Captain America: Red Skull Concept Art & The Cosmic Cube

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captain america costume Captain America: Red Skull Concept Art & The Cosmic Cube

The excitement for Marvel’s Captain America: The First Avenger film has been building steadily since last year when the announcement came out that director Joe Johnston (The Wolfman) would be at the helm. After a wild and rumor-filled casting process, Marvel chose Chris Evans to don the red, white and blue tights and put fans at ease with a fantastic Comic-Con presentation in San Diego last summer.

It was here they unveiled the iconic shield Captain America will use in the movie and teased lucky fans in the audience with a quick glimpse of Captain America in action and the first completed scene of the film. While we saw the shield and know what the live-action version of the iconic costume will look like, we still haven’t been introduced to the other key character of the film: The Red Skull.

Today we have a look at what Comic Book Movie claims to have verified as legit concept art for the Red Skull as well as our first look at the Cosmic Cube thanks to our friends at SFX Magazine in the U.K.

Hopefully audiences will get to see Hugo Weaving in full Red Skull makeup sometime soon – if that rumored trailer releases this month.  And if they manage to make him look like the the character depicted in this concept art, then he’ll look bad-ass.

red skull concept art Captain America: Red Skull Concept Art & The Cosmic Cube

And for our readers that aren’t able to buy the British version of SFX Magazine, they were kind enough to send us a copy of the pages containing the new Captain America pictures. See them both below:

sfx magazine page 1 Captain America: Red Skull Concept Art & The Cosmic Cube

sfx magazine page 2 Captain America: Red Skull Concept Art & The Cosmic Cube

In the Marvel canon, the Cosmic Cube is an artifact that was originally created by the alien race called the Skrulls. Knowing the Cube is in the Captain America film may help give some weight to the rumor of the Avengers battling the Skrulls and/or the Kree. If for some reason you aren’t familiar with the story for Captain America, here’s how he came to be:

After being deemed unfit for military service, Steve Rogers volunteers for a top secret research project that turns him into Captain America, a superhero dedicated to defending America’s ideals.

On a fun note – we’ve singled the picture of Hugo Weaving holding the Cosmic Cube and couldn’t help but notice that it makes a pretty darned good meme. What do you think?

hugo weaving comic cube modified 570x379 Captain America: Red Skull Concept Art & The Cosmic Cube

It’s no surprise that expectations for Captain America: The First Avenger are very high since the character remains one of Marvel’s beloved creations and so far – other than the film being converted to 3D in post – all of the casting news, pictures and concept art look fantastic.

Captain America: The First Avenger pounds evil on July 22nd, 2011.

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Source: SFX, Comic Book Movie

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  1. This concept art looks like the real deal. The drawing style matches the concept art of the Cap costume that was released last year. They even use it as back covers for the action figure line.

  2. LOL.

  3. i cant wait to see the actual make-up/effects for red skull, if the concepts are anything to go by then it’s gonna f***ing epic !!!

  4. this gonna be the gayest movie ever. comic book movies always suck ass.

    • The Dark Knight was the best movie ever!!!

      • It really wasnt. TDK wasnt even the best comic book movie. But I tire of this argument.

        • You’re just a HATER!

          • I’m not a hater. I like TDK. Honestly. But, I am entitled to not LOVE it as so many do.
            It’s ok.

            • That’s fine, but you still haven’t named the comic book movie that you think is better.

        • Drsam I’m gonna have to agree with you that it’s not the best movie ever, but in my opinion is easily the the best comic book movie ever with out any competition. The second best comic film isn’t even close IMO and that’s Batman Begins lol.

          • Yeah you and I have discussed this before LOL. We have agreed to disagree.

          • One of my favorites.

        • DSB what is ur favorite comic movie???

          • Superman 1+2, they count as one movie. Followed by Batman (89).

            • Oh I love them too, I think they where great in there time and will stay onmy all time fav list.

    • Um, yeah, you are SO on the wrong movie news site.


    • you obviously haven’t seen the incredible hulk, ironman 1 or the blade trilogy. dont talk trash without backing yourself up, otherwise people will come down on you like a ton of bricks.

      • Oh please. Are you seriously comparing TDK to Incredible Hulk and the Blade trilogy? Iron man I can understand. But you’re almost saying trash yourself by adding these other movies.

        It’s just somebody’s opinion guys – don’t heckle him for it.

      • Ilove those movies too, I just think TDK was the best.

    • pshhh dont comment then if u dont like em

  5. What day is the trailer comming out?

  6. My favorite are the rubbic cube and mcdonalds fries lol.

    I can’t wait for the freakin trailer to come out, I have been waiting for this movie for a long time.

  7. V for Vendetta, remains my favorite Weaving performance.
    This looks great, I might see this if its in 2D,,,

    Paul is this a 3D film?

    • Yes it’s in 3D. Sorry to disappoint. I am unhappy about it also.

      I honestly thought Weaving’s best performance was in The Wolfman.

    • @790 – yeah it is and unfortunately it wasn’t shot in native 3D but rather will be converted in post :(

    • OMG V for Vendetta is my favorite comic book movie ever! I even own the dvd and watch it quite often. I NEVER KNEW HUGO WEAVING PLAYED V!!! After reading your post I went and checked the dvd and there it said…Natalie Portman-Hugo Weaving. hahahahaha. Am I the biggest loser ever? lol. Well in any case I just thought Id post that and make fun of myself. Cant wait to see a Cap trailer!

  8. ya I loved V for vendetta. Great Great movie very underated.

  9. nah The Dark Knight, and the watchmen were all great films. i guess i just like my super hero action movies violent. and both those films were violent lmao

    • Then why isn’t Blade among your favorites?

  10. I have zero hopes for this film under the hands of Joe Johnston. I never understand why Marvel cannot trust the writers of their comics which these films are based off of to pen them. Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch’s Ultimates… hint hint

    All I do look forward to Hot Toys making 1/6 figures to go with my Hot Toys Iron Man. :)

  11. I made my own rendition of this picture to go along with all your parodies. I’ll email it. Back on topic, Hugo Weaving looks really flipping sinister in this picture, and I cannot wait for a trailer and the first look at him with a “real” red skull.

  12. Still very displeased with the casting of Steve Rogers, but Weaving as the Red Skull will get me into the cinema. Given Weaving’s presence i am starting to suspect that this will be like most of the Batman movies – a star turn for the guy who plays the villain.

    • Yeah, maybe one day far in the future they will make a Batman film about Batman. Unlikely though.

      • WHAT??????

      • Ugh Sam once again gotta disagree Batman Begins and TDK were both about Batman. Having a sub plot about another character doesn’t mean the film isn’t about Batman and I don’t want to hear it’s about Bruce Wayne because Bruce is Batman and any story you tell about one is about the other.

        • To me, Batman begins was all about Bruce Wayne, and TDK, well it was all about the villains. To me, no Batman film has gotten it quite right yet. And I don’t think TDKR will either, if half of these casting rumours are true, then the film could suffer from over crowding.

          • Superhero movies in general, and Batman movies in particular, are always about the villain. ALWAYS. It’s an inherent flaw in the genre. Think about it: in the broadest terms, the bad guy is always the protagonist. He’s the one with a goal and a mission, something to accomplish. It just happens to be theft/murder/world domination. The hero is the antagonist, because all he does is try to stop it. After the origin story is finished with, a superhero’s role is completely reactionary. Without at least as much time devoted to the villain as the hero, the story gets bogged down with people not doing much of anything (see Iron Man 2).

          • where you smoking when you where watching the films?

            • Have to go with Sam here. Unfortunately No director yet seems to understand what Batman is truly about. Such a great character, so many wonderfully deep, dramatic, and meaningful aspects of Humanity to explore, and all we get are are costumes and explosions-Ugh.
              Batman IS ALWAYS the protagonist, if you make the focus what it’s SUPPOSED to be- Bruce Wayne’s fight to keep Gotham safe, and REDEEM the psyche/soul of those (criminals) damaged like himself. All the other characters are just speed bumps on his path to this end.

  13. What Weaving really wants is a glass big enough to hold that ice cube.

  14. lol stupid cat! those are good… thanks for the laugh!

  15. I hope the Red Skull does look bad-ass. I can’t help but feel a dangerous vibe that he might look a bit too kooky to be taken seriously.

  16. Cant wait to see Weaving in full red skull attire. Excited about this film, maybe even more so than Thor

    Also I HATE memes

  17. I just hope Red Skull looks better then what happened to Dr. Doom, that was just sad.

  18. From my knowledge, the tesseract or cosmic cube was made by odin. on another note, I hope this movie turns out 2 be good,if not I wil be utterly disappointed.

  19. Get the latest in Superhero Comics | Superhero Discussions | Download e-Comics for FREE! | A wallpaper gallery coming soon

  20. They have nailed it. Look, first time out as a major blockbusting film, you stick to the source material. When there has been a half dozen or so movies made about the same character (Batman) then you can start lending your style and ideas. Looks like there doing Cap justice so far.

    Btw, the Matrix was based on a comic book, and Blade 1 is probably the most overlooked, underappreciated comic movie of all times. It honestly turned Blade (the comic character) from a crappy seventies C league character to a plausible A league heavy hitter. It also proved that you could take something really far fetched and submerge it in a modern reality based universe….uh maybe that’s where Nolan got the idea that he could do a Batman film(s).

  21. Joe Johnston sucks get a life u hack! Chris Evans is one of the worst actors hes just an annoying screw head!

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