Captain America: You Won’t Believe Who Marvel Wants

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steverogers Captain America: You Wont Believe Who Marvel Wants

The rumor mill is churning out word that Marvel Studios has begun eying a few pretty-boy stars to play the star-spangled Avenger in the forthcoming Captain America movie. Early reports are that mega-stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt are early favorites for the role–though again, not one iota of this has been confirmed by Marvel. We’re still at the “trusted source of a trusted source” stage, people.

However, while we’re churning this particular mill: the same trusted sources of trusted sources from inside the house that Stan Lee built are saying that Marvel is eager to get into the Brad Pitt business – be it playing Captain America, or Norse-god Thor (another franchise Marvel is said to be breathing cinematic life into).

I can see Brad tackling either role, really, (they’re going to need someone with chops to pull Thor off.) However, Leo as Cap? I mean… do we start the short jokes now, or is it still too soon?

200712692395748 Captain America: You Wont Believe Who Marvel Wants

Bottom line: it’s going to be impossible to pin either Brad or Leo to any comic book character unless both Captain America and Thor get two very distinguished directors attached to them. Cap, I can see happening (calling Mr. Spielberg), but Thor? Well, I’ll leave that debate up to you.

Source: Latino Review

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  1. I think the wwe wrestler HHH should play thor. I Mean his best friend is a sledge hammer. and he’s got the size.

  2. What about Channing Tatum for Captain America? He’s younger, but would fit the look of the role perfectly. Otherwise, I like the suggestions of Hartnett, Wahlberg, or Walker.

  3. Hey folks I posted this in another forum, but what do people think of eric Dane for captain america? He’s a good actor somewhat dramatic, he’s got the right build I think, and the strong jaw and he’s still mid thirties?

  4. Posted in another forum as well, but how about Jon Hamm from Mad Men. He’s got the WWII look, he’s got the acting chops, he’s got the height and the build. He’s in his mid 30′s, but pulls off the mid to late 20′s well in flashbacks on Mad Men. He’s also got a leadership vibe about him that guys like Paul Walker don’t have. I could picture him leading the Avengers, I can’t do that with some of the other folks mentioned.

  5. wentworth miller? are you kidding? hes way too young…George Eads from csi looks like he could fill the boots and make it more believable.

  6. “Fabio as Thor”????

    The man hasn’t been able to do comprehensible English dialogue, ever!

    Casting him as Thor would be like replacing Samuel L. Jackson in the upcoming Last Dragon remake with an actor whose acting skills are on a par with Fabio’s…

    Jaleel “Steve Urkel” White as Sho’Nuff, the Shogun of Harlem!

    Of course, done in the traditional Urkel-squeaky voice:

    Sho’nuff: Am I the meanest?
    Sho’nuff ‘s Goons: Sho’nuff!
    Sho’nuff: Am I the prettiest?
    Sho’nuff ‘s Goons: Sho’nuff!
    Sho’nuff: Am I the baddest mofo low down around this town?
    Sho’nuff ‘s Goons: Sho’nuff!
    Sho’nuff: Well who am I?
    Sho’nuff ‘s Goons: Sho’nuff!
    Sho’nuff: Who am I?
    Sho’nuff ‘s Goons: Sho’nuff!
    Sho’nuff: I can’t hear you…
    Sho’nuff ‘s Goons: Sho’nuff!

  7. PhotoShopLifter Dan said, “The man hasn’t been able to do comprehensible English dialogue, ever!”

    Just two words you need to know… Dub Him!

  8. Do you guys actually think this will or can be anyone that isnt an A-List star like Damon or Wahlberg etc…? The actor who plays Cap is going to have to lead an ensemble cast that has Ed Norton and RDJ in it. No way they go for anyone that isnt big time.

  9. In a perfect world, get A-list actors for each superhero role. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world. Marvel will be thinking about the money needed for this film (actors, special effects, rewrites). The special effects alone will be stellar, so they may have to forego A-list actors (unless the A-list actors will take a major pay cut).

    Of course, they may also think that the movie will be soo amazing that $300 million will be gotten back in a 2 or 3 week timeframe.

    Let’s just pray the 2nd scenario happens.

    BTW, where is that guy with the time machine??!! I need to get to 2010 and 2011 now!!! 8-)

  10. Doom3524, You are preaching to the choir. I’ve been saying all along, Cap NEEDS to be an established actor with A-list credentials. I keep reading over, and over, and over again that the guy playing Cap (and Thor) needs to be huge buff wrestler type actors. How buff is Ed Norton? Was RDJ really in the Iron Man armor flying around? Of course not. The recent development of outstanding computer graphics is what brought these Marvel movies from “cheesy” to serious “Blockbusters”. This is why A-Listers want these roles. But the actors will be cast not as Captain America and Thor… but as Steve Rogers and Donald Blake. AND… money will NOT be an issue. These Marvel movies are guaranteed block busters. Heck… proof is in the pudding. RDJ, Ed Norton, Toby McQuire and …Samual L. Jackson as Nick Fury. Not to mention offering the role of Thor to Daniel Craig, shows me they will settle for nothing but the best for Cap and Thor. I’m surprised Craig turned it down. He’d have been great! My vote for Cap is still Wahlberg or Pitt.

  11. Kahless, the thing about the Avengers movie is that there will be 5 individual character movies/series of movies prior to this coming out, all of which need to make money as well. Therefore all need to have a big enough star to carry that film. They had to figure beforehand that to make this collection of movies into one climax of a movie, it would cost hundreds of millions for the talent to pull off the roles.

    That being said, I am sure there are actors out there that I have never even heard of that could play Cap or Thor or Ant-Man etc, and if that is the case, more power to them and bring them on. I will go see it anyway, but I really believe to pull off a mass movie marketing idea like they are trying to do, they MUST get the big named actors into the big roles for the non comic fan to be interested.

    Buzz, I still say Maaaaatt Damon!!! I am really not the biggest fan of the guy, but he sure can make an action flick and he has the total Steve Rogers look, just my opinion though :-)

  12. the old man said,
    “Just two words you need to know… Dub Him!”

    If you insist…(adjusts cardboard crown from Burger King, pulls out cheapie plastic sword)

    Kneel, Fabio (Fabio kneels)…arise, Sir Fabio, Lord of Limburger-cheese acting!


  13. Dan, does this mean Fabio can’t be from the Fjord’s??

  14. Fabio wouldn’t be caught dead in a Fjord…he’d drive an Italian sportscar, instead!

    (**runs from the room as the old man pelts him with rotten tomatoes for the pun**)

  15. Fabio wouldn’t be caught dead in a Fjord…he’d drive an Italian sportscar, instead!

    (runs from the room as the old man pelts him with rotten tomatoes for the pun)

  16. Gee, I casually mention this what 5 months ago and I’m getting grief now??

    I thought my last position was do “THOR” with computers. How old is Fabio now 50??
    What’s the problem Dan, just using any excuse to attack Fabio? Gee don’t let me stand in your way. Have at him, just remember Clooney.

  17. I’ve been reviewing all the actors mentioned to play THE Captain America, and not a one really hits the mark with me. I had a face in mind and I just recently was able to place a name to it. What about Casper Van Dien? He was probably best known for his parts in the Starship Troopers movies, but he has done a whole lot more. I myself consider him to be a better than adequate performer. I think he is about 39 years old, but really looks younger. He has a build, and blue eyes(not that blue eyes is a deal breaker), but he really seems to fit the part. I finally got the name to the face I have been seeing. I think he embodies the visceral persona that is needed to portray Cap. As far as his acting, he does seem to be able to be a lead actor and be forceful. In Starship Troopers he does just that. In a unique military way. He is my choice so far. There still has to be a “perfect” Captain America. It matters so much towards the vision of the Avengers. Anybody see what I am talking about with Casper Van Dien? Excelsior!

  18. Right, because having a non american actor play the most patriotic american ever created would be a wonderful idea. The reaction would be terrible and would definitley cause ticket sales to be low. I know I couldnt believe his “American Way” attitude knowing he was not american.

  19. Hey, while we’re at it, let’s cast a mexican man as the Black Panther! :p

    Daniel Craig = no Capt America, barely James Bond

    Remember, Steve Rogers was barely out of his teens when he became Cap, they should be looking for someone younger and maybe kinda thin to do the “frail Steve Rogers” scenes, and then build his ass up so he looks like a “physically perfect man” and then do the Cap scenes. This is why I say they go the unknown route for Cap. He’s not like the other Avengers, you can’t cast him like you would Iron Man or Hulk, IMO. Casting Cap is kinda like casting Superman.

  20. KEL, the thing you are correct on is that Steve Rogers can be frail and young. But you are completely wrong that an unknown should be cast to play Cap. Casting anything less than an established actor would be extremely disappointing to the majority of Marvel movie fans. It is NOTHING like casting Superman. Let DC do their movies anyway they like. Marvel has set the bar high with heavy hitters like Affleck, Mcguire, Hally Berry, Patrick Stewart, Jackman, Gardner, Alba, RDJ and Norton… why would they abandon their successful casting to go with an unknown for arguably the most important role yet? Makes no sense. I have no doubt they will cast an A-lister. I have thought of younger actors, that might work with your line of thinking, and one I mentioned early on was Paul Walker. He’s done some leading man action stuff, but to follow what Marvel has done lately… I don’t believe it would work. Cap NEEDS screen presence and to show believable leadership. An unknown can’t pull that off. I still like Marc Wahlberg.

  21. Creative, one thing about that list is that Jackman was nothing before X-Men, Maguire was kind of known, but was in nothing wonderful or established prior to Spider-Man, I assume you mean Jennifer Garner, and she had Alias and thats it. So, some have been nothing big before their Marvel debut.

    That being said, I do agree with the fact that this is Cap. He is one of the 4 figureheads of Marvel Comics (Spidey, Wolverine and Hilk being the others) and he needs to be big time. Spidey they got away with because at that time it was basically just X-Men out and that was a mix of not so famous people and pretty famous people. With the current track record of people like Norton, RDJ, Affleck etc…. they need a big name.

    Still not a fan of Wahlberg, he is always a jerk in his roles (I love the guy though) and I cant see him with B,londe hair, it would just look odd. I think Damon is the person to pick, he just looks right, and he is a great actor.

  22. @Creative Buzz

    I understand what you’re saying, and they’ll probably do that, but Cap isn’t like those other characters. They need someone who’s like a “Hugh Jackman” for Cap, meaning an unknown, good actor who can work the part. Cap is the character, I don’t need to see Brad Pitt dressed up like Cap, I want to see actual Cap. I can’t imagine any big name actor as Wolverine. Too many times the big name actors have the characters cater to them instead of catering to the characters. Cap is similar to Superman, and while not as well known as Superman, Cap’s still a big, iconic hero that everyone and their grandma has at least heard of or can identify on a pice of paper, and should be treated as such, not that casting a big name would be that detremental to him. An Avengers film with big stars as everyone but Cap has enough stars to carry the film, they should cast big names as lesser well known characters like the Wasp or Ant Man, who can’t really suport themselves, Cap on the other hand can carry himself with or without a big name. I’m not completely against a big name, it’s just I don’t see Leo Dicaprio or Matt Damon (sure, there’s always CG) undergoing rigorous training to lose weight to the an almost unhealthy point and then putting on pounds and pounds of muscle mass to play Cap, I don’t see any big name actor making the transition from frail Steve Rogers into Captain America, and that’s a HUGE part of Cap. If they can’t pull that off they they don’t fit Cap, IMO. That’s why casting Cap is different from say, Iron Man or Spider-Man or Storm or the Hulk. And there have been few other Marvel characters who’ve been played by lesser well known actors.

    Mark Wahlberg would be great as Green Lantern Guy Gardner,I don’t see him as Cap tho. And not that he wouldn’t work as Cap (he’s better than some of the other actors I’ve heard mentioned), Paul Walker said he was interested in playing The Flash (I’d be OK with him as Barry Allen or Steve rogers).

  23. Hey Doom, I see your point in regards to Wahlberg, but his Vince Papali character was great. A very wholesome, honorable guy that you root for. It also showed he has some unexpected athletic ability. That being said… I’d not be disappointed if Matt Damon were selected. The ONLY reason I didn’t mention him more was he’s so fresh off playing Jason Bourne. To soon to play another action hero?
    One thing I have to mention. I’m old school Marvel. I was into Marvel comics beginning in 72. When they finally announced the first Spiderman movie in 1999, I could not have been more excited. Like Cap now, the speculation for casting of Spiderman was everywhere. My jaw dropped when Toby M. was announced. To this day… I think this was the worst casting Marvel has done. Peter Parker was not a wuss like Mcguire comes off in the movies. His voice is so frickin’ irritating, he’s beyond puny. Parker was a not huge, but he was no little wimp either. In 1999 I saw “October Sky”. I said then and there… Jake Gyllenhall would be the PERFECT Peter Parker. Since then JG has done Day after Tomorrow and Jarhead and he was great. OK… Brokeback Mountain is another story, but I contend he would not have done that if he was Spidey. On the flip-side… Marvel could not have found a better actor to play Ironman than RDJ.
    The point I’ve been trying to make is the Marvel Movies have evolved and the actors are seeing that these are all blockbusters, thus the A-listers now WANT these roles. Why settle for an unknown or God-forbid… a wrestler?

  24. KEL, You expressed you reasoning and logic very well, and I actual see your point. However… I don’t agree with it. I believe the “experienced actor” will make Cap the character Marvel fans expect. Also, a very big portion of fans will come out to see an A-lister just because of the name. This brings a whole new fan base.
    You do bring up an interesting dilemma Marvel has to be discussing. How old do you make Steve Rogers? I’ve said in past posts here that Marvel will cast as Steve Rogers (Cap) and as Donald Blake (Thor), and not as their Hero altar-egos. The hero scenes will be Computer Graphics. It won’t be as easy as Ironman or Hulk, because Steve Rogers does get bulked up, and he needs to be human. And Thor must be human looking and Huge. Not as easy as Iron armour or being green. It will be interesting to see how Marvel handles this.

  25. @ Creative Buzz

    LOL. Thanks. That’s exactly my point, what are they gonna do about Steve Rogers? If they can get it to work with a big name and it’s believable, then I’m good with it. Whoever they cast had better be able to fit Cap, unknown or not. I just see that happening more with an unknown than a big name. You are right tho, there are no doubt some pros to casting a big name, but the only thing that matters to me is that they get guys who work for the parts, unknowns or not. Whoever plays Cap has got to have range cuz, in many instances, they aren’t going to be playing the same guy in terms of character (reject/rookie to seasoned warrior mascot) and especially in terms of the physical by the time the film opens to when the end credits are rolling.

  26. KEL, I guess we are on agreement with more than we had thought. We’ll just have to agree to disagree with an established actor vs. an unknown. But to contradict myself, I think the perfect Cap would have been Thomas Jane. Not the “A-Lister”, but good credentials non the less. Too bad he already played Frank Castle.
    Regardless, when the actor is announced, I’m sure I’ll be excited. I trust Marvel will not let us down. Just no wrestler please… that is the only thing I will have an issue with… and a BIG issue.

  27. OK… too weird. I had just read that Joe Johnston was named to direct Captain America. Of course I read his bio and was amazed to see his resume includes “October Sky”! What did I just write a few posts ago, about October Sky. I always thought Jake Gyllenhall would have been a better Peter Parker. Could Jake G. be cast as Captain America? Why not?

  28. eek, I am not sure about JG being Cap either. Yeah, Day After Tomorrow was good, and Jarhead he was very good in, but I cant see him as the figurehead of America. I think Cap, moreso than Thor, you can get away with a guy acting to just be weak even if his body doesnt look it. The scrawny Steve Rogers part, though important, is secondary to the fact that he got injected with the Super Soldier Serum (IMO).

    Paul Walker could be OK. I am racking my brain to think of a cheaper option than those said above. I will keep thinking and try to drop another name or two and get off my Damon push :-)