The Return of Captain America…

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captain america steve rogers The Return of Captain America...

The First Avenger: Captain America is one of the four big budget summer blockbusters on Marvel’s official slate of upcoming films. Along with the Iron Man franchise, The Incredible Hulk and Thor, Captain America is getting his own origin film to establish his character in Marvel movie continuity all culminating to the main event: The Avengers.

It’s fantastic timing for Marvel to be doing this with their own fast-growing studio during the era of comic book films, but for Captain America, the timing seemed a little off in terms of lining up with the comics since the character the movie is based on is dead – and has been for over two years.

Well, that’s not going to be the case for long and it’s no coincidence in timing.

Captain America originated back in the 1940s and since that time, he’s been portrayed mainly by the character of Steve Rogers. At least, up until March of 2007 when writer Ed Brubaker had him assassinated in Captain America #25 (Volume 5) at the conclusion of the major Marvel crossover event, Civil War. The Civil War saga saw all the heroes and villains of the Marvel universe pick one of two sides: With the government and their Superhuman Registration Act lead by Tony Stark (Iron Man) or with Captain America’s freedom fighters who fought against it.

Killing off the character was a successful plan by the writers, looking back and seeing how much coverage it was given by mainstream media. Now they’re attempting to do that again by doing the opposite and likely bringing Steve Rogers back from the dead. Of course, he wasn’t going to be dead forever, or even for a long time for that matter – it’s surprising his “death” lasted as long as it did (far longer than Superman‘s death following the Doomsday storyline). When you think about it, they need to capitalize on the timing with the major blockbuster Marvel films that will feature the star-spangled Hero.

According to several reports and plenty of online buzz, Captain America #600 (which officially comes out tomorrow, June 17th), sets up the return of Steve Rogers. Since Rogers’ death, his friend Bucky Barnes has taken up the mantle and sported the new Captain America suit. What will happen with Steve coming back? Will there be two Captain Americas or will Bucky step down… or something else?

captain america bucky alex ross The Return of Captain America...
Bucky’s Cap outfit by Alex Ross [click to enlarge]

On July 1st, the five-issue mini-series Captain America: Reborn begins which will truly see the return of Steve Rogers and according to Bleeding Cool, comic retailers everywhere have apparently been encouraged to stock up on these issues and given incentives to do so in order to tie in to some “major Marvel news.”

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  1. I’ve been watching a lot of Mad Men and Jon Hamm looks pretty good for that part to me. He’s a little old, but he’d be okay.

    Tom Wisdom from 300 is a Brit but he’d look good in that spot as well. He’s fairly off the radar and did well in 300. And he’s only 36.

    Chris Pines from Star Trek is 28-29. He was rebellious in the movie but, still looked good. He does have a few other projects he’s already slated for, but it wouldn’t be bad to try and get him for 2011-2012.

    I’d hate the movie if John Cena was the actor. He could play the Cap body double, but I doubt they’d spend the money to just have him doing stunts. And that may make me not want to see Avengers as well. Either get an unknown or a real actor. Not a wrestler turned actor. Not the Rock either. He’s half Samoan. Both of them are just a little TOO big.

    My gf just said she’d be better playin Cap than Cena. I believe her.



    NO NO NO!!!!! Spoiled little suburban whiteboys didn’t pretend to talk like Rick James in 1944 and tell people they were from da streets when they grew up in an upper middle class house with a landscaped lawn.

    And please No Rock, maybe for Captain Marvell

    Maybe the guy from Hurt Locker or some unknown who looks the part and can actaully act

  3. HArd to say about this; I’d probably go with an unknown, but it appears that maybe Mr. Cena is being “groomed’ for the part. I say if so, then don’t judge; He, as a professional wrestler does in fact give performances quite frequently and (I feel) will surprise many with his talent should he be offered the role of Captain America. Give him his chance to bring CA to the big screen. Pro wrestlers are some of the most underrated performers ever and given the fact that he DOES have the look & neccessary physique, IS athletic and CAN actually perform on camera, who’s to say John Cena can’t bring Captain America to life? Let’s support the man if he obtains the opportunity and see how things go. Although many aren’t fans of wrestlers turned actors taking over major roles, my gut tells me that John Cena wouldn’t disappoint. Whatever the case, I look forward to CA on the big screen!

  4. john cena sounds like a very good choice to play captain america, he has acted in two movies so far and he desrves to get a screen test for this movie.

  5. The problem is that the 2 movies he has been in have been abysmal. He has the look but doesn’t seem to have the acting ability. The Rock and the wrestler that played in They Live have been the only ones I have seen with acting ability. I would rather see The Rock play CA than Cena but I don’t know if fanboys can get over CA being brunette (as well as have black).

  6. I hope wrestling fanboys will stop recommending pro wrestlers for every super hero role. Yes we know they are big, steroids do that to you! Doesn’t mean we need to turn all of the comic book movies into jokes by putting someone who can’t act his way out of a wet paper bag as the main character! I say get an actor that can act and bulk him up for the role. The acting must come FIRST, not second!

  7. I see Jensen Ackles in the part of Steve Rogers/Capt America my back up is Bradley Cooper Either one of them would be good to me. Red skull?…I think the guy from Ingloriuos basterds the one who played hans, christopher waltz .I think that’s his name he would be a good red skull

  8. Yeah and Chris Benoit would have made a great Wolverine… So with is all being in WWII they have Steve floating away in ice… fade then reopen with the block of ice being discovered “current time”..

    I vote for no name, matter of fact I would like to see them “prepared” and secretly taking someone that was a “wimp” and put the muscle on him. Not CG not 2 or three different actors but 1 actor that was “frail” and beef him up for the roll.

  9. interesting idea, using a slim/frail performer and then beefing him up! If they had/have the time it’d take to use a ‘slim’ actor and then ‘beef’ him up, that’d be truly Deniro-sque film making indeed; However, with the potential time constraints, that may not be an option for the production (I even thought about what if all the ‘buff’ scenes were shot first and then have the ‘Pre-Cap’ origin stuff shot later on. But you’d still run into the same time factor issues and risk running into scheduling conflicts…unless they used TWINS! LMAO!)
    Seriously, right now, it’s a wait & see thing to see how CA’s casting goes. So, let’s just wait and see! I’m sure we’ll know soon enough! I’m looking forward to it either way.

  10. just go with an unknown who is 25 and has a large muscular and toned physique. get leonardo dicaprio to play steve rogers. john cena looks like a good captain america.

  11. we wish to see vin diesel as captain america

  12. John Cena must not get the part. No matter what. He’s a wrestler for god’s sake not an actor.

  13. Wrestlers are actually perhaps the best athletic ‘actor/performers’ of the world, (since pro wrestling is indeed full of “showmanship”…not fake, but “showmanship”), I can’t see counting out such performers. (They too, have SAG cards, y’know); For the wrestler nay sayers, I suggest an unknown, then. Sure, there may be some well knowns (like a Thomas Jane, etc), who folks like, but I don’t see TJ as Cap. Cap is indeed a pretty big, buff muscular dude (at least after the super soldier serum infusion), and a small wiry, fit/toned guy won’t do justice to the part. The audience/viewers have got to visually BELIEVE that this character is physically capable of performing the feats he’s undertaking. Cap isn’t Spiderman, who maintained his slim physique but can now lift 10 tons; He’s a guy who’s been physically augmented to the very peak of human efficiency, just shy of being an actual superhumanly strong man. He still needs his size & musculature to accomplish the things he does, because Cap/Steve is still a human who still has limitations on what he can do, how strong he is and how fast he is, etc. When Cap takes on several guys as large as he himself is, it isn’t superman powered being taking them on; It’s a man who has the physique to handle perhaps a bit more than a regular joe, but still within human perameters. Tobey Maguire doing Spidey works because the character’s a superhumanly/genetically enhanced human who has spider powers based on those of an arachnid. Cap’s abilities are still based on human physiology. Well known actor, athlete or unknown, the performer who plays Cap will have to play off of how the character works, physically as well as anything else. Whoever’s chosen, I’m certain the casting director(s) will have a good reason for their selection, leaving us responsible for only sitting back and enjoying the show!

  14. Oh yes, so being able to yell loud and stomp your feet makes you capable of acting as the leading character in a big budget movie…

    I vote no wrestlers.

  15. How about the rock portryaing the role of the red skull rather than that of captain america. The actor from the fantasic four movies (human torch) sounds and even apperars to be the most logical choice.