Captain America: You Won’t Believe Who Marvel Wants

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steverogers Captain America: You Wont Believe Who Marvel Wants

The rumor mill is churning out word that Marvel Studios has begun eying a few pretty-boy stars to play the star-spangled Avenger in the forthcoming Captain America movie. Early reports are that mega-stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt are early favorites for the role–though again, not one iota of this has been confirmed by Marvel. We’re still at the “trusted source of a trusted source” stage, people.

However, while we’re churning this particular mill: the same trusted sources of trusted sources from inside the house that Stan Lee built are saying that Marvel is eager to get into the Brad Pitt business – be it playing Captain America, or Norse-god Thor (another franchise Marvel is said to be breathing cinematic life into).

I can see Brad tackling either role, really, (they’re going to need someone with chops to pull Thor off.) However, Leo as Cap? I mean… do we start the short jokes now, or is it still too soon?

200712692395748 Captain America: You Wont Believe Who Marvel Wants

Bottom line: it’s going to be impossible to pin either Brad or Leo to any comic book character unless both Captain America and Thor get two very distinguished directors attached to them. Cap, I can see happening (calling Mr. Spielberg), but Thor? Well, I’ll leave that debate up to you.

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  1. I don’t know the dude that played Aquaman, but no way do you select anyone who recently played a DC hero. That would be like my beloved Brett Favre paying for the Bears. Going to NY was bad enough, but Packer fans could not have stomached him going to Chicago. Same with Marvel Heroes… You can not have any actor going from DC to Marvel and vise versa.

  2. @Creative Buzz

    Absolutely. That’s why I get so pissed off at people when they say they want Aaron “Two Face” Eckhart to play Cap. I don’t care if he played a villain or not, he’s already been pegged as that character (and in the DCU), he can’t play another major comics character now. He doesn’t fit the part anyway. That’s as stupid as when the suits at WB asked James Franco if he was interested in Green Lantern. Why are all the head honchos always crazy?????

  3. @Creative Buzz:

    This small agency you mention…an advertising agency?

    If so, any agency contacts in Chicago?

    See, I got my Associates’ Degree in June 2007 at the ripe old age of 45; a two-year degree that took 4 years, 3 kidneystone surgeries, and a bout of the shingles to get (I don’t give up easily!)…besides, I had 20-somethings telling me that I was too old to succeed.

    Anyone that’s ever tried to limit me always saw me rise up and shove their limits up their…posterior.

    Vic, I’m giving you written permission to pass my email along to him.


  4. @PSLifter Dan, Congrats and, Yes (or as we say in Wis., “oh yah”) it is a small Advertising/Graphics/Photography/Digital printing agency. Unfortunately, I don’t have any connections in the Chicago area. But keep plugging along. The 20 somethings lack experience, which is so critical… grrrr, don’t get me going.
    Anyway this is a Marvel forum, so shouldn’t we talk about something Marvel?
    Just say “No” to wrestlers as Marvel heros! LOL
    Buzz — out

  5. Is this a joke? Neither Pitt nor Di Caprio or even matthew mchaoughney for that matter could play Cap or Thor. Leo’s too short, Pitt is too well established in other roles or too recognizable, and Matt accent would ruin it, not to mention he’s not that great of an actor any way. And they might need a wrestler who could actually act to play Thor. Would I rather they find an actor to it, yes. But they need someone to look the part, tall, strong and buffed out. Cap is up for debate, I’d rather see a good actor who is either unknown or not really talked about to play cap and American, I heard rumors that a british actor wanted to Play Captain America.

  6. @hiro. I don’t endorse any of the names you mentioned… well, maybe Pitt. However, A wrestler playing the role is the biggest Joke of all! The actor for Thor WILL be cast as Donald Blake and NOT Thor. Thor will be played mostly by CGI. Have you NOT seen Ironman? Hulk? XMen? Spiderman? Daredevil? Hellboy? Mavel Movies have succeeded for one reason… CGI! CGI give Marvel the luxury of casting the likes of RDJ, Ed Norton, Toby McGuire, etc. To go backward to a “buffed up” actor to play the hero would put the Marvel Movies back 30 years. So as I mentioned about 10 times in this forum, the actors will be cast as Steve Rogers and Donald Blake and not Cap and Thor. Just like Tony Stark, David Banner, Peter Parker… etc.
    Also… Brad Pitt… too established? How does that disqualify him? Of the three you mentioned. Pitt would make a good Rogers. Rogers will have to lead the avengers. Who better than Pitt for this? Or do you prefer the great acting of Triple H over Pitt or other real actors? (sarcasm). Marvel WILL go with established actors for these movies… just like they’ve been doing the last 8 years.

  7. I think that if Marvels wants another hit bring in Brad Pitt as Captain America, one hes already buddies with Edwarn Norton. If someone is to fight Hulk who better than Brad Himself it will be a previsionary Fight Club only better. And Since Marvel casted Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man come on realistically Caps would need an actor that would have fans an non fans crazy. Perfect Example if Captain America makes it to the movie awards etc etc Brad comes out as the winner get awards, directors, etc ect and it has to sell, stay in the box office? then why not?. I vote for Brad Pitt Hands Down.

  8. So listen, I have 2 names to throw out there for captain america, and Im sure some one on here will have plenty of reasons to shoot my ideas down. But I dont know why I think these 2 could fill the role!
    Eric Dane. I know he’s done mostly television acting. But he does have some good movies to his credit, and he’s done some action with Marvel before being cast in X-men 3. (even if the movie kinda sucked) But he’s talented he’s got the kinda boyish good looks that Cap should have. He big enough, and he’s still pretty young.
    Bradley Cooper, a great young actor whos stalk just keeps rising. With good movies under his belt so far mostly as a supporting actor, but also some action stuff with the Tv show alias. Hes got the wit, the good looks, and he’s a very capable actor!
    Just droppin my 2 scence, and Im seriously curious to hear what you guys think! I just have trouble picturing guys like Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, Mark Wahlberg, etc etc etc (names that everyone is throwing around) as a super hero!?

  9. What ever happened to casting bodybuilders for parts (like Arnie for Conan). I mean, who is really going to take these movies seriously anyway? You might as well go for the huge and powerful factor. I hated Superman Returns because what’s his name looked like such a wimp compared to the comic book version of Superman.

  10. Pitt, Walhberg, Damon. Walhberg is buff enough and can pull off a gritty brooding character very well, which will be needed for the Avengers’ Cap. I could accept any one of these three, Pitt was my first choice back when Troy came out, Walhberg tops my list now. DiCaprio? Maybe BEFORE Rogers takes the serum.

  11. brad pitt is a good actor put as far palyn cap no way but brue willis can play him

  12. randy couture is a natural for capt. america , not sure about the acting though

  13. “…unless both Captain America and Thor get two very distinguished directors attached to them. Cap, I can see happening (calling Mr. Spielberg), but Thor?”

    Haha, except for it ended up happening the other way around, Thor nabbed itself a Mr. Respectability and Cap got stuck with the guy who did Jurrassic Park 3.