‘Captain Planet’ Movie Adaptation Close to Being Acquired by Sony

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captain planet live action movie Captain Planet Movie Adaptation Close to Being Acquired by Sony

Have no fear, environmentalists: Captain Planet is on his way. If the success of modern reboots of classic 1980s cartoons like Transformers and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is a sign that nostalgia alone can sell movie tickets (with some impressive special effects included) then Captain Planet and the Planeteers will definitely be putting that opinion to the test.

After years of silence, it seems that the project is in the final stages of negotiation with Sony Pictures, meaning a live-action film could be put into development sooner rather than later. How the studio will go about selling the hero (the butt of many cartoon jokes) to mass audiences is anyone’s guess, but the producers attached are well known for big screen action.

We weren’t ready to write the entire project off when news of a Captain Planet and the Planeteers movie surfaced years ago, but THR claims that Sony is more than convinced, and in the final stages of closing a deal. Global warming and ‘thinking green’ are hotter topics than ever, but anyone familiar with Captain Planet and his band of Planeteers knows that a jump to live-action will not be an easy one.

captain planet and planeteers movie Captain Planet Movie Adaptation Close to Being Acquired by Sony

The same could be said for Transformers or the Ninja Turtles, but the premise for those properties isn’t what we would call inherently ‘silly.’ A boy realizing his car is really a robot from another world speaks to every male from age eight to eighty; humanoid turtles practicing martial arts and dabbling in surf-speak is at least dumb fun. But the ‘Earth Spirit’ sending out magic rings to chosen protectors – rings than can join to summon a blue-skinned, green-mulleted superhero who hates pollution – is far more of a stretch.

Not to criticize the original cartoon; it was a product of the early 1990s, and it shows. But in the grand scheme of things, it made being environmentally friendly seem like a courageous mission. Some would claim that Captain Planet’s dated costume, or the Planeteer’s elemental powers (Water, Wind, and… Heart) could be updated with the help of special effects, and even stand a chance of fueling some serious blockbuster action.

While that’s true, there’s no denying that issues of natural preservation and conservancy are far more charged subjects than the original cartoon ever had to contend with.

The Lorax Once ler Human1 Captain Planet Movie Adaptation Close to Being Acquired by Sony

Lest we forget, today’s world is one in which an adaptation of Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax was accused of brainwashing, since criticism of scorched-earth-economics is a political statement. We have zero desire to resume that debate, but what chance can Captain Planet – an embodiment of the Earth’s spirit – actually stand?

With producers Don Murphy (Transformers, Real Steel), Mark Gordon (Source Code, 2012) and Susan Montford (Shoot ‘Em Up) all attached to the project, it has the blockbuster cred needed to garner some attention. But whether IMAX-level action can bring skepticism ‘down to zero’ remains to be seen.

It’s hard to know exactly how much the deal will build momentum for the adaptation, but we’ll keep you updated on Captain Planet as news arrives. For now, let us know what you think of the potential for a Captain Planet film; does it need to be live-action, or would an animated children’s film stand a better chance of being made?


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Source: THR

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  1. Starring Don Cheadle as Captain Planet!

    • That’s exactly what i was thinking LOL

      • I was think that too! LOL

    • The only way this film will work is IF don is Captain. Anyone else whould jus be silly. whould

    • +100

    • we all agree don cheadle would be awesome

      • Ah, no.

        This movie, if made, could only be a comedy, and thus, Al Gore should star.

    • This film needs Don Cheadle. I won’t watch it otherwise.

      • Don Cheadle should play all roles in this film. And direct it. And produce.

  2. I’m sure they’ll have him fighting something like the big bad oil industry, you know, the industry that has allowed us to better our circumstances and extend our lives by providing the energy to heat our homes, hospitals, and schools, etc.

    In all seriousness, if made, this could only be a campy comedy.

  3. The only way this works is to plant tongues firmly in cheeks. I see it either as a parody, which could be hilarious, or as a complete flop.because it will take itself too seriously.

    • you mean like how the brady bunch movie was?

    • Not enough of a fan base for a Brady Style film. Maybe a CG animated Kids movie?

  4. Still think they should do a Thundercats movie instead!!

    • You, me, and So many others are waiting.

    • Agreed + 100000000

  5. So can we get a Spider-man/Captain Planet crossover movie?

    I’m only half-kidding.

  6. Don cheadle is captain planet

  7. Loved the cartoon but I really cant see this working.
    Im happy to be proven wrong though.

  8. Good news, though I’d prefer a CG Animation movie version rather than live-action. I hope they will do this movie right…

  9. They traded 3 packs of dentyne and a half full coke bottle for it.

  10. Don Cheadle rules! lol@turning people into trees

  11. Cheadle should definitely be the voice of Captain Planet.I also thought awhile back Tom Cruise was rumored for the role.Nonetheless I think this will be huge at the box office and kick off a successful franchise.I still can’t believe this is about to happen before Thundercats get made.

    • About as “huge” as Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

  12. A live action movie won’t work out well. I say make a animated movie or a Tv special

  13. How to do a live action Captain Planet film? That should be the next article.

  14. This story kind of reminds me of the Toxic Avenger, fighting against environmental polluters. lol!

    • My exact thoughts. If this is made, it will turn out just as campy as Toxic Avenger.

  15. It will only work if they play Michael Jackson’s Heal The World during the most epic heartfelt moment.

  16. A live action movie won’t work out well. I say make a animated movie or a Tv special

  17. Maybe they’ll update Captain Planet for modern times by designing his costume as a suit & tie. He’ll stand before Congress to make a passionate plea for his cause!!

    Julia Roberts could make a cameo as Erin Brokovich!

    Wow, this has so much potential for serious action!!

    • Yea, and the character could fly to and frorm Congress on a private jet, like so many of these hypocritical environmentalist politicians.

  18. OK if they’re gonna make a captain planet movie,then its time they bring some titles to the screen that would be more worthy than captain planet. I’m talking about a Johnny quest movie. Can’t understand why no one has jump on that. That could be a potential franchise if done correctly. Thundarr is a definite. Great plot with great characters. A Thundercats movie would be sick. Let’s not forget space ghost, and the Herculiods.IMO those are more worthy to bring to the Cinema than captain planet. But that’s Hollywood for you. I bet the next movie to come to the Big screen that you wouldn’t expect will be Denver the last dinosaur.remember that cartoon?

    • I’m still holding out for a Freakazoid movie or a full length animated Tick movie.

  19. Oh Man ! does Sony have a p…. envy for marvel superheroes success… they re really ready to get dirty and draft Z list superhero to have something else besides spiderman…

  20. Speaking of old cartoons, someone needs to make a GOOD Dragonball Z movie… with Zack Snyder and Chris Nolan and WETA Workshop! Or Pokemon

    • I’d say go for it…it’s not MY money they’re waisting. And then there’s that 10% chance of it being decent.

      • I remember before Dragonball Evolution released saying that Bautista could play Nappa.

  21. Garret Hedlund can make an awesome Captain Planet and I think he will look good for the part. That’s who Iam thinking of ?

  22. Ryan Reynolds just cleared his schedule to make for his inevitably being cast in this role.

  23. Do Centurions or the Gobots next. Oh wait, Hasbro has the rights to Gobots well you could roll out if TF4 fails.

  24. NOT a fan of ’80s cartoons, and this one is no exception. +(

    • Actually, it’s a 90′s cartoon

  25. Why in the world is a studio thinking about making a film of this? What possible prospects for success can it possibly have?

    I never actually watched Caprain Planet, but a friend had a CP lunchbox. Maybe there is some potential here; who am I to say? But there are so many other franchises out there still waiting to make it to film. Why this?

  26. I hope this gets made as a big budget film 125+ mil and correspondingly huge marketing budget. Then I hope it bombs horribly. Maybe then studios will stop making ridiculously idiotic films.

  27. Wasn’t a huge fan of the show, in fact I’m sure if it actually gets made it will be a campy mess full of plot holes and nonsense. On the other hand I think if the script get’s in the hands of the right chedle . . . person, then it will be a success. . . Don Chedle as Captain Planet . . . and Whoopi Goldberg reprising her role as Gaia, and Jeff Goldblum as the main villain Verminous Skum. On second thought I’d rather just watch the video of Chedle as captain planet for 2 hours.

  28. Earth, fire, Wind, Water…………..Love….? ^^

    • actually its heart, not love. at least if my memory is right…

  29. “Remember, turn off the faucet between usages, and recycle those plastics! Or else… I’ll turn you into a f***in tree.” That line would be awesome.