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amazing spider man 2 andrew garfield New Captain America: The Winter Soldier & Amazing Spider Man 2 Images

Superhero movies weren’t quite as successful (make that, $ucce$$ful) this year as in 2012, but there were several heavy-hitters – Iron Man 3, Man of Steel, Thor: The Dark World and The Wolverine – with bigger and (fingers crossed) better additions to the genre arriving in 2014, starting with sequels to two well-received Marvel comic-based titles: Marvel Studios’ Captain America: The First Avenger (released in 2011) and Sony’s reboot The Amazing Spider-Man (released in 2012).

Captain America: The Winter Soldier will start the 2014 superhero festivities off, in addition to testing the waters of an April launch for a Marvel Cinematic Universe movie in the U.S. (like Thor 2 did with a November release). The trailer has affirmed early positive buzz for the Cap sequel, as the directors Joe and Anthony Russo – whose past “action moviemaking” credentials are limited to the paintball episodes from season 2 of Community – seem to have delivered on the promise of an exciting political thriller, set in the world of the S.H.I.E.L.D. organization.

Meanwhile, Sony plans to build its own superhero universe with Venom and Sinister Six movies in addition to Amazing Spider-Man 3, but first we have to see if Amazing Spider-Man 2 keeps everyone invested in wanting that proposed future to happen. Oddly enough, the international trailer for director Marc Webb’s sequel to his reboot of the Spider-Man franchise does a better job of promoting the film; the U.S. trailer mostly resulted in people talking about which super villains may come in the movies thereafter.

Scroll through the latest images from the Captain America and Amazing Spider-Man sequels in our gallery below, courtesy of Empire:


It’s no secret at this stage in marketing that Harry Osborn (now played by Dane DeHaan) gets into trouble in the Amazing Spider-Man sequel – reuniting with his childhood friend Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) and taking some control of the business founded by his ailing old man, Norman Osborn (now portrayed by Chris Cooper).

As such, the appearance of Harry’s silhouette in front of Max Dillon (Jamie Foxx) – newly transformed into the dangerous Electro – in the above image comes as little surprise. Webb, during his breakdown of the Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer, did refer to OsCorp as an “evil empire,” and it would make sense for the company to be the pulling the strings on all the villainous puppets in the film. More interesting question is, who is the mysterious “Doc” that Electro mentions in the teasers?

Speaking of mysterious players, we already know the motives (or, at least, have a rough idea of where they stand) of the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents feature in the latest Captain America 2 images, including Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow and Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury (the Winter Soldier, well, he’s another story). However, Robert Redford’s character remains something of an enigma – is he an antagonist? And, if so, then who is he opposing, seeing how allegiances may continually shift in the film?


Captain America: The Winter Soldier opens in theaters on April 4th, 2014.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 opens in theaters on May 2nd, 2014.

Source: Empire

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  1. Winter Soldier looks BAD ASS!!! So pumped for this movie.

  2. I think Cap 2 is gonna be my favorite phase 2 movie. Chris Evans seems to be coming into the role more and Sebastian Stan looks PERFECT as the Winter Soldier. I’m kinda hoping he shows up in Avengers 2 as well.

  3. So does Winter Soldier getting his hands on Caps shield allude to the future assassination of Cap and the Winter Soldier taking over as Captain America?


    Potential Civil War?

    • This would actually be awesome. Kill off Cap at the beginning of AoU to demonstrate just how big of a menace Ultron truly is. The Avengers would lie in shambles, be disoriented and utterly devoid of hope. And Cap3 could already feature his replacement (to my understanding, the character is not nearly as popular as Hulk and especially Iron Man, right?).

      • Find out how many Marvel movies Chris Evans was contracted for and you’ll get your answer. All kidding aside, they *seem* to be heading in that direction, no other reason to include the Winter Soldier.

        I’ll go out on a limb and predict Cap #1 dies in AOU, setting up Winter Soldier as Cap #2 going forward.

        • the great thing is, Steve Rodgers ends up coming back in the comics and is currently Cap again. That would be great for Avengers 3. Have Chris Evans come back as Cap to fight Thanos and his “thugs”

          • Well, my prediction could ultimately pan out if you take into account the confirmed schedule of his appearances:
            - CA: TFA
            - Avengers
            - Thor 2 in a sorta cameo
            - CA: TWS
            - AoU
            - Cap3, possibly in flashbacks

  4. My Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 3 films

    May 6, 2016 – Thor 3
    July 8, 2016 – Dr. Strange
    May 5, 2017 – Captain America 3
    July 7, 2017 – Inhumans
    May 4, 2018 – Marvel’s The Avengers: The Thanos Imperative

    • Isn’t Ant-Man part of Phase 3? Plus I think they are going to “Phase” in Black Panther as well.

      • Yeah, Ant-Man is the first P3 film on July 31, 2015. There are rumors about Ms. Marvel, Black Panther and a Hulk solo film, but there’s no room for those films!, unless they make Phase 4 and 5

        • Well who says they won’t?

          • won’t they get tired of that? for me they should give avengers 3 a solid ending. just like the ending of Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, you know, the game. It was a satisfying ending. leaving you thinking “another one is good, but not making another is just fine”.

  5. You say Winter Soldier is testing the waters for an April release, but both The Avengers and Iron Man 3 came out in April

    • Added “in the U.S.,” for clarification.

  6. This (picture) better be the only time Peter has his mask off.

    • I think it’s Harry at OsCorp or Ravencroft.

  7. I’m not even much of a Captain America fan, but The Winter Soldier looks like it’ll easily be the best of the Phase 2 films. Iron Man 3 was overall good (for me) but nothing all that special as far as Marvel movies go, Thor had some great moments but an overall forgettable plot (with yet another MacGuffin) but this one looks like it’ll be a little different. Thor 2 had a bit of this too, with the stuff about the other Realms but they left that behind pretty fast to advance the main plot and go back to Earth – a shame. They’re billing this movie as a political thriller so I hope that’s really the direction they’re taking, and not just shades of it on a few scenes of the movie.

  8. Amazing Spiderman looks even Worse then the Crap , slapped together First one. NONE of the Villians OR the Good ppl look Anything like they supposed to. Dam you to literal comic book HELL Marc Webb , Dam u.

    • Actually they look just like the ultimate series, soooo theres that…

  9. Can’t wait for Cap to discover the Winter Soldier is his bff Bucky, his boss is really his arch nemesis Red Skull/ Alexander Lukin with an ‘ole’ Sundance Kid mask on, and how S.H.I.E.L.D is really a pimped out HYDRA.

    Will Steve Rodgers go ‘Snowden’ on S.H.I.E.L.D?

    Will Baron Wolfgang Von Strucker appear in WW2 flashbacks?

    Will Redford hire John Walker to replace Steve Rodgers as Captain America in AOU?

    CA:TWS has all the making of perhaps the greatest CBM of all Times!!!

    • Didnt the Red Skull have master of disguise skills. Could he be impersonating someone?

  10. Maybe it was the silly mask, or the fact that he surfed on power lines but I never cared for Electro as a child. He was always really lame, (all you have to do is pour water on Electro to defeat him) and how does the Rhino fit into a movie about Gwen Stacy and the Green Goblin? I may catch TASM2 on Red Box.

    • How does Rhino fit in?

      He’s a physical threat in an armoured car that will be destroyed and then rebuilt as a mech that walks/runs on two legs in a future movie. They’re just establishing Rhino early on instead of trying to shoehorn a quick origin in future.

      Sorta like The Joker being mentioned at the end of Batman Begins and then they could just get on with it in TDK without explaining anything about why he was in Gotham. That whole escalation speech Jim Gordon gave.

  11. Chris Evans looks damn skinny in that pic

    • Yea, it’s sad when actors get into great shape for 1 movie and let it go for the rest. Not to say it isn’t extremely hard work keeping on muscle mass I know as a personal trainer by day. When you’re paid in the millions for months of work at least have enough pride to play the hell out of the role. They could have gone for a more form fitting outfit, you can see the lack of size around the forearms, biceps and shoulders, however then he’d look like the original Steve Rogers pre experiment. Helsmworth too looked soft in Avengers as compared to Thor 1.

  12. Guess I’ll be buying these 2 flix for the collection.

  13. I will be PISSED if they kill Cap in Age of Ultron (and not just because he’s been my favorite superhero ever since I was a little kid). Phases 2 and 3 are way too early for such ambitious stories as Civil War or the death of Captain America. Civil War played on the emotional gravity of seeing these heroes, who have been best friends and comrades for years, who have fought and bled and been through hell together for decades, turn on each other with such hatred. Any comic fan will tell you it’s a hard read, albeit an excellent one. And the same goes for the death of Captain America. The focus of that story, and its excellent spin-off Fallen Son, is the gravity that comes with the demise of such a universally loved and admired icon, and the effect it has on everyone else. It shows how and why just about every single hero in the Marvel universe, even ones you wouldn’t expect to (Wolverine, the Punisher, Iron Man, etc.), looked up to him and revered him and saw him as a true hero amongst heroes. Not because of his powers, which pale in comparison to most of his teammates, but because of his character. Who he is rather than what he can do. He’s the kind of guy that can save the world but will also chase a lady down the street to give her the purse she just left at the store. That is what makes him a true hero and what makes him my all-time favorite Marvel character. The MCU needs more time (and in my opinion, more movies) to really establish these things so audiences can truly feel the impact and the tragedy of such events like they were felt in the comics.
    I think it’s also worth noting that if a Civil War movie were to be made right now, it would be completely misinterpreted. Given Iron Man’s popularity over all the other characters with non-comic fan audiences, and his current status as Marvel’s glorified poster boy, I think most would see a Civil War movie as Steve Rogers turning against the team and essentially becoming the “bad guy” while Tony Stark is the savior who swoops in and takes down the “evil” Captain America. And that is not how the story plays out at all.
    So all in all, it would make for a truly epic movie, just not quite yet. Okay sorry for such a long rant.

    • I agree with you so much! Just because Cap doesn’t beat people up every two seconds doesn’t mean he’s not a great hero. He’s always been my favourite because he’s smart, so he can beat the hulk or Thor in a fight because he thinks about it first rather than just blowing them up, and he’s also nice and stands up for what he believes in. He’s a great and seriously underrated hero and I can’t agree with you enough with them killing him off in AoU. The Civil Wars comics require an insane amount of build up and they need to be done properly or Cap will be seen as the villain which is something he could never be. But they can’t just kill him off. They need to do it properly

  14. One thing I’m looking foward to is to get a decent movie with captain america. I loved first avenger and the avengers….but what killed me was the over use of humor by iron man and that may be my bias coming from ihated iron man 2 and 3 and hated that chick from thor played by kat dennings whose only purpose was comic relief. I want to see the captain america I read as a kid. And winter soldier seems to be shaping up to do that.

    As for spiderman…I’ll wait for reveiws as I was kind of meh on the first movie.