‘The Avengers’ Will Have Multiple Female Characters; New Captain America Set Images

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captain america the avengers logo The Avengers Will Have Multiple Female Characters; New Captain America Set Images

While we’re breaking news about the upcoming Fantastic Four Reboot, we thought we’d pass along a couple of items collected from around the Web, regarding both Captain America and The Avengers.

There have been several Captain America: The First Avenger set photos that have popped up in the last few weeks, and today we have images of a celebratory sequence that was filmed in London’s famous Trafalgar Square. On The Avengers front: there’s news coming out that Black Widow (played by Scarlett Johansson) won’t be the only female character in the film.

First up, we’ll talk about The Avengers. Joss Whedon was talking to the The Sunday Herald-Sun recently, where he made the following statement:

“It is true that the movie is only going to have one female avenger…But she [Black Widow] will not be the only female character”.

The immediate knee-jerk reaction is that Whedon is alluding to either Pepper Potts from the Iron Man franchise (played by Gwyneth Paltrow) or Betty Ross, the love interest of Bruce Banner played by Liv Tyler in The Incredible Hulk. Natalie Portman’s character from Thor, Jane Foster, is also a possibility, and, if I were a betting man, one (or more) of those love interest ladies returning for The Avengers would be the safe bet.

However, since there is no money at stake here, it’s just as fun to speculate that we could see some notable female agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. in The Avengers (Sharon Carter or Maria Hill, for instance). We could also perhaps see a femme fatale from the villain side, such as Madame Hydra or a Skrull Queen (if rumors of the shape-shifting aliens being The Avengers’ foes are true).

The only real evidence to cite for The Avengers featuring a previously-unseen female character is that Marvel likely would’ve brought any returning big-name actresses to the stage as part of their Avengers panel at the 2010 San Diego Comic-Con. Maybe not, though.

Captain America SharonCarter Head The Avengers Will Have Multiple Female Characters; New Captain America Set Images

Personally, I think bringing back Pepper, Betty and/or Jane Foster would be a bit on the boring side – if I had it my way, Sharon Carter (see above) would be the other female featured in The Avengers. In my opinion, Carter is a key element missing from the Marvel movie universe – a few quick facts about her:

  • She’s the modern-day love interest of Captain America.
  • She’s the descendant of Peggy Carter, Cap’s WWII love interest who will appear in The First Avenger.
  • She’s also the kick-ass spy known as “Agent 13″ and would likely be featured in the proposed S.H.I.E.L.D. spinoff film.

What do you think:  should Sharon Carter appear in The Avengers? Or should the other female character(s) be a villain (Black Widow needs somebody to cat fight, after all). Would you be disappointed if the other girl(s) was simply a returning love interest? I’m sure we’ll find out more in the coming months as production on The Avengers ramps up.

Continue to the Captain America Set photos…

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  1. Looks good, we will have to wait to see if they make a really good story.

  2. They were filming this in London when??? Probably while I’m at work!

    • Just leap back a couple of days. :-)

    • im still on the fence about this moie for some reason sam lol

  3. Forget pictures…trailer please! I would think they would have something similar to Soldier, like you said, a montage of battles that end before the final battle with the Skull. Also, Carter is the daughter of his love interest from WWII? Does she look like Cap? :-)

  4. I kinda agree with number 2… But it will/could have a climactic battle where they are going against the last bastion of the Nazis. We have a final attempt of revenge on part of Red Skull with the help Baron Von Strucker.

    Where Cap discovers that Strucker is a “shape shifting alien”, Cap and Bucky get to the nuclear missile and prevent it from destroying England, and that is how Cap ends up in the North Atlantic Ocean as an ice-cube.

    And have Nick Fury appear with the Howling Commandos at the end, collecting the alien evidence. And the creation of SHIELD occurs, in honor of Captain America.

    I don’t know… some crazy story line like that. Any other opinions?

    • I think you nailed it right on the head with that theory. Even though Germany would surrender doesn’t mean the Red Skull would.

      And where is Carol Danvers on the list of females? NO, I’m not asking for Ms. Marvel (for now), but introducing Carol would be cool.

  5. Kahless.

    I can’t control the leaps! I’m leaping around putting right what once went wrong, I haven’t the time to visit film sets! Maybe my next leap, will be my leap home…

  6. I like the 2nd possibility; He could possibly have flash backs as a sort of reflection just before his suspended animation, so it flashbacks to key parts he played before becoming The Cap. Then his impact as Captain America. This way it has some order and it doesn’t rush things as such. Obviously he has a big role in WWII so its impossible to put it all in, in the space of a potential 2 1/2 hour film. I think its important the film is done with a simple but effective structure.

  7. This is nothing but idle speculation, but perhaps the temporal sequence plays out like Saving Private Ryan. It opens in present day with a very brief, emotionally-charged sequence that quickly catapults us into a protracted flashback which constitutes the bulk of the entire movie, ultimately showing us how we wind up back in the present day “opening scene”. Because its already understood to be a flashback format at that point, the film-makers have the freedom to take some liberties with montages, etc., moving the story along quickly. Just a possibility. Maybe he is waking up from suspended animation in the opening scene, wondering how he got to where he is. The viewer is taken on a journey through Cap’s mind as he takes a brief stroll down memory lane (a la Jacob’s Ladder) that encompasses the entire movie but in “real time” only lasts a few moments. The film ends up back where it started, ready to vault forward into The Avengers.

  8. This is going to be so hard to pull off, putting 3 super hero movies into 1 and make all the characters gel in 1 movie, I hope they can do it but if CA and Thor suck will they still shoot the Avengers movie? Looks that way, this has to be the gamble of the century or they know that both these movies will kick ass at the box office and are very confident.

  9. Non of the above.Notice Whedon’s criptic way of saying that statement. He NEVER said that BLACK WIDOW will be an Avenger however he did say that there will be ONE FEMALE Avenger and that can be none other than Janet Van Dyne “Wasp”.

  10. The hours approaching, just give it your best
    You’ve got to reach your prime.
    That’s when you need to put yourself to the test,
    And show us a passage of time,
    We’re gonna need a montage (montage)
    Oh it takes a montage (montage)

    Show a lot of things happing at once,
    Remind everyone of what’s going on (what’s going on?)
    And with every shot you show a little improvement
    To show it all would take to long
    That’s called a montage (montage)
    Oh we want montage (montage)
    (Team America) :)

  11. I think the most likely thing is that it happens after Cap’s freezing. To show you that althrough we lost him, we still won the war and to end on a higher note.

  12. Cap will probably be frozen at the very start of the movie. The remainder will be how he got to that point… Perhaps a “life flashing before his eyes” situation as the ice closes around him…. The inevitable post-credit scene will be him being found by shield, similar to Thors’ hammer being found at the end of IM2…

  13. It’s probably gonna be Peggy Carter’s niece or whatever, Sharon or Scarlet Witch.

  14. I think anything mutant related belongs to FOX studios (arrrgghhh!!) so probably no Scarlett Witch or Quicksilver

  15. Why no suggestion that it could be the wasp?

    • Well he said Black Widow would be ‘the only female avenger.’ So I guess it could be “Janet Van Dyke” but we know from recent reports that Ant-man isn’t in there… So Wasp and no Ant-man would be kind of weird.

      Here’s the Ant-Man Update.


  16. Captain America I’m not as keen as Spidey and X-Men. But would it be possible that they realize how “valueable” cap is and ask him to be put into suspended animation only to be awakened when the world needs him most? Sounds hollywood to me and besides cap can’t say no cause its in Americas best interest.

  17. It’s Joss. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  18. the montage thing could work if done right. take alook at the montage at the beginning of wolverine origins established that he could never die even of old age as he partakes in numerous wars with sabertooth.

    but to be honest with you guys, i don’t really care about any comic movie that is coming out or has been rumoured, i mean yeah i get involved with the discussions but i don’t care for any of these movies, simply because they all end up being ruined in some way,shape or form. so i’m going to be sitting on the fence and will wait for a trailer and eventually a review before making judgement about this, thor, and avengers…

  19. No one still hasn’t seen Chris Evans in the Cap costume yet?

    • Uh yeah they have, at Comic Con, there are a few blurry pictures online if you look hard enough.

  20. Dude, you missed a possibility, that being that the Cap being frozen doesn’t happen in First Avenger at all, but at the start of The Avengers.
    Basically First Avenger could end with Cap’s first battle, striking a major victory against the Red Skull (but The Skull gets away) and taking the first step towards victory against the Nazis.

    Then in the first scene of The Avengers, it’s several years later. Cap has since become a living legend, singlehandedly leading the Allies to countless victories. Now Cap is leading the final assault, probably against the Skull’s fortress or somesuch, and then we get the whole thing with him being frozen.
    Cut to many decades later, Cap’s body is found.
    TITLE SCREEN: The Avengers.

    To me, that’s the absolute best way to do it. I mean, we’d get Cap’s origin, first battle, etc, but also him being an experienced, battle hardened vet by the time he gets frozen, but with no timeskip partway through the movie (and timeskips in movies usually break narrative flow like a sledgehammer).

    • Well… I didn’t miss it so much as rule that scenario out – remember I only pitched 3 scenarios based on the fact that there are pictures in the post of WWII being declared over… so we already know that moment is in the film.

      It’s also been rumored for a long time that him getting frozen is part of First Avenger. But those ARE just rumors…

      • Oh, yeah, I didn’t think of that.
        But honestly, I like my version better.
        It’s entirely possible that a mid-movie time-skip could work….but I doubt it.
        It just seems like a stake to the heart of narrative flow to me.

        And him being frozen after his first battle is just so…..Matt Salinger.

  21. I’m sorry but the only way to do it is to have him frozen in the first film and have him unfrozen in the future in an opening montage at the very beging of Avengers like TIHulk.

    • Gotta agree to disagree, there.
      Short of having a timeskip mid-movie, it’s the only way I can think of for him to be experienced and seasoned by the time he gets frozen.
      And having a timeskip/montage mid movie just seems like it would ruin the narrative flow.
      I mean, you’d get the resolution to the character’s whole arc and then an extra half hour battle for him to get frozen.

  22. I think Avengers would be awful if they spend to much time on cap rather than the rest of the team. Handle most of Cap in his solo film. To waste to much time on him in Avengers would be a waste of precious time they just don’t have.

    • I agree. Having to juggle an ensemble cast is bad enough, what with all the background info.Then you gotta hope the don’t 4get anyone in the process.

  23. Hahahahaha, they 4got to mention the fact that Sharon also kills Cap.

  24. See I don’t think no antman automatically means no wasp and she doesn’t need to be a full fledged avenger maybe just lends a hand some how makes an apperance or two and could at least mention her husband to build interest in him.

  25. Besides as I read it they said there is no Antman which isn’t the same as saying there is no Hank Pym. May be a stretch and even unlikely but it’s possible and I’ll keep hope alive just a small apperance of Hank and Janet would be nice. If even they are just scientists.

  26. Where do you come up with that idea? Finish the arc and have him frozen they can do it one of two ways. Have him save the day and finish the main arc and then the government convince him to be frozen or they could copy the animated film which I liked and have him get frozen in the ocean which I loved about the cartoon.

    It would do major damage to The Avengers to devote enough time to show Capt getting frozen and then thawed there is no need for it when it could just be a quick mirage possibly narrorated with capt being thawed either because the government decided it was time or because they found him like in the cartoon. Either way The Avengers needs to be about the team and not be Captain America and his side kicks.

  27. and the audio track from the Cap trailer is out…people are cheering the whole way through it’s awesome

  28. It could be Betty Ross, bring back Liv Tyler and at least try to keep some continuity!!!

    • Ugh, please don’t bring back Liv Tyler. I don’t care if they have to re-cast the role, I couldn’t stand her as Ross. I loved TIH, but her performance was just flat, and the worst part about the film.

  29. I say don’t bring back Liv if your changing Hulk change Betty.