New ‘Captain America’ Clips: Super Soldier Experiments & Shield Action

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New Captain America movie clips New Captain America Clips: Super Soldier Experiments & Shield Action

UPDATE: We’ve added a third clip from the The First Avenger!

We’re about a week away from the release of Marvel’s Captain America: The First Avenger, which aims to round out the Summer 2011 slate of superhero movies on a high note, with its loyal recreation of the titular character in his original comic book form.

Recent Captain America TV spots have offered more footage of Chris Evans as Cap in motion, taking on everything from an underwater submarine to enemy Hydra soldiers with his bare hands. As a result, director Joe Johnston’s Cap movie has looked all the more appealing, with regards to it being a fun and action-packed period adventure that also sets the stage for Marvel’s next big film, The Avengers.

A newly-released pair of Captain America clips further play up the costumed hero’s tough side, by revealing Steve Rogers as he endures the all-too-painful Super Serum treatment process – and when he’s a full-blown hero, knocking out opponents left and right, with his iconic shield.

Longtime fans should definitely appreciate seeing Cap in action, using his classic weapon with the same degree of precision and finesse that his comic book incarnation has managed throughout the ages. Going off previous attempts to bring Captain America to the screen (namely, the campy 1990 film adaptation), we know just how badly that aspect of the character can be handled.

Sadly, though, the “Birth of Captain America” clip cuts off just before what looks to be possibly the funniest moment in the film (ie. when Hayley Atwell’s Peggy Carter cops a feel of the newly muscular Steve Rogers). Guess we’ll have to watch the actual film for that one, right?

Check out both the “Birth of Captain America” scene and an action clip from the film (via Yahoo! Movies, MTV and IGN) below:




One thing that we can already commend Johnston for is (as illustrated by the above fight scene) his decision to shoot the action in Captain America with a steady hand that allows viewers to actually follow what’s going on. Marvel’s last in-house production, Thor, tended to be a bit uncomfortably rough in that regard, at times. The clip also suggests that the film might be more enjoyable to watch in 3D than a lot of other titles which were post-converted into the format.

The small sample of Alan Silvestri’s orchestral score for Captain America included in this footage also seems appropriately patriotic and fitting for the 1940s setting of the film. The movie looks, sounds, and feels quite different from just about every other comic book superhero pic that has hit theaters over the past couple of months, which should also help to attract interest from people who’ ve tired of watching super-powered individuals duke it out with colorful villains on the big screen.

Captain America:The First Avenger rides in 2D and 3D theaters next week on July 22nd, 2011.

Source: Yahoo! Movies, IGN, MTV

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  1. Epic Hero Music!

  2. This movie just keeps looking better.

    “One thing that we can already commend Johnston for is (as illustrated by the above fight scene) his decision to shoot the action in Captain America with a steady hand that allows viewers to actually follow what’s going on”

    Here, here! I think shaky cam has run its course. Hopefully a successful Cap with the more steady cam will cause directors to hearken back to good fight scenes instead of relying on good editing.

    • That fight scene was really smooth. In fact I watched it 3 times just so see how clean it was! :) Looks promising. That single clip got me really excited for the movie because it looked better than any of the trailers IMO…

      • Agreed. Although the tv spot I saw about ten seconds ago was awesome too. I do think the trailers were lacking.

  3. not too shabby…..

  4. The fight scene was great. I kept thinking that it was alittle over the top with Cap knocking everyone back so far or throwing them that high. Then I remembered he’s a super soldier, he can do that.

  5. Love the score

  6. Shield slinging was A W E S O M E. He even did an odd overhand frisbee type throw in the first shot which is definitely out of the ordinary and shows he has some diverse skills goin’ on.

    Honestly though I cannot watch the “birth” clip again. I have seen it probably 20+ times and you can only hear, “How do you feel?”…..”taller” before it’s not funny anymore.

  7. Looks great. The shaky cam fights in Thor were messy and hard to follow when they weren’t focusing on Thor himself. The benefit of having only one hero to follow, I guess.

  8. Wow. Everything that I’ve seen from this movie so far looks amazing. I have a feeling this will be my favorite superhero film of the year. So far, my favorite is X-men First Class.

  9. God I miss the days when you clicked on a clip, and saw the clip, didn’t have to sit through some stupid commercial. But yeah, the action clip was sick, I’m a huge Cap fan and hae loved everything I’ve seen so far. Still can’t figure out why they couldn’t have found ANYONE but Johnny Storm to also be Steve Rogers… But I guess at this point, FF never really happend. Right? How sweet is going to be to see Cap leading the Avengers into a massive battle(s) next year!!??

    • Bandwidth costs money.

    • What commercial? I click and see the video.

    • I didn’t see any commercial either.

      Also, PLEASE stop complaining about the whole FF-Human Torch thing! It’s getting old… FF wasn’t even part of the MCU which means it basically never existed. (Note, this message goes out to ALL of those who won’t let this thing go.)

  10. if you guys liked the action in this (for its camera work) then you’ll love universal soldier regeneration, it has one of the best action scenes i have seen (in modern cinema), one long tracking shot which consists of JCVD shooting and stabbing 15+ people :D

  11. That’s what I’m talkin about. Thank god for the steady shots and no shaky cam. I love Nolan too but he should take some notes on filming his fight scenes. I’ve been waiting for this movie for a long time and it seems like it will kick some serious ass. I really believe Evans is gonna impress all the doubters with his performance. People tend to forgot that most comedic actors are actually pretty great in pulling off more serious roles. My three year old nephew is even excited, he keeps asking me when we’re gonna go see cap. The wait is almost over. Let the countdown to a great CMB begin…

  12. All good clips. That action was great, finally I get a chance to see some shield action.

  13. Awesome clip… SMOOTH. CLEAR. KICK-ASS. CAP. What more could a person ask for :)

    Can’t wait for this movie!

  14. Wasn’t sure, but saw the trailer at Transformers 3, and this film looks really interesting. May go see anyway.

  15. The clips were awesome! Especially the fight scene. I agree with earlier posts that this is a smooth piece of filming. I can see everything in every frame and it looks real!

    So far we have seen GOOD comic movies this year. Cap looks to be GREAT!

  16. had not marvel been cheap and gotten a bonafide established actor like robert downey jr (IRON MAN) and a director who truly respects the captain america character without putting a gun in his hand, this film could have challenged all kinds of box office records…. its incredibly SAD that my favorite super-hero is getting butchered like this… you take the name of CAPTAIN AMERICA and MARVEL out of this film and you got another PUSH….

    • SO you’ve seen it then? Wow, you’re lucky.
      Oh wait … you haven’t seen it? So you’re just complaining because you seek attention. I get it.
      Sorry, continue.

    • Before Iron Man, RDJ was B-level, just like Chris Evans. In fact, I think Evans is a higher B-level than pre-IM RDJ.

    • “you take the name of CAPTAIN AMERICA and MARVEL out of this film and you got another PUSH”

      That has to be the is most stupidest thing said on this here site in long time. Dang … until my poste. Dang!

    • Thor was directed by Branagh, whos main works were Shakespeare
      Iron Man was done by the guy who brought us Elf
      Johnston did the Rocketeer and abit of Raiders. Of those 3 Johnston seems the best equipped.

      Hemsworth was a dancing with the stars contestant and george kirk for like what 5 min. He was a nobody.
      RDJ was still looking to get his life on track after rehab when he was cast, not to mention hes pushing the age line.
      And those two were top notch in their roles, so i dont expect Marvel to screw up with one of their biggest flagship characters.

      You say Cap is your favorite character then you should know Steve has used a gun before. “challenged all kinds of box office records” did you honestly think Cap can compete with Harry Potter in its 2nd week running?

    • Seriously “Rod22″? You are joking, right?

      Sure, I kinda agree that Steve shouldn’t have a sidearm (in most of the comics he doesn’t), but the whole point is to make it BELIEVABLE. Have you ever heard or seen a soldier that refuses to use a gun?… Yeah, I thought so.

      And like most of my fellow ranters also said, RDJ wasn’t that big until he landed IM (he himself admitted that that movie was the turning point of his life.) and Hemsworth was (like vancitykid said) “a nobody”. Evans is a great actor and is himself an actual fan of comics (seriously, click on the link I posted a few hours ago). As for the directors: Favreou and Branagh don’t compare to Johnston – at all – I was so relieved when I heard that he would be directing because he has done period movies before.

      If you were a TRUE Captain America fan one would think that you’d have some more faith in this movie (and at least know a bit more about Cap…)

      It’s funny… so far the one thing I RESPECTED MOST about this film was the fact that the director and cast stayed as true to the comics as possible. I guess some people can never be pleased…

    • Another thing I don’t get is this: it sounds like you’ve seen the movie “this movie could have challenged box office records”.

      This movie hasn’t been released in any countries, only some members of the press have seen it… I’m guessing you’re not a talk show host or a movie-news reporter so the only other way you could have seen this movie is if you saw an ILLEGAL pirated version? If that is the case you are by no means a true Cap fan, because I know that a REAL fan would stand in line and pay for his ticket to go see it. (If you have actually seen it, that is – if not how can you judge it?)

  17. agreed!! cap is gonna be the best of the 4 superhero movies