Captain America: The First Avenger Trailer

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captain america first avenger movie trailer Captain America: The First Avenger Trailer

Update: This is the original trailer for the film, if you’re looking for the new Captain America trailer click here.

After months of set photos, magazine covers and stills of Chris Evans in his star-spangled 1940s World War II Captain America costume, moviegoers have finally received their first real look at the future leader of The Avengers in action. The first official trailer for Captain America: The First Avenger was scheduled to air as one of the biggest movie trailers premiering during Super Bowl XLV and now it’s available online.

Featuring a look into the origins of the brave Steve Rogers and how he transformed into a symbol of freedom for the world to follow, along with our first glimpse at the evil Red Skull (Hugo Weaving), the Captain America trailer emphasizes why Marvel Studios’ period piece origins story about The First Avenger is topping the list of Screen Rant’s 20 most anticipated movies of 2011.

Without further ado, watch an enjoy the trailer to the origins of The First Avenger:

Pretty damn good introduction to Marvel’s WWII hero, no? And the skinny pre-drugged version of Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) looks amazing! Here’s a quick screen grab of Hugo Weaving’s Red Skull face (Big thanks to @KimStrandli):

captain america trailer red skull face 280x217 Captain America: The First Avenger Trailer

For a better look at Hugo Weaving in make-up, check out this official look at Red Skull in Captain America: The First Avenger.

Directed by Joe JohnstonCaptain America: The First Avenger stars Chris Evans stars alongside Neal McDonough’s Dum Dum Dugan, Tommy Lee Jones‘ Colonel Phillips, Hugo Weaving as the Red Skull, Hayley Atwell as Peggy Carter, Stanley Tucci as Abraham Erskine, Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury,  Dominic Cooper as Howard Stark and Sebastian Stan as Bucky Barnes.

What do you think of the Captain America trailer and how does it stack up against Thor, X-Men: First Class and Green Lantern?

Captain America hits theaters July 22, 2011 and The Avengers is scheduled to debut May 4, 2012.

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  1. I LOVE IT

  2. I just want to see the full-length trailer! Looks great!

  3. HOLY S***!!!!!!!!

  4. Sweet, very very sweet. Maybe Chris Evans WAS the right choice for Cap after all!!

    • I never really had any doubt.

    • How did you get that from this?

      • his stature as the cap resembles the comics eerily well, and he managed to look the part pretty well. Also his acting in Sunshine has convinced me that he can act seriously so I have little doubt that it will be Evans making this movie bad.

        as for the suit, they have done a really good job making it look like the comics and it will be darker in 3D.

        lastly for the toungeincheek comedy. this is the first tv spot. filled mostly with mindless action and three lines of dialogue. look at any comic book tv spot and tell me they dont do the same thing

  5. Looks awesome…Can’t wait for more!!!!


  7. Looking good.

  8. I like the look of the Red Skull & the Howling Commados look tough…

  9. Holy Hell. Someone finally made Chris Evans look wimpy. They then beefed him up again, but wow he was tiny.

  10. I don´t know what to think of this. Somes scenes reminded me of these fan made trailers on youtube…


  12. *drools profusely*
    did anyone else know Union Jack was gonna be in this? i didn’t, i hope he sounds like a total toff

  13. I loved it except for “How do you feel?” “Taller”

  14. I HATE the way his head was SO big yet his body was so little. I understand they needed to show how tiny he was compared to now but it was just off proportionally. I still loved it though and Red Skull makeup was phenomenal.

  15. looks better than i thought it would. i also want to refrain judgement until i see the full length trailer

  16. It spanked the GL preview!

    • Nah…

    • wow that red skull image looks epic!

  17. I’m there!

  18. Honestly, I didn’t love it as much as I would have liked. I’m going to give it the benefit of the doubt, though, because a) it was only 30 seconds and they did what they could, and b) trailers don’t really mean much to me anyways. I’ll be seeing this opening day no matter what…Same with Thor and Green Lantern (which I think looks the best so far, as it didn’t just show a bunch of quick-cut actions scenes).

  19. That was a good 30 second teaser. I can’t wait to see this. That glimpse of the Red Skull looked really good as well.

  20. Why did they decide on Joe Johnston? Disappointing.

    • If you found that disappointing then you just are hating on the film because of Johnston and nothing he could have done would make you happy. I thought the trailer looked awesome.

      • That was awesome. Stop hating.

      • Andy that’s not fair maybe he just hasn’t liked Joe’s previous work and it’s curious to him why some would pick a director who in his mind has made nothing but bad films. That’s how I feel. Although I know why because he’s easy to control and cheap. I don’t think Joe has done one good film. His best film was enjoyable, but I’d never call it good and everything else is far bellow it and not even kind of enjoyable.

      • I agree with you. Why Joe Johnston? This trailer looks quite vanilla. Looks like a made for tv movie. The Red Skull looks like a cheap plastic mask. The Captain America outfit still looks like a quilt blanket. The composite of Chris Evans head onto the scrawny short actor’s body is obvious but I’m glad they went for it. The villains with the flame thrower is unimaginative and boring. Something I’ve come to expect and refuse to pay for in a Joe Johnston film.

        Pass. Maybe a rental at best.

        • you want some cheese to go with your whine?

          • RogueX23,

            At least insider gave a list of items and why he thought they made the trailer look weak. A reply like yours adds nothing to the conversation.


  21. When is the full length trailer comin out?

  22. Honestly the Red Skull makeup reminded me a lot of the Skeletor makeup from the Masters of the Universe movie, except of course it was red, but I didn’t mind. That was a great skull makeup anyway.

    The trailer looked great. Chris Evans looked great as Cap. Hopefully it delivers on everything when the movie comes out, but I know I’ll be seeing it.

  23. Holy Santa Clause!!

  24. Ohh, that’s the Howling Commandoes behind Cap as he enters thru the gate! That’s Dum Dum Dugan on his right! Nice.

  25. RED SKULL is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • This movie looks horrible. Marvel has officially f*cked up.

      • Really? Can elaborate, no offense, on how it was bad?

        • I meant, can you elaborate on how it was bad? Gosh I make so many typos lol :)

        • I’ll elaborate. This looks like a made for tv movie. Low production value. Poor choice of lenses. Poor shot designs. Poor costume designs. The Red Skull looks like a cheap plastic mask. The Captain America outfit still looks like a quilt blanket. The composite of Chris Evans head onto the scrawny short actor’s body is obvious but I’m glad they went for it. The villains with the flame thrower is unimaginative and boring. Something I’ve come to expect and refuse to pay for in a Joe Johnston film.

          Pass. Maybe a rental at best.

          • @ Insider,

            So which focal length Prime lenses would you have chosen, which T-Stop apertures and when would you have used a Zoom lens?

            Okay so you don’t like Joe Johnston but you are also collectively having a go at the Director of Photography, Camera Operator, 1st Assistant Cameraman, 2nd Assistant Cameraman, Film Loader and video assist guys.

            This production used a world class film crew, the camera department being no exception. Your remarks are your opinion but lacking in knowledge of how a film camera crew works. :-)

            • Spot on, Mag! Well said.

            • Dude he’s complaining to complain, listen im all for voicing a gripe, but what it comes down to is people dont like to be wrong and now all the haters of the project have to look for issues when there are none. Now If like someone else had said this is a 30 second trailer and we have been fooled before, then that would be fine, but please dont give lame points like insider.

            • Magnetic as much as i think this looks bad I have to agree with you. Insulting the entire crew is to much. In fact one of the few things I think this has going for it is the production value. It looks professional at least. I think the DP did a very good job from what I’ve seen.

          • I don’t know if they intend to actually give the Red Skull a mutilated face, but if they stick to the comic origin it looks like a mask because that’s what it is.

            If they use the Ultimates version, the Skull is Cap’s son, who Cap spiked on the end of a teleporting jet fighter.

            When Hawkeye asked why Cap had demanded the coordinates from him to land the plane.

            “You never miss, and I never lose.”

            That said, of course they’re not using the Ultimates version.

            • @ Jason

              The Red Skull is Cap’s son in the “Ultimates” version? Wow, another reason to steer clear of that series. :-)

              Back to the original MARVEL Universe, you’re right that the Red Skull’s face was initially a mask, but later on post WW2 when Johann Schmidt aka the Red Skull was revived from suspended animation by AIM, he suffered real facial scarring due to a scheme against Steve Rogers that backfired using his favorite poison, the Dust of Death.

              His skin shriveled up and took on a red discoloration thus now becoming a living Red Skull. :-)

              I’m sure you probably knew all that, but I couldn’t resist. Cheers! :-)

  26. Red skull looks great, summer better get here quick

  27. This is better than i expected, and cheekier.

  28. Not long enough… I demand a full length trailer! I want it now or I am going to hold my breath till they have it ready….OK! Where is it? I’m serious.