Canadian Superhero ‘Captain Canuck’ Heading to the Big Screen

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Captain Canuck Canadian Superhero ‘Captain Canuck’ Heading to the Big Screen

2012 is well on the way to cementing its status as a turning point for superhero cinema. By year’s end, The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises will likely emerge as the two highest-grossing films of the year, and virtually every other superhero franchise has a sequel or reboot in various states of development. However, while everyone is familiar with the costumed heroes of The Amazing Spider-man and the upcoming Man of Steel, some heroes may be brand-new to most moviegoers.

Case in point, The Vancouver Sun reports that a film based on Canadian hero, Captain Canuck, is officially in the works. The character, created in 1975 by illustrator Richard Comely, is a Canadian security officer who develops super-strength and speed after being exposed to extraterrestrial Zeta rays.

Screenwriter Arne Olsen beat out hundreds of writers to win the job of scripting Captain Canuck, after submitting a 15-page sample to Mind’s Eye Entertainment, the production company behind the film. Of Olsen’s writing credits to date, only the 1995 adaptation Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie could be considered part of the superhero genre.

Although Captain Canuck is a blatant symbol of patriotic pride in the Great White North, he has developed a cult following over the years. His costume – which features a mask in the shape of a maple leaf and bears Canadian colors – might strike some comic book fans as too hokey to be translated to film, but let’s not forget, though, that we’ve already seen a patriotic superhero done right on the big screen.

Captain America Canadian Superhero ‘Captain Canuck’ Heading to the Big Screen

Yes, Captain Canuck – much like Captain America – may be a bit tricky to translate to film effectively. Still, it is possible. Before the success of Captain America: The First Avenger, the U.S.-based hero was also deemed too silly for his own film franchise, having been the focus of a universally panned 1990 film. The character’s most recent adventure, however, managed to stay relatively true to the comic books while giving the film a more serious, grounded tone, one which Olsen intends to emulate with his approach to Captain Canuck.

“I’m much more interested in the grittier [films] – where there’s a much more realistic approach. The way we’re going to approach this is – more of a visceral action thriller in the [style] of the Bourne trilogy. We’re trying to take him to more of a 21st century sensibility. Hipper, with a bit more of an interest in contemporary issues and characters, and the technology and information we have access to.”

Olsen suggests someone like Ryan Gosling – the Canadian-born star who led last year’s gritty crime drama Drive – could nab the lead role when the time comes. Whether Olsen’s previous work – which is relatively unknown to U.S. audiences – has prepared him to translate Captain Canuck’s tales to the big screen is open for debate, as is if the film – which Olsen estimates to hit production in about a year and a half – will manage to find an audience in Canada or the United States.

Seemingly, the public’s appetite for superhero films remains insatiable, especially given the fervor currently centered on The Dark Knight Rises, but will American audiences embrace a character so clearly tied to their neighbor to the north? If Olsen’s fantasy casting comes true, that just may happen. Until then, we’ll keep an eye on Captain Canuck as it develops.

Source: The Vancouver Sun

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  1. He reminds me of Guardian from the Marvel Comics team Alpha Flight.

    • Considering this character came out 3 years before Guardian was introduced, one has to wonder who borrowed from whom. (although Guardian and Alpha Flight and much more interesting and feel more credible than this guy who almost feels like a parody)

  2. Wtf, you need to go through the famous ones first, jeez, you cant make a maple syrup man movie and expect people to take it seriously. An international audience isn’t going to care about a SH that they never heard do before.

    • But if they put an a-list actor in the mix they would go probably go see it.

  3. God I hope this is a joke.
    Yanks will ride it into the ground if this is legit. I don’t care if it’s the “Gone with the Wind” of superhero movies.
    Please don’t let this happen…

  4. NO. We need Alpha Flight first. This guy sounds lame. Gimme Mac Hudson.

  5. I have no idea who this character is, but it kinda sounds like a lame idea IMO.
    The fact that they’re already using THAT word (“gritty”) just tells me that this is a cash grab to get a share of the success that other CBMs are having now…

  6. Nathan Fillion would be perfect for the role. IMO.
    Doesn’t need to be a serious action/drama it could be a tongue in cheeck / action flick.

    • Is that guy perfect for everything? First it was iron man, then cap, then thor, then ant-man, now this?

      The dude kinda sucks to be honest. Just because you liked Firefly doesn’t mean he’s some sort of theatrical demigod.

      • ^^^^^This

      • Sawyer you are the man!

      • Thank you!

        • I loved Fillion in Firefly, but he seems a little old and a bit out of shape for all the things fans demand he be cast as.

          *Ducks from all the tables and chairs that are getting thrown at me*.

          Don’t turn Fillion into the next Bruce Campell.

          • I like him a bit more because he isn’t trying to look like an action figure. He does his thing and a lot of people adore him for it. He isn’t right for every role, but there are some he could have handled better than those who were cast. Yes, Green Lantern is one of them. Of course, his voiceover work for the animated GL is just as good.

            Bruce Campbell is a national treasure.

            • OUCH!

              Just got hit by a chair!

              • Not at all. It was a comfortable chair! :)

                • Well the cushion was a bit firm and made my eyes water. 😉

      • You can’t hear it,but I’m clapping for you right now.I’m at the point where just hearing the name Nathan Fillion,makes me sick to my stomach.

        The guy is box office poison,and that’s why no one is offering him any film roles.

      • first – since when we’re in desperate need of theatrical demigods to play super heroes?
        second – he’s a good actor and I have the same right to like him in Firefly and other things as you have the right to hate him on sight. I see you get easily influenced by others’ opinions, but Fillion’s name being bandied about by fanboys doesn’t mean he sucks and you get automatically cooler and smarter by disagreeing with the majority (of fanboys).
        third – Captain Canuck should never be made, and if it is made it’s gonna bomb. Americans will never go to see a movie about a Canadian superhero with a silly name. And no, Nathan Fillion shouldn’t play him.

        • Lol. First you say that you are entitled to your own opinion, then you pretty much go on to say that I am not allowed to hate him and if I do, I am lying just to be ‘cool’.

          THIS is the kind of Fillion-fanboyism I was talking about when I said his fans think of him way too highly.

          • well, it looked to me that your dislike was rooted in that overabundance of “Fillion-fanboyism” you’ve mentioned right away. so it seemed like you don’t actually know him as an actor, more like a fanboy symbol, and that’s not the ground to judge his actual skills. hence my conclusion about you being easily swayed by common opinions – negatively or positively, which is basically the same thing. And I still don’t know why the actor who plays any kind of superhero should be a “theatrical demigod” at all.

      • So you range actors as either suckers or demigods? Movie watching must be a roller-coaster ride for you lol
        Fillion is very charismatic and actually a good actor, not that I’m saying he should play this silly character. Doubt this movie will ever happen anyway.

        • ???
          What gave you the impression that I think of every actor as either a ‘demigod’ of a ‘sucker’? I just said that I think he sucks, even though some seem to think he’s a demigod. I don’t understand how anyone can confuse that simple statement.

  7. I agree, Alpha Flight/Guardian would be a better idea. I think they are included under the X-Men, so their potential movie rights might already be owned by Fox. Guardian’s story is pretty cool, and they might be able to tie in Wolverine as well.

  8. So, Canadian superheroes have to be portrayed by Canadian actors? When did that rule go into effect? 😛

    • I guess Wolverine didn’t get the memo.:)


    Oh my god, now I’ve read everything. This is gonna bomb so HARD. If they’re gonna try to cash off of the superhero renaissance, at least have the decency to go for more credible superheroes.

    • Damn! Despite my comment already posted, I like this comment much better.

    • And they’re trying to make it “gritty” and “Bourne-like”



      Someone kill me now before they actually make this film. How desperate are they?

  10. Oh America’s hat. When will they learn?

  11. Put Jim Carrey in that ridiculous costume and maybe I’ll see it. Haha this is such a terrible idea. I laugh at you Canadian production company.

  12. A talking, gun toting crazy racoon nor a tiny “ant” sized hero are going to kill the genre – this hot garbage is. Ugh

  13. Funny thing is, I was thinking about a possible Captain Britain or Union Jack movie yesterday afternoon, especially since the original Union Jack was fighting alongside Captain America in his movie after being rescued from the HYDRA facility and the second Union Jack was named as the British driver at Monaco in Iron Man 2.

    Strange coincidence.

  14. Well , I never heard of Captain Canuck,
    a “superhero” with a name that sounds
    more like a children’s cartoon character.

  15. Just to be clear, thi is a completely stand alone property right? It’s not a marvel thing? I think im answering my own question but doesnt alpha flight/omega flight have a guy thats basically a stand in as the capt canada?

  16. Wait? They’re making a film about Henrik Sedin???

  17. Who’s next, Captain Britain?

  18. Question 1: Do you want to be Canadian?

    Question 2: Really?

    • What does this even mean? Hell Yes, I want to be Canadian. A more likely question… Who WOULDN’T want to be Canadian???

      • I think he was making a reference to an episode of ‘How I Met Your Mother’ where Barney asked those two questions.

  19. Being a Canadian I’m embarrassed at just the thought. I agree with the avenger… it is very lame to say the least.

  20. I hate to say it but this will fail in American audiences just due to the name. It may do good with world wide audiences if the story is good but I doubt that too. With so many good super heroes out there I dont see the need for this. People know Alpha Flight. Do that.

  21. Being Canadian, it’s nice to see a Canadian superhero finally get the limelight other than Wolverine, especially if they actually cast a Canadian. This hero done right has the potential to be successful, despite all the ranters above bashing it immediately. Captain Canuck has been around since 1975 which is longer than a couple of hero franchises being considered for the big screen. I’m not saying I think it’s going to be bad or good, I’m saying it has potential.

    P.S. ‘Americas Hat’? is that the best you can come up with? I guess that makes America the shirt and Mexico, the pants.

    • Or, it makes America Canada’s Butt. :-)

  22. Is this guy a Marvel or a DC character, or is he neither?

    • I’m guessing neither.

  23. I find it kinda funny the amount of hate this guy is getting. His concept and costume is no more out there than Captain America. Or is it just becuase he is a symbol of Canadian patriotism? If a guy holding a shield which acts like a boomerang while wearing a costume that looks like it was made out of an American flag can sell at the box office, why cant this guy? Good luck to him and his movie I say.

    • Part of it is the name. “Canuck” isn’t exactly the most patriotic term and is at best a nickname and can actually be derogatory. He would be taken a bit more seriously if he was called say, Capt.Canada instead.

  24. I wonder if the movie would increase the value of my Captain Canuck issue #1 :)

  25. Will he save the day from the Evil French Canadian?

  26. While I don’t know much about the character,I think that’s the problem.Many people really don’t know about this character.

    I think Marvel is getting too full of themselves at the moment,and they need to reel it in a bit and stick with the characters that made them big,and slowly introduce new ones in.

    They have The Hulk just sitting there with no plans for advancing his story.With his villains,it’s soooooooo much easier to do another Hulk movie right now,than anything else that they are thinking about(excluding Ironman,Thor,and Cap).

    Just like Pixar,they are messing around instead of giving people what they really want to see.In the case of Pixar,everyone is waiting for The Incredibles 2,but they keep screwing around making stuff like Brave,Cars 2,and now I hear that they are making a Finding Nemo 2?Really? I thought they found him already.

    Maybe it’s just me,but I couldn’t care less about Guardians Of The Galaxy,Ant-Man,Black Panther,or anything else they have planned right now.I just want to see another well made Hulk movie with The Leader as the villain.For god’s sake,they already set it up! What more has to be done?!

    • Um, I am HIGHLY interested in the new projects as well as when we are going to get a Black Panther treatment.

      If Marvel continued to do what you want and play it safe with what they have so far, they will end up like DC’s batman and Superman and become somewhat stagnant. Introducing new blood into the equation helps keep things fresh and interesting (not to mention helping to deepen the connections between all the movies).

      And I believe the reason why we don’t have a new Hulk movie is because he is being adapted once again into a TV show (and also part of 2 animated shows)

      • I’m not saying never develop new characters,I’m just saying finish what you start before moving to new characters.

        There is a possibility that Marvel is trying to do too much,and when that happens,product usually suffers.They need to slow it down just a bit.Over saturation isn’t a good thing.

        • The thing is though, the characters being given movies are all a part of the larger story.

          Ant-man (aka Hank Pym) – Was a part of the original Avengers. He and Wasp should have really been in the first movie in some minor way but at least it’s happening now. We just hope it’s not Scott Lang.

          Black Panther – One of the first recruits after the initial group formation and would bring something new and different to the group.

          GotG – Are deeply involved with Thanos and will be the first to contact and do battle with him. Drax was even created to kill Thanos.

          So it seems to me they ARE finishing what they started.

          Plus if they waited until they played out all the current story arcs, it would make little sense to introduce them then because they belong in the current story. Some (like the Hulk) can work well within their own separate realities but others (like BP) don’t.

          • So how are they finishing what they started by introducing characters that had nothing to do with the MOVIES? Don’t get comic book continuity mixed up with the movie universe that they have already established.If that were the case,then Pym and Wasp would’ve already been in it,and there’s a reason that they aren’t already,and it probably has to do with the studio not thinking that they would fit in.Now that was then,but now the thinking is obviously different,so do take that to mean that I’m saying that they can’t fit in now.

            They already established elements of The Hulk which they seem to be completely ignoring.Unless The Leader shows up in one of the upcoming movies,it’s going to feel like a failed pro wrestling plot were we are supposed to forget that it even happened.

            • Well since one is BASED off of the other, there is a good reason why I’m referencing the source material.

              As I said, now is the time to give these movies a treatment because if they waited until after it was all over, they wouldn’t work as well alone. So it’s now or never.

        • I hope Marvel doesn’t pull a Guitar Hero and get too full of themselves then end up saturating the market and imploding.
          I don’t think they’ll fully implode, but they may find out that too many super hero movies isn’t a good thing.

  27. Know what I find funny?

    Captain Canuck isn’t even a Marvel property yet people on here are commenting with complaints that “Marvel are throwing anything at us now, they’re too big for their boots”.

    Marvel’s guys are: Captain America, Captain Britain, Captain Italy, Guardian and Union Jack.

    Captain Canuck is a Comely

    • * Captain Canuck is a Comely Comix guy isn’t he?

      (sorry, it added my comment before I was done typing it)

  28. The name of the hero makes me think this is a comedy send-up, which would not be worth my time, but if it is a serious super-hero flick, I will probably give it a watch on Netflix when it becomes available there.