Tommy Lee Jones Is Colonel Phillips In Captain America [Re-Updated]

Published 5 years ago by , Updated July 16th, 2014 at 11:10 am,

captain america tommy lee jones Tommy Lee Jones Is Colonel Phillips In Captain America [Re Updated]

[Update: Jones has been confirmed for the film. Read on for details.]

Our friends over at UGO are reporting that they’re hearing it from a close source that actor Tommy Lee Jones may be joining the cast of The First Avenger: Captain America.

Tommy Lee Jones joining the Marvel Movie Universe? Yes please!

So what would Jones’ role supposedly be in Captain America? UGO‘s source can’t say for sure, but the immediate and obvious guess (if you couldn’t tell by the title of this post) is that ol’ stone-faced-Jones would be lending his trademark gruff demeanor to some kind of WWII military figure who Cap comes in contact with.

Now, the report is still just a rumor, and even the rumor claims that Jones is simply “in negotiations” at the moment – but still, this is one of those rumors that you hope turns out true because it would be a nice layer of icing on the cake, so to speak.

Personally, since the Marvel Movies have gone with the more modern, “Ultimates” version of Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson), I would like to see Jones play a character that’s an homage to the original Nick Fury, leader of “The Howling Commandos,” a WWII special forces group. They could easily create such a character for The First Avenger.

Update: Superhero Hype and Marvel have confirmed that Jones is in Captain America, playing the role of General Chester Phillips, the military commander who recruits Steve Rogers into the super-soldier program that ultimately transforms him into Captain America.

Shout out to our reader “Orlando” for the heads up.

captain america movie world war 2 Tommy Lee Jones Is Colonel Phillips In Captain America [Re Updated]

Captain America will be played by Chris Evans (The Losers).  The production has recently added actress Hayley Atwell as Cap’s love interest, Sebastian Stan as Cap’s sidekick, Bucky, a rumored role for Ryan Phillippe (MacGruber) and Hugo Weaving playing the villainous Red Skull. Not a bad cast so far. Joe Johnston (The Wolfman, The Rocketeer) is directing – something that still has a lot of us feeling a bit nervous icon neutral Tommy Lee Jones Is Colonel Phillips In Captain America [Re Updated] .

What do you think of this rumor? Are you hoping Tommy Lee Jones is part of Captain America? Should he play the tough, gruff, soldier or perhaps something a little more off-beat?

The First Avenger: Captain America will be in theaters on July 22, 2011.

Source: UGO

Update Source: Superhero Hype

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  1. dum dum dugan for sure.

  2. Do you know what would be sweet? If the films made it so that 'Nick Fury' wasn't a real name, but a codename. That way we could have both the original Nick Fury (Tommy Lee Jones) and his successor, the Ultimate Nick Fury (Samuel L Jackson) co-existing within the same universe.

  3. If Jones was able to do it then that would give me a lot of confidence in the film. Would lend a lot of gravity to the film. I have more reason to be suspicious of MIB3 than Cap.

  4. Que the nerdrage on that one! It'd be pretty cool in my book.

  5. BUCKY i hope its BUCKY

  6. I totally see him in the WWII part of the movie..

  7. TLJ in Cap. I llike that idea, either as an aged Bucky, unless they plan on making Bucky the Winter Soldier, or as A general in WWII that Cap has contact with. Either way I'm looking forward to this movie. Course I'm Seeing IM2 next week but that's beside the point. Now if they are following the Ultimates then it will be as an aged Bucky that Cap looks up when he is thawed out.

  8. He will not be Bucky cuz Bucky was also put in suspended animation and did not age much. I can see him as a very good sergeant or Lieutenant type. I think that having SLJ as a regular soldier who is just in the background who has to deal with racism while a white guy leads the team at first makes sense.It could be that the leader is too gung ho makes a grave mistake an costs the lives of members of the team making them lose trust in him OR the leader gets killed in battle and SLJ's character RELUCTANTLY steps up with some incredible tactics ideas and helps the team accomplish it's mission and the team decides to follow him regardless of his race even though it would be a blatant issue. This would be a great sub-story. The other way could be that the leader is an arrogant prick and after making grave mistakes,the team loses moral and he wants them to go on an obvious suicide mission while all the while SLJ's character kept saving them out of the leader's mistakes which eventually causes mutiny within the team. A great part would be like the leader says something like “Are yal' with me,or this colored guy?(or n-word),then a few members side with the original leader while the rest don't say anything but stand next to SLJ.The leader says “All you(n-word) lovers are gonna die” Then later the original leader and his team makes one last bad mistake and all get killed,while SLJ and his team accomplish they're mission as The Howlin' Commandos.

    • WTF are you talking about? SLJ is NOT old enough to have been in WWII? Unless HE’S also supposed to have been in suspended animation??

  9. I agree with zerogain that this would indeed cause nerdrage galore but good god if it isn't a brilliant idea.

  10. I think the idea of Tommy Lee Jones leading the Howling Commandos is a great idea. I wouldnt have thought of it myself! That's crazy!! and also Cap comes across the Invaders?? This sounds like a pretty intense and richly populated movie!! But I'm looking forward to it though! Wow very cool indeed. It's just making me look forward to this movie that much more.. damn! I hope he takes the role!

  11. Jones playing an original Nick Fury style character would be pure, geekasm genius!

  12. …ummm,maybe I missed something: Who is “SLJ”? If you ARE talking about
    (T)ommy Lee Jones, where are you getting all this stuff about race? TLJ is white.


  13. Samuel L Jackson = SLJ

  14. Ummm… maybe im somewhere else right now but… why not TLJ play Baron Zemo…. I think he could pull it off… or maybe even Zola you never know… Speculation Commence.

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      • Vic, please delete this idiotic post and block this ISP!!! Do these people REALLY think the good readers of Screen Rant are SO stupid as to fall for this crap?

  15. SLJ(Samuel L. Jackson)

  16. Yeah,either Baron Zemo or Cap's Mentor. Or perhaps……..Adolf Hitler.

  17. My vote goes to General Chester Phillips, who selects Rogers for Project Rebirth; my second choice is FDR.

  18. Yeah, Gen.Chester Phillips makes the most sense with TLJ's demeanor. Can't wait to find out!

  19. I HATE change…but that is a superb idea.

  20. That is absolute brillance.To make it a title would be awesome,and it would allow a way to fit the classic Nick Fury during the war scenes,and when he wakes up in modern day times,Samuel L.Jackson could be the current title holder.awesomness man

  21. I honestly forgot all about Adolf

  22. Absolute pure genius

  23. I like this idea. This would make a great sub plot.

  24. Bond style?

  25. Tommy Lee Jones in Captain america? that would just be fantastic! Ive got to say I like the idea of Jones as an original Nick Fury-like character and the Howling Cammandos. but honestly, I think Dum Dum Dugan is more likely.

  26. love that idea! thats actually more believable than however Fury didnt really age between WWII and the 60s and it could give fans a chance to see the original Fury. still, hard core fans would be outraged.

  27. Yes, I was thinking of that crazy James Bond fan-theory when I came up with my idea.

  28. I think that would confuse the “average” moviegoers.

  29. In the “Ultimates” books, there´s a soldier named Kowalski, who fought side by side with Cap. They could make his role a bit bigger and TLJ would be the perfect guy for this…