‘Carrie’ & ‘Evil Dead’ NYCC 2012 Panel: New Trailers & Images Revealed

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Carrie Evil Dead NYCC 2012 Panel Carrie & Evil Dead NYCC 2012 Panel: New Trailers & Images Revealed

The trend of horror movie remakes continues in 2013 with two big films, Carrie and Evil Dead. The former is a Stephen King novel that was adapted into a 1976 Brian De Palma film, which earned Oscar nominations for stars Piper Laurie and Sissy Spacek; the latter is the cult-classic horror flick that helped launch the careers of Spider-Man trilogy director Sam Raimi and actor Bruce Campbell.

In these new versions, the iconic roles of Carrie and her mother will be played by Chloe Moretz (Kick-Ass) and Julianne Moore; Evil Dead will remain under the guidance of Sam Raimi (he’s co-writing alongside Oscar winner Diablo Cody), but will test breakout director Fede Alvarez, who gained much acclaim for his short film, Panic Attack!. Given the lingering skepticism and stigma attached to both projects, they had a lot to prove during their shared panel at the 2012 New York Comic-Con.


Carrie: The Footage

The Carrie teaser trailer depicts the destructive aftermath of the story, opening on an aerial shot of a decimated small town in flames. The camera steadily begins a sweeping arc over the main street, as we begin to hear voice-over testimonials from the townspeople, all giving their version of who Carrie was. The chatter builds to a cheerleader-type voicing that nothing was remarkable about the girl – as the camera comes to an abrupt halt on a shot of young, blood-soaked Carrie standing in the epicenter of the destruction in her prom dress, with a horrified look on her face.

All in all, the footage was what its tagline would suggest: a tease. No scenes with Moore as Carrie’s crazy mother or Carrie suffering through high school were shown, leaving question as to whether the remake captures the finer (read: non-spectacle) brushstrokes of the original film and book.

Carrie: The Panel

The panel was hosted by Dalton Ross of Entertainment Weekly, who started things off with the obvious question, “Do you like horror?” He then premiered a teaser trailer to much fan adulation and applause. Afterward, we got the panel guests, which included stars Chloe Moretz and Julianne Moore, alongside director Kim Pierece (Boys Don’t Cry) and producer Kevin Misher.

  • Chloe Moretz joked about being covered in blood all day.
  • Julianne Moore talked about having King’s novel to fill in the backstory of Margaret, who she views as an isolated woman trying to hold on to the one thing she still has in life (Carrie) – while bending her daughter to her own twisted religious values. Moore liked the way King equated isolationist parenting with so many teenage problems.
  • Moore and Moretz talked about establishing a good connection between them as people, so that they could (and did) trust each other in the more intense scenes.
  • Kim Pierce talked about being able to chat with Brian De Palma about her version of the film. In regards to whether Pierce employs the split screen sequences that De Palma used in his version? “It remains to be seen,” she said coyly.

julianne moore carrie Carrie & Evil Dead NYCC 2012 Panel: New Trailers & Images Revealed

  • Moretz and Moore talked about the intimidation factor of living in the previous version’s shadow. Moore has a lot of love for those actors (Sissy Spacek in particular); Moretz had a bit more frustration in her voice, when discussing her battle against the remake stigma. Pierce claimed that a remake need not encroach upon its predecessor: “Our thing is naturally its own thing.” She said it’s the mother/daughter story at the core that holds it together – and she’s nailed that down.
  • Pierce joked about how difficult the infamous “blood dump” scene actually was to film. From the distance, to the texture of the fake blood, to the color, the precision of the drop – they did many, many, many takes. Not to mention experiments with fire blood, dry blood, etc.
  • Producer Kevin Misher iterated (in accordance with all the blood-dumping) that this is an R-rated movie – to much fan applause.


  • One kid dressed as Kick-Ass bragged about being in Kick-Ass 2 and asked to meet up with Chloe Moretz. He was promptly booed (though Chloe promised to see him on set).
  • A Teacher from Julianne Moore’s kid’s school showed up to ask a question about writing. She humored him with an answer that Stephen King’s book on writing is a great tome. 
  • According to Pierce, they used an estimated 1,000 gallons of fake blood while filming.
  • VIRAL GAME: call 207-404-2604 – A viral phone line where you can talk to “Carrie” or “Margaret.” 


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  1. This was just a whole bunch of nothing at all right here.

  2. If you don’t want to see a remake keep your mouth shut and don’t see it we don’t need to hear any moaning unless you saw the whole film not by judging it from words. Remakes bring creative and imagination together, it brings new life to a story. If you think remakes doesn’t involve creativity think again, they are not just copying and pasting the story but retelling the story for the generations that have not heard of it in a way. Why I like remakes the most is how they utilize the original story and how the director makes it seem geared towards a modern theme. Like with Carrie and Evil Dead there are many ways you can play with the original story but still keep the same tone of original. Most remakes fail to do that but some don’t, it’s sometimes a wildcard but to understand mostly the nature you must begin with an idea that has never been. I support remakes and all the talent that has to go through, I hate when people suddenly strike their hand at remakes saying it’s going to bad when they haven’t seen a single piece yet of that material. Everything in films require an amount of talent even Uwe Boll films despite his record he has put through a lot of time film making taking away most of his routines we do everyday. We should celebrate Hollywood not just for good ideas but bad ideas that at least have more creative thought put in like many others.

    • That’s a lot of a generalization.
      I will say though you can’t write your signature identically twice. It’s one way to spot a forgery; exact duplicate. In a sense then any remake must be creative as it cannot be the original. So, the question is how much more creative than “not at all” is any remake? That depends on the movie.
      Not every movie needs a modern take. Some are killed by one.
      ‘Evil Dead’ inspired so many horror tropes, how can you remake its originality?
      Even if the “tone” is right or it is as some directors say a “love letter” to the original, it may be bad. Maybe the true test is whether it is a love letter to the fans of the original?
      Please don’t tell me to keep my mouth shut, it is far from constructive and ever so hurtful you know.

      • Did I ask you to stick your no good tongue in these matters, no sir I did not. Let me clarify you on this situation, you have not seen a single piece or image from the Evil Dead remake and you go on to complain about it in the form of words based upon your hearing. Not one single piece of footage has been released but yet you still complain and mock the remake dearly. It’s called judgement by words, I can understand your anger but you have no further proof if the remake is going to be good or faithful or not. All you have read was simple words and your anger has set you on a bridge of nonsensical madness. If you would just learn not to then you have would have better senses of judgement and maybe some hearing or sight seeing your blind to know there are two outcomes. One if the remake turns out well and becomes well received making your words before the words of the fool. Or two the remake terribly fails and you were right all a long which I doubt. Your playing the wild card my friend, and playing the wild card isn’t always a good idea. So yes I can tell people like you to keep your mouth shut anyway I want too cause I have no care in the world for you closed minded senseless individuals of high criticism. You have been served good day sir!

        • This comment needs to be made into a movie THE BRIDGE OF NONSENSICAL MADNESS i wont watch it though i will wait for the remake LOL !

        • @Mr. Reeves – I won’t stand around and allow you to be rude to the other readers. I’ll now monitor all your comments and will approve them BEFORE they are posted.

          It is you sir that has been served.

          Paul Young – Moderator

        • you should let it, i know you mean it good. but you see how they react,so that was my last warning as a friend.

        • Ya know, he did make a few valid points there.. Nothing generally wrong with remakes, don’t assume they’re bad, they can stand on their own, nobody is replacing anything.

    • You can’t post a commen like that aynd not expect some one to reply. You wanna know why most people don’t like remakes? They disrespect the classics and 90% of the time they ar lazily put together. I hate remakes but there are those rare few remakes I like because they were well put together (the girl with the dragon tattoo is a great example of a good remake. plus why remake what was already told? Attest Disney was cool enough to expand from with a stand alone sequel then remake it. that is what Hollywood should do!

      • it was his opinion, why are you all punching on -mr reeves-, he just shouldn´t use personal attacks. and -t.g.w.t.d.t- was the badest example for a good remake. there is a whole already made millenium trilogy from a swedish director.

        • The girl with the dragon tattoo is a remake and it did not suck so… It is a good example of a good remake.

          • and who said that it is not a remake, heeee ?

            • now your confuseing me on what ever it is your talking about. Its a remake and it did not suck. So its a remake done right. The orginal sweedish movie was great and so was the american remake. 90% of all other remakes can not pull that off.

              • what are you talking about,seriously :) you did write that -the girl…- is a remake. and i did wrote before in my comment before too, that it is a remake, but one that the audience didn´t needed. and that i don´t like it,no need to be confused.

    • #MovieHipsters

    • mr. reeves i´m totally with you and have the same thoughts,that the people judge too early before they even saw a piece of it. but, my friend this was our last conversation ,i think. because you shouldn´t say to the people thinks like -shut up- and so on.

  3. No REAL ash No care.

    • Then if you didn’t care you wouldn’t have taken your precious time to comment after you read that ever thought of that for a second?

      • Calm those jets bonny lad. Are you being served?

      • Whoa u get worked up for no reason don’t u!? Fair points from the poster u “reply” to, and u just b******* ur way through a response, being a jerk while you’re at it. Braindead

        • Evildead.

        • Mr. Reeves I commented because I do want this evil dead remake to be AWESOME. but no real ash? im letting the world now that not everyone will eat up this bs. Now, move along.

    • Exactly tankD – this is just shameful now.

      Oh and Mr.Reeves, your walls of text are ridiculous. Sentences and paragraphs man; still not sure any would read it – but it might help.

      I seriously doubt your rambling is convincing any Evil Dead fan to give this celluloid-poop a chance.

      • Your evolving yourself into something you have never imagined. Your targeting your senses at a fear you want to block out. Like many others this film has made your tension rise as you feel not safe in a world like this. You speak of hatred but I speak of peace, and I plead many like you to bow your hateful shame down and remember we are only humans. Grammar doesn’t count but heart matters in a true situation like this. We must not fight Hollywood but embrace the warmth it has given us worldwide. We must keep our peace and hold dear our love towards film making or it shall be gone forever. Films like these keep the spirit of film making alive, without any more films what is left but a lonely road of darkness and greed. Originality sparks but they like you plead no and I say wait don’t hate and you hate keeping with the wicked gossip among your allies. I will say that it’s a bold move, your daring to have a cross a man like myself. You must know, I am Mr.Reeves, I am not any man but I am with a dream that all of us like you all humans we are in blood shall unite in Hollywood and celebrate a time of forgiveness. But the dream is far oh how it is far. I just pray for many like you that your mind doesn’t corrupt the weight of your soul to see through the ashes and clearly know the true meaning of words such as creativity and the forms of art we see everyday in our lives.

        • Wall of text – go write a blog no one will read.

        • “Films like these keep the spirit of film making alive”. That is such a joke. Films like these are nothing more than a greedy attempt to bank on the success of prior, greater films. Modern film making in general has evolved into nothing more than pandering to the masses for money. Avatar is a perfect example…terrible, contrived writing and story with incredible visuals. Why? Because movie companies don’t care about the story- if it looks pretty they can sell you a ticket(not me). All I need to see to know the Carrie remake will stink is the fact they hired a beautiful young actress to play Carrie. The character of Carrie was that of an awkward, ungainly misfit. Also, they say that they are focusing on “The Mother/Daughter relationship which is at the core of the film”. What baloney. So we get pay to watch some pretty girl be emotionally and physically abused by her nutty Mom for two hours. They’d be better off calling it something other than Carrie. Clearly, they didn’t bother to read the book- which means a lack of respect to the source material- which means it will very likely be just as lackluster as the previous, UNNECESSARY remakes.

    • as i´ve watched the first – evil dead- in 1985 the first time , i didn´t taked care of -ash-, i was more focused on the story and the horriffic demons. after -army of darkness- ,which has made -ash- more popular to the audience he has become a cult-character,not the movie. to, be true i was 18 or 19 where i´ve watched it and i was dissapointed,because it was a comedy. i´ve excepted it as a satire after years. after two evil-horror movies to see the third as a comedy would be nowadays also dissapointnment for the fans. for example: we have 7 or 8(don´t know exactly) saw movies,and now they make the 9th or 10th part a satire or comedy without warning. wouldn´t you be confused.

  4. I’ve already seen the remake they had of Carrie some years ago. I wasn’t a big fan of it then or now. However, I’m looking forward too seeing the Evil Dead remake, Raimis still involved with it. Which is good, I hope they get Campbell too make a cameo, even if he’s playing another character entirely. It would be great too have him,has Ash, connect the original with the remake.

  5. So let me get this straight – a bunch of comic fans at Comic Con were excited? The heck you say…

    You could’ve shown still-life of a chainsaw and they still would have lost their little minds.

  6. That one dude commenting is SO breaking the rules of decorum and such by insulting people with the kind of rancor that ultimately belies open-ended discussions such as this.

    Also, his use of language as a veiled attempt at showing intelligence and superiority over those he chooses to besmirch (ie those of us Evil Dead fans who have lost our devil-may-care attitude to remakes over the years due to negative experiences with them) is highly laughable and reveals that he seems to be of the opinion that using such wording will automatically enable his attacks and name calling due to “the little people” scratching their heads wondering what he just said.

    Or so he supposes.

    Anyway, I saw a little of this panel (thanks Screen Rant) until they showed preview footage to the crowd (and thus blocked us on the outside from watching or hearing anything using a simple title card and release date or “Spring 2013″) and while it had nothing to assuage my fears, the enthusiasm that the director, the new star and Bruce had was reassuring.

    • Let me start out by saying that I am huge horror movie fan. I was at the Evil Dead panel at Comic con and the preview was awesome! Bruce Campbell has been involved with the movie from the beginning. He said he used a female lead because it made more sense. This will be a reimagining of the original. It looks scary and gory all at the same time.

  7. Evil Dead will be in theaters on April 12, 2103.


    • Well, if we waited this long, whats another 91 years? By then explosions will be better, and every single band will be like Linkin Park!!! I am SOOOOO gonna freeze myself for the future! I just want to see how much bigger explosions can get and then travel back in a time machine with new ideas for the next few movies I have ideas for, you know, like RUGRATS: THE REVENGE OF ANGELICA, and DORA THE EXPLORER GOES BOOOOOOOM (Working title) :D

    • Hmmm, might have to pass on that one.

  8. Lol 91 years to go, it better be good if I have to wait that long!!

  9. oh boy thats a long wait

  10. is the first pic from the demon in the cellar new ? it must be,i think. my first impression is,she looks really creepy and i think that she´s transforming more and more in the cellar and gets (i hope in this,too)the most evil demon/witchface like in the original.

  11. good article, good to hear that the scenes had a good impact on the reporters. and i´m an -ash- fan,too but he had made his character forever iconic, maybe if he would be in the new movie or would have a cameo it wouldn´t be good for the new series,and what should an old -ash- present in the new movie? should he tell the younger ones that he was possesed and that they shouldn´t drive to the ´cabin in the woods ? i know that i will give the female lead -mia- and the movie a chance,before i go trough the barricades.

  12. i´ve read some opinions on the faceb.site of -e.d-. everybodys writing that she looks like linda blair in -the exorc.-. they are right,my first impression was also the same . but,at first i.m.o. it looks real creepy(as mentioned) and i don´t let me blend from the pic,because i don´t see her in full version to say that she looks exactly like linda blair. i think her mutation will get much worser.

  13. @merdan

    The witch in the basement was from Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn (where Ash gained the chainsaw hand) so maybe they’re doing what I’d heard rumoured and are mixing elements of the first two movies like they did with other horror remakes?

    Also, I think Bruce could cameo as maybe a guy in a hardware store with no name selling them goods as they’re on their way to the cabin. That way, it’s not explicitly stated that he is Ash but it’d be a nice nod to the character’s job at S-Mart from the original movies.

    Shop smart. Shop S-Mart.

    • thanks -dazz- :), i thought it at first,too. but it´s the first official pic from the movie, it was released yesterday or today from -enterntaintment.com. you can read it on the official facebook-page which is listened above from screenrant.