Cartoon Network Adding ‘Teen Titans Go!’ in 2013

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Teen Titans Go Cartoon Network Cartoon Network Adding Teen Titans Go! in 2013

It’s tough to keep a good superhero team down, and now (although they’ve been off the air for more than five years), Cartoon Network has recently announced it will bring back its popular Teen Titans animated series in the form of the more lighthearted Teen Titans Go!

Cartoon Network initially brought the animated and occasionally super-deformed Teen Titans back as animated shorts, which aired during DC Nation, the network’s hour-long block of superhero programming. Beyond Teen Titans Go!, the shorts and interstitials have featured the likes of Plastic Man, Vibe, as well as the Atom and have apparently become quite the draw in and of themselves.

According to Cartoon Network, the TTG! shorts, featuring a chibi style version of the team, have proven popular enough to warrant joining the growing ranks of DC Nation sometime next year. Right now, the DC-centric animation block features Young Justice and Green Lantern: The Animated Series, but will have an all-new CGI animated Batman series, Beware the Batman added to the line-up very soon.

Despite the gap between the end of Teen Titans and this stylistically different version of the team, Teen Titans Go! has managed to secure the familiar voice talents of the original cast including: Scott Menville (Robin), Khary Payton (Cyborg), Greg Cipes (Beast Boy), Tara Strong (Raven) and Hynden Walch (Starfire).

An official press release from the network stated:

“Character-driven comedy is the order of the day as this new take on the super hero series focuses on the funny business that happens between saving the world and living together as teenagers without adult supervision. They may be super heroes who save the world every day … but somebody still has to do the laundry! With the ability to turn into any animal or detach their robotic limbs, teenage pranks reach a whole new level. And even super heroes have to take Driver’s Ed. to get a license – especially after wrecking the Batmobile on an unauthorized joy ride to impress a girl!”

Super Best Friends Forever Cartoon Network Cartoon Network Adding Teen Titans Go! in 2013

Considering the current offerings are all action-oriented and targeted primarily at the young male demographic, lightening things up with 22 minutes of comedy would certainly help court a wider audience. Additionally, should Teen Titans Go! prove a success, it may allow for an even more expansive line-up on DC Nation that could include full episodes of shorts like Super Best Friends Forever or the ongoing adventures of Plastic Man.

Given that Cartoon Network airs DC Nation on Saturday mornings, gearing an expansion of this kind toward a broader audience may prove to be a successful test for the continuation of their DC Comics-inspired animation block.


Teen Titans Go! shorts can currently be seen during DC Nation, which airs Saturdays @10am on Cartoon Network.

Source: Comic Book Movie

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  1. Meh I’ll stick to young justice

  2. As long as they don’t cancel Young Justice. Thats one of the best super hero tv shows I’ve ever seen

    • Agreed!

  3. So close, yet so far

    • I know what you mean. I thought the original Teen Titans series was perfect. Swapping the animation for something less detailed and to make the show focus on comedy instead of balancing it with action gives me the feeling it will not be as good as the original. However, this does not mean this new TT series will be bad, it will probably still be very entertaining. I blame Young Justice for “forcing” a revival of Teen Titans to be very unlike the YJ series (apparently there was no room for 2 “serious” DC teen superhero cartoons). Oh well, I still have that new Xiaolin Chronicles cartoon to look forward too also.

  4. For goodness sake, instead of pointless exercises like this, can’t they just revive Justice League Unlimited already.

  5. I’m glad they are doing this. The way the cancelled the show 5 years ago was so dumb. Hope they continue it from the last episode and keep young justice going too

    • THis has no connection, other than characters, to the past Teen TItans show.

      • Actually, yes it does. It is a follow-up to the show and is set after the events of Trouble in Tokyo, just like the shorts and the comic

  6. My fav character was speedy

  7. So, a goofy Teen Titans with practically none of the action? Snap! After all the character development that happened throughout the years? After that last episode left us begging for more? That is totally not fair. I really hope TT gets revived, but NOT like this. They should stick to the original, ’nuff said. :(

    • The best part of the original show was the character interactions, which is were the character development came from. Wait till you see the show before making assumptions

    • i agree with you!! if we can some how ask the CN to revive the series and to show them how benefical it is for them it can be done. if we really love teen titans we must do it!

  8. I wish they would revive Batman Beyond and pick up where the last episode left off with adult Terry. Itd be interesting to see a mature Terry.

    • I completely agree! Batman Beyond was my show <3

  9. I like YJ on the cartoon network. But I realy wish there was A way to get some of the Teen Titans on the show. Most of them are on,but there some missing. Like Raven,Starfire,Cyborg and my favorite Donna Troy the orignal Wonder Girl.

    • You clearly need to catch up on season two. most of those characters you named have showed up at this point.

      • I have been watching season 2 and I have not seen any of the charters mentioned. Beast Boy,Ms. Martin,Nightwing,Robin,Bumblebee,and Wonder Girl #2 Cassie Sasmak are there. But no Starfire,Raven,Dona Troy or Cyborg in sight.

        • It’s a Greg Weissman show, not Bruce timm’s

          • I mean not Glen Murakami,

  10. Young Justice is so underated

  11. Young Justice and Legend of Korra are not just the best cartoons, they are the best TV shows on air right now.

    • I couldn’t agree more, I love both shows and Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

    • Agree Mr. “Bender”

    • Yeah i agree 50/50 with YJ being the best on T.V., but Korra? F***k that they basicly took Aang’s lagacy and f***ed it up Korra thumbs down Young Justice sideways thumbs up. ‘Nuff said..

  12. I don’t even want to try this show because that picture pretty much says it all: “for kids under the age of 5 only”.
    I wish they’d just do reruns of Batman:TAS, Superman:TAS, Batman Beyond, and Justice League (and Unlimited)…
    I grew up watching those shows and to this day I still have happy memories of sitting down each afternoon with my snack and having some REAL superhero entertainment.
    Batman Beyond was probably the “darkest” of all the shows and I turned out just fine (mostly ;)). I don’t understand this obsession with making shows more “lighthearted” and “kiddie friendly” when kids can just go on the internet and find all sorts of disturbing and gruesome stuff anyway… rather put out QUALITY entertainment that can keep them stimulated (like Justice League: Unlimited), instead of shows like Ultimate Spider-Man that just bores the pants off of anybody watching…

    Avengers:EMH has been cancelled (officially) and it’s probably just a matter of time before they give Young Justice the boot too, so it looks like things are just gonna get worse for superhero-animated series’ :(


    • You have spoken the truth , for years I have watch how my favorite shows were getting cancelled in favor of some “kid friendly” focus programs. I remember as a kid watching Batman the animated series and loved it because of the seriousness and occasional humor that was present through the lifetime of its series. Also I think Batman Beyond its underrated, It was definitely something different, may I also say ‘cooler’. Now I just can’t watch these new shows on cartoon network , they just feel cheap and stupid. They should as you said earlier , show the re-runs of past animated series or created something as good as they were…

      • I blew off so much homework for Batman Beyond and Toonami. Those were the good days…..

  13. Id prefer JLU be revived or add a season to Superman:TAS & New Batman Adeventures. Bruce Timm stated if he could pick one show he back to, it would be Superman:TAS to focus on Superman gaining back the people’s trust after the events in “Legacy Pts.1&2″.

    Avengers:EMH been cancelled? When & why?

    • It was doomed to cancel since Jeph Loeb took over Marvel animation. And with the inclusion of Ultimate Spiderman, goes down the hopes of the A:EMH.

  14. Maybe now Bandai can make more TT toys after WB took their money for the licensing fee forthe 6th season knowing their would be no 6th season. Or this show fails miserably. Karma’s a beyotch.

  15. Yeah, a goofy Teen Titans cartoon. That’d be so horrible.

    …Did anyone here actually watch the original series? Granted, there were some very serious episodes, but a number of episodes blended comedy and action with more emphasis on the former… or were outright manic to start with. I suggest you all go re-watch the five seasons. For every one Slade-style episode, there are three Brother Blood-style episodes. And that’s not a bad thing. Well, Brother Blood was a joke, but comedy in general isn’t bad.

    As for reviving JLU or some other series, yeah, not likely to happen. How many people would they have to get back together to bring that or any other DCAU show back? At least this project already has the original voice cast together.

    • I completely agree with you. People need to go rewatch the show and see that comedy was a huge aspect of the original show

  16. Bring back and continue the original Teen Titans and make a Flash animated series instead.

  17. SOOOOO pissed off right now. I LOVED the original Teen Titans series and it does NOT deserve to be made into this dumb chibi comedy version. There’s enough crap right now on cartoon network and the shows just get progressively more random and wrong. TT should be revived, starting from the 6th season. It would make old fans happy and new people satisfied. It was already really funny to begin with! I luv young justice but since it’s already a serious teen super hero show it had to turn TT into…THIS crap. -.- either revive TT properly or let the show keep its dignity.

  18. Let’s see…what are my thoughts on this? Well first of all, I’m glad that Teen Titans is making a comeback. I’m glad that Cartoon Network realized that it was about time that they expanded on the Teen Titans story besides the comic that was made for the show, but like the Toonami revival…THIS ISN’T MY TEEN TITANS! This is not the series I watched while in elementary/middle school. Besides the voice actors…everything will be completely different. Teen Titans did what I believe Young Justice fails to do. Teen Titans was a good mix of lighthearted comedy with dark and serious drama and action. It took itself seriously in everything that it did including the comedy and while I know that Young Justice isn’t meant to be a comedy series, I’d like to laugh while I watch it at least more than just once or twice. That’s my opinion on that and I wont touch the Young Justice issue any more than that. Back on topic, I feel like Cartoon Network is trying to revive itself by bringing back what made it great in the first place, the old cartoons, Teen Titans and Toonami but still, this show will be for children whereas the original was for all ages. I’ll watch this online and that’s it. If no one watches this or complains enough, the show might get the revival it deserves

    • I couldnt have said it better myself. Awesome, ur using the original people….. SO USE THE FLIPPIN’ ORIGINAL ANIMATION!!!!!

  19. SCREW THIS. I WANT TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS TO TERRA!! i cant watch what happens seriously if they look like some chibi s*** -__-

    • Without a doubt I agree with you. CN sucks now, more than ever. It will catch my interest again should they choose to continue from the original series.

  20. Yeah I’ll be into young justice now alot more sense Marvel is being stupid and concelling Avengers EMH’s

  21. I want the original TT. For them to make it in chibi style is quite disappointing, I fell in love with the series because of the well balance of action, humor, “darkness” and a hint of romance. Now it’s just plain cute -.-

    I was really excited when i heard about TT GO, still am! but I was expecting it to be like the original. I think it would be better if it wasn’t made in chibi form.

    Like koriicemaiden17 said “either revive TT properly or let the show keep its dignity.”
    And JohnTurner “I’ll watch this online and that’s it. If no one watches this or complains enough, the show might get the revival it deserves”

    • agread …somebody start a petietion if we can get cn to see that were on board with bringing back the titans but not this chibi version we might get what we want{ also i would like to propse a compromise to cn make both series and shorten the chibi version to be a sort of short in the main story or a dvd bonouse {sort of like the shorts on the doctor season collections}

  22. GOSH I’ve been waiting for so long but NOT for this s***!!
    I want the REAL Teen Titans, the original one back!!!

  23. I am SOOOOO INCREDIBLY EXCITED about the reviving of teen titans, but I am upset that they are ruining the original style of animation. I mean, the one they are presenting now is just…crap. Cyborg and beast boy look high for crying out loud. They look so deformed. Imagine how awkward it would be for robin and starfire to have a relationship, looking the way they do. It can’t be taken seriously. Not to mention other issues. Nonetheless, the original teen titans was such a huge part of my childhood and I have recently gone back to re-watch it and it is amazing. I am shocked they cancelled it but I am excited to see what happens after all the fighting. I think we should all be open about this and watch everything they have to show to us and not base any conclusions off the first episode because maybe, if teen titans go does well, we can manage to bring back the original series as well as other series.

  24. This show looks terrible…a true disgrace to the original Teen Titans show. I want the original show back or not at all. None of this Chibi crap. I’ve waited to long for the show just to see it get ruined.


  25. come on cn listen to the commentors we want teen titans but we want the origional not this watered down version … you want to gaurentee peopel watching cn re continu teen titans picking up from the last episode

    we dont care if we have to wait longer for you to make the proper teen titans as long as you do as for the current teen titans go… a good idea but should not be the main focous perhaps dvd bonuses or side parts like merry melodies to the loonie toons show
    please Cartoon network as one of thousands of fans brink back the REAl titans sincerly the15thdoctor {ps any one who can contact cn try to get me a direct line so i can try to state a proper case.{or do it yourself but i just cant sit back i have to do somthing}

  26. I remember seeing the commercials for a new series called “Teen Titans” when I was about 9 years old. I watched every single episode and fell in love with the series. After “Things Change”, I started a petition to get Teen Titans back on the air. Six years later, I hear that it is coming back. I watch the shorts that they show, and I think that they’re just trying to promote the Teen Titans since it hasn’t been on in forever and to get the little kids to watch it. Now I see that all my time and effort backfired, and they are bringing this back. I can’t take any of these characters seriously. And all i’ve ever wanted to see is another Kid Flash/ Jinx episode so I can find out how she became a hero. I wanted to see a BBRae episode where they finally get together. I want a Robfire date at the pizza-shaped pizza place. This is just not the same.

  27. Please CN, bring the Original Teen Titans back. There was nothing wrong with the show. The only wrong thing that ever happened to it was cancelling it. And still to this day I can’t believe it was cut off. It had no reason to. The show had good ratings!! And now the years of plot and character build up has been nothing but a waste??? Stop harming yourselves, stop ruining good shows, and start fixing the problem. Why modify something that was beyond great??? We appreciate the help and concern to bring it back, but we want the old Teen Titans. Cause we can assure you, you WILL get more views if you do so…THAT…we can promise.

  28. I absolutly LOVED the original series…i spent days watching every episode after i bought the seasons. I love the idea of the Teen Titans coming back, but deffinetally not this way. This is just rediculious and I wish the new show’s creators took the show a little more seiousally than makeing it a kids show. Granted I did watch the original series in elementary school, but now being much older I still watch it almost daily. The new series seems like its only going to be for young children, which is upsetting…bring back the original!!!

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