pier, with all the beach goers. Is he putting on weight?

  10. what if they killed off Castle’s mom?

    • i’m actually thinking that too. killing off a character from the precinct would probably seem obvious

  11. You guys are driving me crazy, if they aren’t going to get together, let me know, and I’ll look for something else to watch.

  12. OMG! OMG! OMG! What a season finale! Beautifully crafted. On the edge of your seat the whole show. Perfect amount of family and squad. Pretty much flawless! Kudos to all.

  13. I think writers of every show like this are shying from the moonlighting fiasco.