Who Will Be Captain America? Now We (Sort of) Know…

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captain america casting soon Who Will Be Captain America? Now We (Sort of) Know...

It’s been one of the most talked-about castings for a superhero since Christian Bale slipped into a batsuit, but it now looks like Marvel Studios has finally decided on a shortlist of candidates for playing Captain America!

Oh,  and apparently director Joe Johnston and Marvel have had a major falling out over budget disputes!

Deadline has a list of actors who Marvel would like to see dress up in the stars and stripes to play Captain America, and while the actors aren’t exactly household names, there are a few familiar faces in the lineup. The news comes as a surprise considering recent casting news,which can now been labeled as incorrect!

Drum roll please…


1. Chace Crawford (Gossip Girl)

2. John Krasinski (The Office)

3. Scott Porter ( Friday Night Lights)

4. Mike Vogel (Cloverfield)

5. Patrick Flueger (Brothers)

6. Michael Cassidy ( Privileged)

7. Garrett Hedlund (Tron Legacy)

According to Deadline, all of the above have tested for the role, except Tron Legacy star Hedlund.

What is interesting to note is that Deadline states that the going rate of the Captain America lead role is  a paltry $300, 000, for actors who aren’t that well known – meaning that Crawford and Krasinski would be able to take home a bit more dough (my guess is about $500,000). When you compare that to the $17 million that Tobey Maguire got for Spider-Man 3 it looks like peanuts!

The actor who takes the role also has to sign up for a massive nine-picture deal!  However, this contract  is now standard for all Marvel actors, as they plan to have multiple cinematic cross-overs with The Avengers and other Marvel franchise characters (like Iron Man).

Joe Johnston

With regards to Marvel and Johnston “parting ways”- they came to blows (not literally) over budget disputes. Apparently the studio said that the budget for the film had become too high, and in order to accommodate the overruns Johnston would have to take a reduced paycheck – when the director refused, he walked from the movie!

Don’t worry though, the studio and director eventually came to an agreement and Johnston is now back on the picture (gotcha!).

So guys, what are your thoughts on Marvel Studios’ Captain America choices?

Source: Deadline

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  1. First Zoolander 2, now this crap? Is it April Fools Day already or sumthin? You sure this isn't the casting for Bucky? Or maybe the casting for Cap before he takes the serum? Cuz if the studios mess this up…… then nobody is gonna give a crap about the Avengers………

  2. really? jensen Ackles is awesome! he really deserves a big shot here. but yeah i think he cud fit the part! either him or someone older.. dont like these young actors.. maybe cassidy but no one else.

  3. I agree. Porter and Cassidy look like the only ones that could sell it (IMO) of this bunch. The rest are way too pretty-boy.

    To me, Captain America needs to be a GUY!!! (spoken in deep machismo voice) Like GI Joe or The Punisher. He needs to have a hard edge to him.

  4. I agree, Nathan Fillian would much better than any of these wimps. OMG quit trying to get someone young enough to make 4-5 sequels, get someone who fits the part! I suppose there must be some young actors out there that could do the part, but they have to at least look like they could carry the shield!!

  5. All too true, I see the unseen, limp-wristed hand of the Gay Mafia at work here.

    Never send a catamite to do a Man's job.

  6. I totally agree with you there. John Krasinski is a great COMEDIAN. Don't get me wrong, i hope there is some comedic value to the movie. But i would like to either see Porter or Vogel as Cap.

    And hey maybe if they cast Krasinski they get Rainn Wilson to play Red Skull.

  7. No Bruce Willis!! He is too old. If they are doing an origin story then they need a younger actor.

  8. I hear that. I'd vote for Porter overall of the three. He did a decent job in Friday Night Lights and I'm sure I've seen him act in something else before. But I can't recall what it was.

  9. Agreed!

  10. Definitely enjoyed the rundown.

  11. Agreed!

  12. Definitely enjoyed the rundown.

  13. Anyway, my take on the above choices…YAAAAWWWWN…ZZZZZZZZ. Oh, excuse me, uh what were we talking about?

  14. I vote for captain awesome from Chuck too…he's better than all these pretty boy choices. He has the physique and deep voice to pull it off.

  15. Your right they could just as easily want him for another role in the movie…maybe as a villian. that would be kinda cool.

  16. The guy from the star trek movie would have been a better choice (in my opinion)

  17. At least Will Smith is no longer slated for it…? That would've been a travesty . Yes he's a big name but can anyone really see it after the disaster that was Hancock? I love Jim from the office but not in this, he's more indi films IMO. Also what would Dwight say? :)

  18. Out of the ones on this list Chase Crawford looks like Cap to me. John K. should have gone for GL or Flash instead. My picks for the Shield carrier would be Captain Awesome, Jensen Ackles, the guy who played Reily on Buffy, or Paul Walker.

  19. I'm really disappointed in these choices….

  20. They CANNOT be serious with these choices. Jim from the office? Get real that would never happen. And some pretty boy from gossip girl give me a break. Looks wise Cassidy has it but I have seen his acting on Smallville and it isnt too great. I think you need more of a tough guy to fill this role. I was not crazy about Chris Pine but I would prefer him over ALL of these choices. I still think jensen Ackles from Supernatural would be GREAT but it looks like that is not going to happen. My number one choice would be Sam Worthington but the studio wants an American actor and he is not. I cant believe Jim from the office is even a consideration, cant believe it

  21. The Rundown
    Of the list I take…..
    Michael Cassidy – Captain America
    Mike Vogel – As a possible second choice Cap
    Robert Buckly – Bucky (as a Partner/Espionage Winter Soldier type)
    Scott Porter – Red Skull (tell me his pic doesn't look evil)

    Dream Team
    Ryan McPartlin – Captain America ('Nuff Said)
    No Bucky – you know its for the best
    If we must have one I'll take Buckly as described above or Green Arrow from Smallville
    Daniel Bruhl – Red Skull (Pvt. Zoller from Inglorious Bastards)

    I should be a casting director. Lol

  22. By the way…. though chronologically Cap is older than Stark he was frozen/suspended animation some where around the age of 25 give or take a few years. Stark arguably started being Iron Man around 30 – 35 give or take a few here as well. Given the benefits of the super soldier serum wouldn't you think that he would look younger for longer than a normal person. He may not be at Wolverine level Vitality(over 200 y/o but looks 30ish) but I would stand behind him aging physically only about a years worth in appearance for every 5 years that pass, maybe 5 to 10 depending on how potent the SSSerum could be.

    So Cap should look younger than most everyone on the team. People listen to him because he's battle-hardened, confident and competent. He wears these qualities in his facial expressions his battle stances and his voice as well as his old-timer attitute that commands respect. Who wouldn't listen to him. Would you fight a WW2 Veteran that looked younger and fresher than you and could fight Better Harder Stronger and Faster than 5 of the top MMA fighters ever at once??!!! I dont think so. Ha

    So to End All… in respects to the movie the actor should look young and bring all those qualities to the screen. And yes he should look younger than Mr. Downey. So please no more old guys as suggestions for Cap. Unrealistic.

  23. What people have to understand is that there is a template that has already been set for cap as well as for every known superhero and villain that exists in the comics, with most, like Cap's, existing for more than 30 years. Having a casting call for only 6'2, blond headed, blue eyed, muscular men to play cap is following the template. We all want the acting to be excellent, that's a given, but the foolish stereotype of…”if an actor has muscles he probably can't act” is stupid.

    There has to be some 6'2, 220 -230 lbs. actor out there with the above attributes that can seriously act…preferably an unknown.

  24. Michael Cassidy certainly has the face for Captain America. Unfortunately, physique-wise Scott Porter would probably suit the role …. if only he was a bit taller! In the end, I'd probably have to go with Michael Cassidy. After all, he has already starred in another hero drama, the Smallville TV Series. I just think that, if you look at the comics, when Cap has his mask off … he looks like Michael Cassidy!

  25. I honestly thought they were gonna go with Chris Pine but he's not even in the runnings huh? Oh well….I think he would've been great as Captain America.

  26. Every single one of those guys is a bad choice. The only one who even looks remotely like he could be Cap is Cassidy. Everyone else looks like they belong in a Gap ad.

  27. What happened to Jensen Ackles????? That guy has super-hero written all over him!! Not too young or old; classically handsome and MANLY; a commanding presence AND a good actor!! It's a no-brainer! Don't waste him, though – if Captain America can't be as awesome as Iron Man or Spider Man or The Fantastic Four, same him for another super-hero movie that CAN be awesome!