Chloë Moretz is Covered in Pig’s Blood in the First ‘Carrie’ Remake Trailer

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Carrie was Stephen King’s first published novel (1974), but the property is perhaps best known for the Brian De Palma film adaptation that followed starring Sissy Spacek as the titular Carrie. As with practically every classic horror film, it’s getting the remake (or is it re-adaptation?) treatment for modern audiences.

The teaser trailer debuted this past weekend at New York Comic Con 2012 – our own Kofi Outlaw was in attendance – and now it’s online for all to see.

As Kofi noted in his breakdown, the teaser trailer is very much a teaser. Essentially, we see the aftermath of the climax of the story…






…wherein Carrie White, the newly-elected prom queen, has a bucket of pig’s blood dumped on her head from the catwalk above as a cruel joke. Unfortunately for her tormenters, being bathed in pig’s blood only serves to fully activate Carrie’s incredible telekinetic powers, which she then uses to burn down the school with everyone inside. Oops?

Carrie Remake Trailer Chloë Moretz is Covered in Pigs Blood in the First Carrie Remake Trailer

In the remake/re-adaptation, Carrie is played by Chloë Moretz (Hit-Girl in Kick-Ass). Though the teaser trailer briefly features Moretz as Carrie, covered in blood, the majority of the footage depicts the entire town of Chamberlain, Maine aflame and in shambles. While this is a departure from the De Palma film where Carrie merely destroyed the high school and those inside, it more closely resembles the ending of the book, where the destruction was far more widespread.

Which isn’t altogether surprising, especially after director Kimberly Peirce (Stop-Loss) told the NYCC crowd:

“I didn’t take anything from [Brian De Palma]‘s movie. This is such a fantastic story and […] I need to bring it to life in a modern way. […] Our thing is naturally its own thing.”

And yet, in response to a question about whether or not she would adopt De Palma’s famous use of split-screen, she responded neither with a yes nor a no:

“It remains to be seen.”

Regardless of how different the new Carrie will be from the 1976 film, it won’t be easy getting out from under its shadow. Whether you liked it or not, it’s hard to deny the impact the film had on popular culture. After all, few films have spawned a terrible Broadway show, a terrible sequel, a terrible TV pilot, and countless terrible imitators (and a few okay ones, too, including De Palma’s own The Fury).

Chloe Moretz in Carrie Remake Trailer Chloë Moretz is Covered in Pigs Blood in the First Carrie Remake Trailer

Furthermore, how does one modernize a story like Carrie, as Kimberly Peirce suggests she’s doing here? Sure, both the novel and the original film were released in the 1970s, but the basics are pretty timeless - high school bullying + shy girl with telekinetic powers = death and destruction. Either that’s the point (it’s the same basic story, only the high schoolers have traded in bell bottoms for skinny jeans) or perhaps Peirce’s Carrie will diverge quite a bit from the original film (and maybe even the novel, too).

How does the teaser for the new Carrie look to you, Screen Ranters? Drop us a line in the comments.

Carrie – starring Chloë Moretz and Julianne Moore – hits theaters March 15th, 2013.


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  1. I’ve never seen the original or read the book but I feel like I know everything already. I wonder if that’ll hurt the movie since audiences know how it’s going to turn out.

  2. I have to imagine that it will.

  3. This looks decent and I think Chloe is a great actress but Sissy Spacek was just so convincing in the role that it may be difficult to see Chloe as a victim, Sissy had a different kind of vulnerability to her and had the look of someone who’s life would have been made hell at school, Chloe has a badass attitude and doesn’t look like she would take crap from anyone (not just because of Hitgirl) she has a confidence about her, I will probably be wrong and this will be awesome nonetheless, Julianne Moore will steal the show!

    Bring it on Carrie!

    • She’s a very good actor though. This trailer doesn’t reveal anything on how she will portray the character. So I’m thinking she’s going to do very well. Though I have nothing to compare right now being as I didn’t see the original movie. I did read the book though.

    • Yes, you are right. CHLOE looks like a badass, CHLOE looks like she wouldn’t take crap from anyone, BUT…Chloe isn’t playing HERSELF in this movie. She’s playing CARRIE. And Chloe is a great actress, I’m sure she’ll pull this off.

      I’m a huge fan of the book AND the original movie and I’m SO looking forward to this! Can’t wait!

      • My last comment was in response to Dr. Kenneth Noisewater, by the way.

        • I didn’t say she was playing herself, what i meant was that in interviews and in many of her roles she has a confidence and presence that stands out, she comes across as smart and intelligent girl who compared to Sissy Spacek looks less like a victim! She’s not ugly, she has no imperfections or impairments, unlike Sissy Spacek who is a rather strange looking thing! Carrie is a made up character being played by Chloe who is a real person who will be trying to portray that character, so unless she gets a face transplant and loses all of her personality, it’s going to be tough to convince as a victim of bullying!

          And yes I know it’s called acting but that still doesnt mean it’s always convincing!

          I was just making an observation, Jesus!

          • I understood your point and I agree that Chloe is more physically attractive than Sissy and all that, I’m just saying that Chloe does have the acting ability necessary to play this character. And remember, in Carrie’s case, it’s not just about PHYSICAL appearance. Carrie gets picked on because of her LIFESTYLE. Her mother makes her wear strange and ugly clothing, everyone in the neighborhood knows that her mom is a weird religious fanatic and that automatically gives Carrie a bad reputation. Carrie is in her late teens having her first period, she thinks she’s bleeding to death, which gives the other girls even more reason to make fun of her. And so on…

            I know you were making an observation, and I was making one too. So chill out, it’s all good.

  4. This trailer got me pumped! The book is one of my all time favorites, so I’m really excited to see more destruction than just the high school. Even though De Palma’s film is a classic, it hardly does any justice to the book, in my opinion. There’s so much that was left out. I really hope this version includes everything after the high school.

  5. I am a huge fan of the original film and of the book and honestly this looks awesome! Ren though its just a 50sec teaser it got me excited and pumped up. I love Chloe moretz I think she is a fantastic actress and I can’t wait to see more footage of her in this role. I think she is rounded enough to portray a convincing victim.

    Also can’t wait for kick ass 2.

  6. This is one of the few times where I think a remake was a good idea. I love Stephen king as an author and even though I never read the book of carrie I saw the original movie. It was a great movie and I think Chloe will make this Carrie movie just as great if not possibly better than the original

    • I totally agree. They’ve alreay tried a “sequel” and the 2002 “remake” was just horrilble in my opinion. I think this one is going to be a hit, just like the original.

  7. I’m sure I have already seen a film called Carrie.

    • oh, shut the f*** up.

      • Excuse me?

        You’re really not supposed to speak to people like that on here, it’s terribly impolite. Go wash your nasty little mouth out.

        • yes, but you always throw some sarcasm in your comments. a little bit is good, but too much of it, destroys the meaning of sarcasm in a comment.

          • I do, you’re right. Because sarcasm is good and can always illustrate those of a lower than average intelligence when they don’t quite get the joke.
            But if you feel the comment directed at me was appropriate, I’m not going to try and convince you otherwise.

        • Sam…

          I was bemusedly awaiting your reply to him. Succinct and (hopefully) effective… :)

          To the thread…

          I am looking forward to this film, BECAUSE I so enjoyed both the book and the original film. I love both of the actresses, and I believe they will play these parts with an excellent (and disturbing) flair for the tragic nature of the story.

          • i see nothing wrong in my post. i haven´t attacked him or did profanity. i´m reading some posts and if something repeats all the time,no matter about what then it´s just normal that i take my right to offer my opinion about a person or something else.

            • merdan…

              I was reacting to the way Sam responded to xalener…quite appropriately, I think. You and I posted at the same time, apparently, so I did not even SEE yours until just now.

            • BTW, merdan…

              Sam and I have already conversed several times about my perceptions of his comments.

              • o.k. :)

              • If I were to assume two people who based on their vocabulary were capable of taking over the world.

                It would be Archaeon and DrSamBeckett.

                I have my eye on the both of you.

                No shenigans!

                • How do you the world is not already mine? You’d never even realise until it was too late…

                  • Well played DrSam, well played indeed.

          • Words like Bemusedly hurt my primative brain.:(

  8. Btw the screen shot of Chloe covered in blood is creepy as hell

  9. I loved the book but hated the original film. Hopefully, this will do the justice for the book that the 1st film couldn’t obtain.

  10. The original is really good a classic film but this looks like it could be a cool modern fresh take but also i feel it could be a scene for scene remake but with a bigger budget.

  11. Two words: HOLY CRAP! Of coarse I did see the original but still.

  12. Carrie was great the first time around. But there have been more reboots or reimaginings or films and tv shows with the same premise. Do we honestly need this again? To me this just seems like this is the start of being force-fed Chloe Moretz. She’s not a bad actress and was great in Kick Ass but she should not be the next big thing in Hollywood. I think I have hit my limit on horror remakes. This is the one that they just should have left alone since there really is no room to deviate from the source material that wouldn’t make the film suck. Sadly, there is going to be something that they change and it will ultimately severely damage the final product. To me, this film just feels like a high school putting on a production of a famous play.

    • haha so many people said the same about – dredd- before it came out. and now everybody is praising the movie. the same is happening to – robocop-, i have seen new pics yesterday from robocop and his new vehicle,a cool black motorcycle and his armor(his cyborg body in the movie) looked better now,more shaped and shining parts. i love the new design, i know right now,that the most will hate it. but, it´s the best futuristic movie suit that i have seen.

      • Yes but Dredd stunk when it came out. And Robocop was pure gore and action with a moderately decent plot. It was extremely enjoyable. However, with this film, the original Carrie is considered one of the best horror movies of all time. I highly doubt that this version will live up to its predecessor. I think Moretz has really only shown us one great role. And that role was great because the source material was excellent. The character of Hit Girl is pretty difficult of screw up considering she drops the C bomb (which is extremely underused in movies). But as we have seen lately with the recent trend of horror films (Halloween being the exception since it turned out to be pretty different from the original and I’m just biased towards Rob Zombie) they for the most part leave much to be desired. I just feel that the theme of teen angst played against the poor treatment of somebody deemed an outcast has been so overdone recently (see: Twilight, Awkward, etc.) that this film cannot leave the audience with a favorable perception of the film. My generation is stupid though, people my age bought into Transformers like crack on-sale. The only thing this film really has going for it is that the source material is excellent. Otherwise, this is just another rehash to fit the formula of enticing teens to buy tickets for a movie they haven’t seen before.

    • Haha yeah she’s the new Sam Worthington!

      • I think it’s harsh to call anyone, even your worst enemy, the new Sam Worthington. No one deserves such a low accolade.

  13. looks kool

  14. Anyone else find it at least mildly amusing that a girl named Grace keeps getting such…interesting roles?

    It just tickles me…

  15. What the heck? When did Chloe become a young woman? She was just a little kid in Kickass and that was only a couple years ago.

    • Well technically, she is 15 which I think qualifies her for “young woman”…look for her in the trailer for a film called “Hick” – the red band version is especially fun!

      I’m looking forward to this, although it’ll probably be a rental. I’m sure she and Julianne will be great – remake or not. I think Ms. Moretz has a long and distinguished film career ahead of her.

  16. Hey.

  17. Just seen the trailer for the new ‘Carrie’ remake. I really want to see it! Chloe Grace Moretz really suits the role of Carrie. I just hope the remake doesn’t ruin the name of the original Carrie film. From what I have seen in the trailer it looks like a well organised horror movie.

  18. Since I have seen the original movie Carrie I will save my money for a first run film. I don’t care to support a system which is content to produce remake after remake.