Marvel Wants Narnia Writers For Captain America

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new captain america1 Marvel Wants Narnia Writers For Captain America

Not too long after it was announced that Joe Johnston (The Rocketeer) was going to direct Marvel’s Avengers prequel, The First Avenger: Captain America, it looks like Marvel is taking the next logical step: Securing writers to pen the epic origin story of Steve Rogers.

The scribes currently in negotiations with Marvel Studios are none other than Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, both part of the writing team behind The Chronicles of Narnia films.

Is Captain America going to fantasy camp? Or does Marvel know something about these two guys that we have yet to perceive? Let’s talk about it!

Okay, so I understand Marvel’s choice for Joe Johnston as the director. The man has a long list of films (and f/x work) on his resume that cover all the necessary action/epic/emotional bases needed to make a legendary Captain America film. (I’ll be the first to admit I teared up at the end of Hidalgo.)

But Markus and McFeely are left-field choices in my opinion. Granted, The Chronicles of Narnia films also combine a variety of tones and genres into one, epic brew–but both The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe and Prince Caspian felt as hollow as a bird’s bones when I saw them in the theater. (Perhaps the director is to blame?) I do not want Cap to share that fate.

More to the point, The First Avenger: Captain America is a WWII epic/period-piece. And, after having run an IMDB check on both Markus and McFeely, I can say that nothing in their short, short, lists of movies leads me to jump to the conclusion that they have a keen eye for the sort of nuanced symbolism, hard-hitting action, thrills, chills and emotional grandeur that should go with a beloved character like Captain America.

In my view (at this very early stage), the best case scenario is that these two writers deliver one heck of a war/action flick. But can they really establish Cap as a worldwide box office icon? That’s a pretty tall order.

Before we all get in a tiff, however, let it be said that while it looks like Markus and McFeely will definitely get the job, at this point they are only officially in negotiations with Marvel. No dotted line has been signed as of yet.

What do you think? I know that many Screen Rant readers had faith in Marvel’s choice of Joe Johnston to direct The First Avenger: Captain America. How do you feel about these two potential writers? Sound off and let us know.

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  1. This makes me wonder if they didn’t have a pitch already before they even hit the door. That or they ran into “The Prime-Mover” at lunch and hit it off. Cap. fans as kids, who can say? No matter what they write, It’ll have to meet with QC approval, and I’d expect a tough audience in that department.

  2. Well, lets hope that they are up to the challenge. I mean, sure they haven’t had the best background and haven’t done as many scripts as some people, but they might do it. I just hope that when they’re writing that they don’t think fantasy.

  3. I love your Gravatar Old Man,,,
    Lol. 8-)

    Hey Marvel, just write the damn script and let’s get going !!! Blah blah get looking for locations and let’s get this movie going!

  4. I say give em a chance to study up on the source material. Marvel has been fortunate enough to shoot two really good representations of two of their most iconic figures so far, so I trust them to know who they’re incorporating and staying true to the spirit of the red white and blue avenger. We are certainly living in exciting times, no?

  5. need I remind everyone that most of Faveru’s (dang sp_) movies were children’s comedies…and look what happened to Iron man

  6. @nowhereman
    That we are, but some of us are still haunted by what happened in 1991 with the piece of dreck that was the Captian America movie. A film that makes me wonder…DID PYUN EVEN ENJOY THE COMICS?

  7. checking out the gravatar

  8. I am really not sure what to think about this one. I mean, I know that Favreau was an odd choice when I first heard about him taking over Ironman, and he did phenomenal with it, but still, I want them to keep it gritty, WWII style, dark…and I don’t know if the family-friendly Narnia writers will be able to deliver that.

  9. Thank’s 790..
    Robot heads are cool too.

    Yeah this movie needs to get movin, chop, chop..

  10. I am of the opinion that, so long as you are faithful to the source material and you reasearch every aspect of the material, you should be fine regardless of your writing accolades. I think we should put our faith in Marvel just as we have for Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk.
    Having Said all that, I am more interested in who they will cast as Captain America, personally, a bit of along shot, but I think Aarn Eckhart would fill those Boots quite nicely, however due to his work on The Dark Knight I really dont see it happening.
    I think if Guy Pearce bulked himself up he would make a good Cap.Joskh Brolin I think would work out as well. But we will see.

  11. I know who should play Captain America…ME! (granted I don’t have the build,hair, eyes, or have ever acted before outside my high school plays but I have always done a great Cap when I read the comics)

    But being serious now, I think cap should have look and sound like a man who would be an inspiration to a soldier who is down on his last leg and would need a pick me up. A man “with the voice that lead a god” and you know right off the bat why he should lead men and woman who are so far above his power level as a mutant is to a human. Why he is one of the few people Wolveriene respects. That guy should be a great hero to see on screen, as iconic as when we first saw Superman fly out of the fortress all those years ago.
    Also we need ot make sure he is not buff when the film starts.

  12. Thats why I suggested Guy Pearce, He is a scrawny beanpole of a man, who can pull off the “on his last leg, needs a pick me up”, and then turn it all around and play the Superheroe that Captian America is and needs to be. All you have to do is watch Memento to get a glimpse of his acting skills.

  13. Lemme play Cap. I am an actor(granted no one outside of the immediate area has never heard of me) but unlike G.K. I have blonde hair, blue eyes, I’m 6’1″, 20 years old,(23 by 2011) and the Captain is my favorite hero. I was born in the wrong era, as I’ve always loved the forties. I’m very old-fashioned, and most consider my integrity geeky. Um…other than that, the only other qualifications I have is a knowledge of the character, and a passion to play him. I was born for the role. I will commit the next three years to first losing the weight to play Steve(right now I’m about 185) and then gain the weight back, plus some in muscle. Let’s do it!

  14. And let me cement my nerdiness by apologizing for using a double negative. I did not realize until just now. Haha, oh and did I mention I dabble in comic art? I’ll have to post some images so you guys know I’m not just saying this stuff.

  15. You also forgot, you like nice long walks on the beach, I think you were looking for the lavalife site, haha. JK

  16. Haha. Good call. I enjoy handholding, knitting, and sometimes just feel the need for a good cry. Aha. Sorry, that’s just a dream I’ve had since I was four. I used to take my mom’s pot lids and run around the house and pretend I was Cap and it was my shield. I’ve always wanted to be him, and I learned when I was in 6th grade I wanted to act, so combine the two, and this would be my life’s dream!

  17. If its any consolation, I wore my underwear on my head and called myself Captain Underpants, and low and behold they went and devloped it into a cartoon series, I am still waiting for the royalties on that one

  18. Let me top hunt, I too love the old WWII era and when I was 3 my father made me my own Captain America shield of pure awesome and I used to play Avgeners with my mom constanly as Capt

  19. So its settled. If any of us hears anything about the Captain America auditions, we’ll let each other know and all show up with our red white and blue underpants on the outside and pot lids in hands.

  20. DEAL (fool, as soon as I hear about it I’ll tell him AFTER I get there. muhahahaha…Wait did I type that out loud, not to self cant think on this board

  21. LOL- Good one G.K

  22. Now I remember why I love these boards. Screenrant is the only one where people actually have a sense of humor and don’t come here to vent all their gripes and then attack each other. Excellent.

  23. you know what they should do, just to throw everyone off, cast Jack Black as Captain America. What do you think, it would really suprise everyone, to start the film out with a fatter Jack Black, who as the film progresses, becomes super muscular?? hmmm, but then again, Maybe not. Haha

  24. DAMMIT!!! STOP USING BUCKY-CAP PICTURES!!!!!! Fer godsakes, is a good pic of the REAL CAPTAIN AMERICA (Steve Rogers), really that hard to find????

    This news is meh, but I hope they can knock it outa the park. Cap needs to be as close to “Saving Private Ryan” as a PG-13 movie can get.

  25. @Kel
    Good call on the false Cap pictures(AKA Bucky-who in no way is Cap). And agreed on the Saving Private Ryan feel for the battle scenes. I mean, I think they should use the first issue of Ultimates as a reference, and build the origin story behind it then end it with him being frozen. I am very excited Joe Johnston is directing. Watch the Rocketeer. Its like Captain America stealing Iron Man tech basically. Haha, love it.

  26. @Kel
    Good call on the false Cap pictures(AKA Bucky-who in no way is Cap). And agreed on the Saving Private Ryan feel for the battle scenes. I mean, I think they should use the first issue of Ultimates as a reference, and build the origin story behind it then end it with him being frozen. I am very excited Joe Johnston is directing. Watch the Rocketeer. Its like Captain America stealing Iron Man tech basically. Haha, love it.

  27. @huntthejest,

    Thanks, bro! I’m glad I’m not the only REAL Cap fan left. ;-) Dig the avatar, BTW. :-)

    Yeah, Rocketeer is a great flick. I forgot Johnston directed it. Gives me some more faith about the Cap film. It’s amazing how close the plot of Rocketeer is to Green Lantern. I mean, it’s GL without the ring. Johnston could probably make a killer GL film but I’m cool with him on Cap. Do you think Bucky should be in the Cap film? Perhaps as a fellow soldier? Ultimates is definitely great material for the guys making the Cap film to check out. I love how tough Cap is in that, and that he doesn’t care about offending people lol. Remember what he told us about the french (not that I have a problem with france lol)? LOL. The guy’s wearing the american flag, of course he’s gonna be opinionated. ;-)

  28. Oh, the French. Good stuff, sir. He would make a great Green Lantern flick, agreed. But he is sadly very underrated and by the time this comes out, the Green Lantern may already be well underway, and it’ll be too late after so many people eat their words cuz Joe is the Junk.(How’s that for a T-shirt?!) Bucky can be included, but, as the real Captain was the only super-soldier, Bucky should be mentioned in no bigger capacity than Cap’s friend and fellow soldier. He is no super-hero, and certainly no Captain America.

  29. Amen and amen, bro! :-D