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captain america movie costume Captain Americas Movie Costume Details

Like many comic book characters, simply lifting a costume design from the source material into a live-action adaptation may not work or make sense within the context of which the story is taking place. Case in point: The X-Men and the major changes in costume design from books to movies.

That being said, sometimes it can be done right as we saw with Zack Snyder’s Watchmen. But what will director Joe Johnston do to include, introduce and utilize Captain America’s iconic costume design? He does have an idea for how to bring in a character costume that’s designed based on the nation’s flag into the movie but it’s not something we’ve ever encountered in the comics.

LA Times’ Hero Complex interviewed the director yesterday and here’s Joe Johnston’s explanation:

“The costume is a flag, but the way we’re getting around that is we have Steve Rogers forced into the USO circuit. After he’s made into this super-soldier, they decide they can’t send him into combat and risk him getting killed. He’s the only one and they can’t make more. So they say, ‘You’re going to be in this USO show’ and they give him a flag suit. He can’t wait to get out of it.”

He continues to explain how this plot point was obviously never in the books because in the comics it was unneeded and it makes sense for heroes to sport extreme costumes. In a major motion picture, this has to be introduced or explained so it makes sense within the realism of the movie and for the suspension of disbelief of mainstream moviegoers.

“It was never in the comics… because they didn’t really need it. In comics, he puts on the costume and the reader just justifies because of the nature of the medium.”

I know there will be hardcore fans upset at this idea but I can see both sides and understand where Johnston is coming from. They do have to explain why the heck Steve Rogers would wear this thing during the war. However, what the director said later on the subject in detail may concern fans even more.

We know Cap will be a super soldier who they don’t want to waste, so they throw him in the United Services Organizations, the group responsible for entertaining and boosting the morale of soldiers overseas during wartime. This is how he gets the costume, but what we can we expect from his involvement in USO exactly?

“So he’s up on stage doing songs and dances with chorus girls and he can’t wait to get out and really fight. When he does go AWOL, he covers up the suit but then, after a few things happen, he realizes that this uniform allows him to lead. By then, he’s become a star in the public mind and a symbol. The guys get behind him because he embodies something special.”

Continue to page 2 for more on what Johnston says about Captain America’s costume and the final candidates for the title role…

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  1. All those heroes you listed had their origins explained in the movies, with the exception of X-men because they changed the costumes to a design that didn't need explaining. Having the costume origin explained is an important piece, regardless of whether it shows up in the comics, because the average, non-fanboy movie goer isn't going to buy that a “real” person would wear a flamboyantly crazy costume without a damn good reason. Explaining it is also a tool they can use for character development. It needs to be done in a movie adaptation.

  2. Even the avergae movie goer knows this is a comic book charcater and that comic book charcaters wear costumes. It wouldn't set their minds in a tizzy to see Cap in his RW&B.

  3. well its better than the explanation in the 1990s movie where he is just randomly in the costume and the explanation we get is that the person who made it “loves the red white and blue”

  4. I think the USO idea is pretty clever. Cap is my favorite character so I have a vested interest in how this whole thing goes down. So far I like what I'm hearing. The more garish costume as a USO prop makes sense and him modifying it later for actual battle does too. As far as him dancing and singing, I'm sure he'll be shown as clumsy, awkward, and obviously hating the ordeal.

  5. First I hafta say that I'm a huge Cap fan, I know almost all there is to know about Steve/Cap. I've been looking forward to this movie for a long time. Thanks to anyone and everyone that will help make this movie.
    OK. The WW2 period is the only way to initialize the character Captain America. This alone will be highly useful in the feel of the movie and its success. Also, it's a great 'history lesson' for our current generation.
    The USO idea is actually pretty good, especially in an introduction for Cap. This suit or costume issue is a little confusing to me. Comic book or movie as the medium should make no difference. I think it's important to keep in mind that young Rogers wants to serve – fight for his country and fellow man. Steve is an artist, he himself designed the suit or costume. Why he wears it is a 'thank you' for his chance to do his part. He wears the 'Flag' to draw attention, not to himself but away from his fellow soldiers. So he can 'take the bullet' not the other guy. Steve Rogers is fervently patriotic, I think if he hadn't become Captain America he would've done something else to make a difference.
    Aside from the suit idea (which isn't really a major factor) the only concern I have about this movie is the casting for rogers. And really, the only issue that I'm worried about is the size of Rogers/Caps physique. He is (has become) the perfect human specimen. The serum that Prof. Reinstein gives him enhances his body 'to the max', so to speak.
    Joe Johnston, at any rate, will do an awesome job, I have no doubt. There seems to be an over-all hesitation and a level of precaution to do this movie right. I'd compare the making of this movie to Lord of the Rings as far as anticipation and accuracy. Nobody wants this movie to suck.
    And even if a few changes are made I know IT WILL BE GREAT. To all you other Cap fans, put some trust in these guys. Cap rules and will always live, even if only in our hearts.

  6. It's still Neil Fifer leading the pack… nice!

  7. It's still Neil Fifer leading the pack… nice!

  8. Let's leave the details to the filmmakers and see how they do.

  9. I really think we should wait and let the guys making this figure it out. I like their ideas so far.

  10. Reading that paragraph makes me feel slightly smarter and stupider at the same time.

    Smarter because that is… retarded.

    Stupider because that actually caused hemorrhaging from direct contact with a total dimwit.

  11. Chris Evans is in, but Red Skull is the foe. Yay!

  12. THANK YOU. I keep reading some of this trash people are spewing and my mind keeps reeling back to when the Nostalgia Critic reviewed the last Cap America movie. Which, for the record, was released in 1991. =)

  13. Go watch the last Captain America movie, which was done pretty much by the book. It was trash.

  14. The war was started by the bankers in Germany in an attempt to get wealth power and resources. They persuaded the Jewish people for they had more wealth than the average German. Once the Nazi obtain power they rode around in Mercedes Benz and lived in castles.

  15. Good thing this film isn't yours to make, either.

  16. That's sort of true but many people don't know that Hitler himself was of Jewish background. Why would he want to do this to his own people? Most “practicing” Jews had they're own form of society and learned how to keep the wealth within their families. Jews would not support Hitler and his ideas so Hitler felt betrayed because his own people wouldn't support him and he felt that they were not assets to German society and felt they were more like leeches instead so he became obsessed with the sick idea of wanting to eradicate all Jews from Germany and the whole world. And Hitler became obsessed with idea of the “blonde haired blue eyed” Aryan race,actually had schools and planned births to create a “new” society with were only the Aryan race would exist. This idea came from what he was being taught in secret societies such as the Thule Society in which they say “The Aryan race are the Nordics, the gods who came from to this planet from Aldebaren, Europa,Orion, and Procyon.” They are also called “Ashstar Command” or “Sons of The White Light”.

  17. This is why Captain America as a blond haired blue eyed Caucasian is sort of a symbol of America taking Hitler's precious idea of the Aryan Master Race and pitting it against him.

  18. Joe Johnston, the director, has evoked warm nostalgia for a bygone America in his movies “The Rocketeer” and “October Sky”; I think he’ll effectively present Captain America’s Mom-and-apple-pie patriotism . . . . let’s just hope that demonstrating a sincere love for the U.S.A. doesn’t “offend” certain demographics — merely because political correctness has reduced our nation to *paper-tiger* status, eh? There’s NO harm in being fond of this great country of ours!