Kevin Feige Talks Captain America & Thor Sequels; Hawkeye Spin-Off

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Comic Con Posters Kevin Feige Talks Captain America & Thor Sequels; Hawkeye Spin Off

Marvel is keeping the Internet busy with future blockbuster talk. Hot on the heels of go-to Marvel scribe Zak Penn talking his work (or maybe lack there-of) on the current Avengers script, go-to Marvel producer Kevin Feige is talking up potential sequels for yet to be released summer 2011 blockbusters.

If Marvel’s summer line-up succeeds at the box-office, expect the comic-publisher turned film-studio to release the rumored Captain America and Thor sequels in the not-too-distant future.

Speaking with D23: The Official Disney Fan Club, Feige again confirmed rumors that work on Captain America and Thor sequels was already underway – this time clarifying that Steve Rogers would leave the WWII origin setting in favor of the present day and that Thor 2 would see the titular character “go-off” on a new adventure (though that could just be a generalized way of saying, “we don’t know exactly where but it’ll be exciting”).

Here’s the specific quote from Feige:

“Thor will go off into a new adventure and Captain America will continue to explore the modern world in another film of his own.”

The producer goes-on to address his hopes for other Avenger characters in their own films – hinting, for the first time, that Hawkeye could get his own feature:

“We hope that holds true for the characters appearing in that film — Black Widow, Hawkeye, and the spy organization, S.H.I.E.L.D. — all of whom are more than worthy and capable of carrying their own films. And, we’ve got a lot of other characters we’re prepping and getting ready for film debuts: the world of martial arts, these great cosmic space fantasies, Dr. Strange, and the magic side of the Marvel Universe. There are many, many stories to be mined.”

This isn’t the first time that we’ve heard talk of a Dr. Strange film recently either – with actor Patrick Dempsey talking up his interest in the project.

Thor vs X Men First Class vs Green Lantern vs Captain America Kevin Feige Talks Captain America & Thor Sequels; Hawkeye Spin Off

That said, the summer of 2011 is setting-up to be a major test for the marketability of multiple superhero blockbusters arriving in rapid succession – with Thor, X-Men: First Class, Green Lantern, and Captain America: The First Avenger opening within weeks of one another. Undoubtedly, the films will all pull in a lot of money; however, given the high-production costs associated with an epic superhero tale, it’s reasonable to think that not every one of them is going to catch the same fire (and subsequent net profits) as prior genre-successes such as The Dark Knight and Iron Man.

Which begs the question: where will Marvel (and other comic-adaptation producers) draw the line between what characters are feature-film-worthy and which ones can only serve as supporting characters in someone else’s film?

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In the meantime, Thor arrives in theaters on May 6, 2011 with Captain America: The First Avenger following on July 22, 2011.

Source: D23 [via IGN]

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  1. Bring on some cool comic movies please!!

  2. I think I’ve thought of what Stan Lee’s cameo in the Thor movie is. It’ll be in one of the hospital scenes.

    • I believe they said what his cameo will be a long time ago and thats not it.

      • Thanks for the info. It doesn’t have to be in the hospital, but I’ve got an idea.

  3. Sweet! Would love to see a Dr Strange flick.

  4. Patrick Dempsey as Dr. Strange? Marvel please show him the door and continue looking. I don’t know who should play Dr. Strange, but definitely not Dr. McDreamy or whatever his nickname is.

    I hope we get to see Baron Zemo in the sequel of Capt. America movie.


    • We have already decided that Liam Neeson is probably the best all around for the role!

    • Of course, now that he comes to mind, I’m blanking on the actor’s name, but Gregory House (the person playing him, obviously) would seem like a natural fit for the role of Sorceror Supreme…not just for the good likeness (different facial hair, aside) but the attitude as well.

      • Hugh Laurie

        You couldn’t take two seconds to google that? =)

        • Of course I could have, but the name slipped my mind literally as I put my hands on the keyboard. I figured I’d just go the way I did and get the idea out, since looking up his name would have actually taken longer (and I knew everyone, relatively, would know about whom I was talking)!


          I looked it up immediately after posting, but thank you…

      • haha, after watching house for so long I don’t know if I see him as the Sorcerer Supreme yelling, “I bind you with the Crimson Bands of Cyttorak!”

  5. What I would REALLY like to see come of all this is Marvel Team-ups. I am admittedly a bit tired of all this singular hero stuff when there is an entire universe full of other heroes. They should cross paths and pair up occasionally to take on bigger threats (aside from the Avengers)

    Not that I wouldn’t LOVE an Avenger’s trilogy if the 1st one is successful but team-ups are probably much more economical (and profitable)

    • For sure, man.

      Anyone read Dark Hawk growing up? I’d love to see him and Portal in a film paired with some other super heroes (Speedball, Nova, or Spider man he was paired up with a lot) or have their own film.

      I also think it is time for Spider Man to face Carnage at some point. This could be the Dark Knight of the Spider Man series, since Carnage is just a crazy crazy person that wants nothing but chaos and disorder in the world.

      • They’ll never do this, but I would love a Sleepwalker film, even if only animated…I just really liked the character.

        • Agreed. I love that series … for at least as long as I read it.

          • EDIT: for at least in the limited time I read it.

      • Yes! In the same vein as Mortal Kombat Annihilation!

    • @ mongoose

      I been waiting for a team-up film for a long time & never thought it would happen. I too been tired solo films, especially when DC seemed to released mostly Batman & Superman films which i know are most popular. But i hope they plan to go beyond Green Lantern by bringing other heroes to big screen aswell. After seeing Smallville’s Absolute Justice episode, i want to see Hawkman, Dr.Fate among others in a film together.

    • I have to say that I agree with you, Mongoose. I frankly would like to see the X-men team up with Spiderman on the big screen. i was hoping they would have kept Tobey Maguire because he is the one who started off the Spidey movies during the decade of 2000, so seeing/hearing him in his spidey suit, while he and the the x-men (who they cast wronged by the way) fight side by side would make for a great movie. That is of course, providing the story and plot are excellent. These two parties are known to team up in the comic books on several occasions.

      If not that, I think notable cameos would be the next best thing. I have said since the ending of X-Men Origins: Wolverine (which was atrocious by the way)that the ending of that movie should have had Wolverine in the forests of Canada running and using his superhuman sense of smell, indicating that he is looking for someone or something. After several seconds of coming up cold he picks up a scent and begins dashing and slicing his way through some brushes. It’s when he finds what he is looking for that he unleashses his claws. As the SNIK sound of his claws fills the air, all we see is a close up of a giant green open hand, turning around to face the notable SNIK sound. In mere seconds, the open hand slowly closes to become a fist, while movie goers hear the growls and snarls of the owner of that fist…The Incredible Hulk.

      Then the screen jumps to black and the credits roll.

      • Unfortunately, you’re talking about different production companies. Marvel needs to get their property back.

        • @ Kahless

          Yeah, I agree there. I think that when Marvel gets the rights back to their properties (and i mean all of them), that the fans will get some big blockbuster movies. I think the boys and girls at Marvel are just as iching to make movies on their characters as we are to see them. Best thing about it is that most of the origin stories and regular stories in the comics are so well written (to where nothing really has to be changed) they can be adapted to the big screen.

  6. Nostelg-O – No, thats not his cameo.

    • Okay, I’ll assume you know what I was thinking. I’ll wait to be surprised.

  7. Oh yeah, just keep them coming.

  8. It’ll definitely keep the comic book fans happy.

    • yep

  9. Come on Luke Cage and Iron Fist Team-Up. It would be epic!

    • I thought I read something a while back about a Luke Cage movie. Now that would be an awesome movie to see. Powerman! I like it. They should have Cage do a cameo in on of Spiderman’s movies. Those two are also known to team up. Or at least have him do a cameo in one of Spidey’s movies.

      • Different production companies, guys.

  10. Lol, none of them is gonna be as good as TDK unless Chris Nolan is a director !!!

    • I know what will be nice…a movie based on the Marvel and DC cross over. Oh man, that movie would probably rake in over 100 mil in it’s first week. I think a movie that it would be years from now. Bale probably won’t be playing Batman anymore by then, nevertheless, whoever would be playing notable characters from both Marvel and DC, should be in a Marvel and DC cross over movie.

      • It’ll never happen, but yes, it would be cool :)

        Actually, there are only two specific ways I could see either Disney or Warner Brothers even vaguely considering the remote possibility of even MAYBE doing that (yes, that’s a lot of maybes, evens, and vagueries) is if they did a movie version of the “Amalgam Universe” (Dark Claw, Super Soldier, Iron Lantern, etc.) because the characters would not be “pure” and, thus, would not overtly cause embarassment to either company if they lost a battle OR if they made some kind of film (likely, animated) for charity (Tsunami Relief, End Poverty, etc.)…

      • @ Mr Day

        That would be great if they had a Marvel & DC crossover film. A film like that id expect would have to be close to 3 hrs long maybe. Problem is Sony still has ahold of Spider-man franchise & Fox has X-men etc. But Marvel Studios would a good build up by then.

        • I agree with that. Yeah, I’m only referring to whenever Marvel gets the rights back to all of their characters. i would guess that the Marvel/DC crossover would gross over 100 mil in it’s opening day. I know i said a week a few blogs down, but thinking about it some more… I think droves of people (fans and non fans would jump to go see it). I didn’t like how they made the Hulk lose to Superman in the comics though. That’s just wrong.

          • Why? Supes can breathe in outer space for unlimited times, has the strength to lift a planet (in the comic), and is a genius. Hulk is just incredibly strong; he can breathe for limited times in space but he can’t control his momentum.

            • I hear ya. nevertheless, hulk has no limit to his strength. We know the madder hulk gets the stronger he gets. And anger can be brought out in other ways, not just through physical confrontation. Also, I wouldn’t say the supes is a genius. he is not a dummy, but the hulk I am referring to is banner-hulk, not berserker hulk. Banner is referred to as a genius and not just in the field of gamma radiation. Supes being able to survive in space would not determine supes to be the victor in a real hulk-supes brawl, because supes would not even be able to get his hands around the Hulk to bring him up into space, to begin with. And even if he did manage to get a hold on Hulk, all Hulk would have to do is the same thing he did to Gladiator when he tried that trick (attempting to fly Hulk into space)…just create a thunderclap around supes ears or in front of his face to disorient him. As for Hulk not being able to control his momentum, that is not true. It is because Hulk has so much control over his powers why he has cleaned the clock of everyone in the marvel universe. He even beat Thor, and picked up Mjolnir with his brute strength, and is the only character who cracked adamantium. No one has even come close to even bending the metal in the Marvel U. The problem with supes is, he has a weakness. Hulk doesn’t. When supes is around krytponite he loses all of his powers, which means all Hulk would have to do, is rip supes in half (if he decided to use the krytonite).

  11. I’ve been waitin to see carnage appear in a spidey sequel ever since the first film I think the maximum carnage story would make an awesome film it would put spidey to the ultimate test going up against a crazed psychotic killer like carnage ,its one of my favorite spidey storyline

    • these are not Marvel movies, the Spider-man films belong to sony so, sorry no crossovers for you. Oh and Carnage is the lamest spidey villain. There is a reason he is no longer around .

      • I’m was just saying…jeeez. Can’t I day dream a little? LOL.

        • I wasn’t really fan of Carnage, but I have to say I did like the Maximum Carnage series, (the little that I did manage to read anyway).

  12. Yes please bring Carnage to the big screen! They should have done that with spiderman 4 instead of that vulture crap raimi was trying. Carnage Venom and The Lizard would have been the best Spiderman movie ever made!! Instead we get another reboot. Sigh

  13. Idk, maybe it’s just me but with all the years of setup for Avengers with Ironman 1&2, Incredible, Hulk Captain America, and Thor it seems like sequels after that feature the heroes that have already been used, like Ironman 3 for example, would be kinda whatever. I mean after we see all these heroes come together wouldn’t it kinda feel like a step down to watch a one hero sequel?

    I’m not in any way against them making sequels to Thor, Capt. and IronMan, but I’m just not sure if it will be as exiting to watch after Avengers hits theatres. I would rather them work on new heroes, like Black Panther or Submariner, who could be recruited for Avengers 2, or even non-Avenger heroes like Cage and Ironfist to expand on the Marvel Universe. I also wouldn’t mind seeing a Hawkeye movie that shows his origin since he hasn’t been properly introduced yet.

    I do like the direction Marvel is going with their films but I would really enjoy seeing new heroes get a chance to shine a soon as possible.

    • @ DarkHorse

      I undersatnd your point, and it is a very good point. Nevertheless, I think the fans won’t mind seeing a one hero movie after the Avengers, regardless who the single hero movie would be about, even if it is a movie about a notable team member like say the Hulk. This is because most team members from the comics, on occassion, do solo missions (Wolverine, Hulk, Captain America, etc.). Heck, even the Human Torch has been on a few solo outings himself. Also i would like to see a movie based on Ms Marvel. She is probably one of favorite ladies in the Marvel Universe.

      • Oh yeah, Namor and Black Panther would be nice to see on the big screen. Excuse me, folks, I am just excited thinking about this stuff.

        Djimon Hounsou as the T’Challa/Black Panther.

        • Very true. I just look forward to whatever Marvel(NOT FOX) cranks out.

          I think that I would most like to see Dr. Strange and Black Panther made into movies… I seriously don’t get why they are working on Antman before these but oh well haha :P

  14. Any Marvel talk is good talk (as long as it isn’t about more Deadpool delays), there are loads of different movies they could make about Marvel characters.

  15. Sam remi really blew it bad with venom. Big dissapointment, now they will never do a spidey with venom in it thanks to Sam. I read some were that the acktor wanted face time and that why they went back and forth with venoms face. In my opinion, venom is the coolest villian out there, yah carnage is cool to, but venom can’t be beet.

  16. What would really be cool is a spidey team- up. I would give up one of my testicles to see that.

    • Wow… My favorite screenrant comment so far this year! Now that’s a real fanboy haha!

      And I say that with the highest respect lol :P

    • “I would give up one of my testicles to see that.”

      I make some calls.
      .And I call BS. :)

  17. They’ll only stop making these films when people stop going to see them – which is probably not anytime soon. We’re just scratching the surface of what these comic book companies have to offer right now.

    I can just see it now: my children will scoff at me for watching these films the same way I scoffed at my dad for watching all the John Wayne and cowboy flicks that he did.

    I don’t mind though. I find it amazing that my 80′s childhood obsessions would come back in such a fashion – Transformers and comic book heroes both. To boot we’ve already had some terrific fantasy films as well, which I would also like to see more of besides the Hobbit. Bring ‘em all on.




      • Please stop yelling.

      • I agree we should not be downloading illegally but….STOP THE FRAKKING YELLING!!! :-D

  18. Carnage for spidey is a must!

  19. Movies I think Marvel will release in the next 10 – 15 years:
    Namor – The Sub-Mariner
    Fantastic Four reboot
    Iron Fist
    Black Panther
    Doctor Strange
    Ant-Man & Wasp
    The Black Widow
    The S.H.I.E.L.D.
    and of course Deadpool (hopefully soon)

    And that list does not include possible sequels like:
    Hulk 2
    Avengers 2
    Cap 2
    Thor 2
    Iron Man 4 (we know Iron Man 3 is coming out in 2013.
    X-Men 4 & 5

    What other movies do you guys think will make an appearance in the next few years?

  20. Ah, the good ‘ol days when sequels were planned AFTER the first was released.

    • Soon, we’ll have that “Spaceballs” scenario where the the DVD/Blu-Ray/holographic module/whatever is released before the film’s even completed!

  21. I can’t beleive it took 10 hrs for someone to mention Nolan. C’mon people…you’re slipping! ‘I think Chris Nolan should direct every movie.’ Batman was good. I’m not sure he’d do so well with other superheroes…Spiderman, for example…Peter Parker in a suit…hahaha…
    Seriously though, is anyone else concerned for Captain America’s box office take? It open three weeks after Transformers and one week after Harry Potter, and one week before Cowboys and Aliens. I’m afraid it’s going to get lost in the mix, since they all target similar demographics. Thoughts?

    • Understand you concern, but as you wrote about cap’s movie covering the same demographics, I then think it is certain those who check out the other movies you mentioned, will also check out Cap’s movie. I mean, if caps’ movie is really good, you can count on the fans to be there to support it, once, twice, thrice, and even four or more times. I think Cap’s in good shape.

      • Uh, what he said.

    • I’m not worried at all about Cap. I actually think it’s gonna be MUCH better than everyone expects. We know Thor will be pretty good and Marvel doesn’t mess around (much) they save the best for last and Cap will really stick in people’s heads till the Avengers comes out. Cap’s gonna rock… might even win an Oscar (maybe – from all the footage iv’e seen it might be the case).

      • I beginning to think Captain America will be my favorite of hte summer. I just hope the CG Evans doesn’t look as ridiculous in the final cut of the film. It’s been my biggest problem with the trailer.

        • You know, I keep reading where people keep complaining about the CGI Evans but each time I see it, it looks just fine to me. We all know Evans is buff, and I think they did a great job making him look scrawny. I just hope they do just as good with Luke Cage.

          • I think what it is, is that the CGI used to make evans look scrawny, has caused him to look like a living bobble head. I mean, his head looks like it’s going to fall off. Besides all that, I think Cap will be a good movie.

          • It just seem like it’s too obvious that it’s CG, and they didn’t even try to hide it. I had the same problem with CLU in TL.

          • Shemar Moore for Luke Cage. Gotta happen.

    • @ Irishrover

      Lol. I knew someone would one day say Nolan should direct every superhero film, just didn’t think it would take so long. Id say Harry Potter will be the one film that will be to worry about.

      • I know…what ridiculous suggestion… at least I said in jest. I’m sure it’ll be put out there sincerely eventually…

  22. Unless there is some type of cosmic or heavenly objection, I will be seeing all of these blockbusters (maybe more than once) this summer. This is a comic book geek’s dream come true (this year and next).

    • Just be thankful they are all coming out withing the next 2 years and not in 2013. I’m going to be sad that we will never get to see pt 2 of the Hobbit. :(

      • @ mongoose

        What makes you think that?

  23. O.O

    No to Nolan. I can see it now….

    Spiderman has no powers he is just very good at using silly string.

    Superman is actually green with a large head and large bulb eyes… like a real alien.

    Wonder Woman is a succesful business owner, divorced mother of 3, works part time security work yet still has time to bake and make sure her kids are raised properly.

    Mary Jane is on a reality show and has no real talent as a model or actress she is on a show named Hudson Bay.

    Yeah no….. Nolan needs to stay away from the comics and continue to make stuff up on his own.

    • I thought about this once…Spiderman though would be a mental patient with delusions of fighting giant lizards after being bitten by a radioactive spider, until one day, he tragically leaps off of a building to his death. Cap is on ‘roofs…etc..
      I like your take on WW

      • Cap is on ‘roids…

      • Seriously folks, Nolan is pretty realistic, and we wouldn’t want, for example, Spiderman being too realistic. Because REALISTICALLY, if a spider bit you and you assumed the spiders “powers”, then you would shoot webs out of your butt. Lets dont go there.

    • @ Aknot

      The only comic book movies Nolan should touch should be ones studios think would be hard to make, what i mean by that is films like Aquaman or Martian Manhunter etc.,somthing challenging instead of a simple reboot of somthing thats been done. Know what i mean? Other than that, i agree with you statement.

      • meh I think he should not touch anything that has an established continuity/history.

        Yes he has a great mind. However to manipulated something that is already established because it is his vision is a little unsettling (IMO) for something that has been around for as long as it has to include characters like Aquaman, MM, etc.

        Little “tweaks” here and there can be accepted (example organic webshooters, black leather, plastic S to comntain your enemies…) but to flat out reject something just because it is his universe (it is not) even though that something has been working for centuries in other methods/media makes me go… eh?

  24. ^^^ I agree. I don’t want Nolan touching any of the super hero movies marvel is going to bust out because he would want his own spin on it…I’d let him make punisher since I really don’t care that much about that character.

  25. I would love to see a Hawkeye movie especially since they’re also talking about Black Panther and Ant Man movies. Hopefully they’ll come out before the Avengers sequels so they can be in them

  26. I think if there is going to be a doc.strange film then karl urban should play him.I was looking at his pic the other day and if you put grey highlights in his here he would look just like strange

  27. just seen Thor loved it roll on part 2 and hopefully more.A little note from Ireland