Cartoon Network Adding ‘Teen Titans Go!’ in 2013

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Teen Titans Go Cartoon Network Cartoon Network Adding Teen Titans Go! in 2013

It’s tough to keep a good superhero team down, and now (although they’ve been off the air for more than five years), Cartoon Network has recently announced it will bring back its popular Teen Titans animated series in the form of the more lighthearted Teen Titans Go!

Cartoon Network initially brought the animated and occasionally super-deformed Teen Titans back as animated shorts, which aired during DC Nation, the network’s hour-long block of superhero programming. Beyond Teen Titans Go!, the shorts and interstitials have featured the likes of Plastic Man, Vibe, as well as the Atom and have apparently become quite the draw in and of themselves.

According to Cartoon Network, the TTG! shorts, featuring a chibi style version of the team, have proven popular enough to warrant joining the growing ranks of DC Nation sometime next year. Right now, the DC-centric animation block features Young Justice and Green Lantern: The Animated Series, but will have an all-new CGI animated Batman series, Beware the Batman added to the line-up very soon.

Despite the gap between the end of Teen Titans and this stylistically different version of the team, Teen Titans Go! has managed to secure the familiar voice talents of the original cast including: Scott Menville (Robin), Khary Payton (Cyborg), Greg Cipes (Beast Boy), Tara Strong (Raven) and Hynden Walch (Starfire).

An official press release from the network stated:

“Character-driven comedy is the order of the day as this new take on the super hero series focuses on the funny business that happens between saving the world and living together as teenagers without adult supervision. They may be super heroes who save the world every day … but somebody still has to do the laundry! With the ability to turn into any animal or detach their robotic limbs, teenage pranks reach a whole new level. And even super heroes have to take Driver’s Ed. to get a license – especially after wrecking the Batmobile on an unauthorized joy ride to impress a girl!”

Super Best Friends Forever Cartoon Network Cartoon Network Adding Teen Titans Go! in 2013

Considering the current offerings are all action-oriented and targeted primarily at the young male demographic, lightening things up with 22 minutes of comedy would certainly help court a wider audience. Additionally, should Teen Titans Go! prove a success, it may allow for an even more expansive line-up on DC Nation that could include full episodes of shorts like Super Best Friends Forever or the ongoing adventures of Plastic Man.

Given that Cartoon Network airs DC Nation on Saturday mornings, gearing an expansion of this kind toward a broader audience may prove to be a successful test for the continuation of their DC Comics-inspired animation block.


Teen Titans Go! shorts can currently be seen during DC Nation, which airs Saturdays @10am on Cartoon Network.

Source: Comic Book Movie

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  1. Hopefully this show wont be too bad. I heard a rumor that if this show has food ratings, they’ll give us season 6 of the real TT. I hope so:/ I love the old show so much.

    • I really hope you’re right. They can’t not be getting the message that a majority of the fans want the original. We’re being pretty clear about it XD

      • since when have the fans ever been important to cartoon network?
        still i hope the past is not indicitive of the future. why can’t they give the titans a triumphant return? heck the could still have teen titans go. i have said it before here, and i’ll say it again:”why can’t we have both teen titans go and regular teen titans?” after all it isn’t uncommon for shorts based on running shows to air here and there.

        • I think that’s a great idea! The amazing original series we all know and love plus a little shorts series to advertise the show and fill up commercial space. It’s a win-win!

          • yep. now if only cartoon network will listen. if any one from cartoon network is reading this, please listen. we, the fans, are willing to negotiate as long as we get season 6 of the REAL Teen Titans. that is all we desire. most of the ire Titans Go! has caused is because we feel robbed.

        • I love that idea.

  2. Hopefully this show wont be too bad. I heard a rumor that if this show has food ratings, they’ll give us season 6 of the real TT. I hope so:/

  3. *good ratings lol

    • i don’t know, food ratings sound delicious. and i could just eat up those cute little titans. 5 star show indeed

      • COME ON! I want the REAL teen titans back. Though the shorts are pretty fun, I still want to see the drama of stopping villains and saving the world. COME BACK TEEN TITANS!!

  4. …Why? I’m sorry, but they’re replacing two great shows, one of which is an emmy award winning series, with this? Batman I can understand to an extent, although the direction they’re going with sounds like an absolute train wreck. Then there’s Teen Titans… If it were season six, then yeah, fine fans want it. Too bad its a chibi driven comedy. I mean, come on! Green Lantern has so much story telling potential! Yes the character animation is hard to swallow at first, but once you finally warm up to it, you’re treated to great writing, beautiful visuals, and a universe just brimming with wonderful story telling opportunities and an entire mythos that, if seperated from the DC universe, could stand entirely on its own. Then there’s Young Justice which is EMMY AWARD WINNING. Seriously! Cartoon Network, are you even paying attention to what it is you’re broadcasting? The words EMMY AWARD WINNING should say everything! Okay. Rant over. I’m done.

  5. I want the original. But lets not quit, guys. Heres a few ideas. Sign the inline petition, contact CN’s website. Also send them links of this comments page or other ones to show them how many hundreds of people want the original back. I sent them an email with the link of the online petition that has over 8,000 signatures since 2011. I know its hard, but that this TTG is out means we have at least some power as fans for them to do anything at all. We can go all the way. ALso email DC Nation or DC Comics with these links or just your opinion. I know we’ve been trying for a long time, but we can do it!

    • Grow up you have no power. Teen Titans is a cheep knock off, and i mean cheep. Teen Titans was one of the highest rated shows and was taken off the air for one reason. Money. Teen Titans go is being animated like Johnny Test with a cheep animation program anyone can get off the shelf. They are only going to use the Teen Titans to make a quick buck of it’s previous popularity. The so called rumor is just that. Your online petitions account for nothing. These are corporate vultures that want to make money at the cheapest cost to themselves, and because of the cost of making good quality animation is high you will never see the return of Teen Titans ever. Sorry to be the guy that crushes your dreams, but you need to wake up and open your eyes. Want proof look what happens to anything good. TMNT turned to crap, Toonami turned to crap, and more, all riding on the coattails of it’s previous glory with fans hoping for the best only to me slammed back into the ground and stepped on. If I had the money to run my own network I guarantee you Teen Titans would be created to a true end based off what the creators want to do. I do not agree with the way CN is running it’s network and by doing the opposite of what they do I could easily put them out of business, as I’m sure everyone else could do as well.

  6. I think I have an idea myself to help save the show. Heres a link I found on CN’s website it has all the vp’s emails and stuff.
    TT fans, help out by emailing these people our reasons why we want TT back to its original state. Why it deserves another season and how much it would benefit them to do it for more viewers. Its a long shot but if a bunch of us keep putting pressure for it and send them links of the petition like the above commenter suggested, we could make it happen. We at least got them getting the message come on lets try! I already emailed some of them!

  7. Bring back Teen Titans for real, not that! It’s been five years, and you still have to show those boring cartoons instead of good ones, for no reason at all! Just bring them back please!!!

  8. There’s a rumor on a website that if this show does well with ratings, then they might give us more of the original show possibly season six. Lets hope this show does well guys, even if we don’t like it cus how this comedy series go is what stands between us and a possible season six of our show!!

    • Yeah someone else commented something about that too. For once there’s a rumor that sounds good haha

      • in that case i love teen titans go

  9. I want Young Justice to be put on not only because I like it, also because its a great show and there is still more to tell to the story. They already gave some alternative story that could continue but they just up and quit. That is just a shame :-(

  10. Hey guys to the people saying theres a rumor that the show will return, I hope so. Also to show CN we want the original show and not chibi crap lets all send them letters. Then theyll have to listen if enough of us mail them. Emails can be deleted but piled up letters is another thing. Come on guys help out! I mailed them yesterday if we all do it we can make a difference. Instead of complaining, lets get writing.

    • Can i know how to do this like how to message them i think this show will be very bad and so i want the old teen titans back this will not change anything but might as well try

  11. Dan one thing yo could do is go to the Cartoon Network website and scroll down to where it says contact us, choose programming choose teen titans and write there what it is you want to say. Also try sending them a real letter to Atlanta the address is online. And if enough people do it I think it could change something

  12. Dan one thing you can p do is go to the Cartoon Network website and scroll down to where it says contact us, choose programming choose teen titans and write there what it is you want to say. Also try sending them a real letter to Atlanta the address is online. And if enough people do it I think it could change something

  13. i wrote letters but honestly it is too late the promo of this show almost brought me to tears ohh how the great can fall so hard. :(

  14. DOnt give up theres stil hope. theres a rumor the old show could return. ANd if not this comedy isnt linking up with the old show the creators said that thsemselves. The original will always be good no matter what

  15. i understand but think about it 7 years… 7 years it has been since the end of teen titans and this is how they repay our waiting with a show that will crush all of our hopes and dreams. The rumor is from a fan rumors have been around since the day after the last episode. it is over.

  16. This show coming out is at least some proof that as fans we can make something happen its a start. I’ve seen shows come back years later. And there’s a rumor it could return. Plus we all gotta keepvtrying it’s the only way it’ll maybe return if we just give up it never will. I’d like to at least try too TTG ends.

  17. I do not know if anyone else but me realizes this but its over the show will never come back the way it was and this is the proof the generation of television we live in is stupid and kids dont have the brains like ours to understand words. Its over i have already accepted it and you should too dont waste your energy cartoon network has failed us all.

  18. That’s the attitude that gets everything down. You can believe what you choose as will I, I’m gonna try a little longer. Everyone keep ur beards up and sorry and stay positive. If we keep pulling together we could make it happen, again that this TTG comes out is at least proof that we have power as fans,. Honestly since this thing was said to come out, I’ve never seen so many people working together to bring it back, keep hope. If no luck we can say we tried. And the original TT will always be loved.

  19. actually what i just realized if any hope is comics. the first season was somewhat based in the comics so why not this one you know?

  20. Yep. The show is based off the comics and the comics had a lot of material. They have plenty to work with

  21. i have noticed not many posts recently anyone have any updates on the series?

  22. Not as of yet, people are still just upset by this go comedy. Still rumors of the show and CN debating on what to do. Nothing yet. I’m assuming we won’t know til the go series starts.

  23. Why would CN and the show be talking all they want is money they dont care about their fans according to the making of this crap?

  24. anyone know how long new episodes will be?

  25. like 22 mins. for the go series. if the old one returns idk

  26. but its strange because when the creators were interviewed they said it was 11 why would it change? did they change episodes or something?

  27. Can i just hear everyones opinions regarding how you think this series will turn out and their opinions on whether they think CN will bring back old teen titans or not?

    We need to keep communication going if anyone knows anything like rumors please post for the good of the show and its fans.

    • I really don’t know what’s happening. I haven’t been in the loop lately but I’m assuming they haven’t given much more information. I’m sure you could find Greg Cipes or Tara Strong (the voices of Beast Boy and Raven) on Twitter or Facebook. As to my opinion on the show, I’ve already made it clear in several other comments that I would like the original Teen Titans. And I agree, we should keep checking this site for more comments so we can all figure this out.

  28. Honestly I don’t thi we’ll really know anything too TTG comes out. We should all keep checking comments news etc and keep signing the petition and stuff. But for now well have to be patient til April I don’t think we’ll know too much more til the shoppe starts and see how people react to it. If any luck people will not like it and send CN more letters about demanding the original, til them let’s be patient and hopeful

  29. I still dont understand why they would not just continue the series they would have so much more money?

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