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captain america first avenger movie trailer Captain America: The First Avenger Trailer

Update: This is the original trailer for the film, if you’re looking for the new Captain America trailer click here.

After months of set photos, magazine covers and stills of Chris Evans in his star-spangled 1940s World War II Captain America costume, moviegoers have finally received their first real look at the future leader of The Avengers in action. The first official trailer for Captain America: The First Avenger was scheduled to air as one of the biggest movie trailers premiering during Super Bowl XLV and now it’s available online.

Featuring a look into the origins of the brave Steve Rogers and how he transformed into a symbol of freedom for the world to follow, along with our first glimpse at the evil Red Skull (Hugo Weaving), the Captain America trailer emphasizes why Marvel Studios’ period piece origins story about The First Avenger is topping the list of Screen Rant’s 20 most anticipated movies of 2011.

Without further ado, watch an enjoy the trailer to the origins of The First Avenger:

Pretty damn good introduction to Marvel’s WWII hero, no? And the skinny pre-drugged version of Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) looks amazing! Here’s a quick screen grab of Hugo Weaving’s Red Skull face (Big thanks to @KimStrandli):

captain america trailer red skull face 280x217 Captain America: The First Avenger Trailer

For a better look at Hugo Weaving in make-up, check out this official look at Red Skull in Captain America: The First Avenger.

Directed by Joe JohnstonCaptain America: The First Avenger stars Chris Evans stars alongside Neal McDonough’s Dum Dum Dugan, Tommy Lee Jones‘ Colonel Phillips, Hugo Weaving as the Red Skull, Hayley Atwell as Peggy Carter, Stanley Tucci as Abraham Erskine, Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury,  Dominic Cooper as Howard Stark and Sebastian Stan as Bucky Barnes.

What do you think of the Captain America trailer and how does it stack up against Thor, X-Men: First Class and Green Lantern?

Captain America hits theaters July 22, 2011 and The Avengers is scheduled to debut May 4, 2012.

Share your thoughts in the comments and with us on Twitter @ rob_keyes and @ screenrant.

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    • yeah that splice work was my favorite part :)

  1. Good thing I already know the Captain America story otherwise I wouldnt know what to make of that 30 second spot.

  2. I didnt like the end where the girl shoots at him, then quips the cheesey one liner. If that’s any indication the way the story is going to play out, a lot of fans are going to be dissapointed.

    • That “girl” was Peggy Carter. She shot at him because they were testing the functionality of Steve’s shield.

      • Exactly, Ryan. “Testing” his shield by shooting at him and then throwing out a silly remark takes away from any seriousness (if any was intended) the script/story may have had.

        Same with the I feel “taller” remark. Ugg.

        This one’s got stinker written all over it – Im hoping they just picked the wrong parts to stick together for this little trailer. As it stands right now, I got a Fantastic Four feeling about the quality of it. I hope I’m wrong.

        • So in your universe people never make quips about their circumstances?

          If I had just been subjected to a process that had turned me into the perfect physical specimen and someone asked how I felt, my response might be the same.

          • Jason I don’t think his problem is that there are jokes in the film over all.

            It’s that Cap is a very serious guy and while people around him might make Jokes cap rarely if ever does. He’s a very serious guy. Also it’s probably the quality of the jokes they really are not witty or funny at all they are kind of cheesy one liners.

            It’s also a problem that in a 30second clip where they only have a short period of time to show off the film and give viewers of what it’s like they decided to dedicate so much of the time to jokes and the only time that Captain America really tokes is a joke or the set up to a joke.

  3. It was nothing but a teaser and hard to judge because of it.

  4. Looked okay for thirty seconds…Bobble-head Steve Rogers was a bit odd though.

  5. Was that Namor in that underwater clip? Or was that a plane? Can’t wait to get home and slow the trailer down!

  6. wow that was f’in horrible. i expect nothin but fail

    • troll

      • Because it looks bad to him he’s a troll?

        • yes you are to

          • Grow up seriously.

  7. wow taht was f’in cool. I expect nothing but win

  8. you people complaining are either sick or just whiny little girls. you cant judge the movie based on a 30sec preview. be sceptical or cynical but dont just bash a movie with mindless comments like ‘that was horrible’ or ‘its gonna flop’ without backing yourselves up. grow up people

    • I’m neither. What else you got?

      • Also I have proof.

        I took my temp this morning it was 96.9 (I normally run low so that’s normal) so I’m obviously not sick.

        Also I took a shower and washed my self between my legs. My member is still in tact. I can send a picture of both if you’d like.

        As you can tell not a girl or sick.

          • Opps sorry i assumed I was a member of the general public and some sort of elite being.

            My thoughts on GL so far are the same as the majority of people that it looks like an insult to the character and possibly film over all. It looks like Fantastic Four in space and with worse CGI. It’s slap stick one liner comedy with poor CGI, poor acting , lack of respect for the source material especially Hal Joordan and very campy.

            • dude your thoughts on everything are always the same unless its crap iv read what you like and dont like and you make yourself out to be a moron. negativity is so old on the net now if you got an opinion thats just gonna get people down why post at all? no one cares baldy

              • It’s impossible for you to act like an adult isn’t it. God forbid a movie doesn’t look good to me. You can’t act like an adult and debate something with out calling me a moron? I’m shocked you have not been banned yet with how often you personally insult people.

                My thoughts on everything are no where near the same seriously there are at least 5 movies coming out in 2011 that I feel vastly different on each one.

                and baldy? WTF? where does that even come from? That comment makes the least sense of anything you’ve said and you’ve said alot of things that don’t make sense.

                If you can’t respond to me maturely with out insulting me don’t bother responding at all. I’m guess Vic hasn’t seen your post yet he’s a busy guy. It’s sad how often you insult people and call them morons and get away with it. I may disagree with people but I rarely name call other posters.

                It’s sad that your life is so sad that you get so angry with me when i disagree with you. God forbid I think a movie looks bad that you are excited about. i’m sorry it creates so much pain for you emotionally that you have to call me names. You say my thoughts on everything is the same, but your replies to me are always the same. They bring nothing to the debate what so ever and are nothing more than a personal attack. Every time. I don’t even have to be talking to you for you to track down a comment and insult me out of the blue. You’ll notice I have not insulted one poster on this topic not one.

                I’m sorry that my opinions effect you so much. Try please try not to hang your self simply because I don’t agree with you on everything. Just avoid placing that rope around your neck I know that my comments hurt you so much, but be strong… Lol only kidding… I don’t actually care if you do not.

                X’s and O’s and lots of love.

  9. The trailer looks Awesome. I do have one question. I just read where SJ\NF is in the movie. How in the world is Nick Fury in this if he is also around for the 21st century Avengers?

    • They said that there will be a few modern day minutes in the film because they have to thaw out Cap. So that’s where Nick Fury is.

    • Also, Nick Fury doesn’t age. In the comics, he fought in WW2, leading the Howling Commandos. The Howling Commandos will be in this movie, but Nick Fury won’t be seen in WW2 (if that’s even canon for the Marvel Cinematic Universe). If that’s true, it’s a disappointing missed opportunity.

      • @ MK

        I agree. It truly is a disappointing missed opportunity. I guess that’s because they are using the “Ultimate” version of Nick Fury. Nothing against SLJ but I prefer the original MARVEL Universe Nick Fury.

        The whole MARVEL Cinematic Universe runs the risk of becoming confusing if some movies are supposed to be based on the second rate “Ultimate” series and others on the ORIGINAL 616 Universe. I prefer the later. It has a far more interesting history.

        • Even Ultimate Nick Fury fought in WW2.

          • @ MK

            Oh Okay. Thanks, I didn’t know that. :-)

            • Thanks to Mr. Jeph Loeb (who effed up the whole Ultimate universe), Fury was actually the first man who survived the Super Soldier experiment.

              • In the Red White and Black series Cap was introduced to the survivor of an attempt to replicate the super soldier effects in a unit of black soldiers.

                Although yes, they did slot Fury in too early, it wasn’t completely out of the ball park, and remember that in the Ultimates universe the various incarnations of the super soldier project is the source of most of the supers, including the mutants (Wolverine being the first) and the Hulk.

                In the second Ultimates series, they even left us asking whether or not Thor was a Norse God or a nutjob for most of the series. Mainstream Marvel never encouraged that ambiguity.

        • UMM , Im pretty sure its the Marvel Movie Universe =, They have already stated that it is a mesh of both the ulitmate and original creating the Movie, and Marvel has plans on fleshing out the movie universe more and doing a line of comics that follow its characters, Captain America will be the first to have a series based on the movie universe. However im sure you knew that cause your a Comic book fan arent you.

          • @ Loco Lobo 73

            Not sure if your reply is directed to me or not but yes I am a comic book fan. Got over 5,000+ mainly MARVEL.

            I prefer the original MARVEL Universe over the alternate “Ultimate” universe. :-)

            Don’t know how I feel about yet another alternate comic book line based on the Marvel Movie Universe though. :-)

            I would however embrace a brand new universe with brand new super heroes. :-)

    • Oh also the suit looked much better in still photos. I actually thought it looked decent, but in action it doesn’t do it for me. It’s to bulky and fluffy and looks so overly padded. Still photos looked decent, but the action shots make it kind of look like a halloween costume. Also Helmet is just awful.

      • the line ‘taller’ isn’t supposed to be a joke, he means it from a seriouse stand point b/c he’s literally taller then when he was small and nimble. use logic. as for the end of the clip, you can expect some jokes here and there, but i doubt its gonna be filled to the rim with cheesy jokes and stupid one liners.

        instead of jumping the gun stand back and wait for the official trailer. if you think this looks terrible then i assume you think half the superbowl trailer are garbage to right ?

        • Actually while the line my have an honest meaning it is meant as a joke it’s purpose is to make the viewer chuckle at the line because yes he is in fact taller and yet there were so many other changes. The main purpose for the line is to make you chuckle. Use Logic.

          Half the trailers? Yes that’s fair I guess considering movies like Fast Five, Kung Fu Panda 2, Drive Angry 3D are all apart of those. Yes it’s fair to say I think half of them are garbage as do most posters here. I don’t think many people think Drive Angry looks good. I’m known for hating all things Paul Walker and Jack Black and while some people may enjoy Fast and The Furious I don’t think anyone would legitimately try to argue that it’s a great film.

          However I truly enjoyed the trailer for Thor it was good and while it didn’t add much to what we have already seen it still maintained the quality we have come to expect.

          I think Cowboys and Aliens looks very good as well. Good Cast a decent director and the trailer seemed exciting and seemed as though while it is an action movie that it may offer a little something more for those of us who like good stories more than explosions.

          Battle for LA looks pretty good as well. It seems like it is combining action with a semi complex narrative. Maybe even a little meaning and emotion gasp.

          • To be fair, I think this is a case of tomatoes and tomahtos. You know what I mean,

            Cap doesn’t do a lot of cheesey one-liners a la Spider-Man or Deadpool. In this instance, YES, it’s a joke, but Cap isn’t “telling a joke”, which stays true to the character but also helps with the tone of the film.

            But whatevs. :D

  10. So Nick will not be an active soldier in wwII?

    • Supposedly not. =(

  11. I believe I got more interested in this movie.

  12. Wow does that guy have two flame throwers and a rocket belt on at :22 seconds? Pretty basam. A 30′s human torch substitute fights Chris Evans! No one will miss the irony… :P

  13. Badass trailer lol

  14. it looks great red skull looks killer Hugo is a great actor and perfect for this part I can’t wait for it and the sequels

  15. Looking very good indeed. Can’t wait for this to open in Australia. :-)

  16. was really too short of a trailer to really get your mind around anything. i am excited for the film, don’t get me wrong, but this was so fast that it doesn’t give you time to even get excited that you’re watching a captain america trailer. bring on the full length! :)

    • too short!! didn’t get the theme to get hyped up!!

  17. But the flying scene’s awesome!

  18. I think this looks fine, Joe Johnston knows how to make period action films, I’m not a huge fan of the character I just don’t find him that interesting, but I will certainly see this.
    Hugo Weaving is the big selling point here to me.

    • The Rocketeer was such an awesome popcorn flick. If Captain America is anything like the Rocketeer.. then i will be a happy guy.

      • Yeah, that’s what I’mhoping for, I hope he has recaptured some of the magic from that film, because, strange as this sounds it is Joe Johnston’s (and Hugo Weaving) that made me interested in this film at all.
        I frickin love The Rocketeer!

        • Something about that movie gets me too. I dont know what it is… It just had a great feel to it. And by the early looks of the Cap pictures and tv spot, it is quite possible that joe johnston has added the same great feel into Captain America. *Fingers crossed*

          • The Rocketeer was just fantastic fun viewing, it was much like an Indiana Jones movie, it had a feel good factor and movies like it just don’t get made these days.
            After seeing this tv spot, I am certainly wanting to see this more than I was, I don’t like Evan’s in the role, so I hope the supporting cast and the story carry this along nicely.
            I think it will go either way, it will be very good, or it will be very bad.

            • Not an Evans fan Dr. Sam?

              • You know, actually, I do like the guiy, I thought he was decent in FF and in Sunshine, I just didn’t see him playing this role at all. Hey, I could be wrong, he might be great, but he wouldnt have been my choice at all.

                • Drsam that’s what I’ve been saying. People assume I hate Evans and I don’t. He was one of the few watchable parts of FF and The Loser and I thought he was absolutely amazing in Scott Pilgrim Vs The World. I didn’t however like him in Sunshine. As a funny guy I like him he’s very comical and just ozzes that cocky witty charm and has the face like he is always gonna say something hilarious. Which is why he isn’t cap and why i can never buy him in a serious role. Even in the epic serious picture above holding the shield to me he looks like he’s got a joke ready to go. He just doesn’t look serious to me.

          • Ditto!

        • “The Rocka-who?” Lol, I loved it also!

        • You said it! The Rocketeer is all aces in my book and has been for years:) Been waiting for Johnston to get to do another film like that. Captain America is pretty much all the same elements sans the Cirrus X3:P

          I was pretty upset at how awful The Wolfman was but hardly think you could put total blame on Johnston or Weaving for it. Looking forward to them in this for sure!!

  19. ¡GRANDE! Great Stuff! I liked it…But, Where was Bucky?

    • I only had nice things to say about the trailer.

    • Loco no disrespect hoping you can debate this like an adult some other people apparently can’t.

      The problem isn’t that the film will have humor that’s fine. The film should have a joke or two even TDK did and it was a dark serious film.

      The problem comes from two things about the humor.

      1. Some of the humor is coming from cap. Cap is one of the most serious and stoic characters in comics ever. He’s a straight faced serious man. The comedy shouldn’t come from him at all and only the people around him. Yet the only time he talks in the trailer is to make a joke or set up a joke. That’s not who Cap is. It’s not that all films should be serious it’s that certain films should be more serious than others. It’s that anyone who reads the comics knows who cap is and how he acts and that’s not his personality.

      2. just like you said it’s only a 30 second clip. The point of the 30 seconds is to show us the one style of the film and they focused so much of that time on humor. Yes it’s only two jokes but it’s two jokes in only 30 seconds of footage which takes up a lot more time than it should. If that’s any idea of the ration for the entire film there will be to much humor. For all we know those could be the only two jokes in the entire film, but that’s not the impression that the trailer gives.

      Yes it’s only a 30 second clip and it’s hard to judge much based on that, but the point of trailers is to judge. The point of these things is to give you an idea of what the film will be like to help you get excited and decide if you will like it or not. That’s the point so saying you can’t judge it based on a 30 second trailer isn’t really fair. Everyone posting could very well be wrong, but we are all simply stating the perception we have of what we have seen so far. Maybe the long trailer will turn most people around, but so far we have to form a though. Just like you decided to you it looks good other people have to be able to decide the other way.

      It’s only fair that if 30 seconds is enough for you to anticipate and be positive about it’s enough for others to think poorly of.

      • Daniel come on… “The point of the 30 seconds is to show us the one style of the film and they focused so much of that time on humor”… no they didnt. if you’re referring to the “taller” comment when he comes out of that machine, its not intended to be that humorous. and i suppose in the end thats a humorous scene as well? (please say a scene where he had not a serious face)first of all, he didnt crack one joke in the trailer, and i dont think he will either. if you think that Evans will portray the role just like he portrayed the guy in fantastic four or a joky humorous character then i think thats stupid to be honest.

        i didnt expect you to think this was good, but what you mentioned was wrong. no offense though, if you dont like it you dont like it. i know you disagree with the casting and director and all that thats why i didnt think you would find this good.

        • Meant to be that humorous or not it is at least meant to be seome what humorous you can’t argue that that’s meant to be a serious moment with in the film. It’s meant for a small chuckle and the line did come from Cap you know that hero who is known for his dry slow wit humor… oh wait no he’s not.

          Also yes the last line is meant as a joke. How could you argue other wise.? Are you seriously trying to tell me that the line after she fires the gun isn’t a joke? Are you claiming that it’s a serious moment with in the film? No it’s meant for a laugh. Which is fine I have no problem with that. I do have a problem with the taller line. I also have a problem with Captain America’s reaction once she fires the gun it was typical Chris Evans funny shocked face/reaction. Which would be fine in most other films, but not in this one.

          It’s not about finding a moment when he is smiling since I never claimed he was. However he seems to be trying to hard to be serious. Because much like George Clooney Chris has a natural smile face. Both of their mouths have that natural upward curve with the slight indents creating a natural smile. So it makes it look like he’s always smiling. When you place a guy like that in a film like this you get one of two things. 1. Batman and Robin a campy crapfest or 2. a film attempting to be serious with an actor who struggles to try and look serious so much that he contorts his face in to an unnatural position and you can see on his face that he’s uncomfortable and trying far to hard.

          Is Evans smiling in this 30 second clip? No but you can tell he wants to and he is oozing his natural comedic witty charm. Which is actually what I like about him usually but it’s bad for Cap.

          You can think I’m stupid all you want I don’t give two s**ts, but Evans can not play a serious role in a believable manner. He will not portray it exactly like Johnny Storm, but it will be similar in portrayal the biggest difference will be the way it’s written. It won’t be Johnny Storm being Johnny storm but it will seem like Johnny Storm trying to be a tough serious leader and it doesn’t fit.

          I know how Evans acts he’s made me laugh for a few years now and I’ve enjoyed it. However, I’ve also seen him attempt to be serious twice and he couldn’t pull it off either both times being one of the weakest points of the film because his acting couldn’t hold up. Sunshine was a decent film that would of been much better with someone else in his role. Push was a crap film and would of still been crap with out him, but better crap than it was. It’s said when a 12 year old girl out shines you on screen and makes you seem like a horrible actor in comparison. He works in Fantastic Four and he works in Scott Pilgrim, but not in serious roles. Either he’s telling jokes in a comedy or he is a joke trying to be serious.

          • i completely disagree with you. i saw him as serious. i think he will portray Captain America great. and yes the end is suppose to be a little joke. by the girl. she shoots at him and you can see his eyes shocked yes. but what you indicated was that it was Evans that made the joke. but tell me, how do you think he’s suppose to act? all cool and serious?
            but no i dont think you’re stupid at all. its your opinion of course and i respect that. and theres no point in discussion either cause im gonna like Evans and you’ll hate him(in this role). and i honestly cant see how you see him doing a slight smirk on the picture.

        • in fact I site the poster above as a great example look at his mouth. You can see the hint of a slight smirk. It’s there right around the edges and he over compensates with his eyebrows by over exaggerating a serious expression with them. It makes him look almost constipated.

          • To be honest Daniel I’ve had that look when feeling slightly disappointed about a serious matter. This is the flaw in trying to read intent in emotional response, especially in a still. Humans rarely have just one thing on their mind and the connections! One event can spur a whole rash of memories about what’s going on in life. This movie is going to end sad emotionally, you know that right? Emotions spur thoughts…

          • dude all you do is nitpick i swear to it’s like you wanted to hate this movie SO BADLY that you’re finding every little possible teeny tiny flaw and blowing them up to gigantic proportions… enough is enough man, we get it you don’t like the movie, But stop repeating the same crap every time someone says they are excited to see the movie it’s getting annoying.

            • Yawn.. Do you have anything interesting to say about the subject or are you only interested in insulting me and incorrectly at that.

              All I do is not nit pick. If you’d like I’d be more than happy to point you in the direction of several topics that I’m positive and excited about. Clearly you’ve read two or three posts by me and only on captain America.

              You’re also incorrect when you say that I do it every time someone say something positive. I didn’t start replying to everyone who said something positive. I made a comment about the film and then only responded to people who responded to me or insulted people simply because they don’t think this looks good. Anyone else who simply expressed an interest I had no intention of bugging. I only talk to people like you who just insult everyone who disagrees with them. I may insult them film because I think it looks bad, but unlike you I’m mature enough to not insult the people who disagree with me.

              You have two option at this point you can start debating like a mature intelligent adult or you can continue insulting and attacking people you don’t like because they disagree with you. The first will keep you posting here and maybe get you a few really great friends the other will eventually lead to you being banned. So be mature or continue to attack those who don’t share your opinion.

  20. Yeah, I’m not impressed.

  21. Chris Evans has a fitting presence. He gives off more of a modest, virtuous aura, as opposed to a persona straining not to be a smartass, like everyone was expecting.

    • Insanity see to me he doesn’t have a fitting presence and it’s exactly what I feared. He just don’t have the presence of Captain America the strong serious intelligent leader. He oozes witty smart ass charm. I actually enjoy some of Evans work when he is properly cast but he does’t fit here. He seems like he isn’t struggling to be serious because he isn’t trying to be serious he’s acting like a witty comedic guy. After going through the process the cap from the comics response wouldn’t of been a smirk worth witty retort. There are a few heroes that Evans fits, but he just doesn’t have the presence of Steve Rogers the passionate serious american hero.

  22. I really don’t understand ppl’s problems with the “how do you feel?” “taller” lines.

    Im stoked either way.

    • I think it’s a message to the fan-boys who complained that he wasn’t tall enough, their was some of that on the net as well as that he wasn’t bulked up enough. So it seems to me like a slight dig. You can see from scene to scene where he’s wearing uniforms he’s not as bulked up as the transformation scenes show, that appears to me to be an effect. He’s bulked up beyond what he was for the F.F. movies sure, but he’s not as muscular as that transformation scene shows. I’m willing to bet a Coke that in at least a couple of scenes he’s either wearing platforms or on a platform, and I’m guessing you can tell which ones now that I’ve mentioned it. Still I want to restate I thought the teaser was good and I have high hopes for the movie…

  23. I wasnt impressed, maybe I need to see more.

  24. Yes, we really needed more footage to make a proper judgement, but looks quite good, I suppose. Still not convinced with Evans in the role, though Captain America did lokk good in full motion.

    Still more excited with Thor though.

      • lebsta this was not directed at you. I meant to click the reply above you.

        • That’s cool Steve, I kinda thought so, all good

  25. Intriguing.
    I think Chris will do a great job as Cap.
    And you can never go wrong with Hugo.
    The outfit is starting to grow on me too.