‘Captain America’ Storyboard Art Reveals Possible ‘Thor’ & ‘Avengers’ Connections

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captain america movie cast villain red skull Captain America Storyboard Art Reveals Possible Thor & Avengers Connections

Word starting hitting Twitter that some collected artwork from renowned storyboard artist Martin Asbury featured a potential bit of juicy insight for any fans of Marvel Studios’ upcoming film, Captain America: The First Avenger.

The claim being made is that Asbury’s storyboards for Captain America may depict one of the big battle sequences in the film. After a little bit of examination, however, we suspect it could be more than that.

It goes without saying (but must yet be said) that what we are about to discuss here are considered POTENTIAL CAPTAIN AMERICA SPOILERS!!! READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!











If you’re still with us, we’ll post a couple of the storyboards below and discuss what they mean.

The sequence depicted in Asbury’s gallery is one in which Captain America (Chris Evans) is boarding a large bomber plane in order to confront The Red Skull (Hugo Weaving). The Skull’s goons attack, Cap fights his way to the cockpit of the plane, and that’s where things get too weird to merely write this one off as a rumor. A couple of observations:

  1. When Cap approaches The Skull, the villain is in some sort of trance, being bathed in a “screaming light.” This light is directly referenced as emanating from The Cosmic Cube.
  2. The Light from the Cube gives The Skull freaky otherworldly visions. There’s direct reference made to him seeing “The Nine Realms.”
  3. The storyboards end with the cube “overloading” and blasting a hole through the top of the bomber jet.

Check out a couple of Martin Asbury’s storboards for yourself:


Captain America First Avenger Storyboard Martin Asbury Captain America Storyboard Art Reveals Possible Thor & Avengers Connections Captain America First Avenger Storyboard Martin Asbury 2 Captain America Storyboard Art Reveals Possible Thor & Avengers Connections

Now, there are some obvious but nonetheless juicy tidbits to talk about:

The cube revealing “The Nine Realms” to The Skull is a clear and direct reference to Thor and the Asgardian universe. This connection only furthers the assertion that threads are being woven in these lead-in films to make the threat that brings The Avengers together one related to Marvel Cosmic Universe – including rumors of villains like The Skrulls, Loki and even Thanos possibly appearing in The Avengers.

Secondly, anyone who has read a Captain America comic book of recent years (see: The Ultimates) or seen the character’s origin story on Marvel’s Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes cartoon (which is clearly influenced by the Marvel Movies) knows that this bomber plane (and/or rocket) showdown isn’t just AN action scene in the Cap origin story – it’s the climatic action scene. The battle upon this plane is the moment when Steve Rogers meets his destiny by being frozen in suspended animation, only to being revived in present day, which we already know is the epilogue of Captain America: The First Avenger, when Captain America meets Nick Fury and joins The Avengers initiative.

At this point let me remind you that this is ALL JUST SPECULATION – even though the artwork by Asbury is official (it appears on his official website). At one point in time, Asbury was asked to draw this sequence for the film – we DON’T know if this particular sequence depicted in the art made it into the finished film, or if this scene occurs where I speculate it does (at the climax of the film). However, a shot from the Captain America trailer (at 2:04) certainly proves that the giant bomber plane is in the film.

Johann Schmidt Hugo Weaving in Captain America 570x379 Captain America Storyboard Art Reveals Possible Thor & Avengers Connections

The Red Skull (Hugo Weaving) wielding the Cosmic Cube.

If I am on the money, this scene could be the explanation of how Steve Rogers’ time-jumping experience occurs (The Cube energy “freezes him in time” or transports him through it). It ALSO opens the door for The Red Skull to be jumped through time, making the character (and Hugo Weaving) available for later Captain America sequels, or other Marvel Movies – which would answer how Cap’s WWII battles against The Skull (which span a lot of years in the comics) could all be lumped into one movie.

Furthermore, having Cap discovered in present day WITH The Cosmic Cube would also explain just where Nick Fury got it when he presented it to Dr. Selvig (Stellan Skarsgård) during the Thor after-credits scene (which was directed by Captain America story contributor and Avengers writer/director Joss Whedon) – thereby tying the The First Avengers‘ present-day scenes to Thor, which is already tied to events in Iron Man 2, which is itself tied to the events depicted in The Incredible Hulk.

Finally, all this info in the storyboards directly correlates to some other First Avenger plot info that recently hit the rumor mill, including the following:

  • Cap is found in present day frozen inside the remains of a giant bomber plane.
  • Red Skull uses The Cosmic Cube to power a variety of futuristic weapons – including a giant bomber plane targeting U.S. Cities.

Is all this making sense? What do you think of this potential SPOILERIFIC artwork from Martin Asbury?

Captain America: The First Avenger will be in theaters on July 22nd

The Avengers will be in theaters on May 4th, 2012.

Source: Martin Asbury official Website via Advanced Dark

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  1. I got more excited with each new bit of info. I cannot wait for this movie. He’s always been my favorite character!!

  2. I think this film will “cap” off a great summer for comic book movies..

    • Cute “cap” comment! My “hat’s” off to you for it (OK, I know I am lame….your joke was better…)!

      • I humbly “cap”itulate to your comment.. sorry ..I’ll stop now.. :)

        • Allow me to throw my hat into the ring … oh wait …

  3. This makes sense and I can’t wait to see the Cap movie

  4. Shivy, now they only need to show more trailers. I’d love for Red Skull and Loki to team up in the Avengers, maybe even bringing down Thanos upon the Avengers.

    • Yeah, the more the merrier, so there is enough baddies to make it worth The Avengers’ while to get up in the morning…but I still wanna see some Skrulls!

  5. 1 question….. Thor VS Raiden…… who would win???

    They could not have picked 2 better actors for Loki and the Red Skull…. Can’t wait to see them together!

    • really? Thor.

      • depends on the writer’s mood ;)

  6. I am so glad this movie is happening!

  7. Surely I’m not the only one on here that saw a new trailer during the NBA Finals the other night, am I? I am surprised there has been no discussion about the new scenes (which looked really awesome) not seen in the full trailer. Not even Marvel has mentioned or posted it. What gives? I was excited to pop over here after the game and catch it again, but it seems to have come and gone unnoticed.

    • @wonderdave, I believe it was a TV spot not trailer #2. We should be getting trailer #2 soon.

  8. yes… but First Class and green lantern still look better.

    two years ago i was hoping “gosh, hopefully it will be better then the other movies that summer”

    they need to release the 2nd trailer pronto!

    • First Class and GL look more flashy, as Captain America is very “gritty/real world/war film” in look, feel, setting, etc. but I would dispute that they look “better.”

  9. This info looks very credible. It all seems to fit in.

    I am very convinced that Cap will be THE superhero movie of the year.

    In the past few weeks I have started to worry about Cap himself though… I mean, how will they get the “shield slinging” (i.e. shield throwing) to look real… and from the posters Cap’s helmet doesn’t look to cool either. (The rest of the costume is awesome).

  10. Zemo is going to have to pop in or have hints here soon I’d reckon for future films. I mean that is one of cap’s best villains

  11. My only concern would be the time line of the movie, they cant have cap going from 90 lbs weakling to super solider and then to war hero in a weeks time, their is going to have to be a time jump in the movie like after Cap rescues bucky and breaks away from uso show, he needs to have ample battle experience either shown through news articles or flash forwards

  12. I’m not sure Marvel wouldn’t throw a fit if this were the storyboard they chose. I mean, they hide developments pretty dang well.

    Either way – it’s pretty hot.

  13. i have high hopes for this movie, but also have some worries. some comic book stories don’t transfer to a movie well enough to appeal to a large audience.
    i will definitely see it, going to see green lantern, not sure about first class of x-men.
    i was satisfied with thor.

  14. The interesting thing about this movie is also how Hydra has gotten some advanced weaponry, artillery and equipment just like what was really going on with The Nazi’s in real life; and yes there will be Nazi’s in this movie. It also seems as though some of the commandos were able to apprehend some of that advanced equipment. I’m so psyched for this movieand this is the last Marvel movie I’ll be supporting this year. I don’t care how good foXmen is, my money is going to Marvel Studios . . . DC. I want to see Green Lantern because I think Mark Strong is going to be the main reason to make it worth seeing and the fact that DC/WB are finally concentrating on other mainstream characters.

  15. I don’t like it. It’s a story we have seen before. Honestly, I just care that they are bringing in Cap to the Avengers line-up, but I’m not sure if I care enough to see how he got there. We all know he will be frozen and thawed in some future time. Why would I care if he were fighting some nazis in the 1940s. I’m sure fans of Cap will disagree, but I’m just here for the Avengers…how the players get to that point don’t interest me.

    Now, enough with the Green Lantern bashing…it will either be good, or not. Seems like it’s a big Shrek-tacular event with all the CGI. I doubt if I would care what happens to a bunch of computer images…but whatever. I will watch it, along with all the other comicbook movies…Saw X-men btw, still the same “us vs them”, “mutants vs mankind” drivel… After 4 movies of that, can we get another story already? I like how Magneto acts constipated, do his hand gestures, a little bit of sound effects, and voila, it’s like he is doing something amazing, when it’s obviously the other actor is just acting hurt, or some props men were pulling some metal guns with strings…Meh. Instead of Green Lantern, I think I will watch Kung Fu Panda 2 and Cars 2…all CGI, but at least I know I will laugh at Cars and Panda. With Green Lantern, we get to hear that oath over and over again, as if it’s supposed to mean anything…meh, “brightest day, blackest night, no evil shall escape my sight”?….Ewwwwwwwwwwww….a very cringe inducing cornball. Well, at least I get to eat popcorn while watching it.

    • well arent you a bucket of sunshine :P

  16. Seems to me, Lobo here is doing what he does best, bash the heroes. I personally cannot wait for Captain America. Its been, well ever since there anything new for Cap, even if it is the final block to building up the tower that is the Avengers film, but regardless of that, Cap has always been one of my favorite heroes, because he embodies what it means to be a true patriot, willing to fight for the country he loves, despite not being able to do so. And then, he is given that opportunity through of course the Super Soldier serum, and then, he doesn’t let this new found power go to his brain. Rather, he fights, and fights hard, because now he has been given the chance to fight.