Twilight Saga: Eclipse Cast List & New Moon Volturi Pics [Updated]

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From what I understand, the Volturi are a pretty serious bunch of vampires. Don’t believe me? Just check out these pictures below. You’re telling me those beady red eyes don’t freak you out? By the way, in case you were wondering, I’m being facetious. While the Volturi have a look that is more consistent with the popular conception of vampires, i.e. pale white with long, draping black clothing, they’re still nowhere near as creepy as my all-time favorite vampire (Nosferatu).

On second thought, they’re not even as creepy as Kiefer Sutherland in Lost Boys. At least they’re more menacing than the doughy-eyed Edward. Yeah, yeah, I know. He’s not supposed to be menacing, but he’s still a vampire, isn’t he? He should look a little frightening, right? I digress.

Anyway, the Volturi are described as “a venerable coven of vampires who weigh and impose the laws of the vampire world.” Oh yeah, and they’re Italian. The leader of the Volturi is Aro, who is played by the very talented actor Michael Sheen – as can be seen in the first picture. Moving downward, we see Dakota Fanning as Jane and Jamie Campbell Bower as Caius. Skip to the next page for pictures of Cameron Bright as Alec and Christopher Heyerdahl as Marcus, along with an image scan from People Magazine showing Dakota Fanning and Robert Pattinson.

Hat tip to Dread Central for putting all of these pictures together in one place.

michaelsheen aro Twilight Saga: Eclipse Cast List & New Moon Volturi Pics [Updated]

dakotafanning jane twilight Twilight Saga: Eclipse Cast List & New Moon Volturi Pics [Updated]

jamiebower caius twilight Twilight Saga: Eclipse Cast List & New Moon Volturi Pics [Updated]

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  1. Okay, I’m not the biggest fan of Twilight but these “character posters” look down right silly. Are they supposed to be scary? Intimidating? Because they’re neither.

    They just look “cheap”…like they belong on Saturday morning tv show for teenagers.

  2. Haha! What a bunch of lame posters!!! I vote for the Caius one, or whatever the hell he`s called, for the worst of them.

    • Caius is supposed to be a very seriousness vampire

  3. The poster of Caius is the gayest one of them all.

  4. I agree these are lame drawings. People Magazine has a great bunch of stills from the movie. Had the writer done the research he might have posted them instead. But would that ruin your day actually doing something different like have a writer who does the Twilight research? Way to go ScreenRant you’ve managed once again to have a writer who knows nothing about and obviously dislikes Twilight write your article.

    How about you get someone who hates comics to do your next Marvel review?

  5. @ Leech

    What’ve you got to say now that we updated the post with studio-sanctioned pics?

  6. @Leech

    We did not have the stills when we published this post, they were released afterwards and we updated it.

    I would suggest you go elsewhere for Twilight news since we seem to be causing you mental and emotional discomfort with our articles.


  7. That wasn’t very nice, Vic. A low blow to say the least.

  8. Kofi I love them. I think New Moon is going to be far superior to Twilight. But of course this site doesn’t seem to want an opinion from someone who actually reads or likes the books.

  9. @Leech

    What’s not nice? Based on your reaction our articles are really bothering you so I suggested you not read them.


  10. There’s a big difference in ‘our articles are really bothering you’ and what you originally said: “I would suggest you go elsewhere for Twilight news since we seem to be causing you mental and emotional discomfort with our articles.”

    What bothers me is that you don’t care that your writers know nothing about what they are commenting about. That’s it. Whatever mental distress you think is happening-I think it’s on your end. You are delusional and biased.

  11. BloodSucking Leech,

    James, a writer for the blog I write for, and the founder of the site reads the books and is a fan…..just to let you know if you are interested, just click on my name and it will take you to there.

  12. Matt-thanks for the link. I had to search for James’ article but it was worth it. Thanks again. Interesting site. When is the comic going to come out?

  13. @Leech

    I’m sorry to see my article offended you. What exactly did you find problematic with it? I don’t believe I reported anything inaccurately. I could see taking mild offense to my characterization of Edward as “doughy-eyed,” but certainly that shouldn’t be enough to convince you that I “know nothing about and obviously dislike Twilight.”

    As for my opinion that the Volturi are not scary, well, that’s just an opinion (and one that many share). While Twilight may be a romance at its core, the books and films are still rooted in the horror tradition. As such, I think they should look a little more intimidating than they appear in these character posters.

  14. Of course we’re biased – we’re not a pure news site, we’re an editorial site.


  15. Rob-I think your personal opinion or anyone’s is fine when it comes to Twilight. Hate it or love it, whatever. As long as it is YOUR opinion. I take up arms when writers who have never seen the movie hate it based on rehashed opinions of others he’s read on the net. Or trash the books and Stephenie Meyer without even reading them. That’s it. Vic never addresses my concerns of these fake, uninformed reviews.

  16. @Leech

    What are you talking about? Did Rob say he hadn’t seen the movie? “Fake, uninformed reviews?” What are you referring to?

    Oh, and BTW with your complaint about the “lame drawings” (your words) – guess who put those out? THE STUDIO. If they’re “lame” blame the Summit Entertainment for producing them, not US for publishing them!



  17. BloodSucking Leech,

    I have no idea when the comic is coming out. I mostly post movie news and DVD/Blu-Ray Reviews. You can always ask James…his email is in the “contact us” section.

  18. Uhm, wow, BloodSucking Leech seems to just want to cause a fight… They are twisting words into ways that don’t even make sense.

    I loved this piece, since I moved away from Washington, I don’t get the endless updates on the local news anymore. =[ I love Dakota Fanning and cannot wait to see her play a dark character for once! Well, if you don’t count her character in “Push” as dark.
    I did not like the sequel to Twilight so much when I read the series, so I am hoping that the movie will… exaggerate, earlier events so as not to leave the audience snoozing. Being an Edward fan, I am happy to know there will be more of him in the movie…

  19. I think Vic is right. These vamps are supposed to scare the heck out of people. They do need to be a bit more terrifying then they are right now. They look too much like the Cullens.

  20. marcus looks like he either wants to chokes someone or is pouncing on them!


  21. finally seth will appear love him soo, much especially breaking dawn go seth~!!!!!

  22. go seth he gets the vampires and proves that there is no natural enemies….besides the guy playin him is so fine…!go boo boo stewar&&kristen stewart!ahaha bahaha

  23. Everyone, I just found this website. I dont know if you guys already know about it. Its really cool, and it has filming updates and locations for Eclipse!! Everyday its updated it looks like.

    thought i would share


    PLEASE Email me the answer at

  25. omg i love demetri he is so hot i love him with his red eyes he is most defs my second most favourite character after jacob(taylor lautner) ofcourse :) so yer love the pics oh and b4 i forget i love alec too :) <3<3<3

  26. I suppose it's just me, but I can't for the life of me figure out what drives people to actually applaud this tripe. I did give the books a chance, and thought they were OK..

  27. I suppose it's just me, but I can't for the life of me figure out what drives people to actually applaud this tripe. I did give the books a chance, and thought they were OK..

  28. we love twilight and anything to do with it especially the posters, badges and everything else. both love the books and films, can’t wait for eclipse. so if you don’t like the posters get rid of them, idiot!!!

  29. i love alec he is so cut i love him and the person who plays him he is the best of the Volturi i think