Captain America: You Won’t Believe Who Marvel Wants

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steverogers Captain America: You Wont Believe Who Marvel Wants

The rumor mill is churning out word that Marvel Studios has begun eying a few pretty-boy stars to play the star-spangled Avenger in the forthcoming Captain America movie. Early reports are that mega-stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt are early favorites for the role–though again, not one iota of this has been confirmed by Marvel. We’re still at the “trusted source of a trusted source” stage, people.

However, while we’re churning this particular mill: the same trusted sources of trusted sources from inside the house that Stan Lee built are saying that Marvel is eager to get into the Brad Pitt business – be it playing Captain America, or Norse-god Thor (another franchise Marvel is said to be breathing cinematic life into).

I can see Brad tackling either role, really, (they’re going to need someone with chops to pull Thor off.) However, Leo as Cap? I mean… do we start the short jokes now, or is it still too soon?

200712692395748 Captain America: You Wont Believe Who Marvel Wants

Bottom line: it’s going to be impossible to pin either Brad or Leo to any comic book character unless both Captain America and Thor get two very distinguished directors attached to them. Cap, I can see happening (calling Mr. Spielberg), but Thor? Well, I’ll leave that debate up to you.

Source: Latino Review

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  1. Doom, I don’t necessarily think JG would make a good Cap either, but it is interesting that the director relationship is there, and he has the acting chops. I wouldn’t rule it out based on this new development. My whole point about JG was he would have made a better Peter Parker than Toby Mcguire. But than again, so would have Steve (crazy eyes) Buscemi or D.J. Qualls for that matter. Good Lord, can you envision Qualls in Spidey tights? LOL!

  2. Ah, I gotcha. I agree. I think he would have been a very good Peter Parker. When you look at his performance in Zodiac, he was almost Parker-ish in that.

    OK, here is an off the wall thought. How about Viggo Mortensen for Cap? He is an action guy, we already know that. It is far enough out from LoTR that we can seperate him from Aragorn. He can pull off the Blonde Hair like in A History of Violence and I think he could pull off the young skinny Steve Rogers we would all like to see. Just an outside shot there.

  3. Well, Viggo did turn 50 in Oct. He doesn’t look close to that, but I think that would eliminate him. Although, his look is perfect for Steve Rogers. My guess is Cap is going to be between 30 and 35, the actor will have to play a young Steve Rogers. There are so many thoughts, opinions and arguments for many actors. I read somewhere in here that the person “Trusts Marvel” based on their past casting. That could be the best line of thinking to this point. JUST PLEASE… NO WRESTLERS!!!!! That would just put Marvel back to the 1980 wannabee Cap movie.

  4. Wow, I didnt realize he was that old. I skipped his birthdate on IMDB I guess haha.

    I agree with you on the “Trust Marvel” thought. Although, and I am sure you wont like this one ;-), but wrestlers arent the same big dopes they used to be. Some, not a lot, but some can actually act. The Rock made the transition to rave reviews. I am holding out a little hope that Triple H has decent acting abilities and maybe he can pull off Thor. He wasn’t that good in Blade Trinity, but I think that was how his part was written myself. He looked to struggle a bit with being a complete tool, especially since although he is a major heel in wrestling, he is also one of the smarter gys in the ring. I would not be upset to see him get a shot, but if Marvel senses he sucks then can him fast.

    Moral of the story…..never count anyone out until they prove to be a moron.

  5. I think in the end, they are going to go with a young teen actor for the pre-serum Steve Rogers scenes. If it was 5 years ago I would’ve suggested Dennis Quaid for the post-serum Captain America. Since both Mortensen and Quaid are over 50 and both very competent actors, I would say Quaid still has a better chance at getting the role simply ’cause of his build. But I would be okay with Mortensen since he can act.I can see him giving orders to Norton and Downey Jr. Like I’ve said before in many other posts, I don’t have any objection as long as they cast someone who can act.

  6. Any leading actor from another movie, SHOULD NOT be cast in a leading role. Especially a successful movie. As with Daniel Craig. I agree with a previous post about him also. You cannot cast a Brit as Captain America! I really cannot accept Leonardo as the Capt! He, to me would make a great red skull though. McConaughey might, I say might, make a good Henry Pym/Antman, a secondary character, but NEVER another of Marvels elite. He is a horrible actor. As for a digital Thor. Lets get serious. It worked for Ironman BECAUSE the character was in a suit. There is no way to properly digitally produce Thor that in any way would play into the continuity of the Avengers realistically. REAL PEOPLE ONLY!! Regardless of how far CGI has come!! Since it has been mentioned: I would like to see a sequel to Daredevil. I have to say I really enjoyed it…the effects, even Ben Affleck. Not so much a black Kingpin, that was too far out of continuity for me.

  7. Iron2U, I don’t understand you’re reasoning. Ed Norton had leading roles, you seem to like Ben Affleck as Daredevil… he was a leading man before. Any A-lister has done many leading roles. That is what makes them A-Listers. They can make the character into whatever they want or what the directer wants.
    2nd point. You again contradict yourself. CGI was the driving force in Daredevil 5 years ago, and he wasn’t in Armor. Do you really think Ben Affleck was 50 ft. in the air doing Triple Lindies in a church? Whether you like it or not, Thor will be CGI, because Thor is nearly as big as Hulk. Getting a wanna-bee wrestle to play Thor will only look cheesy and give it that 1980 look and feel. CGI is the main reason Marvel movies have boomed in the last 8 years. To say there is no way to properly produce Thor is just ignorant. You have no idea of the power of CGI and it is not only going to be used… it is the ONLY way these movies can be made. What do you suggest… Triple-H on a wire pretending to fly? WOW! How thrilling!!!! (sarcasm)
    Opening your mind and accept that CGI is the only reason we have Ironman, Hulk, Daredevil, X-Men, Fantastic 4… and now Cap Am, Thor and the rest.
    Wake up and smell the technology dude!

  8. Buzz is 100% correct. You need to have the leading man, who cares how many other movies they have done. Will Smith is probably the most famous actor out there today (arguable, I know), but he is cast in many different movies and it is easy to seperate him from the character he just played when he moves to another movie. now, you cant take someone who has just recently played another Super Hero. Christian Bale can’t be Cap obviously, he is Batman. Brandon Routh is Superman etc….

    Also, CGI is very important to all these movies. I dont think Caps Shield will really be able to riccochet off 3 guys and then go back to him without it. Thor will not be able to call down real lightning… least I am pretty sure on that (although, that would be awesome!! haha) without CGI. Its the way of movies these days.

  9. Yes, I agree with both Buzz and Doom. I was referring to Daniel Craig and his successful RECENT role. I didn’t make that clear. That, to me would be confusing to have a leading role played by the same actor of a continuing lead role. I DO feel and WANT Thor to be played by a beefed-up actor. At least those are my feelings on it. I just wouldn’t want a CGI Hulk-like Thor. I am familiar with all the CGI used in Daredevil, Spiderman, the Hulk movies and Ironman, etc. Used perfectly and getting better all the time. I am not against CGI at all! It is great when used properly. I trust the lightning and flight, the ricochet of Cap’s shiels…PLUS, will be CGI…LOL! I do see what you mean by a wanna-be wrestler playing Thor and having it look hokey. There has to be SOMEONE other than triple H, who can play Thor, someone in this world, who can also act the part. My opinion is that it isn’t as if Thor would be that much of a speaking part. To me Hulk is of such enormous proportions that CGI has to be used. I am hoping that Thor would be able to completely real. I do not think Thor is as big as the Hulk to HAVE TO use CGI. At least I HOPE. That’s me. I appreciate the feedback. Thanks! I have an open mind, I feel, enough to change it when a better idea comes along. I also want to voice MY opinion, and you know what they say..opinions are like belly buttons…everybody has one. So I shoot from the hip. I expect the same from everyone else to do the same. ’nuff said.

  10. @Creative

    Agreed. I hope I’ll be excited, and in the good way. Jane would have been alright as Cap I suppose. :)

  11. Iron2U, nice post. I am not, nor have I ever tried to force my opinion on someone. I will very firmly map out my thoughts when a subject arises that I feel very strongly about. Actually, could we be any more nerdy than having debates about comic books movies? LOL. But comics and my love for graphics is what lead to my profession and my ownership in an Advertising/Graphics agency. There is just something about Marvel and how it touched me as a youth in the 70’s. I remember how cheesy Thor looked in an episode of Hulk. That was horrible. That is what I think about when I hear a wrestler being mentioned as Thor. I understand your thoughts about CGI with Hulk, but there was no other way around it. You will see very creative and spectacular uses of CGI for Cap, Thor and Avengers. It just gets better and more realistic with each movie. That’s why I’m confident Marvel will make sure to keep the high standards they have set each and every movie the make.
    Buzz… out

  12. @ Risa:

    “If you want Captain America to stick his tongue out in every 5 seconds, then yes, Brad Pitt is your guy.”

    Rumors of a recessive lizard gene in Brad’s DNA are yet to be proven; but he DOES kinda remind me of the GEICO Gecko…

  13. I hear a lot of talk here about using CGI to bulk up an actor; has nobody given thought to REDUCING the actor’s physique?

    Steve Rogers is supposed to be this patriotic-but-pathetically-underdeveloped kid, right?

    So, take an actor with a reasonably good build, and CGI about 10 years’ worth of Bowflex off his body!

  14. Why not use CGI to erase one’s “Bowflexibility”?

    A reasonably well-built actor turned into a 98-lb. weakling by CGI…I think it’s a problem solver.

    Maybe give Leo DeCrappio the height he needs in the long shots?

    Of course, get him some disco-era male platform shoes for the shots that end at the waist…

  15. Thanks Buzz! Yeah, I feel the same way when I hear about a ANY wrestler playing ANY hero…LOL I heard Hulk Hogans voice, just his voice, on an episode of Justice League Unlimited, and it was utterly horrible! Not a clue of how to portray the part. UGH. As far as debating comics online…I HAVE WAITED FOR THE DAY! I have waited my whole life for an IRONMAN movie! Hey, inside I am a 13 yr old comic book nerd anyway. Tape on the glasses and all… =)~
    I’ve been collecting since I was nearly 7 yrs old. A 43 yr young fanboy at heart. So I also, feel strongly about such mundane Marvel mania! So strongly that I have studied sequential art, wanting someday to work for them. So, Buzz, what state is your business in? If you want to answer.

  16. Hewitt, I have to admit, that guy does look like Steve Rogers, but can he act? Who is he?

  17. mark valley is a tv actor, just series, but the guy was in the army, was born to do it watch this is the perfect dudes hahaha triple h for thor

  18. for the thor, is really need an actor with presences. man triple h doesnt have the actor qualities, but look him. xD

  19. The man who should play thor is the guy who played on the movie called the ’13th warrior,’ starring antonio bandaras.he was a norse general antonios’ character traveled with he also played the “swede” on a movie with Common and jeremy piven.
    I dont remenber his name but he is the man that must play thor he even looked like thor in the movie the 13th warrior and he can act!!!!!

  20. Look at the guy on “smallville” who played auquaman, he got a good look to him and if you bulked him up in the weight room he could play a very convincing captain america. but he does need more muscle.And he can act. but remember dont corny-up the character. shoot it during the 40’s but make it real, not comic book style shoot it like
    its real like “Heros”

  21. vladimir kulich, i think he is, in fact he sounds a lot to for the role, but this guy is short hair now, and looks old

  22. @ Ironman2You

    Hulk Hogan was never on any episode of JLU. You’re obviously thinking of someone else.

  23. I could have bet that it WAS Hulk Hogan, though I wasn’t sure. The part was a general who injected himself and turned into a comperable foe and nearly beat everyone on the streets of the city. The voice-over was so bad, and the voice so like H.H., I was almost certain. Either way the voice actor was horrible. All I could think of to dismiss the choosing of a wrestler to play ANY part. Thanks Risa for the correction.

  24. It was General Eiling, voiced by J.K. Simmons actually. He did a good job in previous episodes until he had to voice the mutant alter ego lol I’ve watched the show so many times that I can now recognise any guest actor doing the voices, from a major supervillain to a minor superhero. It was just a show too damn good.

  25. Iron2U, I have a small agency a little north of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Got about 2inches of snow this morning… grrrrr.

    Where is everyone else from?

    Buzz — out

  26. Thanks for the info Buzz! Too far for me to proposition you for a job! =)
    I am in Dallas, TX. After a debilitating hot and humid super-summer, we are experience some cold, but nothing like it is back where I was born and raised in Connecticut. We did get a snowstorm last March 7th! The first in several years. I moved, partially, to get away from shoveling snow which I have been doing since I was 5! THANKS FOR YOUR REPLY BUZZ! ~It would be interesting to find out where the other fanboy and fangirls are from!


  27. I’m from York, PA.


    The guy who played Aquaman on Smallville would be a terrible Cap. :(