Captain America: You Won’t Believe Who Marvel Wants

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steverogers Captain America: You Wont Believe Who Marvel Wants

The rumor mill is churning out word that Marvel Studios has begun eying a few pretty-boy stars to play the star-spangled Avenger in the forthcoming Captain America movie. Early reports are that mega-stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt are early favorites for the role–though again, not one iota of this has been confirmed by Marvel. We’re still at the “trusted source of a trusted source” stage, people.

However, while we’re churning this particular mill: the same trusted sources of trusted sources from inside the house that Stan Lee built are saying that Marvel is eager to get into the Brad Pitt business – be it playing Captain America, or Norse-god Thor (another franchise Marvel is said to be breathing cinematic life into).

I can see Brad tackling either role, really, (they’re going to need someone with chops to pull Thor off.) However, Leo as Cap? I mean… do we start the short jokes now, or is it still too soon?

200712692395748 Captain America: You Wont Believe Who Marvel Wants

Bottom line: it’s going to be impossible to pin either Brad or Leo to any comic book character unless both Captain America and Thor get two very distinguished directors attached to them. Cap, I can see happening (calling Mr. Spielberg), but Thor? Well, I’ll leave that debate up to you.

Source: Latino Review

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  1. wow, talking about become a huge movie company now with stars like that.

    However, neither one of those guys looks like Captain America…at all, although both can lead and sell a movie easily, especially a comic book movie, and both will draw non-comic fans in like craaaazzzyyy

    Thor is a hard one to do, pitt pulled off his role in Troy well but how do you do the size of thor…and how would he look as thor compared to the others in Avengers. Thor should have that big “oh s***” factor for being so badass and huge.

    I don’t think Leo could do either, Pitt I guess I wouldn’t mind as Thor but they’d have to be crazy creative and as long as the guy doesn’t demand absurd amounts of money from Marvel, I’ll support him. (And as long as he does the sequels and Avengers)

  2. DiCaprio and Pitt are big stars with big egos and bigger price tags. They also don’t suit the role.
    How about Mark Wahlberg?

  3. DiCRAPrio??!! As Cap or Thor??!! NO FRACKIN’ WAY!!!! I can see Pitt doing it, but not DiCaprio….please.

  4. Matthew McConaughey

  5. Hey Spark,

    People were all up in arms about Matt as Captain America but I think he’s a great fit. I don’t understand all the fanboy angst against him in the role.


  6. leo could play cap’s sidekick..that would fit him better….

  7. I have never like Leonardo. IF he is selected to play Cap (which would be a HUGE mistake), it would guarantee me NOT going to see it. I despise him that much.

    Brad Pitt could do it, he is a great actor and is good with the action scenes. I like Matthew McConaughey as a choice as well. Just wondering if it is a origin story, shouldn’t Cap be a younger actor???

  8. You need someone that is muscular like a wrestler. I think John Cena would fit the role perfectly.

  9. My vote would go to Colin Ferguson (Eureka) or Keifer Sutherland, but I think Ferguson is a little bit younger.

  10. I think Matthew McConaughey is a pretty good idea. He really buffed up in Reign of Fire so could manage that again.

    Isn’t Pitt a bit old to play Captain America? Reminds me of him playing Achilles, a really young man who could pass off as a woman. Oh dear. That was bad.

  11. It really depends which Cap they’re going for. Off the top of my head I can think of the all-american blonde in the originals or the resurrected more badass Steve Rogers.

    If they want the first, sure, you can have Mc Matt, but he doesn’t get my vote. I’d prefer to see a no-name, really. Or atleast someone people don’t immediately recognize. I mean, Captain America, although famous in the comic world (RIP) isn’t really known to the public at all. I imagine they’ll have to explain a bit, which is hard to do with stars like that.

    On the opposing side, you can’t have a no-name leading a bunch of stars in The Avengers. Can you imagine RDJ and Ed Norton taking orders from some guy we’ve never heard of? Too big of a chance. I mean, it could turn out like Casino Royale and be an amazing decision, but with all these Marvel movies getting so popular I doubt they’ll risk it.

    Whew, I gotta start writing less. All in all, my pick is Casper Van Dien– as long as the story isn’t too complicated =P


  12. No frickin wrestlers as superheros…the Rock is the only one with any acting ability and that’s a stretch..Although his turn in Get Smart looks funny from what I have seen..But NO WRESTLERS!!! Marvel would be taking their credibility and lighting it on fire and tossing it off a building…bad Idea

  13. Matt McConaughey is a great choice that I have said all along…Matt Damon would be good too…Some tough choices for Marvel to make but they have done awesome so far…

  14. I’m on the McConaughey bus too, but Mat Damon or Pitt would be fine NOT Caprio!

  15. Wasn’t Ferguson a soap star…Look how well Brandon Routh worked out as Superman..enter sarcasm…If Hulk does well they will reboot Superman again…

  16. Why does Cap have to be younger…why can`t he be a military man..Major or something who volunteers for the Super soldier program and is accepted because of his combat, leadership and military experience..That way it would take the age factor(in his teens or early twenties) out of the equation.

  17. Well, now looking at the talent, drive, and passion that L. Caprio brings(I think of Departed and Blood Diamond strongly) set beside RDJ and Norton… that’s a great pick! Just relaxes guys and think about it…

  18. So I had this big post typed up with a bunch of intellectual points, but it won’t post; so I’ll just say this:

    Casper Van Dien.


  19. Greenknight:

    I just checked Ferguson’s IMDB page, and no I didn’t see any roles on soap operas. Lots of tv roles and a few movies as well, but his work on Eureka is great.

  20. Days of Our Lives…A Jack character jerseycajun…according to my sister…But if it’s not on IMdb it probably wasn’t him…

  21. I like McConaughey, but I have a strong feeling he can’t pull of the Cap Persona, he’s too goofy, loud mouth and pretty-boyish as opposed to charming, quiet and mature. If he could really really act his character like the comic character then I’d give him the okay

    no wrestlers, we’re done with crap marvel films

  22. Ick, Brad Pitt cannot pull Captain America off. I will not watch it if he does play Ol’ Cap.

  23. Nathan Fillion (even though he is Canadian) would make a great Captain America.

  24. Hate the Cap choice. Pitt as Thor has a veeeeeery slim chance of working, but I’m doubtful.

    A good, young unknown for Cap is the only way to go, IMO.

  25. Speaking of CASINO ROYALE, Daniel Craig would make for a pretty good Cap, provided he could swing an American accent (THE INVASION) and provided that playing two Iconic fictional characters in two big-budget franchises isn’t too great a strain.

  26. What?!…Why NOT Leo DiCaprio for Cap… after all, based on the finale of “Titianic,” {spoiler alert?…anybody not know this?} he’s clearly got an affinity for icebergs/being frozen alive, which is probably how the flick’s gonna end anyway. [/sarcasm]

    Cap is tough to cast, but Pitt for an Ultimates-type Thor movie ain’t too shabby a prospect.

  27. Colin Fergusen is Canadian too..Born in Montreal…

  28. Wolverine (Jackman) is Australian…why does it matter where the actor is from?

  29. Why does Cap have to be younger…why can`t he be a military man..Major or something who volunteers for the Super soldier program and is accepted because of his combat, leadership and military experience..That way it would take the age factor(in his teens or early twenties) out of the equation.

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