‘Captain America: The First Avenger’ Spoilers Discussion

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Captain America The FIrst Avenger Spoilers Captain America: The First Avenger Spoilers Discussion

While our readers are already chatting away  in the comments section of our Captain America: The First Avenger review, this is the place where you can discuss SPOILERS about the movie without worrying about ruining it for people who haven’t seen it yet.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, I would recommend you don’t read these comments here until you have.

Below you can rate The First Avenger for yourself. After that, feel free to Discuss away!

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  1. the serum wasnt perfected when skull took it so it made him get disfigured. good flic. liked it alot.

  2. the movie was alright, i was actually expecting more. i didn’t really like the beginning. it felt out of place having him already frozen then found. after that the movie was pretty good. showing how cap came to be was fun to watch. then like other people have said, it felt rushed. all of a sudden we are seeing him and the commandos go on mission after mission and winning. would have liked to see them work together more. was hoping to see bucky whoop it up since he is great in hand to hand combat but that train scene made him look vulnerable when cap saved him from the henchman. plus, i thought bucky helped him take down the plane that caused him to lose his arm followed by cap falling into the water to turn into ice? the ending wasn’t great either. stark said they couldn’t find him but then he’s already in the future. would have loved to see them dig him up then be in the future. also agree with having stark meet him instead of fury. fury was in the commandos but wasn’t in the movie. stark’s dad helped form capt and saw the shield in ironman 2, would have made more sense. not to mention downey jr would have been funny welcoming him back after 70 years w/ that stark charm haaa. not bad, but not great.

  3. He knew how to fight cuz hes a man, i mean he wasnt fighting in any particular style of martial arts or anything youd need to be trained in. Everyone knows how to punch and kick and with the serum all of his abilities are peak, his reaction time most notably, so he was able to whoop so much ass because his reaction time and his physical prowess was amped up. Oh and the movie was AWESOME.

  4. Saw the movie at midnight last night and thought it was great. A few questions and comments I have are these. My comments first. When Steve woke up after being unfrozen they should have an already established person come in like Agent Coulson, or Black Widow, or introduce Maria Hill. Guess thats really my only comment. Now my question is this. As far as it appears now there is no more super serum left. So how in the Incredible Hulk did General Ross have some to give to Blonsky. Maybe more serum was created from the blood that was taken from Steve Rogers. Or am I wrong here and there was new serum created and thats what turned Bruce Banner into the Hulk in addition to the gamma radiation. I don’t remember Banner having any kind of serum though.

    On a similar note I can’t wait for Sam Jackson’s Nick Fury to finally be in a movie for more then just a few minutes. Seriously hope that he just won’t pop up a little bit in The Avengers and actually have some decent screen time.

    • Well, Peggy said they would need to use Steve’s blood now that the doctor (ugh, I forgot his name already lol) is dead. Maybe that’s how.

  5. Im not answering you as if i know 100% but my assumption is they made more serum from the blood they drew. They did have like 60 years to do so. I didnt think of it but i agree it would have been cool to have Agent Coulson or Maria Hill when he woke up but they were trying to make him believe he was still in the 40s hence the nurse who looked as if she had that style. I think they should have added 20 more minutes to the movie and fleshed out those action scenes with Cap and the Howling Commandos in the middle of the movie but all in all i was very pleased.

    • I really thought that one vile that was left was going to answer my question. But then it got broken in the fight. Or it will be one of those questions that just never gets answered.

      From the sounds of it if we get a sequel there will be more action and things to fill in the gaps.

    • Maria Hill hasn’t even been around that long in the comics, adding her into the beginning of a franchise would just be weird.

      • thats not weird, making a sentry movie when the guys only been around a short time IS weird…

  6. Wow i guess not too many have seen this yet cuz i thought this discussion wouldve been poppin

    • Goes to show all the Marvel fan boys have seen it,it’s just the rest of comicdom and outsiders left on this one.

  7. Saw the movie and loved it. I felt the emotional moments when those beats came up. Could’ve been a little longer, the film that is, but the performances sold it for me. I bought what was happening.

  8. I got the reference to “raiders of the lost ark” but I did not get the “star wars” reference.
    Can someone fill me in. Oh another thig I thought was cool was when the Red Skull ended
    up transporting to Asgard at the end very cool.

    • Joe Johnston (director) was an effects guy for Lucasarts on the first Star Wars film, and also worked on Raiders of the Lost Ark.

  9. Loved the movie. I liked Chris Evans as Cap and thought the relationship he had with Peggy was wonderful…and sadly, tragic. I’m really looking forward to the Avengers!

  10. Solid Movie. I was a little disappointed in Bucky’s death scene. I thought it would have been better to have Bucky sacrafice himself in order to save Steve. Would have liked a longer ending that showed Steve dealing with the fact that his entire generation, style, jargon and everyone he knows and cared for a dead and gone. Still cool movie.

  11. If stark found the cube back in the 40s, why at the end of Thor did it seem like Fury was making such a big deal about it? If they had the thing for 70 years why wasn’t shield using it to make glowy blue super weapons?

    Also the helicar at the stark expo is looking like a precursor to that helicarrier, sweeet!

    • Stark is a cilvilian. Who is to say he wasnt searching on his own dime? Then passed it onto SHIELD.

      Maybe SHIELD was playing with it and found it too unstable so had to put it away until they found that one person that could use it?

      Maybe Nick misplaced it like the script….. :D

  12. Great movie I loved all the references! The Zola in the video player at the beginning was awesome! Bucky picking up the shield was awesome! Wish they had Zemo on it somewhere! I’ll definitely go see this one again!

  13. 4 of 5? No, 3.5 tops.

    I was trying to figure out why I didnt like CA as much as I apparently should have. All of these reviews and posts of how great it is….

    While putting the lid on my coffe it dawned on me….

    There was no threat, there was no what I like to call ‘Death Star’ moment. Sure they had Nazis and ya cant go wrong with using them but we never got to see how bad and afraid we should have been of Hydra and Skull.

    What would have been nice to see is Cap and his crew arrive a little to late in a town that was crushed by the Skull, Hydra and the weapons created from the cube. We never saw the threat from a fully ARMED and OPERATIONAL cube!!!….

    As Steve said.. he doesnt like bullies… I didnt really see them/him bullying anyone to a degree that would make him a world threat.

    There seem to be a lot of wasted time especially with the C&C (Commandos and Cap) going to each secret base and destroying it. After the 2nd one you would think Skull would have gotten smart and laid a trap….

    The USO/War bonds promotion went on 15 mins longer then it should have.

    What Steve can punch through a submereged vehicles glass but has a problem bending a metal railing?

    While it seems like im digging at it and didnt enjoy it I did enjoy it. However I put it on par with Thor. It appears it was just there to introduce a character. Not to establish itself as its own character.

    The sad thing is (and which I would much rather see) they even shot themselves in the foot and can really only use him in present time as the only time he was active was during the time we saw during the film. I would much rather see 2 more period pieces movies than a current Cap (except for of course in The Avengers).

    They should have had the Skull/Hydra defeated. Tucking their tails tween their legs to only have Skull appear 2-5 years later on a mission to London (much like we saw in the ending). Have Cap thwart that (to show he is not only an iconic symbol of American ideals, but a iconic symbol of Humanity) overshooting London flying towards the Arctic regions to be lost….

    That way you have a small period in which to use him in other movies and to include other Marvel characters/villains etc.

    What did I like… The Skull. He commanded fear (to his subordinates) and they (Arnim Zolo) made me believe there was reason to fear him…. but that fear was only apparent if you were near him. Again no Death Star threat but my god what a presence and makeup job….

    Speaking of was that all conventional make up or was it a little CGI? They smacked the look out of the park on that.

    I would have liked to have seen Cap dance with Peggy as an older woman. However the time frame would not permit it.

    In the books he had a lot of time to be Cap in the movies he doesnt. We dont see his leadership skills, we dont see his tactical side, etc. While he was in the forefront of men going into battle he still did not appear to lead them….

    3.5 tops, Ironman is still the top dog when it comes to transitioning a superhero from the comics to the screen. Everything was done right and for all the right reasons.

    These Marvel movies now appear to be caetering to the larger pictures (The Avengers) instead of creating complete stand alone characters first.

    • DITTO.

      And to add to what Aknot so perfectly said, the USO/WAR Bonds not only went too long but felt intentionally so as if they were trying to pad the movie. the other odd feeling I got was that it felt like 10 maybe 15 minutes was missing in various scenes throughout like as if they had a fixed time limit and so they cut pieces out here and there. But I have to be wrong because I would hope, no I would prey that 15 minutes of USO/War Bonds would be because there was nothing else to use.

      CAPT AMERICA was very entertaining and solid but as others have said failed to be what it should have been, more like IM 1.

    • +1 – I’m getting nervous of Disney taking over the Marvel superhero concepts… fear of them softening the movies to much…

      • Disney is not directly affecting Marvel’s stuff.

  14. I agree with you 100% Aknot, from reading all these reviews I thought it was gonna really be extra awesome, however I found it towards the lower end of the Avengers movies for me, I like Ironman 1, Hulk (2), and Thor better. I do agree there wasn’t enough of a threat by the Red Skull and Hydra, your idea of a decimated town would have been prefect, and that’s where cap could have been sitting reflecting trying to get drunk to no avail and it would have had much more of an impact and feeling of impending doom.

    I felt like there was a lot of rushed combat moments, big explosions and bike jumps (speaking of bikes, his costume looked too BMX dirtbiky to me also, I liked Bucky’s blue burlap jacket better) that were fast cut scenes etc, and not enough real story moments. Again agree, USO stuff could have been cut in 1/2 to make up this time. I didn’t feel dread or fear for the soldiers like I did in other WWII movies you know…

    I didn’t like a lot of the CGI either, a lot if it looked really bad, really fake, especially after seeing Thor and how epic Aasgard looked, its a shame that some stuff looked kind of fake in WWII ear, Hell they shouldn’t have used ANY CGI and made everything a set piece (except maybe that fair… naw even the fair) Red Skull’s face was ok but I think his face looked to plastic, it looked good but… I wish it would have been just a little more organic.

    I did love the period sets, I think it sucks we won’t get to visit that again. I think the cast and crew rocked it, I think the writing left a lot to be desired.

    Last thing, I just can’t figure out why Cap crashed that plane… he obviously had control of it, why didn’t he land it safely somewhere? That’s the biggest issue I had with the movie and I just don’t get it and if its just to make him freeze, well then that writing just sucks balls.

    • He didn’t really have much control of the plane, it was moving too fast and was too unwieldy to properly land before it got to NY. Dumping it into the water was going to stop it short-n-sweet.

  15. Aknot and Furious911 you guys made my day,I thought I was being over the top and missing what others see,but you guys proved there are attentive people still out there.

    Loved the costume though but you have a point.

    • Thanks I always seem a little skittish posting stuff going against the norm but at almost half a century old and growing up when books were 20 cents then NOW ONLY 25 CENTS! I dont want to be caught up in the hype of its finally here it must be great.

      I do realize the industry needs to find a cushy spot between what we as fans/collectors know it as and what the general public will accept it as, especially (and not knocking any of them) when there is stuff like Lois and Clark, Smallville, Birds of Prey and to a degree whats his faces ;)Batman.

      I enjoyed it and will support it in buying the Blu Ray etc as it was worth it. However I just dont think as much was done that could have been done and it was lacking.

      I was never a huge Ironman fan but it did what the first Superman did, made me believe a man could fly… Im not getting that ‘vibe’ from the current stable of (comic) films coming out.

      Maybe im looking to hard?

  16. They had Red Skull’s scientist in custody (the one that designed the device that extracts the energy from the cube, and designed the weapons that use the energy). You would think that the US would have him build a new extractor and the weapons once Stark recovered the cube.

    Also, if I understand correctly, we are supposed to be led to believe that in Iron Man 2 the “New Element” that Tony Stark creates for his new Arc Reactor ‘with the help of clues left by Stark Senior’ is actually the same element/energy contained inside the Cube. So, essentially the Cube is a high end Arc Reactor. The original Arc Reactor (the big one at Stark Industries) was built by Howard Stark in an attempt to replicate the Cube.

    • The element Tony creates using information from his father isn’t suppose to be the same thing as the Cube…I did feel like Stark Sr’s creation of the large Arc Reactor was influenced by energy discoveries learned from the cube, but the new element Stark Jr. creates didn’t seem to be linked to the Cube at all.

      • The novelized version of Iron Man 2 reveals that the new element Tony synthesizes from his father’s clues is in-fact the same material that the Tesseract is composed of. The elemental structure was discovered by Howard Stark while studying the Tesseract after the events of the Captain America Film… Howard just did not have the technology to synthesize / re-create it. The difference is not the element but that the Tesseract and the Arc Reactor are different devices that that use and amplify the energy in different ways. For instance; the Tesseract can amplify and use the energy from the element to open worm holes as well as power devices and weapons, Tony’s Arc Reactor only uses the element’s energy as a high powered electrical and thrusting force. Red Skull used the Tesseract in a similar way to how Tony uses his Arc Reactor.
        I can only imagine this was not spelled out in the Film because it would drag down the pace, we were meant to make these connections on our own, whereas the Novel goes more into detail.

  17. I finally saw this tonight and completely enjoyed this film. 5 out of 5 for me, the most fun I have had watching a CBM since the original Iron Man film. I was pessimistic about Chris Evans as Cap, but he actually nailed it. I actually saw it in 3D (yeah I know I railed against 3D, but I had a gift card) and I thought the 3D was MUCH better than it was in Thor. I loved the set up to him being Cap, the transformation and the action scenes. Hugo Weaving was PHENOMENAL as the Red Skull, so glad he took this role over Sinestro (not that I know he had a choice). I will be buying this on Blu-Ray and will watch it many times (like I have with Iron Man). Easily the best movie of the summer, IMO.

  18. Just seen this movie, pretty good. I dont understand a few things though, feel free to help me out!!

    1. Why was a strategic target 1940s New York, is this just because Steve Rodgers was born there. Surely London, Berlin, Washington or Tokyo would be a better one?
    2. What was all that sky about when Red Skull bit the big one? Did he die or what?
    3. Why were Hydra suck bad shots? I mean, they made Storm Troopers look like Bullseye
    4. Was the Sheild some kind of boomerang or didi Rodgers just get lucky every throw?
    5. Steve Rodgers had plenty of time to dance with the beautiful Hayley Atwell, Shout have done it!!

    It was a 3 – 3.5 movie for me, not bad – better than the recent X Men movie and a whole lot better than Transformers 3

    • Few spelling errors, cant be bothered to point them out.

    • The Nazis actually wanted to bomb New York, and tried unsuccessfully to develop a long range bomber to do so. Why? Same reason they bombed London and we bombed Dresden and Tokyo…TERROR. You do this, you damage or destroy the morale and will of the people to support the war effort. Noe of the cities mentioned had any military significance at all. The Japanese tried to bomb America by sending bombs floating across the Pacific on balloons wit no idea where they would actually land and go off.

      • I like the fondue ref lol. Just as I thought, not a bad movie but not sure this Cap could command the Avengers. Apart from his capabilities I found the guy lacking in leadership and he could not talk to women?? Might prove a problem with the Avengers.

        • Well look at the candidates:

          Iron Man = A narcisstic drunk with daddy issues who hits on every piece of tail that he sees

          Thor = A god who also has daddy and brotherly issues that has the power to level mountains and ended up reigniting an ancient war just because his big day of getting the crown was ruined.

          Hulk = A genius who cant control his alter ego and is serious need of going to anger management.

          Cap = A man who cant talk to women but for years has fought in one of the darkest times in human history

    • All those cities were targets, they were written on those “planes” in the hold.

  19. I’m probably the last man on the planet to watch Capt America (for no fault of mine- it just premiered here) and I think Aknot summarized my feelings perfectly in his commentaries. I’m just not feeling these pre-Avengers movies. IM1 was a good one though. Let us not forget that each Avenger (just like JLA) is an individual in his/her own right and with a successful solo series as proof. They have enough character development and plots to make for an interesting movie without latching on the Avengers thread. Just like Thor, a very interesting aspect of Cap’s life was not captured: his re-introduction into the modern world.

    Cap in the comics is a very astute fellow, like Aknot pointed out. This was not shown clearly in the film(save for the flagpole hint). He seemed rather rash at times. Red Skull and Hydra didn’t seem much of a threat either. On many occasions I was worried as to what they’d do to keep me intrigued. When this happens in a movie, I feel there is something missing. That’s where the twists in the tale come in.

    What worries me the most is this:if we all are left unsatisfied with what we saw of the Avenger characters in their solo movies (save for Stark who had the privilege of two)what chance is there to quench this thirst in a movie that crams all of ‘em into 2hours? I fear that many would be disappointed with screen time. Had we all had our fill with the characters in their solos, we would stand a greater chance of being more objective in our assessment of the Avengers’ movie. This was one of the challenges of Xmen 3. Die-hard fans wanted Juggernaut, Colossus etc to have more screen time. Script and plots were trashed.

    My wife thought it was the worst Marvel movie she’d watched. Her opinion, I guess? But that’s food for thought. When making a movie of a popular superhero, the writer should bear in mind that not everyone is crazy over WWII movies,there should be something for the others to enjoy. Hence, I reiterate that the Rip Van Winkle plot was sorely missed in Cap America… and Hydra’s challenge was a bit underwhelming. Maybe the vaporizing stuff doesn’t have the same visual effect as a real bullet wound? Dunno.

    As for the 3D, I found it abit dark and distracting. Wasn’t quite necessary. Hey, Spiderman needs 3D (would be like a roller coaster ride when he’s swinging) but Cap’s didn’t really do it for me.

    In all I’d give it a 3.5

  20. I personally felt that they spent a little too much time establishing who steve rogers was and the bonds part by the time they finished those two things the movie was roughly half over which only left time for a rushed 1 Hour of action or so. Don’t get me wrong I really like this movie I enjoyed it I felt it was a little better than Thor action wise not story wise, I liked Hugo Weaving’s portrayal of the Red Skull he commanded fear and respect of his underlings and enemies, but your right there was no immediate threat or concern for the characters except maybe Bucky’s death. It seems to me that Marvel is rushing through trying to establish these characters so they can focus on the Avengers. I liked this movie and Thor but I feel they could have been better done, as for the plane scene it seems to me that the Tesserect fell out disabling most of the planes systems except for piloting and the system that controlled where it was going and when to drop the bombs. And another thing what happened to the Red Skull it’s clear he teleported somewhere but where? Asgard? Unlikely the sha’tari homeworld just as Unlikely. (for those of you that don’t know the sha’tari are one of the enemies that are going to appear in The Avengers as the film is based on the animated film Ultimate Avengers that came out a few years ago). It’s clear that the Skull will be back at some point but I’d like to know what exactly happened to him other than some cliffhanger.

    To bad this film wasn’t a little better it had real potential the events basically unfold like so:

    1. Steve tries to enlist in the army but is rejected.

    2. Steve is recruited by Dr. Erskine and becomes Captain America

    3. Erskine dies leaving steve to become a stage performer to buy Bonds for the war effort.

    4. Against Orders Steve rescues members of 107th and becomes Captain America.

    5. Forms the Invaders, Starts fighting Hydra and Buckie is killed by Hydra.

    6. The attack The Skull’s main base and Steve Boards the Skull’s bomber, the fight, the skull disappears, Cap sacrifices himself to stop the skulls’ bomber and an ice cube.

    7. Wakes up 70 years later all set for the Avengers.

    Oh well, will see if The Avengers is a little better.