New Captain America Set Images Reveal Nick Fury, Possible Epilogue

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Captain America movie in Modern Era New Captain America Set Images Reveal Nick Fury, Possible Epilogue

Principal photography for Captain America: The First Avenger is finished but director Joe Johnston and star Chris Evans have re-assembled in New York to shoot a special scene involving SHIELD. It was long said that Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury wouldn’t appear in the Captain America origin story until he spilled the beans himself on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.

Now, Fury’s on set in costume in what appears to be the shooting of the special post-credits Easter Egg scene. Proceed with caution as there are spoilers ahead.

Due to the very public shooting location of this scene in New York Times Square, photos and video have surfaced all over the web and you can see for yourself here – it features SHIELD Director Nick Fury (Sam L.), Agent Coulson (Clark Gregg) and Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) in what may be the post-credits, bonus sequence for Captain America: The First Avenger. Perhaps they’re recruiting him to lead The Avengers?

You’ll notice it takes place in modern New York so we can at least say that the entire film does not just take place during WWII. Steve Rogers will be unfrozen in the modern era.

What an awkward and noisy place to shoot, being surrounded by people in Times Square. Seems like more of a marketing stint than smart shooting location. Note the Acura vehicles surrounding the set – It’s Acura sponsoring the franchise, providing all of the SHIELD rides and sponsoring the viral marketing campaign.

Here are some high-res set photos as well – take note of the S.S.R. logo on Rogers’ T-shirt. That stands for “Strategic Scientific Reserve,” the branch of the U.S. Army in the Marvel universe responsible for Project Rebirth – the experiment that turned Rogers into the super soldier we now know as Captain America.


What’s going on in these images/video offers some interesting discussion. We don’t know the timeline for S.R.R. and if they even still exist in the modern era, but the clothing Rogers is sporting would seem to indicate that the branch of the government responsible for Project Rebirth/super solider experimentation is still around and that they’re tied to SHIELD.

From the images, it seems possible that Captain America was found frozen and then awakened. Not knowing where he was or anyone around him, he may have tried to escape (looking for love interest Peggy Carter?) only to be contained by SHIELD and introduced to Fury and Coulson to be recruited into The Avengers – hence, the handshake at the end of the video.

What are your thoughts and theories?

Directed by Joe JohnstonCaptain America: The First Avenger stars Chris Evans stars alongside Neal McDonough’s Dum Dum Dugan, Tommy Lee Jones‘ Colonel Phillips, Hugo Weaving as the Red Skull, Hayley Atwell as Peggy Carter, Stanley Tucci as Abraham Erskine, Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury,  Dominic Cooper as Howard Stark, Sebastian Stan as Bucky Barnes and Derek Luke as Gabe Jones. As for the sequel, it’s anyone’s guess who will return.

Be sure to check out the first full Captain America trailer and take some time to join SHIELD.

Captain America hits theaters July 22, 2011 and The Avengers is scheduled to debut May 4, 2012.


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Sources: CBM, Klatsch-Tratsch, eyeprime

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  1. Its could be a marketing stunt,or a noist city scene. Guess we’ll have to wait to find out. Gonna be a good movie either way.

    • *noisy

      • Hahahha!!! You said noist……

  2. Definitely filming post-credits scene. I am so excited for Thor and Captain America.

  3. I guess is that this isn´t for the post-credits scene but for the movie, right after Cap awakens.

    “Project Rebirth/super solider experimentation is still around and that they’re tied to SHIELD.”

    Since Gen. Ross handed some of the (failed) Super Soldier serum to Blonski in TIH, it would make sense…

  4. “Director Martin Campbell”? Wrong movie, Rob.

    • That was my fantasy cross-universe movie :|

      Speed fail on my part, thanks for heads up.

      • Glad to help. A Captain America/Green Lantern film could be interesting :)

        • Captain America is marvel, Green Lantern is DC Universe. It’d never happen.

      • Was that called for?

      • Guess who´s going to get banned from this site. Correct. It´s YOU.

        • That comment was meant for jimjoe.

          • LOL

        • Scape,

          You are correct, sir.


          • Don´t blame him, Vic. It´s not his fault. With a name like “jimjoe” his parents probably are siblings… :D

  5. I stopped reading after the spoiler alert. I want nothing to spoil this momentous summer.

  6. So, your theory is Ultimate Avengers #1? Sweet original theory there, bro.

    • Who said they had an original theory that was different from the comics?

      • the scene they filming remind of this in the animated movie Ultimate Avengers

  7. I think it was quite obvious the post-credits scene would be CA awaking in our time.

    • i doubt its a post credit scene they would not let everyone see it open to the public. this scene is most likely the end of Captain America film the post credit scene might be Winter Soldier or Redskull

  8. This scene is not necessarily the post credit. I think it is the opening then there would be some sort of flashback to the 40′s. Ok don’t stone me, just my 1 cent :D

    • with you on that one…too important for post credits…plus they’ll wanna keep the post credit scene a little more secretive than filming out in the open

  9. Query.
    Was it stated that this scene was for Captain America or that they were shooting a scene with Samuel Jackson and Chris Evans. It was reported that The Avengers just started filiming as well.

    • That’s an interesting point…

    • this is not for The Avengers since Joe Johnston was filming this scene. its for the Cap movie.

      • Yeah, this scene was filmed a couple of days ago. The Avengers just started today.

        • But Whedon directed the PSC of Skarsgard and Jackson in Thor.

  10. I dont think it post credits , but i do think its the end of the movie. Th beginning is more then likely them finding him in the ice, and retrieving the body. Then someone saying who is this guy and them leading into a flash back of Caps Origins. after that we would probably see him waking up and thinking he was being held captive escaping and being stopped by Fury. Post credits will probably have another part with the cube

    • I hope that Caps waking up is a BIT more exciting than a simple talk. I really liked how they handled it in the new Avengers Animated series.

  11. This scene seems to important to leave it to after the credits.

    If it ISN’T after the credits, is it weird they’d film such an important scene so late?

    • *too

  12. I think Joe Johnston mentioned in one of his interviews the beginning and ending parts of the movie would begin in modern day.

  13. i love how Sam Jackson just doesn’t give a hoot about how out of shape he’s been, in his last half-dozen flicks. i could’ve loaned him an Ace bandage to wrap around his middle, in these pics… sorta betrays the myth of Fury as a ripped & ready, cutting edge Marine dude.

    • Its Samuel Jackson, he is too cool for abs.

      • Agreed.

  14. It is either the very beginning or the end. Either way, this scene could be evenly well implemented. I can not wait to see this film. Captain America has been by far one of my favorite comic book characters. I hope this film does him justice.

  15. It’s an Acura commercial..get over it

  16. are we sure its for captain america & not the avengers? i mean to do re-shoots the same time as beginning the avengers???

    • It’s not for The Avengers, this scene is from a couple of days ago and The Avengers started filming yesterday.

    • I’m thinking the same thing. Who can say for certain? It’s not like they couldn’t spread a little misinformation.

      Also, if it’s a post credits scene, it’s not like fans don’t know what it will be, and general audiences mostly aren’t reading about this. It’s got to be relevant to the Avengers movie, I would think.

      I’m inclined to think this is going to be in the Avengers. The main story of Captain America wouldn’t accomodate too much present day story. I’m expecting a brief hospital room scene at the end of the credits.

  17. Damn, I really wanted to see Captain America in modern times, not just in a cheesy epilogue. Thought half of the movie should be in the past and half in the future. Hollywood’s way of milking the cash cow is to hold off on certain things so they can exploit it later for a butt load of $$$.
    -So i take it we’re gonna get screwed out of seeing the modern C.A suit.-that’s BS.
    -It would be nice to get a Hulk cameo ala:deleted scene.

    • Or maybe by keeping it primarily in the past, they were keeping the story focused. I really don’t think half in past and half in present would work well story-wise. The 1991 Captain America movie tried to have the story in both, and it didn’t work (although granted that wasn’t that film’s only problem).

      • I think they want to keep options open for future Cap movies. So if people like the WWII past, expect some stories set there. Then some will take place in the present, or both. I wonder how they’ll handle the story so as to leave those possibilities open.

  18. Was that Fandral and Hogan doing crowd control?

  19. I got absolutely nothing from that. Didnt see Coulson either. Anyways Im looking forward to Cap. Ten days til THOR.

  20. TOO COOL!! Can’t wait. Period.