First Look at ‘Carrie’ Remake: Chloë Moretz’s Bloody Prom & Crazy Julianne Moore

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carrie remake first look First Look at Carrie Remake: Chloë Moretzs Bloody Prom & Crazy Julianne Moore

Decades before Brad Falchuk and Ryan Murphy created a nightmarish vision of an unhinged high school student’s killing spree in the first season of American Horror Story, Stephen King explored similar territory with his horrific coming-of-age novel Carrie. Memories of such terrible events as the Columbine High School Massacre and similar shootings that have transpired over the past decade make King’s story (of a teenager seeking vengeance against his tormentors) all the less approachable now, than when Brian De Palma adapted the book in 1976.

A re-adaptation/remake of Carrie is developing from Kimberly Peirce, who proved to possess the delicate touch necessary for handling a fictional tale like King’s with her direction on Boys Don’t Cry (based on the true story about a transgender teen brutalized by her peers). The first images from Peirce’s film have been released, offering an early look at her contemporary re-interpretation of Carrie White (played by Chloë Grace Moretz) and her mother Margaret (Julianne Moore).

Sissy Spacek as Carrie in her blood-drenched prom dress (from De Palma’s film) has become an iconic cinematic image, so it’s fitting that one of the first official pics from Peirce’s project reveals Moretz likewise doused in bloody sludge. The 15-year old actress kept her tongue pressed firmly in-cheek while playing a killer masked vigilante in Matthew Vaughn’s satirical Kick-Ass, Moretz later adapted a beyond-her-years manner to portray an elder vampire trapped in a child’s body in Let Me In. Carrie, however, calls for a more humanizing performance from Moretz, as an innocent young girl horrified when she releases the monster within – and, judging by the expression on her face in the first image, Moretz has nailed it.

Julianne Moore likewise looks more ordinary as Margaret White in the second pic from Peirce’s Carrie, as opposed to Piper Laurie’s Oscar-nominated turn in De Palma’s movie (with her expansive, curly 1970s ‘do that almost recalls Bride of Frankenstein). Laurie is mesmerizing in the role, for certain, but Moore explained to Entertainment Weekly that her hope is to sketch Margaret as less a deranged Christian Fundamentalist stereotype and more a broken woman who “has clearly had a psychotic break, perhaps several… and here’s this poor child in the thrall of this person who is seriously ill. And on top of that, they have this mother-daughter relationship. So we want to make that relationship as meaningful as possible, even though it is horrible and destructive.”


The Carrie remake script was penned by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, a co-showrunner and writer on Ryan Murphy’s other ongoing hit television series Glee. Moreover, before Sacasa started contributing creatively to Murphy’s high school musical dramedy creation, he worked on HBO’s polygamist family drama Big Love. Hence, his experience working on both shows should inform his approach to updating Carrie, hopefully culminating in a final film that realizes King’s story in a fashion that resonates with modern moviegoers – while also bringing out new dimensions to the characters that allow it to stand apart as a worthwhile endeavor, even when stacked up against De Palma’s revered movie adaptation.

Carrie opens in U.S. theaters on March 13th, 2013.

Source: EW

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  1. It’s funny how Carrie gets mentioned when talking about school shootings when another one of his short stories called Rage has actually been banned because it was so much like the school massacres that started happening. He wrote it under the name Bachman in 1977 and it is hard to come by now.

    • I remember that story. It’s really chilling and very deftly written.

      • I did a book report on it in Jr. High School, which was not well received even back then. Could have been because it was a Lutheran school along with the subject matter….

    • I LOVED Rage. I got it from my dad and read it during my Algebra class (Which I thought was amazing because the opening scene to the story is Charlie sitting in Algebra!) I really enjoyed it. It’s definitely my favorite Stephen King short story. Carrie is my favorite of his novels.

    • Hey, I remember reading Rage a few years ago. Excellent short story. He also wrote a story called “Suffer the Little Children” in his Nightmares and Dreamscapes collection that also involved school shootings. Maby King has some sort of dark crystal ball in his basement.

      Anyway, I am not going to see the Carrie remake, because it is simply stupid in its concept. Why remake the movie when the 70’s version was so excellent? Who the hell is Chloe Moretz? I don’t think she even has the right to hold Sissy Spacek’s suitcase around.

      Much like the laughable remake of Psycho in the late 1990’s, this newest remake is already a joke, as far as I’m concerned.

  2. I hope this is not a shot for shot remake like they did with “Psycho”.

    • i imagine they’d play down that opening scene………

  3. I’ve ranted here plenty about my fondness of the original Carrie (it’s among my all time favorites) and I was against this remake for multiple reasons. But, with the bits of info we’ve been hearing and now these photos I’m slowly coming around. I’m going to wait for some actual footage before I completely get on board but I’ll eat a small plate of Crow and say so far so good.

  4. WOW! I had noooo knowledge about this Carrie remake. And with Chloe Moretz? I’m in. This has potential, she’s an incredible artist.

  5. Pass. The original was one of the best adaptions of a King story and was perfect as is, you should not remake a show that still works on all levels, even today.

    This movie is nothing more than an uninspired remake for a cash grab

    • You’re right. Hollywood should leave great original movies alone. But if Rob Zombie got to defile Halloween, I don’t see why any other movie should be off limits.

  6. Wait, isn’t this the third or fourth remake of Carrie? WTF? Hollywood producers are doing too many drugs… or not enough.

    • I was gonna say the same thing, this is the 4th remake I think

      • I just want to clear this up.

        After the original movie, “Carrie” was adapted into a Broadway musical. That doesn’t count as a remake because it was a STAGE production.

        1999’s “The Rage:Carrie 2″ was not a remake either, it was a SEQUEL.

        In 2002, “Carrie” was remade for television.

        And now it is being remade for the big screen in 2013.

        So there you have it. This will be Hollywood’s FIRST remake of “Carrie”. But if you want to be technical and count the tv version, this will be the SECOND remake.

  7. noooo another reboot that will fail,i can see in the future(all sarcasm,i love reboots).

  8. It’s only been what ten years since the FIRST time they remade this movie? I love Carrie, the original film is great, and I’m a huge fan of the book. But I don’t really see the point in remaking the movie again. Even if the cast is impressive.

  9. Some would say the TV Remake of the Shining was superior to the Movie Version.

    • the only thing superior is that it follows the book much more than the kubric/nicholson version. King has stated he wasn’t happy with jack being cast because it was too soon from Cuckoo’s Nest, that he already looked crazy, and the story was about jack’s slow descent into madness. the acting and direction in the tv flick was weak. it’s the way kings books are written; to do them any justice, the films have to be 3 or 4 hours long. frank darabont and rob reiner have NAILED all the king adaptions they have done. i think depalma’s version of carrie was good. it scared the crap outta me when i saw it on tv, i had to have been 10 or 11, but i’m looking forward to an updated/mordern/non-tv movie version. and this will be the 2nd remake, there was a sequell called The Rage: Carrie 2. never saw it, or the 1st remake.
      …and i hope ben affleck gets to do The Stand.

    • It was. The movie was okay but the mini-series really was better, and scarier. The wife in the movie was also too flimsy.

  10. I hope it IS a shot for shot remake, with more content added from the book. We don’t need any more lame remakes that is nothing like the original, as with some others a few years back. They were terrible. So I’m hoping this is more like the original Carrie.

    I don’t think this girl was right for the part however. She is too pretty, and too young. Sissy Spacek was rather a plain girl, and it was believable that she could be bullied in school. This girl is too pretty, and will not be very believable that anyone would bully her. She is only 15 years old, and looks even younger than that. Carrie is supposed to be a senior in highschool, and this girl looks like she just started middle school. Not going to seem odd that she hasn’t started her period yet in the movie.

    I still want to see it, but I wish they had gotten a plainer, older, and fairly unknown to play the part of Carrie.

    • well, in this scene, she would have started out all made up for the prom, and even though sissy spacek is no jennifer aniston, she still looked ok with her make-over in her version of that scene. i’m sure cloe will be uglied up for the beginning of the film.
      it’s been over 20 years since i read the book, but i didn’t remember carrie being a senior, but that’s cause i gots CRS…

    • What makes you think pretty girls aren’t bullied?

  11. she still looks too young to me to play a high schooler. i guess i still see her as a 9 year old for some reason.

  12. You guys gotta get over this anti-remake stuff, believe it or not theres a new generation out there most of who dont care about older films(the 1st carrie wasnt even that great) and this will only help the “franchise”, better or not than the original, because it brings word of mouth and gives a reason to talk about the older one.

    Also a new movie in no way affects the older one, bad or good. If its bad then that just means the old one was made better. If its good, then you got 2 good films.

    • Forgive all of us moviephiles who have seen the original and want something NEW instead of seeing the same stories rehashed over and over (especially of the original is still good). There are literally tons of books out there that could be used to make great movies or *gasp* coming up with an original idea. Instead Hollywood decides to spend millions on remaking an already good movie the will most likely flop.

      If all you “kids” aren’t willing to watch older movies and are relying on Hollywood to remake a certain movie because you are too lazy to do a bit of looking on Netflix then that’s just sad.

      And sorry but the original was “great”.

    • yes, one good comment about reboots. why just one version,which is now 30 years old or older. very selfish people they are strictly against reboots.

      • I am ALL for rebooting a movie if either the original wasn’t very good or up to date FX would significantly improve it but Hollywood isn’t following those guidelines. They are all about leeching name recognition to remake something because they can’t be bothered to find an original idea.

  13. ” Boys Don’t Cry (based on the true story about a transgender teen brutalized by her peers).”

    Small quibble. It should be HIS peers. Brandon Teena used male pronouns.

  14. Chloe Moretz…nuff said. Shes going to kill it.

  15. In a good way people! She’s so talented. Moore is great also.

  16. All I care to know is will this be more like the novel, than the original movie was. From what I remember the NOVEL was more creepy than the movie.

    So instead of bitching (even though this is called Screen Rant) how bout we wait for I don’t know..A TRAILER!! f*** sakes haha

  17. Yet another useless, pointless, straight-to-Redbox remake.

    But on the other hand, they’re creating jobs and that’s what really matters these days.

  18. Just wait, there’ll be a Blue Thunder remake next, and of course there’s still a few films from the 70’s that haven’t been remade yet (they did The Poseidon Adventure already), JAWS, Earthquake, Close Encounter’s . . .


  19. Memo to Hollywood hacks: leave Carrie alone. For god sakes, it was a one time event movie and sequels don’t work and reboots won’t take. Just let it be.

    • Agree with the ‘Leave Alone’ crowd, but unfortunately Hollywood won’t because they’ll make $ with the remakes – even if it tanks, there are the DVD’s, Netflix/other company downloads, etc.– all in the magical instant of a button press :(. It’s why some music artists who are heavily into AutoTuning their voice still sell millions of records ;).

  20. I think the ‘mother’ role should have gone to Melissa Leo (the fighter). Not confident that Julianne Moore can pull of ‘scary’ (or be as scary as Piper Laurie in the original). will be interesting to see how it turns out.

  21. They’re all going to LAUGH AT THIS. Rightly so. Come on Hollywood, stop remaking untouchable greats.

  22. At least they waited 30 years to do a reboot, unlike The Amazing Spiderman which clearly was pushing the limits of time for a reboot. It didn’t help that the movie pretty much sucked. With Carrie, I hope they don’t keep to the original movie and take it even further and just use the book as a basic launching point for the remake. I’d love to be surprised and see a movie where I didn’t know exactly what was going on. Someone was mentioning The Shining which deviated from the book immensely but for a movie it obviously was a classic. No reason that director/writers can’t do the same with something like Carrie and completely change it up.

  23. Hollywood is a joke now and days

  24. This looks like this “Carrie” will be good i think i might go see it when it comes out oh and great job on the blood scene Chloë Grace Moretz!

  25. They were actually going to make another remake of this film? The original was a brilliant film by Brian De Palma (I believe it was one of the first films to be based off a Stephen King work). I especially like how De Palma changed the ending, so that it was even more difficult to sympathize with Carrie, causing greater confliction. The acting was brilliant, especially Sissy Spacek as Carrie and De Palma’s use of the camera was brilliant. Don’t get me wrong there are some remakes that were good and others that greatly exceeded their originals. For example, The Thing (1982), Thirteen Ghosts (2001), The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003), and Dawn of the Dead (2005). First, The Thing (1982) which I consider to be one of the greatest horror movies of all time. The acting was incredible, despite the size of the cast, especially Kurt Russel as Macready. The film plays with ideas of paranoia and claustrophobia. It takes a very pessimistic view on human nature and is clearly the product of the Cold War. Therefore, the film is much better than the original Howard Hawk’s The Thing from Another World (1951), which was a good film, just not a masterpiece like John Carpenter’s version. Second, was Thirteen Ghosts (2001), which has received the lowest critic rating of all the films that I personally loved (12% on Rotten Tomatoes). The setting was much darker than the William Castle original and the acting was terrific (There was not even a best performance, I think everyone was equally amazing). Additionally, the plot was far more more intriguing than the original and the makeup was extremely realistic, even scary. Third, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003) had a plot that was related to the original, but in many many ways completely different. The acting was relatively strong (perhaps even better than the original, in that regard in some ways). The background information was intresting, although it did destroy some of the mystery of the original film. I did not really buy into the whole skin cancer idea, but that as well as the extensive amount of torture were the only true weak points of the film. The original was better than the remake, which was a masterpiece, but it was as good as a remake of a masterpiece like this could possibly get. The fourth and final film, Dawn of the Dead (2005) had really good acting and the setting was relatively dark. Also, it was interesting to watch the evolution of the characters. The film was good, although not better than the original. The original had interesting philosophical questions regarding the counter culture ideas, such as concern related to cosumerism. Also, it had an interesting setting directly related to the deeper meaning. Most importantly, there was a collaboration among Dario Argento and George Romero (The official director), and the special effects artist Tom Savini, who obviously did the special effects and makeup for the film. The ultimate horror movie collaboration. Ultimately, my point is that there are some remakes that are greater than the originals (very rare althiough) and some that are at least good, although not better than their originals. However, there are plenty others, such as Psycho (1998), The Omen (2006), Halloween (2007), Friday the 13th (2009), and A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010) which were either terrible or unnecessary, maybe even both. I will not go into detail on why I believe these are terrible because I have already written a book on the subject here. So, it is possible that this second remake could be good, but there are plenty of remakes are terrible, so I am cautious about remakes (I will being seeing The Evil Dead remakes), but if they do end up coming out with it, I would probably go see it.

    • Misconception, The Thing 1982 was NOT a remake of the 1951 movie despite being called The Thing. It was a re-adaptation of the 1938 novella “Who Goes There” by John Campbell which was previously adapted on film and 1982’s version is by far the quintessential more faithful adaptation of the story where 1951’s version was good but a rather poor adaptation of the story.

      Go reaad it.

  26. “Flex”

  27. I am going to pass on this one as well. Just another cash-grab remake, proving that Hollywood is simply full of whores who lack any creativity whatsoever.

    What I especially liked about the original was that it posed the story the way it was meant from Stephen – not so much a horror story but an avoidable tragedy that lingers with you long after you’ve seen/read it. Ironically, it was one of King’s first published novels, and it wasn’t really a horror story – shows just how versatile he is. At the end, when Carrie snaps and we are watching her classmates suffering, we’re all thinking “Serves all of you right, man” (ditto with what she does at the end with her mother).

    To the original thought, movies are expensive. I will not spend money on this cheap-ass remake when the original is available on Netflix.

  28. She almost seems too hot/cute to play the role. Hmmm not sure bout this