3 New ‘Captain America’ TV Spots Show A Hero In Action [Updated]

Published 4 years ago by , Updated March 3rd, 2014 at 7:06 am,

Captain America First Avenger International Poster Header 3 New Captain America TV Spots Show A Hero In Action [Updated]

[Update: Check Out The New First Avenger International Poster!]

Marvel’s promotional campaign for the final superhero flick that will hit theaters this summer, Captain America: The First Avenger, is well underway. Just the other day, the studio released a TV spot teasing the discovery of a frozen Steve Rogers in the present day – an event which ties director Joe Johnston’s Cap movie directly to the events that will take place in next year’s The Avengers.

Three more TV spots for Captain America have been unveiled, offering a taste of what the period flick (and, in turn, Chris Evans’ version of the character) has to offer on the action side of things.

Captain America co-writer Stephen McFeely previously discussed how the receptivity of moviegoers to the WWII aspects of the film will definitely influence the structure of the sequel – with regards to how much it will take place in either a modern-day setting or flashback to events during the early 1940s.

Hence why the action-oriented Captain America footage unveiled so far ought to be scrutinized, since we could be getting a whole lot more (or less) of it in the followup. So far, footage of Steve Rogers as he participates in old-fashioned motorcycle chases, swings his way onto moving trains, punches his way into underwater submarines, or chucks his iconic shield at opponents (including the camera, it seems), makes Johnston’s film look like a nice mix of period-oriented thrills and sci-fi effects.

For more of that, check out these three new Captain America TV spots below:

Update: Now Check out the explosive international poster for The First Avenger, courtesy of Coming Soon:

Captain America The First Avenger International Poster 280x414 3 New Captain America TV Spots Show A Hero In Action [Updated]

One concern for Captain America at this point is that general moviegoers might be suffering from superhero fatigue – and even though The First Avenger could end up being the best comic book adventure of the summer, its box office receipts might not reflect that.

On the other hand, the different time period and stylistic design of Captain America should help to distinguish it from, say, the CGI-heavy Green Lantern or the contemporary-set Thor. So perhaps the Raiders of the Lost Ark-inspired atmosphere of this new Marvel production will work to attract others besides those who are longtime fans of Cap.

For more on Captain America, be sure to check out the following:

Captain America: The First Avenger arrives in U.S. theaters on July 22nd, 2011.

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  1. Looks like they have the laser tanks

  2. Impressive 😀
    I hope Hugo Weaving will have a reasonable amount of screen time.

  3. Too bad they couldn’t have released this for July 4th weekend, would have been highly appropiate. I guess they were worried about releasing too close to GL in case it did real well.

    • I think they were probably more worried about releasing the same week as “Transformers”.

      • I agree with Archaeon.

        • I hadn’t thought about Transformers and agree it would also be a factor considering the horrid Revenge of the Fallen still did exceptionally well at the box office.

          However if GL had actually BEEN “Star Wars meets Superman”, as some of the adds claim, it would still be a huge concern to release another superhero movie so soon. So since release dates have to encompass all possible scenarios, I believe both were reasons for the timing.

  4. this is gonna be 10 times better then green lantern

    • Only 10? Try 50 times better! 😉

      • …or NOT :)

        • please, you are thinking childish. “you must’nt be afraid to dream a little bigger darling” *Tom Hardy Voice*

          how bout a 100 times better!! lol

          • No childishness…I really liked “Green Lantern”. I am sure I’ll enjoy “Captain America”, but I do NOT believe it will blow GL out of the water…My opinion, my right…just as good as yours…Questions?

            • Childishness? So when they express what they think about GL it’s “childishness” because you don’t agree with their assessment, but when you express your view on GL it’s “my opinion, my right?”


              • Ummm, Ken…Learn to READ before commenting. I did not say anyone was being childish. I was responding to Ignur Rant’s comment that I was being childish. HE called ME childish, not the other way around. I was pointing out that some people might, in fact, have a different opinion than he or vlad or TheAvenger.

                Keep up.

                • Archaeon, you’re right, I apologize. I read your comment as I was heading out the door, on my phone, and didn’t see the prior comment, and didn’t the the “No” in front of your “childishness.”

                  That said, no need to be so…what’s the word…snarky when there’s a simple mixup. All you had to say is “I think you mis-read what was being said there,” you could do without comments like “Learn to READ” and “keep up.” I don’t know, food for thought. It seems like people are way too eager to jump down throats instead of writing a simple response. I’m all for punching back when punched, but right out of the gate?

                  • Ken…

                    Now, it is MY turn to apologize. I get upset with people being snarky, but you’re right that I sank to the same depth myself in my response to you. I, too, was distracted (in my case, by something here at home) and did not take the needed moment to calm down when I saw your observation.

                    I am sorry for my snarkiness.

                    • You 2 guys are giving me a cavity! My blood sugar level just skyrocketed above 1000! Get a room! 😎

              • Open your nostrils and smell the sarcasm my friend. It was what I liked to call a jest lol. I enjoyed all the comic book movies released this summer including Green Lantern, though I personally felt it could have been developed a little better. I do believe, in my humble opinion, Captain America will do better finacially in theatres and “overall” reviews in comparison to Green Lantern. I do however wish that all comic book movies are a success because each failure puts a miasma on comic books properties and lessen the chances of other titles being translated to film. Well except for Fox owned marvel titles because I want Marvel to get the rights back!! LOL

                “Put that in your pipe and smoke it” *Dr Evil Voice*

                • Are you talking to me? If you are, then taken the following to heart: Pay attention dirt back, I hit reply to Archaeon’s comment, not to yours.

                  • I believe you meant “dirt bag” my friend. Dirt back, and I may be wrong about this, is an old wooden ship from the civil war era named after a whales vagina. *Ron Burgandy Voice*

                    Stay classy Ken

                    • Yep, typo.

                • Just what I expected from the Marvel fanboys.
                  I must say X-Men:FC was on par with GL,Thor not so much.

                  • Fanboy is a strong word. I would say creative literature admirer maybe enthusiast?

                    I actually thought X-Men: FC was well made buddy. But wouldn’t you like to see The Avengers, X-Men & Fantastic Four in the same cinematic universe? Tis my only complaint. Im a fan of cinematic univere’s. For example I like the idea of movie set in the Blade Runner, Road Warrior, Water World, The Road or even I Am Legend’s universe that does not feature the main character (maybe a cameo appearance) but focuses on different set of main characters and their own adventure.

                • Ignur Rant…

                  I apologize if I misread the intent of your comment to which I responded. I’ve been rubbed raw by the constant attacks on “Green Lantern” (which really doesn’t bother me if the comments are well-reasoned…which a number have NOT been), but more significantly against those of us who enjoyed the film (which CERTAINLY bothers me). It’s silly, I know, but…c’est la vie. :)

                  • All is well, im a fan of that firey energy i call… spunk lol

                    On the subject of GL, I was really looking forward to it when Reynolds had likend it to Star Wars or a space opera which I thought would have worked perfect. IMO they made “superhero film” when i feel they would have been better off making a science fiction cop film along the lines of Training Day meets Alien. Picture Sinestro taking Hal to a Mos Eisley esque cantina showing him the most vile skum/villians in the galaxy telling him that “its not the ring that keeps them in check but fear, something those pompous Guardians would never understand.”

                    Still have high hopes for a sequel, I just would like them to stay away from the superhero aspect and create a “new star wars”, which I think GL has the possibility to do.

  5. it’s weird how you guys at screenrant post this footage/images even before Marvel puts it on their own website.

    I applaud you guys for getting this stuff up so fast.

  6. I’m really looking forward to this film, I hope it’s as good as I want it to be.

    You know what’s crazy though? I still come across comments on Facebook and other sites where people still can’t grasp the whole Human Torch/Captain America casting thing. Is it really so hard to understand? The Fantastic Four movies aren’t related, there’s no Human Torch in the Marvel Film universe, so there’s no conflict in casting Evans as Cap.

    Also, another minor gripe…people bitching about Cap having a gun in WWII. Sure, he doesn’t use a gun in modern times, but if we really has a super solder in WWII, he’d carry a gun…badass shield or not.

    • That plus Chris Evans is no longer Human Torch since Fantastic Four is getting thrown into the reboot pile.

      • Honestly, as good as Chris Evans was as the Human Torch, he has evolved into Captain America from all the work he’s put into building up his body, and he is a really good and likeable actor to boot.

        He also happens to have the classic 40’s look down pat. I am happy that his previous superhero role did not scare anybody off giving him a bigger part – after all, he was the best thing about the Fantastic Four movies. Let’s not kid ourselves here.

        So kudos to these guys for giving him a chance.

        • Yep, I agree Evans as Human Torch was one of the better aspects of the FF movies. I’m just annoyed when people don’t apply 2 seconds of thought to the whole casting thing, and throw a fit that he’s playing two superheroes.

      • I had not heard they were rebooting FF, that’s good news. I only wish Marvel could do it themselves :(

        • actually you might just get your (well OUR) wish. Considering XMFCs lukewarm reception Fox might be willing to give up.

          Then again……..I have also read articles that can be summed up as, “you will only get the rights back if you pry them from our cold, dead hands” with claims that Fox would rather release a low budget, straight to DVD movie to fulfill the terms of the contracts rather than have the rights revert to Disney/Marvel.

          I sure hope Marvel is getting a LOT for selling their souls to Fox because the Fox versions of Marvels iconic franchises are really taking a beating.

  7. Ok, great, I was hoping that they’d put out another cool poster exactly the way I sort of enivsioned it. One more good one should follow. I swear it’s weird, like they read these comments or something.

  8. my friends and fellow travelers, i believe all of our appreciation for this medium, whether it be for movies, or comics, or movies about comics, the better they’re made, the more we will attend, with tickets and popcorn money in hand! I have been looking forward to this movie all my life, I even liked the cheesey Cap movie from the nineties, and will purchase and play the video game, I am a 50 year old fanboy, and will take my wife, two adult sons, with my two grandsons, and become 12 again!

    • @Teri, great post, that got me emotional.

  9. One more poster Marvel, please. And PLEASE put GABE JONES and MORITA on it. No reason why they should’nt get some love too. You don’t want to be perceived as subtly racist do you?

  10. I would like to see the poster with the helmet/mask/headgear on. You are not selling me Chris Evans. You are selling me Captain America.

    Yes I know “get the face out there” but it would be nice if there were an ALT poster.

  11. I liked Thor and even tolerated Green Lantern, but I am VERY excitred to see Captain America!

    Seriously, I think Cap looks like it adapts perfectly to the big screen. Who doesn’t like to see WWII adventures? Add in a menace like the Red Skull we are in for a great ride! Heck, I might even be able to get my wife to go to this one.