Cast Selected For Shyamalan’s ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’

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air bender Cast Selected For Shyamalans Avatar: The Last AirbenderEntertainment Weekly is reporting that M. Night Shyamalan has picked some of the cast for his upcoming film, The Last Airbender.

The movie is based on Avatar: The Last Airbender, the popular animated series that ran from early 2005 up until this summer. The story was organized into 3 books (seasons) with each episode called a chapter. There are 20 chapters in each book with one extra in the final book making for a 61-episode run to tell the story and end it properly.

And that they did.

On top of winning an Emmy award and being one of Nickelodeon’s highest rated shows ever; the series spawned all sorts of merchandise including several video games – and now a potential feature film franchise.

Here is the cast thus far:

  • Noah Ringer, a karate star chosen from an open casting call in Texas will play Aang, the central character (the Avatar) of the story. Aang is the last of his tribe and the story follows him as he and his companions travel the world in search of trainers to teach him to master the four elements.
  • Nicola Peltz will play Katara of the Southern water tribe.
  • Jackson Rathbone of recent Twilight fame will play Katara’s brother, Sokka.
  • Jesse McCartney, the young singer, is currently in negotiations to play Zuko, the exiled prince of the Fire Nation.

I watched the entire series earlier this year and really loved it. It took a bit to get used to and there was a lot of corny stuff in the earlier episodes, but overall it was pretty incredible and it is on my list of greatest cartoons ever.

That being said, similar to my thoughts on the new Dragonball Evolution trailer, this will be very difficult to translate into live-action. Shyamalan’s recent track record hasn’t exactly been stellar, so I am eager to see if he can pull this off.

The first installment of The Last Airbender is due out on the big screen July 2, 2010.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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  1. Actually, I don’t mind Aang being white. I don’t care what ethnicity each character is as long as they fit the physical characteristics. I mean, dude. Aang has grey eyes and the water tribe siblings have blue eyes. In terms of skin, just darken up their skin with some makeup or charcoal like in 10,000 BC. No matter how you look at it, an asian with those colors eyes will be difficult to find and will look very horrible. Since Avatar is an American show, I see no reason to convert the characters to stereotypical asian archetypes (which will just prove Hollywood is into racial stereotypes). I ABSOLUTELY believe though, that voice sshould be kept AMERICAN. No voodoo asian accents unless its Iroh. The biggest problem I have is JESSE MCCARTNEY AS ZUKO. NO. IT WON’T, WON’T WORK!!!

  2. correction in fourth paragraph:

    *wouldn’t notice a difference. the casting makes much more sense when seen in this light. still, can’t help but wonder about noah ringer when no one can find anything about him…

  3. Aww, Toph’ not here!

  4. Is it wrong to be choosy? Because I don’t feel that Dev Patel fits the bill either. I don’t doubt his acting skills. It’s just…I don’t know. Facial structure? Dev Patel just doesn’t seem Zuko-ish to me. But oh well. Hopefully the makeup crew will do a good job.

    I want to know who’s playing Azula really bad. Are they even going to have her in the movie? Did Shamalyan say he was just going to cover Book 1?

    Since Avatar’s creators are on staff, I can at least be rest assured that if the movie is screwed up, it won’t be TOO badly.

  5. wooooooooooooooooow why do they have to ruin my life this is my favorite tv show now they have to ruin the movie that is so stupid come on now I cant go see this movie which i really wanted to when I heard it was coming out but when I haerd who the actors and actresses where I just cant finish my sentence its really weird okay bye;)
    dude this is toatal bull and when they get toph shes probably gunna be hanna montaina or somithing realy stupid like that and how the f are they gunna make money of this no one is gunna see it

  6. Jesse McCartney isn’t playing Zuko…don’t worry. But now it’s that big-eared main character from Slumdog Millionaire. Which, with all of my outrage, might represent Zuko a little better that that candy coated pop singer. But oh well.

  7. I’m still pretty pissed that Zuko is being played by Dev Patel…I mean, I have the utmost respect for him as an actor…he really is good since i just absolutely love Slumdog Millionaire…but why is it that he’s Zuko? He has to be better looking coz Zuko is THE man…why can’t Rathbone play Zuko instead and Patel can be Sokka? it’s more accurate visually that way…and at least they won’t have to find new actors anymore…

  8. I like the castings for some of the characters, but think it’s really whack that ALL the Asian main characters are either white or Indian. I actually think Dev would do a decent Zuko, and the kid who plays Aang might be good, but Zhao? There are literally no Eastern Asian characters in this (The Fire nation even has wushu styled Kungfu), and that pisses me off, I get that Shyamalan is Indian and such, but this casting was probably made with little to no care of the source material. I look through the cast list and I literally see no Eastern Asians playing any characters with, well, an actual name and role?

    They’re going to ruin it, big time.

  9. I hate the eastern asian thing that has everyone so worked up. In the cartoon everyone sounds american and except iroh and nobody has squinty eyes. get over it

    • A lot of people had squinty eyes. Pay a little more attention you’ll notice it :) But with anime-like animation, they’re often going to try and make it less obvious, like in cute or humorous scenes, where the characters’ eyes need to bug out, or in emotional scenes. Actually, I think the fact that they are Asian is even more obvious in A:TLA than in many actual animes that involve around Asian characters.

  10. Zuko SHOULD BE PLAYED BY Jesse McCartney!!!!!!!! Not only is he perfect for eye candy but, he actually looks like Zuko! Also i would like to add… when i heard about Jackson Rathbone being in the movie i only had one think to say: SOKKA! At the time i didn’t know who he was going 2 play until i looked it up ’bout 5 mins ago! weird right?

  11. I’m disappointed in the cast choices for Katara and Sokka. The characters’ skin tones are relevant. Having white actors play light brown characters is offensive, ignorant, racist, etc. I was excited about this franchises’ live action potential until I saw the cast…

    • i tottaly agree like my skin color should be right im a light brown color i totaly should be in the movie as katara ise rocks

  12. this is the worst cast ever. i luved the anime seris and always thought i would like 2 see a movie about it but this is just stupid i am not happy about it at all and i am not very happy with the director