Who Will Be Captain America? Now We (Sort of) Know…

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captain america casting soon Who Will Be Captain America? Now We (Sort of) Know...

It’s been one of the most talked-about castings for a superhero since Christian Bale slipped into a batsuit, but it now looks like Marvel Studios has finally decided on a shortlist of candidates for playing Captain America!

Oh,  and apparently director Joe Johnston and Marvel have had a major falling out over budget disputes!

Deadline has a list of actors who Marvel would like to see dress up in the stars and stripes to play Captain America, and while the actors aren’t exactly household names, there are a few familiar faces in the lineup. The news comes as a surprise considering recent casting news,which can now been labeled as incorrect!

Drum roll please…


1. Chace Crawford (Gossip Girl)

2. John Krasinski (The Office)

3. Scott Porter ( Friday Night Lights)

4. Mike Vogel (Cloverfield)

5. Patrick Flueger (Brothers)

6. Michael Cassidy ( Privileged)

7. Garrett Hedlund (Tron Legacy)

According to Deadline, all of the above have tested for the role, except Tron Legacy star Hedlund.

What is interesting to note is that Deadline states that the going rate of the Captain America lead role is  a paltry $300, 000, for actors who aren’t that well known – meaning that Crawford and Krasinski would be able to take home a bit more dough (my guess is about $500,000). When you compare that to the $17 million that Tobey Maguire got for Spider-Man 3 it looks like peanuts!

The actor who takes the role also has to sign up for a massive nine-picture deal!  However, this contract  is now standard for all Marvel actors, as they plan to have multiple cinematic cross-overs with The Avengers and other Marvel franchise characters (like Iron Man).

Joe Johnston

With regards to Marvel and Johnston “parting ways”- they came to blows (not literally) over budget disputes. Apparently the studio said that the budget for the film had become too high, and in order to accommodate the overruns Johnston would have to take a reduced paycheck – when the director refused, he walked from the movie!

Don’t worry though, the studio and director eventually came to an agreement and Johnston is now back on the picture (gotcha!).

So guys, what are your thoughts on Marvel Studios’ Captain America choices?

Source: Deadline

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  1. Look-wise, I could only really “see it” in Porter and Cassidy, and maybe Crawford. That aside, seven names is a wee bit much for speculation, though it's interesting to know those folks might be as official as we'll get before any future announcements.

  2. Jim? I just can't see Jim as captain America…..

    ehh…. maybe if the whole movie was just him playing pranks on his desk-mate Red Skull…. lol

  3. Jim Halpert might play Captain America? That seems kind of awkward.

  4. It'd probably be between Flueger or Cassidy for me (Flueger with the edge). Surprised to see Krasinski in the mix though, think I just see too much of Jim in him and he hasn't done much in his movies to separate him from his character.

  5. Honestly I'm thinking Vogel. He obviously can pull off acting when there's alot of CG used in a movie, he's hasn't been in any big movie since Cloverfield, and he's got blue eyes like cap as well as a pretty strong looking jaw line. if you block off the top half of his face you can kinda see it fitting into the Cap Mask.

  6. They're all my son's age… do they even *make* diapers that big? Geesh, I really hate the fact that I've been reading comics since the Cold War.

    I guess they have to hire 'em straight out of high school in order to make sure they'll be good for nine movies without needing a walker, but it would be nice to see someone like Nathan Fillian get the role. It's the same with Wonder Woman. Whomever they cast for that role (whenever they cast for that role) will likely make me feel like an aged pervert. Catherine Zeta Jones, baybee!

    Yeah, I know, ain't happenin'.

  7. ok you know how many differnt actors iv seen being posted as possible caps this is getting a little rediculous im done reading these till it ses AND CAPTAIN AMERICA IS.
    this is getting old fast.

  8. Why do I have so much less confidence in this movie than Thor? I liked the rumors we have heard over the last few weeks better than these choices. Thor seems so much more in control than this movie.

  9. *sighs* How many midnight hot tub sessions did it take to get half those bums on the list?

  10. I agree, those three in that exact order seem to look the most for the role.


  12. Really? The only one on that list I think could pull off the role is Scott Porter. I liked him as a young Captain America from the first episode of FNL. But I still think they're missing out by not casting Captain Awesome.

    All these guys are too young to play Captain America, in my opinion. There has to be a bit of authority to them … and outside of Porter, they just don't have it.

  13. Hmmm… This one is a tough one. Out of all seven, only two (maybe three) of them seem to actually fit the profile and would actually look the part of Captain America; Chace Crawford and Michael Cassidy. At my first glance of Cassidy's picture I saw him wearing the Captain America costume for a split second and thought it looked good. But as I looked up their pictures online it looks like Crawford is best suited for the role. I don't know how their acting abilities are, but looks wise, Crawford is the best choice in my opinion. But I still wouldn't mind Michael Cassidy, as long as they don't pick someone else on the list since these two are obviously the best choices. My third choice would be Scott Porter, but I prefer the other two guys by far.

  14. they all look nothing like captain america. you might as well zac effron to play cap america.

    i think they're going to screw this up, from what the would be cast look like (young people) this is going to be a ' little brat, grows up to be a hero' kinda movie.

  15. MARK VALLEY from Fringe and currently Human Target. If your gonna go with an older Cap, he would be perfect.

  16. Cassidy has the best look. Porter is close as well. The others – nah.

  17. I don't like any of these choices. I prefer the rumored choices that we have heard over the past weeks.

  18. As far as JUST looks,Porter and Cassidy. That's it.

  19. My money is on Porter or Vogel, with Vogel having a little bit more of an edge. I think he looks the part and would be amazing as Captain America.

  20. This whole list is pretty disappointing.

    I could actually picture Ryan McPartlin in the mask, but none of the other rumored actors quite fit the image.

    How many of these guys could actually pull off that iconic, charismatic, inspiring, and commanding presence of Captain America? Not to mention, who among them could even pull off a semi-decent military bearing? Even decent action actors can rarely pull that last bit off (worst example off the top of my head: Vin Diesel in the Pacifier).

    John Krasinski is fantastic as a comedic actor. He could never pull off the Cap. He doesn't have the face or bearing. Hate to say it, but it will be hard for him to ever break out of Rom-Com roles in movies.

    Patrick Flueger almost has the facial structure, but I'm quite familiar with his talents from watching The 4400. He's not stellar. Pretty stilted most of the time.

    Garrett Hedlund, I have no idea who he is, but he's an ugly and has dippy twilight-hair. I could never see that face in a mask without thinking he was supposed to be a weirdo or villain.

    Crawford looks too prettyboyish, and I doubt he can pull off a commanding presence. I'm not too familiar with his work, though, so he could potentially surprise me.

    Porter just doesn't have the look. Too squinty.

    Vogel _might_ be able to pull it off with a young-Cap look, but a shakey-camera-giant-monster movie is hard to judge acting ability from.

    Cassidy I think comes the closest, if I remember his voice right, but he's got just a bit too much of that boyish roundness to his face.

  21. Short and sweet…my two and a half cents…..
    AWEFUL!! None of them look like Captain America to me. Really? Follow any of them into battle? Maybe to the H.S. Dance, but certainly not battle.

  22. Certainly not #2!!

  23. Bruce Willis (depending on the storyline), Ryan Gosling or Jeremy Lee Renner (Hurt Locker) ………… Tyrese Gibson, Anthony Mackie (Hurt Locker) as Isaiah Bradley.

  24. Krasinski, no way. What's with all these baby-faced guys? I know they want to go young, but Captain America is a character that commands respect. I just don't see a smooth-faced young actor pulling that off.

  25. They should have gone with Jensen Ackles or Alan Ritchson a least they played a though guy role or hero before. Plus i heard Robert Downey Jr was pushing for the producers and studio to pick Jensen Ackles. Hopefully they get him or find away to curve around his schedule for Sp.

  26. I'm shocked that Judah Friedlander didn't make the list.

  27. Uuugh. Not impressed by anyone on this list. Porter is the only one I can see at all. Very underwhelming.

  28. Ha,ha,ha…
    I hate to sound like Debbie Downer everytime I post, but Christ, do ANY of the above faces look as though he could lead the Avengers???
    Downey could kick all their asses together without breaking a sweat.
    Nine picture deal be damned, they need an older actor to correctly pull this off. I'm sure there are tons of actors in their 40's looking for their big break.
    Not these babies.
    Is this the same studio casting and producing as it did the excellent upcoming Thor???

  29. Sorry to any fans, but I just don't see any of these guys as Captain America!