‘Cars 2′ Teaser Trailer & Concept Art

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cars 2 Cars 2 Teaser Trailer & Concept Art

The creative folks over at Pixar are well-renowned for their storytelling chops and tendency to favor originality, but their next animated feature, Cars 2, is a sequel to what is generally considered their weakest (though, commercially, one of their most successful) films released to date.

Disney/Pixar have unveiled a short teaser trailer for Cars 2, along with several pieces of conceptual art that offer a glimpse at some of the non-U.S. locations that will appear in the film.

Owen Wilson will once again voice the racing superstar (car) Lightning McQueen in Cars 2, which also features the vocal talents of Daniel Lawrence Whitney (a.k.a. Larry the Cable Guy) as the redneck pick-up truck, Mater. Pixar head honcho John Lasseter is co-directing the sequel alongside Ratatouille producer Brad Lewis.

The very international Cars 2 involves a North by Northwest-inspired storyline that revolves around Mater, who gets caught up in an elaborate espionage plot after he rescues a British agent (car) named Finn McMissile. It’s safe to say that the Cars sequel will be mostly just a fun, colorful, kid-friendly romp that lacks the emotional depth of previous Pixar titles – and that’s not, per se, a bad thing.

Check out the Cars 2 teaser trailer below:

There are also several pieces of conceptual art for Cars 2 that offer a glance at the foreign countries that will be featured in the film, including England, France, Italy, and Japan. Pixar’s quality of animation has improved with every movie they’ve released and Cars 2 will undoubtedly contain both beautifully rendered and detail-rich representations of all these locales.

Check out the Cars 2 conceptual art below:

Cars 2 arrives in 2D, 3D, and IMAX 3D theaters in the U.S. on June 24th, 2011.

Source: Disney/Pixar

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  1. I wanna see this.

  2. Cars isn’t the weakest at all. Ratatouille is awful, and A Bugs Life isn’t much better. Kids love Cars, much more than Pixars more adult centric films like Wall E and Up.

    Pixar used to make childrens films that adults could watch, now they make adults films that children can watch.

    • Whoa now, I’ll have to whole-heartedly disagree. I liked Ratatouille and I REALLY liked A Bug’s Life. For me, the WORST Pixar movie, by far is Wall-E, what a freakin’ snore-fest with a serving of stupid environmentalist BS to go with it…

      Seriously, how much of a movie can you watch with just “Wall…e… Evee…” I can’t believe some people think it is the best Pixar movie… (Can’t be since The Incredibles is, lol).

      But everything else, I really like. I LOVED Up, LOVED The Incredibles, liked Cars, really liked A Bug’s Life, loved Finding Nemo, I loved all of the Toy Story movies, etc. etc. I’m a child inside, I know, lol. But I find the humor in these movies to be much more intelligent than those from retarded cheesy comedies that rely on sex jokes and toilet humor for all of their laughs… *yawn*

      • Whoa now, I’ll have to whole-heartedly disagree on that attack on WALLE. :) It’s one of my favorite Pixar films, mainly due to the visual aspects and perfect execution of the message it needed to send out. I could go on, but simply put, it was hardly a bore for me.

        I love the concept art! Pixar just keeps improving, whether it’s in their artwork, story, message, or all of the above.

        • Technically speaking, yes, it LOOKED good, but I don’t want to watch a technology display, I want to be entertained by a movie with humor and a good plot.

          And sorry, but I guess my “inner-hippy” must have OD’ed a while ago and died because the whole environmentalist tree-hugging message did nothing but take away from the movie for me, but even without it, I found it quite boring and I think I might have chuckled once in the entire movie, while with other Pixar movies my cheeks usually hurt from laughter by the end of the movie, I think I snored more during Wall-E than laughed…

          And how people went from live-action to animated boggles my mind…

          Seriously, Waaaaaaaaa-eeeeee, eeevvveeee, repeat that for an hour and a half, wow, how entertaining… *yawn*

      • amen brotha!

    • Wich is exactly how it should be…

  3. Oh my gosh! My kids are going to go NUTS for a Cars sequel!

  4. How in the world are tose buildings made without humans?

    Dr. Sam, I agree. And Nautius, its not just my nieces and nephews that are going crazy over this new film, my dad (who is a car junkie) is convinced that Cars is the greatest movie ever, and he’s already started torturing me by saying that he wants me to take him to watch part 2 for his birthday.

  5. The 1st cars movie was awesome can’t wait to watch this kachow lol ^_^

    • It goes like that according to you! And your hardly an authority, that list probably makes up 10% of all the movies you’ve ever seen, I suppose you are pretty close to Pixar’s target age range.

      • Iam 56.

        lol hell no,im 18 :) Still thats rhe way the cookie crumbles. Whats your list?

          • A bugs life is NOT last OMG…and up is #8? WTH? lol.

            • I just didnt like Up, and I’ve always found A Bugs Life to be quite poor.

              • wow youre like the only one in this world who doesnt like up.

                • i didnt hate Up, but honestly it did nothing for me at all.
                  I haven’t really enjoyed a Pixar film for a few years, i did enjoy Toy Story 3 but I really thought it had been made soley for the adults who loved the first one rather than young children.

                  • And thats why i LOVED toy story 3 :)

                  • @DrSamBeckett

                    I thought I was the only one who felt Toy Story 3’s themes were too adult for the little ones compared to parts 1 & 2. My girls, 5 & 3 love the first 2 films but only the 5 yr old will watch all of Toy Story 3 and even then she gets upsets towards the end. the 3 year old is scared to watch most of it.

                    Now as for CARS & especially MONSTERS INC, they both love these and the 5yr old is going to go nuts over this CASR 2 teaser because shes a SPY KIDS nut and this looks to be pairing of her favorite things.

    • Wall e was boring. Bugs life is magnificent.

    • I was stuck on a 14 hour flight to Hong Kong, bored to death, I still couldn’t sit through Wall-E in one sitting, had to take a nap and then finish the movie later… So even though it was free and I was so bored anything would have entertained me, that movie still bored me to death… And the story was pretty dumb to, especially the ending…

  6. for starters it goes.

    1. Walle
    2. Toy Story 3
    3. Toy Story 2
    4. Incredibles
    5. Up
    6. Finding Nemo
    7. Toy Story
    8. Monsters Inc
    9. Ratatouille
    10. Bugs Life
    11. Cars

    Walle is the greatest because of so much Heart, animation, and its reliance on acting and not dialogue. but thats just one mans opinion

    to say Cars is the worst pixar movie is like saying a some girl is the worst Victoria’s Secret model. maybe not the perfect 10 like the rest but if given the chance to go on a date with her, i’d be all over that like a fat kid on a cupcake.

    Pixar is one of the few movie studios that is going 11/11 and growing. Anything Pixar does is pure gold.

    Cars 2 is coming for 2 reasons, one its easy to come up with a story. the Caracters and setting are very easy to write and there is alot that can be done with them.

    and 2, a BIG push from disney and marketing. Cars may be one of the lowest grossing Pixar movies (hard to call $462million low) but the sales from toys and clothes is beyond anything else they’ve ever created (toy story is close behind though). a second movie would be a big financial gain in toy stores worldwide.

    With Disney, girls are easy, you have 9 Pincesses to post on bedsheets and barbie dolls, but thats harder to do with boys. you can only go so far with Aladdin and Tarzan. Cars is the boys version of Disney Princess in toy stores. It may not be a favorite of adult film-goers but it definatley is among Boys ages 4-11.

    Cars 2 is going to be another big hit for Pixar, commercially and critically and then they can go back to creating new and more original stories.

    (FYI, if any Pixar movie should have a sequal now, its The Incredibles)

    • I agree with INCREDIBLES getting a sequel NOW!!!!

  7. The worst Pixar films are most definitely Cars and The Incredibles. The only reason all the kids are going crazy for Cars is because of the marketing behind it. Cars toys everywhere, etc.
    The first movie was NOT that good and this one looks like a cross between NASCAR and Cats vs. Dogs or G-Force. If ANY Pixar movie deserves a sequel, it’s Monsters Inc.

    • I can not believe that there are ADULTS ARGUEING about childrens movie’s,
      It’s a simple case of just let the kid’s decide !! But IMO they are all great wish we had movies like these when i was a kid instead of Kimba the white lion and Monkey magic !?, I still enjoy these movies but my Children love them all ! Cars 2 would have a large impact on my young fellas playtime so I would encorouge this just for the outdoor playtime and not in door !

      • lol “kids movies” yet you like them. So we cant argue about movies we like? o_O….