New ‘Carrie’ Trailer: Stephen King’s Classic Horror Story Retold

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Carrie is a new screen interpretation of the Stephen King horror novel, which explores what happens when a teenager (Chloë Grace Moretz) – ostracized by her peers and tormented by her unhinged religious-fundamentalist mother (Julianne Moore) – discovers that she possesses telekinetic abilities that provide her with a newfound, dangerous and maybe even uncontrollable power to use against those who’ve tormented her in the past.

The Carrie teaser trailer premiered during New York Comic-Con 2012, but its thunder at the Con was immediately stolen thereafter by the debut of footage from the Evil Dead remake (which opens in theaters this Friday). Since then, director Kimberly Peirce’s (Boys Don’t Cry, Stop-Loss) King adaptation has been postponed until an October 2013 release date - meaning, today’s trailer is going to be important, in terms of reminding people about this year’s other controversial horror classic semi-remake (and possibly getting them excited in the process).


While the full trailer illustrates that Peirce and screenwriter Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa (Big Love, Glee) are keeping their Carrie re-interpretation pretty loyal story-wise to King’s source material, it’s not equally successful at demonstrating what the pair are bringing to the table – in terms of newfound insight that would give the remake greater relevance than Brian De Palma’s 1976 adaptation (beyond updating what Carrie’s old-fashionedness would be like, in an age of iPhones and the Internet).

Peirce appears to be approaching the famous coming of age/horror story with her own visual style and thematic emphasis, which is encouraging; though, it might be more effective for upcoming marketing to focus on just those elements, since the current approach fails to really show how this new version aims to create shock and awe (when so many people know the story beat-for-beat going in).

Rounding out the Carrie supporting cast are the young up-and-comers Ansel Elgort (Divergent), Portia Doubleday (Youth in Revolt), Gabriella Wilde (The Three Musketeers) and Alex Russell (The Host), in addition to adult character actresses Michelle Nolden (Republic of Doyle) and Judy Greer (Dawn of the Planet of the Apes).


Carrie arrives in theaters on October 18th, 2013.

Source: Yahoo! Movies

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  1. Did they have to put every scene of the movie in the trailer. I mean we already know what happens but damn…

    • Stop complaint. I am sick of people like you. Chill out! Some people are younger than us might not know about it. Have a heart! You sound like those bullies students in coward schools!

  2. I loved the original!!! Hopefully, this will be just as good!

  3. This looks pretty cool. Def will be seeing this one. Chloe Moretz is gonna be a pretty big star in a few years

  4. That trailer probably could have been edited better but the prom scenes look pretty intense.

  5. The first half of the trailer was pretty good, but the second half kind of lost me. I still have high hopes, but this could easily be really good or really terrible. But, when it comes to horror movie remakes, this one definately wasn’t as effective as the Evil Dead trailer. I’m just saying, with that movie, pretty much every doubt I had went away with the trailers. But with Carrie, I’m still nervous. Who knows, this could be a hit or miss.

  6. Ok, so I get that this is a re-make and it’s based on a book that’s been around for over 30 years but the trailer have to show this much?
    Sure they have to build buzz but IMO the prom sequence should not have been featured so much. Maybe just show the bucket tipping and then cut to the titles while you hear the mayhem and screaming in the backeound.

    • You sir, need to be a trailer editor.

      • One doesn’t need to be a trailer editor to realize that it’s not the best idea to basically spoil every single important scene of the movie, including the ending, in chronological order. A trailer is supposed to create interest in a movie, not to replace it in condensed form.

        • Argh… misunderstood you! Disregard!

          • Whenever I read your comments, LostWinchester, I just assume the Punisher is a big movie buff and visits Screen Rant when he’s not out killing bad guys.

            • Hehe, that might even be true. :D

    • @ Kevin7,

      Yeah, I agree. As I was watching the scenes flash by, I felt like they gave too much away.

      You are not alone.

  7. oh yay, another,.. remade,.. movie…
    I can just,.. feel the new & originality,.. flowing |:-\

    • Technically, this isn’t a remake of a movie. It’s a new rendition of a book. The original film hardly touched the intensity of her rage on the city. This movie looks like it’s going all out with the real story.

  8. Wild though: maybe they’re aiming this at a younger audience, one that hasn’t seen the original?

    • I’m sure they are to some degree, but that raises another question: Why give away so many important plot points for those who are unfamiliar with the story (assuming that’s your target demographic)?

      • Very good points, both of you.

    • Bingo.

      • Yep. I’m 29, never seen the original but know the basic story and it makes no sense to have a trailer showing everything that happens.

        Might as well just release the trailer as a “Carrie in 3 minutes” video and forget about the full theatrical release.

  9. looks very good

  10. Damn, Film is slowly dying. It’s very sad.

  11. Well, no point in seeing the movie now! Saw the whole thing right there.


  12. I know lots of people are familiar with the book or the original movie, but COME ON!!? Do they have to show everything!!??? It seems pretty much in sequence too. Absolutely no mystery in this film for the newbies after they watch this trailer.

    It does look really good though.

  13. Did not see the original nor have I read the book. But now I’ve seen the entire movie of this version. Thanks, Hollywood trailers!

    • Which means you wouldn’t have known that had you not read the comments…

      • Nope.

        I haven’t read the book or seen the original movie but I knew anyway thanks to reading about the plot on Wikipedia years ago.

        Just cause we haven’t read or seen anything before, doesn’t mean we’re sheltered completely from it.

  14. *Yawn* This movie was remade 10 years ago. If this new version is a success, expect to see remakes of Dreamcatcher, Secret Window, etc.

    • Dreamcatcher actually needs a remake! They could use exactly the same actors and even reuse more than half of the original movie all the way up the point when it suddenly deviated from being a very faithful retelling to an absolutely ridiculous crap fest that completely ignored the book. The first half/two thirds was/were amazing, though!

      • Most movie adaptations have been unfair to Stephen King’s original story; SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION the best, THINNER the worst. But this is what adaptations do and, to be fair, many of King’s novels and short stories should remain so; certainly, many are not movie fodder; they’re fireside anecdotes.

        The studio has claimed delaying the release of CARRIE to take advantage of the Halloween holiday. The real reason may be more than the competitive jaws of EVIL DEAD. This trailer is too much of the film but not more than a “trial balloon” to see if the thing will fly.

    • This has become a growing complaint of mine: Why not cast more no-name actors for a fresh, perhaps an even more realistic approach? Why ask why?

  15. Honestly looks cool. I already know the story I’m a big fan of the original and this looks freaking amazing. Chloe moretz is a badass and a very talented awesome actress. Count me in.

  16. If I could telekinetically make things move and raise up, first I would make my bosses’ undershorts raise up rapidly and give them king-sized wedgies (they would all be known as “Reggie Wedgie”) at work, then I would cause all the women’s hemlines to raise up past the “mini-skirt” line, and keep on going towards the North Star!

  17. People complain too much. If you’ve seen the original, okay shut up we get it. Nobody complains about Scarface even though that’s a remake. Hollywood will remake films, it’s not a new practice. And as far as them showing too much, nobody forced you to watch the entire thing.

  18. Note to self – I need to stop watching trailers, they give away far too much!

    I’m avoiding any further information on Star Trek and Man of Steel until they come out now

    • Smart move.

  19. If this is so close to the original will we see her naked too? (I’m not a pedo, I’m 15 lol)

    • No nudity; the current PG-13 demographic doesn’t approve. Violence…all you want, all you can jam into this movie. Nudity, uh-uh.

  20. Julianne Moore looks perfect for the part but as far as the girl playing Carrie I agree with the other reviewer way too pretty for the role the girl from The Host would have been a better fit. I’ll hope for the best but expect the worst.

    • See that is the misconception. So the Girl is pretty. Looks have nothing to do with making a person an outcast in this day and age, especially teenagers.

      She can have a background that her peers make fun of her of, or shun her because they are not in the status.

      I went to Highschool where some of the beautiful and handsome people did not have a fancy car, or their parents were not rich.

      • I agree with you although she is pretty(arguable as that is) she is not so attractive that the plot isnt plausible. I for one havent seen the movie so even though i already know what happens Im still extremely interested to see the whole story.

  21. It looks ok, but i am not interested in this movie because i really love the original and since they showed the entire movie in the trailer, i can see is not going to be better than the original.

  22. Are we going to get a remake of The Serpant and the Rainbow to? Jeesh , How about HellRaiser and Critters to boot. Maybe puppet master? It seems like they want to re-make every horror film , and every other film. I’m cool with it as long as they can creep me out , and as long as platinum dunes isn’t attatched to the projects.

    • Yes. It’s in the mission statement, the business plan and the articles of incorporation; they will remake every movie ever made.

  23. Boring

  24. Sometimes I think that people look for ANYTHING to complain about. Everybody knows the story of “Carrie” (when I say “everybody” I’m just generally speaking) and yet, they complain that the trailer gives too much away. Yeah ok.

    And don’t the trailers for a lot of other movies nowadays give away too much of the story?

    C’mon people…

  25. This so sad no one should be treated that way…I would want see this play out, in this film…But love Stephen King books!!

  26. Don’t know why they want to remake this one. The first movie was brilliant. I guess they want to play on the whole anti-bullying campaign going on in high schools right now, or trying to show how the two bullied kids in Columbine got pushed to the edge to the point that they wanted to kill.

    Anyway, Sissy Spacek, John Travolta, Piper Laurie etc. were great in the 1976 original. I’m not sure what this one will do that will bring any new insight or fresh perspective to the story.

    I think the original is on Netflix. Go watch it for free.