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Captain America The Winter Soldier promo still New Captain America: The Winter Soldier Images & Details

Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) has come a long way since the events of Captain America: The First Avenger. After being put on ice for a few decades, the super-strong hero has been forced to grow acclimated to modern life and – in The Avengers – to working alongside superheroes who are even more powerful than himself.

Based on the trailer that was released last year, Captain America: The Winter Soldier looks like a much more ‘grown-up’ outing than Cap’s first adventure, putting the spotlight on S.H.I.E.L.D. and its ethics, and asking serious questions about just how far the agency should be willing to go in order to protect the Earth. If each Marvel movie has its own flavor, then Captain America: The Winter Soldier looks is a classic political thriller – albeit one with elaborate action sequences and superheroes.

Speaking to The LA Times on the set of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Evans explained that while Steve might have stopped marvelling at every new piece of technology he comes across (after fighting a Norse trickster god and an army of aliens, Twitter probably doesn’t look quite so revolutionary), he’s still having trouble reconciling his own moral standards with the realities of his work with S.H.I.E.L.D.

To quote Evans:

“For Steve, it’s about what is right. He’s relatively acclimated to the modern day — it’s not tech shock anymore, he’s not just like, ‘What’s a cellphone?’ It’s more about, given his situation, given the company he works for, what are we doing that’s the right thing? How much privacy, civil liberties are we willing to compromise for security? It’s pretty crazy how relevant it is right now.”

The LA Times also has some new images from Captain America: The Winter Soldier, including a shot of Anthony Mackie as the Falcon, and another of Steve out of his usual uniform.


Luckily for Steve, he’s not without friends to help him through this period of trouble and uncertainty. He has a good working relationship with Natasha Romanoff AKA Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson), and also finds someone to relate to in veteran Sam Wilson AKA The Falcon. Though they don’t know each other well, Evans says that there’s a resonance between the two characters.

“Meeting Mackie’s character, he used to serve, now he works at the VA counseling guys who come home with PTSD — they connect on that level. I think they’re both wounded warriors who don’t bleed on other people. Cap has no one to bleed on. I think Mackie knows how to handle people like that. … Sometimes when things are bad, trusting a stranger is the way to go.”

President of production and puppet master of the Marvel cinematic universe, Kevin Feige, also commented on the strong political overtones of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, claiming that the film embraces the tone of the original comics. Whereas Steve Rogers was originally thawed out in the era of Watergate and the JFK assassination, the Captain America of the 21st century finds himself in a world where it’s possible to, for example, spy on people through their phones and social media.

Steve Rogers’ powers are suited to a more grounded Marvel movie like this, since he doesn’t fly through the air or summon lightning like some of the other Avengers, and Captain America: The Winter Soldier definitely looks like an intriguing addition to the Marvel movie universe.


Captain America: The Winter Soldier is out in theaters on April 4, 2014.

Source: The LA Times (via CBM)

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  1. Cap-mask….Falcon-no mask….

  2. Any cameos from Fury, Natasha, Banner, etc…..?

    • Black Widow will be in there.
      Natasha, yes. Boris Badinoff, no.

    • Dude have you not seen the trailer, read any other article about this film or seen pictures?? Fury and Natasha are key characters in this film, Banner on the other hand will next appear in Avengers 2 as he is not connected with SHIELD and does not appear in this film (unless in a secret cameo such as in (SPOILER) Iron Man 3).

  3. Yay! The TFA WW2 suit!!! I wonder why he’s wearing it?

    • prolly cuz the one from The Avengers was lame…

    • Based on what happens in the trailer, and the info out there, he breaks into the WWII museum to get his old suit after a falling out or defection from SHIELD. Somebody in the command structure decides he’s seen too much or knows too much, and tries to get rid of him… so as part of his survival and escape he ditches his SHIELD-issue uniform seen at the top of the article.

      • BTW that’s not his original WWII suit, in that pic it’s a newer one more in line with his Avengers suit.

        • It kinda does look like the WWII outfit, but it has one red stripe more.

          • And the gray stripes on his chest/arms are different. Still looks pretty similar, and it looks fantastic

          • I think it’s the same one. Just cleaned up a little bit.

        • It looks like his WW2 one to me except for the shoulders. They look different. As if they have shoulder pads like Falcon’s underneath. I suspect it is supposed to be his WW2 suit, but has had subtle changes like thor’s costume has. They NEVER seem to be able to leave the costumes alone in comic book movies. In virtually every one they tweak the suits each time.

  4. I have the feeling that this movie will be more grounded than IM3. I’m so looking forward to watching this film.

  5. Thats not the First Avenger costume, it is different. Looks like a cross between TFA and the Marvel NOW! costume

  6. Cap without the mask with the blue suit looks boss.

  7. I saw this on IMDb for a good post credits scene obviously this won’t happen but it’s based on th IM3 one: steve Rodgers explains what happened in the film and the says were you even listening and Thor’s by his side asleep and say’s “sorry Steve I’m not that sort of God” this would be hilarious to se but I think we will see Ultron or ant man or hydra or a tie in to AOS?

    • Oh I just laughed so hard at work and everyone looked at me like I was nuts.

  8. he looks better not wearing the mask

    • May i just say how much i love your username and picture :P

    • Yeah…I would love to see him in a mask that works. Unfortunately the way cap’s mask is in the comics, combined with the trouble you get into when trying to make something look “good” in live action, it’s tough to pull off. Maybe if they made it a bit more obviously a helmet?

  9. Any possibility of Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye making an appearance? Isn’t he Shield as well?

    • yeah he is in it….i think he gets wacked

      • Ultron will whack him in Avengers 2.

    • Last I knew after his little rant about not having a huge part in the first Avengers, they were going to scrap and recast his role. However he wasn’t a huge part in Avengers until later than the storyline their going with so its doubtful he would need to be portrayed. However during Age of Ultron we will find out. I may be alone on this but I do think they were to hasty with casting of Ultron, and how there “initiating” him altogether is a tad bizare but who knows? it may turn out well. I do think the first mock ups of Ultron looked cool but kind of like a cyber power ranger lol…

  10. Spoilers:

    The Winter Soldier turns out to be Trevor Slatterly. He’s still just a junkie/actor.

    • SPOILER:
      That joke is worn out.

      • It’s still better than the whole of IM3.

    • Spoilers:

      Every character in the Marvel universe was Trevor Slattery all along.

  11. Haha!

  12. I really hope this movie doesn’t get too preachy and overly political.I just wanna see a really great comic book movie and not someone’s agenda shoved down my throat.

    • Seconded. Doesn’t matter what the agenda is either. It would just take away from the character and the story. have a message, sure, but not an agenda.

  13. I think Cap will the first avenger outfit in the end to show his true feelings against shield

  14. I have a theory… Robert Redford is in this movie, but we don´t know who he´ll be playing. We assume he´s playing General Lukin (because of the Winter Soldier), right? We also know that Agents of SHIELD (I know, shut up) ties into TWS. And on that show, there´s this mysterious guy called the ‘Clairevoyant’, who kinda knows everything about SHIELD´s methods and no one knows who the flying f*ck he is, right? So, what if he´s the Clairevoyant? I know, it might be farfetched, but no one ever came up with that theory.

  15. Rober Redford, aka Alexander Pierce, will turn out to be Red Skull…

  16. Chris evan’s captain america should stop looking like a nice guy all the time. Captain America in the comics is the boss. Evan’s looks too much of a nice guy and timid or unsure of himself most of the time.